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  1. I'd never keep up with a Youth only challenge, especially when your facilities are like they are. It's hard enough to get decent youth players to come through when you have good facilities!
  2. I decided to holiday for a season and take over one of the newly promoted clubs to the Vanarama North/South, and ended up randomly picking Chesham of the newly promoted teams.
  3. Good first half to the season! I've just started a save on FMT - whilst there were some things I would prefer remained in from the full FM game, I am enjoying the more streamlined experience overall.
  4. I also get large images - I find the best way is to upload the screenshots to imgur, then you can copy and paste them into your posts once they're up.
  5. After several months on the sidelines, attending a number of interviews (mostly in Northern Ireland and Iceland) and being turned down, I had an approach I hadn't expected. I didn't apply for the job as I didn't think I'd even make the shortlist. I got invited for interview, and attended not really believing I'd actually get offered the job, especially after being rejected by clubs in lower reputation leagues. Livingston are in the Scottish Championship, so quite the leap. The club culture is as follows, and is manageable for the most part (the most challenging bit will be trying to get promoted but that's a future worry at this point). The table looks like this at the moment. Not utterly dreadful, and gives a bit of a platform I can hopefully work towards building on:
  6. No, it really didn't. I really should have looked at it more closely before jumping in!
  7. Mini-update Well, the Stranraer thing didn't last long. A miserable run of form, a tiny squad that meant tactical options were limited and the complete lack of resources to add to the squad. I decided after two months that I really wasn't feeling it and tendered my resignation. There were no rumblings of discontent from the board, I just literally had no idea how to get the team out of the rut. I was trying to play to the few strengths the squad actually had, but nothing I tried was working. I didn't see things improving, nor did I hold out much hope I'd be able to build much in the summer, so I decided to leave. I am now looking for a new job again. This time, I won't just go for the first thing to come up unless I really believe it's the right place to go.
  8. Quite the season! Well done on the promotion!
  9. Remember the star rating is an approximate and the accuracy of it will depend on how good the staff member in question is at assessing a player's ability. It's also relative to the best player in the squad. So, if this is the rating given by your assistant manager and he has 20 in the attribute for judging player ability, then it's going to be there or thereabouts. If his attribute for this is 1, then you'll need to take it with a pinch of salt!
  10. I was watching one of Lollujo's videos today, and in it he featured FM09. I was staggered to see, that at least to my eye, the newgen faces were better and more realistic then than they are now! I'm not trying to bash the game, as in pretty much every other respect the game is miles better now than it was then, but I was wondering how this feature had gone so badly backwards? Below is an example screenshot from the video.
  11. Thanks. I'm giving this save a rest for now. I may come back to it in the future. Just started a South American journeyman type thing to try something completely different to what I've done before.
  12. It won't be an easy job. Here's the table as it stands.
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