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  1. Good stuff.... sorry for the delay in replying. Been very busy all this weekend. You'll see quite a difference between this and your existing machine for sure.
  2. I'd agree - go with the Medion of those two. The Ryzen 7 5800H is basically top-tier in the sub-£1k bracket at the moment.
  3. https://www.box.co.uk/20VE005EUK-Lenovo-ThinkBook-15-G2-Intel-Core-i5-8GB_3226782.html
  4. If it's an All-In-One you definitely want, this is the one I'd go for: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/desktop-pcs/desktop-pcs/acer-aspire-c27-1655-27-all-in-one-pc-intel-core-i5-1-tb-ssd-silver-10224076-pdt.html
  5. Absolutely. https://www.box.co.uk/30031834-Medion-Erazer-E25-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-51_3820497.html That'll do a very good job.
  6. If you're happy to stretch that budget by £9, this is a very good spec for the money: https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/product/laptops/fq0000na/ Very good CPU, 8GB RAM and the integrated GPU is pretty solid as well so you'll be able to play in 3D if you want to.
  7. As far as I understand it, there's no issue in terms of the health of the laptop for the reasons you've stated, it's just being aware yourself that the chassis can get rather warm.
  8. The ASUS C223 appears to be a Chromebook, so the only way FM will work on that is using the cloud gaming option via Xbox Gamepass and that would be the Xbox version of the game - and I don't know if FM will be available using Xbox cloud gaming. https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/product/laptops/b50-50-2/ That would run the game, but it would be quite a slow experience. And it would likely struggle with the 3D match graphics, although may be ok with the settings turned right down. £200 doesn't really get you a lot to be honest.
  9. The only difference appears to be the screen size - so really depends on whether you want the larger or smaller screen.
  10. Apologies.... with the beta dropping the thread has been quite hectic! https://www.box.co.uk/30031907-Medion-Erazer-P25-AMD-Ryzen-5-16GB-RAM-5_3820599.html
  11. It'll be decent. Doesn't have a dedicated graphics card, but the integrated graphics on the 11th gen i5's are decent so should manage the 3D graphics at medium settings or higher.
  12. A lot of gaming laptops will struggle to last long not plugged in. The CPU and graphics cards tend to draw quite a lot of power.
  13. £600 - https://www.box.co.uk/30029418-Medion-Erazer-E10-Intel-Core-i5-8GB-RAM-_3554453.html £800 - https://www.box.co.uk/30031834-Medion-Erazer-E25-AMD-Ryzen-5-8GB-RAM-51_3820497.html What you're getting for the extra £200 is a more modern CPU with a sizeable leap in performance, plus a much better graphics card (although, the graphics card itself won't make any difference for FM as the card in the £600 model will easily handle 3D match graphics at max settings). There's nothing at £1,000 I'd call a substantial enough leap in spec to consider worth recommending, especially as you don't seem sure about spending that much. There is one laptop which has the same CPU as the £800.00 model but with 16GB RAM and the 3060 rather than 3050 graphics card - but I can't honestly recommend the upgrade if FM is all you're using the laptop for, as 8GB is fine for FM, and the 3050 will handle the game's graphics with no issue whatsoever.
  14. Very good - strong processor and the graphics card will manage max 3D settings without breaking a sweat.
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