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  1. Hi, First off, amazing work I'm just wanting to use this down to Level 9 as I wouldn't be interested in playing any lower. I'm aware I can just keep Level 9 and upwards active and loaded and have the others off, however my concern is would just having the option to turn more on leave the game a bit bloated and possible running slower? In the past I've always created to Level 9, then just put a load of teams in the division below in an inactive division with promotion places to keep a good spread of teams
  2. No worries, just to confirm is that tomorrow at 23:59 (so pretty much Monday) or tonight at 23:59?
  3. Just found this as wanting to update for the upcoming season! Would this conflict with any of majesticeternitys work? I use a lot of his realism mods
  4. Is it true that AI teams can't reject a loan deal they've already accepted? Etc if the player is already at that club? Would explain why I'm able to loan a plaster for 4-5 years in a row season upon season...
  5. One of the worst for me! FM13 (by absolute miles), FM21 then FM12 in my book. On FM13 players played with personality and quirks. - I had odd players who would dance with the ball and love a mazy central run. And you'd see their thinking process. Newgen players who became renowned for their last ditch tackles. Strikers who loved sliding in at the near post to connect to a ball. Strikers who would pummel the ball ahead of them to run onto, others with really short delicate touches. Found it a lot easier to appreciate defending too with diving headers, decisive interceptions etc. On top of
  6. Ooooh. Well the latter idea sounds even better to me and I'm sure countless others in here Nesslequist (potentially) continues! Reading this inspired me to play with a Scandinavian side (to start with) in a journeyman myself. 3 seasons in with Thisted at Denmark I am loving it!
  7. I get that, but surely as the meaning of the phrase is to receive a big beating, then it is FOR the club who lost? So six of the best for Club A would suggest the score was against Club A? So if Club A wins 6-0 against B. Then the headline should read ''Six of the best for Club B'' - Not A
  8. Hello, Please can someone explain how this headline makes sense? As seen as six of the best is traditionally a beating. Surely is Club A beats Club B 6-0, the headline should read ''Six of the best for CLUB B'' rather than CLUB A? The only reason for this is to settle a debate. For me it makes perfect sense using the reasoning - If I were a teacher and were in the staff room I would say I gave ''six of the best'' to student A today. It's me giving it. Therefore its six of the best FOR me. They can't see this at all however
  9. Hi @SixPointer, loved reading this. Would it be possible for you to go on holiday and sim 5-10 seasons without you as manager? Would be really interested to see how the AI tackles your departure, the direction they go in and if they make the most of the legacy your manager left behind!
  10. Will do. Doing a report now. All aspects of my game seem to be experiencing lag since the update all very visible too. From clicking on player profiles, right through to the ME being very laggy. Was perfect last night!
  11. I do not consent to this survey. A huge update file size for it also, and player nationality flags no longer show. Save games taking ages to load now also. Great, nice one. How about for surveys you have a link on the forum? Or the steam page? Why are we at a stage where every single update terrifies me and makes me regret not having auto update turned off? Every update prompts more worries for me about what's going to be broken as a result.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know what the inactive ratio means when editing injuries on the pre-game editor? Also is minimum days the minimum amount of days they will be injured and extra that maximum length of time they could be out additionaly depending on their natural fitness etc? Or is extra days when the turn into orange inj? And minimum for red? Also is there a way to make an injury be more red inj for a longer % of the total injury?
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