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  1. You're all right, it does happen in real life. I think it hurt even more so because I lost my previous match to spurs. But overall doing very well in the league and Europa League so far, 2nd and Semi-finals respectively (First Season). I'm still keen to hear other Manager's stories and cases of being FM'd, or indeed scraping wins which perhaps they should not have on the running of play!
  2. Sometimes I really do wonder if I really have any control... I'm sure this has happened to many others. Lets see yours.
  3. Means he fell asleep by accident. Now we won’t even get the beta tomorrow!
  4. Finally all we need next is (3D mini training matches to replace or be as well as ‘match tactics’ training. Where you can watch your tactics for the next game. Perhaps first team versus reserves, for like 20’min matches. Or something along the lines
  5. Just out of curiosity, i was interested to know how people watched their matches and what their reasons were for watching them in that particular way were. Do you watch full matces in 2D/3D, highlights only 2D/3D, or Commentary only, with/without highlights? I have mostly watched my matches in full on 2D, for several reasons: I like to see what is going on on the pitch and make judgements based off of what i see rather than analysing stats. To me its frustrating losing (or drawing and winning for that matter) and not really knowing exactly why. So i have been more inclined to watch matches in full on 2D - 2D because i can see the whole of the pitch all of the time (although i know 2D does have its limtations on intepretation).I also prefer 2D over 3D because the player animations can somewhat break immersion for me, whereas with the 2D dots my imagination is hightened which is enough to surfice. Im interested to know your preferences
  6. Yeah that is absolutely fine, my point however is that the game doesn't tell you this. Players in advanced midfield positions are still very effective/efficient on support roles when attacking, they get on the end of moves as well as creating them. My issue is that nowhere in the game does it state that I can have, for example, my Inside Forward, or my striker(s), to track back and help out in defence. All it says is that their behaviour on the ball is slightly different. I just think that there needs to be much better explanations of what is in the game and how they work.
  7. Duty is 100% not completely explained to the player. I've read many threads stating that Wingers/Inside Forwards in advanced midfielders do not track back, unless told to mark full backs for example. Many players are then urged to the bring their attacking midfielders back to the M/RLC positions if they want their players to contribute to defending in deeper zones. However, this can be achieved by putting your advanced midfielders and forwards for that matter on support duties. Why isn't this explained in-game, or by the very least on the Online Manual?
  8. Right ok. That is what I first thought before I consulted the Online manual for clarification, which made me believe that 'duty' referred to which part of play players contributed to on andand off the ball i.e. players on 'Defend' duty would only concentrate on the defensive responsibilities, 'support' duty players would be involved in both defensive and attacking phases of play (getting forward AND tracking back to defend), and 'attack' duty players would only contribute to the attacking phase of play and stay forward when the team is not in possession of the ball. This did seem evident at first when I saw that players in forward and attacking midfield positions do in fact track back on 'support' duties, and stayed up-field when on 'attack' duties. This is when I got confused, because obviously wingbacks/full backs, and (non-attacking) midfielder's have attack duties on various roles, but they do indeed track back on attack duties.
  9. Who can successfully explain to me what 'Duty' ACTUALLY means in Football Manager? Because as of my understanding of it right now, I cannot for the life of me see much consistency in the Match Enginge - based on the explanation in the Online Manual. In game explanations are nowhere near close to what the Online Manual says either. So can someone please help me out here??
  10. Got a scout report on Munir from Barcelona, and within the description it said 'The defensive midfielder made several key passes..." But he's an AM(RLC), ST©
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