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  1. The turbo speed does exceed the system requirements. Reaching that speed does depend on the CPU keeping the heat down. As I said, the laptop will likely run the game. But with the base clock speed being so low, you may get a performance hit under load. So, up to you.
  2. That has a base clock speed of 1.00GHz, which is below the recommended clock speed. Whilst it will likely run the game, you may find it throttles significantly under load impacting performance. I'd recommend against it to be honest.
  3. Without knowing exactly which processor it's hard to say. There are several 10th gen i5 CPUs. In terms of graphics though, expect to use lower settings.
  4. I wouldn't say such a thing. It's well established that lucky socks/hats/underpants help with results. Science supports this.
  5. No, it doesn't, It makes you think it does due to some changes to the visuals, but it has no actual effect on the processing speeds.
  6. What is your actual CPU model? Being paired with the 3090 I'd assume it's something decent. I'd also make sure if you have two sticks of RAM that it's running in dual channel mode.
  7. CPU: https://www.ebuyer.com/1126985-amd-ryzen-9-5950x-am4-processor-100-100000059wof Motherboard: https://www.ebuyer.com/914648-msi-ryzen-x570-meg-unify-ddr4-am4-motherboard-meg-x570-unify?gclid=Cj0KCQjwp86EBhD7ARIsAFkgakibAgL0HfT-cQs3i7R2l1U6E1ZwfYs-yccP23IHcOPPEuM1LQ6XB_waApNrEALw_wcB RAM: https://www.ebuyer.com/990270-corsair-vengeance-rgb-pro-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-4000-pc4-32000-c18-amd-optimized-cmw16gx4m2z4000c18 Graphics card isn't relevant in terms of processing speed, but you will need to choose something to go with that. FM isn't graphics intensive, so most graphics
  8. Processor wise, yes should be decent. Integrated graphics capability should be OK as well, although may not be able to handle max graphics settings. Not had any specific feedback from anyone regarding the Iris XE graphics on the 11th gen i5 and i7 chips, but it is supposed to be pretty good.
  9. Ah, didn't spot that it's pre-release. It's all good though, this one is broadly similar: https://www.box.co.uk/1D5F9EAABU-HP-Pavilion-Gaming-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-2_3554471.html
  10. You mentioned you were put off by ASUS, but stated mainly the lack of a Caps Lock key. This one is ASUS but definitely has a Caps Lock key: https://www.box.co.uk/M413IA-EB369T-ASUS-VivoBook-14-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-512_3555388.html It'll process pretty quickly, but you may need to turn the graphics settings down to medium. Or, there is this one which does have a bit of a stronger CPU and will definitely play the 3D graphics at max settings, but is more expensive than the other one: https://www.box.co.uk/NH.QBFEK.005-Acer-Aspire-7-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-256GB-_3557426.html
  11. If FM is the only game you play, you don't need to go nuts with graphics cards and can get something which will do the job for way less than a grand. Will you be looking at other games?
  12. If you're able to find out which date the game decides which teams are promoted, you can always save the day before and savescum it until they're the ones that come up.
  13. The CPU does meet the minimum requirements for FM, but all the same is not particularly strong so in all honesty it's probably performing roughly as expected.
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