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  1. The one in Curry's has the better CPU, but given you are looking to play a few games you may find the small storage restrictive. Both will run everything you've listed more than adequately, but I would go for the one at Box of the two, purely down to the larger amount of storage.
  2. October 2020 A very busy month sees us move on in the league, whilst also seeing our cup campaigns come to an end. We end the month with our first league loss of the season. As an aside, East Kilbride was the first match we played after I downloaded the beta patch. None of the matches from here saw us play very well, so I'm wondering if the patch has rendered my tactics useless. We'll have to see. We remain top on goal difference.
  3. Given I'm using a custom database there's probably no point in reporting. If I was playing the fully official DB and at a low level I would.
  4. My gegenpress tactic has turned to poop with the beta patch. My team have forgotten how to perform, let alone win.
  5. I had a cup game, both clubs were Scottish Highland League clubs. The opponent's goal in regular time was a shot from at least 30 yards, and my goal was a 25 yard free kick, in which the ball swerved like it was kicked by Roberto Carlos.
  6. I was looking forward to it. Early signs are my tactics have stopped working as now my team seemingly could not play football even if their lives depended on it.
  7. It's one of the potential consequences of financial mismanagement. Won't happen in all cases.
  8. Staying up in that first PL season is always a huge achievement. Some cracking additions to the squad there as well.
  9. I could hardly be classed as a hardcore LLM these days either. One thing I learnt is there's nothing wrong with seeking advice, although I'd never download a tactic!
  10. I downloaded the Scottish Pyramid database from MozzaPlays - https://twitter.com/MozzaPlays. You can find it via the Steam Workshop (search Mozza in Steam Workshop), or you can download it here: https://t.co/ASQkfeNmpM?amp=1 You can also download updated squads for the Lowland League teams here: https://t.co/QHhM8Jo8Sq?amp=1 If you download manually, you'll need to place the files into the "editor data" folder, which if you're in Windows should be something like documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/editor data If there's no editor files folder in the FM 2020 directory, you'll need to create a new folder and give it the editor data name. Once you've done this, start a new game and FM will automatically detect the new leagues and you can add them to your save, same as you would do for adding any of the default leagues to the game. I recommend ensuring that the " do not add key staff" option is unticked and that the "add players to playable teams" box is ticked. Also, this will not work in FM Touch as there is no editor available for it, and by extension no custom leagues so you will have to play the full FM game.
  11. September 2020 This was a month where it seemed if you wanted to win, you'd better not score first. We took the lead against Fraserburgh, who then turned it around to win to knock us out of the Aberdeenshire Cup. Then, we played Huntly who took an early lead and we turned it around and we got the win. In the Brora match, it seems neither team wanted to win as we played out a bore draw. Nothing else to say about this one. And then we played Deveronvale again in a cup competition, having already faced them in the Aberdeenshire Cup and North of Scotland Cup. This time however, was the big one - the Scottish Cup, where there's actual prize money for progressing. They took the lead in the 3rd minute, but then we steamrollered them. This was also Ross Gunn's first match since signing as he's now recovered from his injury. He scored of course. He should have also had a second, but it was registered as an own-goal even though as far as I could tell his shot was the last touch of the ball! Never mind, no complaints about a very good win. We will face East Kilbride, a Lowland League side, in the 2nd round. It won't be plain sailing of course, but it does represent a good shot of progressing to the 3rd round.
  12. Hey Norm, great to hear from you! Yeah, FM19 was the first time I've really got into FM in a good few years. I think my last long-term save prior to that was FM12. I've bought all of them between except FM17, but I rarely played enough to even complete a full season as I was finding it harder and harder to enjoy. FM19 was where it turned the corner for me and I've really been enjoying it. I'd say it's easier than ever to get into now than it ever was, with the new tactics creator and stuff it's generally easier than it was to create a coherent tactic, at least I've found it to be in any case. It is also still very much Llama compatible, although I'm using the custom database here which obviously would have been frowned upon in the old LLM forum! I'd recommend going for the full version rather then Touch as well, due to the scouting side of it being more complete.
  13. Solid start considering some of the teams you played early on. What are the board and media expectations?
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