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  1. April 2022 A near-perfect month. Whilst it was a kinder run of fixtures, with Fulham and Palace both in the bottom 3 and Norwich just above it, we still looked convincing the entire month with only a late Southampton equaliser to spoil the month a little. We finished up with a fantastic performance and thoroughly deserved win against Liverpool, and as a result of this they now need to rely on Arsenal slipping up to make the top 4. And Mariano, the classy striker we have on loan from Real Madrid had had a barren run in front of goal for quite a while. Then he did this in the Fulham game: We have one game left against West Ham. And although we can't finish higher than 8th, we need to win against them to make sure they don't overtake us.
  2. March 2022 I'd predicted March would be tough when I saw the fixture list, and I was correct! At least we managed the win against Bristol City. Predictably, we didn't repeat our previous surprise win over Man Utd and they dumped us out of the FA Cup, so we go no further than the 6th Round this year. We managed a 0-0 draw against them for Kasper Schmeichel's testimonial (they were picked as being listed as the club he supports). Man City then matched United's result against us in the league. Well, given the fact they're topping the table between the two of them, I can't be too unhappy as we didn't play particularly badly in either game - just that they have such class to choose from that they seem to be better at burying the chances which come their way.
  3. February 2022 An unbeaten month, but mostly draws in the league. We're also through to the FA Cup 6th round where we will meet Manchester United - so we need to somehow repeat our last result against them. Anyway, onto the league games. The win against Bournemouth was fully deserved, although we should have won by more. Spurs have been struggling this season, but they are still a decent side so I'm not too unhappy with a draw at their place. Before the Brighton game, I'd have been disappointed with anything less than a win. But we had to alter our gameplan drastically when Walter Ndidi got himself sent off for a two-footed challenge midway through the first half, so we had to play for around an hour with 10 men. We then went to Arsenal and rescued a point with a late equaliser so can't be too unhappy with that, although Arsenal were definitely the better side so I'm not thrilled with the performance even if the result was welcome.
  4. Are you keeping the England job as well alongside Argyle, or have you left the national job?
  5. January 2022 Back down to Earth with a bump. The FA Cup win over League Two Carlisle was exactly what was expected. We then struggled for form the entire month, but did give a good accounting of ourselves in the Carabao Cup semi-final matches against Man City, but were unable to do enough. We did manage an extremely good (and welcome) win against Man United at the end of the month though, which I was expecting the worst in after we went a goal down inside 3 minutes. We then managed to get into a 3-1 lead, before United pulled back one in injury time to make the last couple of minutes more tense than they needed to be.
  6. Hopefully a good sign for the rest of the season!
  7. December 2021 Well, we're starting to pick things up. The Liverpool match was a low point in the month and the result was a fair reflection of how the match went. We did ride our luck to get a draw against Southampton, but we played well in the second half and managed to get a late equaliser. We're also into the Carabao cup semi-final after steamrollering Bournemouth, who managed to score with the only shot they had in the entire game. The semi-final will be against Man City, so we'll do well if we manage to make the final. The league table is looking a lot better now as well.
  8. So nothing logo, kit and face packs can't sort then. Fair enough.
  9. Yes, I use attribute masking. I don't see the issue with people choosing not to, though. It's all personal choice.
  10. November 2021 Well, that was a bit better. The Man City match was a back and forth game, but we played well and a draw was a fair result. Two excellent wins followed in two matches we utterly dominated. Now the league table looks a bit more promising.
  11. Very unlucky there mate. Better luck for next season.
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