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  1. I did notice that the finishing was poorer. I don't know if statistically that was the case but there appeared to be far more tame efforts (not just from strikers). And hitting the woodwork went through the roof!
  2. I appreciate that - but the season before I was 3rd favs and teams were playing defensively and the tactic worled very well. Teams didn't appear to play much differently the following season.
  3. That's the bit that I'm struggling with. They were already doing that in my unbeaten season. Teams would sometimes sit deep but it still worked.
  4. In my first season, I flipped between a DLF and F9 but he continually got poor ratings. In my second (title winning and unbeaten season) I played with 2 out and out fowards. The left forward peels wide and the right forward has take more risks. THe idea was that the midfield just drop grendades over the opposition for the pacey forwards to latch onto. And that is esentially what happened all season. Not so this season.
  5. Currently suffering quite a drop after winning the title with my Gothenberg side. It's my third year, the first year I played very deep and direct and it did ok. We finished 3rd. The following season we were predicted 2nd favs, I still played direct but not quite so deep and with two very fast forwards and DLP just pinging balls over the top. The kind of football I've really struggled with in this version. I finished the season unbeaten and only drew 3 of my 30 games. THis season, we were favs for the title but it hasnt gone to plan at all. And from what I can see teams aren't partic
  6. This has bothered me for some time. The issue is especially irritating if a club has been starved of success (or never had success) for a long while. I took over Sampdoria in 2031 and delivered a title in 2037. There first since 1991 (and only their 2nd title in their existence) - but yeah, I'm still only favoured personel. Same with Gothenberg. Delivered a title after near 35 year drought. And i'm not even classed as favoured personel!
  7. I've found man marking a CB with a striker and the deepest lying midfielder helps a lot.
  8. This is massively important - so much so that I often wont sign players with poor jumping or are under 5' 10". You do need to keep an eye on when switching positions in the TC, it can have horrible effects on the set pieces set up. In fact SI need to have a look at how the whole tactic creator is worked - as moving players around the tactics screen can create right messes, when switching from one tactic to another. I still havent totally figured this out.
  9. I've found those streaks quite common on this year's game. Even once you're seen as a top team and everyone plays defensively against you and you have tactic that can beat the bus parkers there's always a little patch of games where the goals just dry up. It's happened in every season of my current Sampdoria save. Mine have become significantly less and less each year. Where I would often suffer similar drops in form as you're end to the season, I now only experience it for 2 or 3 games on the bounce, maybe twice a season at the most. I don't think it's tactical (I've gone th
  10. I dont expect through balls to work in all circumstances. I do think thye should be attempted if that is in a players instruction. The outcome of the throughball might not be successful but it should be attempted. If you dont give your players specific instructions then I would expect to see more varity.
  11. I posted something similar further up the thread. This was my last match. 1 single pass into the opposition box. It's pretty phenomenal when you think about it!
  12. I'm certainly guilty of that! However, I will say that certain aspects of play that are prevelent in real football should be there in any tactic. Through balls are a major action of a match, along with dribbling, crossing, tackling etc. I'm not a fan of needing a particular and very specific set up to achieve these actions. If I want my fullback to cross at every opportunity then he should do so. If the forward isn't in the right position to get on the end of it then I need to change his instructions. Same goes with through balls. If I instruct my AMC to play through ba
  13. Could also be an issue because of a single striker? Does anyone have better luck playing with 2 strikers? It would give the players behind them more to aim for?
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