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  1. Fm13 was a beautiful engine. Variety, and players had personality on the engine. I could tell who some of my regens were without a name above them just from their style with and without the ball
  2. Damn near impossible to play defensive football unless it starts or revolves around gegenpressing. Sit deep and destruct
  3. Thats encouraging to hear! Do you not feel yourself conceding a lot of long strikes from it?
  4. With the sheer amount of chances wide players can produce and get... do people find it beneficial to defend narrower for the bombard into the box, or to defend wider to try and restrict the quality of crosses?
  5. Not too sure, BUT I came here to say... Never ever apologise for a second language. Your English is far better than a lot of people who list it as a primary language!
  6. does anyone know whats with the constant board takeover rumours being quashed every 6 weeks? constantly going from rumours, to never leaving of own volition, rinse and repeat for the last 4 seasons.
  7. Whilst personally I'm not having issues getting goals our of my strikers.. I've just looked at the team conversion rate for my division which the team in number 1 is at 12%... when compared to the BPL IRL, No 1 is Liverpool with 31.9% and 20th is Norwich with 10.4%...
  8. Hello, I was looking through some fixtures, does anyone have any idea why Eastleigh played in the 4th qualifying round, but then didn't play in the 1st round proper, and went straight into the 2nd?
  9. I'm sorry, but where on earth have you got this idea that adding leagues affects other teams form??
  10. Could someone explain this to me? I understand that a lot of B teams can't qualify to go up, but I'm seeing a lot of teams with 9 games remaining that can still get a playoff place?
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