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  1. Hi guys; I would like to be able to manage, for my team, a pyramidal structure like this: under 17 in my youth team 17-19 + free transfers "not enough for first team but deserve a look" in my reserve team 19+ first team or sell (or free transfer) however, the problem lies in understanding whether the reserve team is useful or not. If I organize a friendly every 4-5 days with my reserve team against teams with the highest possible reputation, will I be able to see a skill improvement on my players? What kind of impact do friendlies have (because in the reserve team they will all be friendly ...) compared to a normal League game? Do you think it is a manageable strategy or is the reserve team only useful to keep fit those of the first team who do not play in the league? ps: in my country there is no reserve-team-league, they only can arrange friendly
  2. Hi guys; starting a new game (maybe a long term one...) do you disable the transfer window in the first season? What do you think is more realistic?
  3. As we know, in real life Brentford FC is pursuing a very particular policy in the management of the Reserves Team (B Team) and the Academy. Basically, Brentford has a very poor Academy, so they don't focus on growing U21 youngsters. Instead, they have their own B-team, whose season consists of friendlies against under-23s sides or against B-Teams of european clubs. Cherry-picking the best they can afford from ‘undervalued’ countries or from Premier League youth team rejects, Brentford formed their B team. Many B Team players have been promoted through the years to the first team, many have been sold making a significant income. My question is: is this idea replicable on Football Manager? Through arranging continuous friendlies with greater reputation Reserve Teams, will i have a concrete and continuos growth of my B Team players in my reserve team? Could this idea be better than loaning my players to another lower side team?
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