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  1. So essentially it's the same as the 'Take More Risks' PI and the 'Tries Killer Balls PPM?
  2. This is the thing I've also noticed (not just in this year's version either). It's understandable that teams sit back a little more and deny the space for counter attacking but that's just not how the games show it. Your players still get in but stop putting the chances away. It does feel like it's artificial at times. You're supposed to struggle against packed defences but it doesn't look like it in the me, it just seems to make your striker hit everything at the keeper (who invariably will have a 7+ rating by the end of the game). The result is as it should be just not the way it's visualised.
  3. It can happen the other way as well. Players can get a massive boost of Determination.
  4. I play exactly the same shape and have noticed the same thing although not to the same extent. My DM is a DLP(su) and the left cm is a CM (s). They do their job so I'm less focused on what their avg rating is. And while they're avg ratings are a lot lower than the rest of team they are not 'bad'. Always between 6.8 and 7 over the season.
  5. How does this actually work in game? Does he do both? Or does one override the other? Is it dependent on his role?
  6. As far as I know (which could well be wrong!) then all o fthe Match Prep Sessions count for the next match. So as you say if you have Att Mov and Def Pos before a game then it boosts both for that match. As for 1) I've always assumed that it works for each match. So if you have two matches a week and you use Att Mov before both then it works for both matches (this is how I set mine up). For 2) - No the same Match Prep training sessions dont stack. So if you have a single game in a week and you use two Att Mov training sessions only one will give the boost during the match.
  7. That was the point I was trying to make but you put it so much more succinctly!
  8. I wasnt a huge fan when SI brought in the roles and removed the sliders. But i'm now very comfortable with them and they make things a whole lot easier/quicker when throwingn stuff together. You're essentially asking for a blank slate, like we had with the sliders. Take a DLP - They behave differently on Support and Defend. The decision of how they are going to play has essentially been split into two. One who sits and keeps things ticking over and the other a little more dynamic. Because of this the user has been given general options on how he wants the DLP to behave, The instructions have been locked in for the two roles and duties. If you give the user a blank slate, whilst they may be able to find the correct instructions themselves, they have a lot more work to do to figure out what are neccesary for the role. We would have to go back to setting a players mentality as well as all they other instructions that need to be set. I was massively against the Role/Duty tactic creator when it was first introduced - but I couldn't go back to the slider way of playing.
  9. Pace. If you can get a fast forward it can make a huge difference at that level. I played a deep and direct 4-4-2 with 2 very fast forwards and gained back to back promotions plus survived my first Prem season with a poor Oxford side.
  10. This is what I love about this game (and the forum). THere are so many ways to play the game, everyone has a different outlook on things. I mainly use the Match Prep training modules for the senior team. The first 3 days of the week are attribute focused (this is a general schedule, I also have one for attacking/defensive/mental attributes). Thurs/Fri are match prep. Then there is no attribute training when we have 2 games in a week.
  11. One thing I've found that helps is to check the height and jumping reach of your dms/cms/fbs. If they're really short with poor jumping then keep them well away from dangerous areas. I found that if set up for my 6' 4" full back to mark player at the near post. He was a beast, nothing got passed him. His 5' 8" (jumping reach of 3!) understudy got murdered every time because he was taking up the same important position. Rather than faff about changing the set pieces every time I brought him in to the team I had to sell him. And now I only look for 6'+ right backs or convert cbs.
  12. I'm with CaptCanuk on this one. My defenders have to be tall and have good jumping reach. As CC says the FBs are a bit of an issue. You have to really pay attention to what they're doing at set pieces. I have a couple of converted cb man mountains at RB and a converted 6' 2" winger at LB. Lampety on my saves is one of the best fullbacks in world football. But I didn't take him to the world cup (I had a quick stint as England manager) because his jumping reach is 2!
  13. The first one suffers from everyone congregating at the AP position. Inside wingers cutting in, DLF dropping into AMC position and even the Mez will be crowding that area. Maybe use a winger instead of an IW and make the Mez more of a holding role. Should give your AP more space.
  14. If I have a player in the u18/u23 squad but they're in first 11 or on the bench of the first team do they still get the benefits of u18/u23 training schedule?
  15. How about throwing B teams into the mix? I'm currently playing in Portugal with Sporting, and activated the 3rd and 4th tiers which now makes my B team now essential a league club that shares my State of the art facilities. My B team now play 2nd div football, which I would assume would be a better level than my u18s and u23s. But after a couple of seasons of sending a select few players to play in the B side the don't really progress, certainly not as much as in the u18s/u23s. I've now 'disbanded' the B team and just use it for players ready to be sold/released. I now try not to clog up the u18s/u23s. No more than squads of 18 or 20 in either. It's now become the most interesting part of the game. Long gone are the days where you could just whack a 17 into the first teams and watch him rocket. You really have to think about their pathway and development.
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