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  1. I was in the same boat with my Ipswich team. After back to back promotions from League One I found myself way out of my depth in the Premier League. I did enough to survive for 2 years and was routinely thumped by the big 6/7. Always heavy defeats 5-0, 6-0. 7-0. I am now in my 4th season in the Premier League and have some very good players (especially defenders!). And this has made the difference. I am now challenging for the top 4 and have beaten some of the big sides. I was unable to find the solution tactically so had to slowly improve the team. Better players makes a better team. It's the first version where I have been unable to over achieve with inferior players.
  2. Is 'move into channels' simply lateral movement without the ball? 'Run wide with the ball' is the same just with the ball?
  3. Have to agree with this. And it doesn't matter if it's a possession based or direct tactic, The balls over the top look great when they come off and my current tactic it is my main way of scoring. But as I've mentioned on a previous thread. I have yet to see a De Bruyne type pass for an on rushing Ageuro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PwfJkfVr6Q&ab_channel=Football 2:58 This is the kind of goal I have yet to see in the game.
  4. Can someone please show me some videographic proof that through balls still exist in this game? I mean the kind from the just outside the box for a forward to run on to. Like the kind of slide rule pass a David Silva or De Bruyne would make to Augero. Because at the moment no matter how I play it just doesn't exist. It's not even like the AMC fails to make the pass he just doesn't even attempt it. Balls over the top from the half way line to the forward I can create. But that little incisive 10/15 yd pass doesn't appear to be part of the game anymore. I would just like to see one. Just to prove it's still part of the ME.
  5. It appear to be a common issue across multiple forums. I think the issue I have is even against the more attacking open teams AMs and APs will just not try and slide a little through a coupl eof defenders. Balls over the top from deeper are quite effective. But I cant remember the last time I saw that.
  6. Is there a way to show the tactic name in the 1/2/3 slot on the tactics screen rather than the Formation. It makes it really confusing especially you are using the same formation in all three slots.
  7. On one of the older games 01/02 maybe, My younger brother set his star forward at Bayern Munich, Geovanni Elber a Minimum Release Clause of '£0'. Thinking this was basically saying that there was a no transfer for any price!! He was devastated!
  8. It's not just the the 2d view, they've removed the only two camera's that were at all useful/usable (Elevated and main Stand). I really hope that they put these back in the game for full release. Or at least make the Data Analysis angle a little more customisable. It's so poor that I will probably end up going back to 2D. I've played the game since the Amiga days and this is the first time that something added or in this case removed has seriously dampened my excitement for the game.
  9. This topic pops up quite frequently and I'm always of the same mind. There is less of a problem if we don't know how the system works. If you just play the game without knowing the numbers in the editor then the system works. If we didn't know what or how CA/PA worked behind the scenes then I think a lot of these issues wouldn't be noticeable. I 100% believe that a players has a capped potential. How or if they reach their potentially is another question. Pro Evolution Soccer used to have a thing that used to show the development curve of players. Some players were early bloomers but fade soon afterwards (Francis Jeffers, John Oster, Ricardo Queresma). Some would develop early and maintain it throughout their career (Maldini, Fabregas, Messi, Gerrard). Some would peak early but have a slower decline (Rooney, Owen,) Some would be late developers (Vardy, Forlan), It was actually seen as a graph. I like this idea, giving players a varying development curves would lead to more interesting and varied save games. The way it works now and player with a high potential and the right mentality will likely reach or at least get very close to that potential at the top clubs with the right facilities and coaches. It simply doesn't happen like that. Players career's take all sorts of deviations. This vary rarely happens in FM. Again all this needs to be done under the hood. Maybe make the scouting more vague and wrong more often. I'd love to sign a wonderkid and for him to be an absolute dud 2 or 3 years down the line.
  10. I've always wanted the ability to be able to learn the tactical side of the game on the bus without having to play the full game. So I suggest an app or a DLC - which runs the match engine but doesn't run the league/season/transfer element of the game. It's simply a match viewer/player Maybe it have the current database attached allowing you to play as and against any team. Or like playing a networked game you can export a team from a current save. It could be customisable in terms of weather settings, match type (importance), team form, player form / fitness, tactic/player familiarity etc. The match can be replayed within the app /program without having to restart it. Think this should be able to run on most high end phones and tablets.
  11. I am having an issue (or at least I think it's an issue) with board requests. I am currently playing in Israel with Hapoel Jerusalem. I haven't been able to to request an improvement on my Youth Recruitment. Or an improvement in the Training Facilities. I have a wad of cash sat in the bank after qualifying for the Champions League group stages. I dont even get the option to ask. the only thing I can think of is that I have an affiliate with good training facilities which we share. But this shouldn't effect the youth recruitment. It's frustrating when i'm reading people's youth challenge career updates and they're already up to High Standard facilities and they're still in the Norwegian 8th Division! Another issue is trying to sign Israeli youngsters. It appears that young players wages are capped. Which is fair enough, but so too are Agents fees. Most of the young players I am going after I can meet everyone of their demands except the Agent fee. I think it's capped at £6k but the agents want £30k +. I would happily pay this but I am not able to. Is this a rule in Israel or is it an issue with my board again? Anybody having similar issues?
  12. As always with this topic - the issue goes away if you don't know about a players PA. You're not supposed to know about how far a player could reach. Personally I would do away with the PA stars in the game. If you think of the players CA journey as a curve on graph. Some players will stay quite flat for the early part of their career. Others will peak very early. What I do think needs to happen is for the curves to vary a bit more. And for the rates of improvement / decline should be more drastic in some players.
  13. My younger brother had a fantastic save on CM4 (ish) with Bayern Munich. He won every game in the Bundesliga up until the final game at home to Schalke 04, where he was beaten 1-0 with an own goal the last 5 minutes of the match. I dont think he's ever recovered! He certainly developed a real life hatred towards Schalke!!
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