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  1. Could you post a couple of screenshots of your tactics and TI's please? Intrigued to see how you've set up your team, especially as I've been struggling with the game.
  2. As a Southampton fan I read this with interest. Sorry the Saints job didn't work out, but you've done a great job with the Hammers. I'd like to see Ralph Kreuger's response to the CL qualification and FA cup wins
  3. Thanks all for the input. I've taken on board a number of the pointers, but have swapped things around a bit and am now playing a 4-4-2 wide diamond, and it seems like an entirely different team. Was actually a joy to watch and am making much better chances. I will see if it holds up in the longer term, but the initial performances were very encouraging.
  4. The only reason I went for this formation is because of the players I had at my disposal and the players I was able to buy meant this formation made the most sense. I chose the DLF(S) as I thought going for the Attack mentality for that role may leave him too isolated, but I will certainly give the Attack mentality as well to see if that helps. Given that you seem to have guided Gillingham to a very respectable Premier League position, you're clearly better at this than me.
  5. Thanks. I had wondered if swapping the Treq for an advanced playmaker role may help. Sounds like FB may be a better shout than WB's as well? Also, I chose the formation I did purely because of the players I have at my disposal. I've traditionally preferred formations with 2 strikers, but sometimes that's just not doable!
  6. First of all, I'm on an older version of the game (FM16) and am playing the Touch version, however my understanding is the fundamentals are still ultimately the same (or at least, very similar). I've played FM on and off back into the CM days. I've never been a top tier player, in fact usually mediocre at best. That said, I have got to the point where I have to admit, I'm stumped and really not overly sure where I'm going wrong. I've built a tactic for my Toronto FC team, which looks pretty balanced to me. The team passes the ball quite nicely and usually makes a good number of chances. I still can't buy a win from anywhere. So, if anyone can look at this and give me some pointers, I'd be very grateful. It could be I'm missing something obvious, it could be simply my players aren't good enough and no amount of tactical wizardry would help. And yes, I know morale is poor. Kind of hard to do anything about that when I'm picking up loss after loss, unsure what is going wrong.
  7. I think FM16 is a worthwhile upgrade over FM15 and you can get it really cheaply if you know where to look. That said, if you are happy with FM15 as it is then there's probably no real need to buy a newer version.
  8. I'm still playing FM16, which is probably a good bet (or indeed FM15 as well). I remember thinking FM14 was the worst one in years so I'd recommend steering clear. I've been able to install back to FM10 on my Windows 10 laptop - not tried any before that, but I've heard they work too.
  9. I'd argue that a sacking down to game limitations is a whole different issue! But, I can't help feeling my sacking was harsh. A 66.6% win rate, and 15 days. The damage in terms of league position was done before I got there!
  10. Wow, that's quality!! I've just watched the video. The ways he talks really reminds me of Ricky Gervais.
  11. So, I decided to fire up FM again after a long break (still on FM16), as I will demonstrate in screenshots, I've just been sacked after a whopping 15 days at a club! I took over the Seattle Sounders in the MLS. It was near the end of the season, and they'd not been doing well. I come in, get 2 wins and a loss out of 3 games, and get sacked! Has anybody been sacked quicker? And/or with a better win percentage?? Must admit, I was a little bit surprised - I was never going to be able to qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season as I had too many points to make up with only 2 league games to play (and one continental club competition game). History: Results:
  12. I'm having a much better time than I had with FM14. I carried on playing FM14 in the hope I'd start to enjoy it more and never really did. FM15 on the other hand I am genuinely enjoying. Are there frustrations? Of course there are, it's FM. But I'm finding it a much more enjoyable experience than FM14.
  13. So close now. I know you'll want to win the title, but at the very least promotion looks like it's in the bag when you look at the points gap between you and Bournemouth.
  14. Excellent stuff so far. Good luck for the rest of the season.
  15. Sounds like a bug to me. I'd recommend posting this in the bugs forum.
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