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  1. Really miss the days of FM13 where the match engine was smooth, and had easy to interpret animations (played every game since 14 on 2D to counteract the poor animations) but also when your tactic used to be easy to represent, and players on the ME actually had personality. Also easy to see players attributes represented on the ME, as well as elite players were able (rare granted, as it should be) were able to grab 30+ goals a season in the peak of their career, a la Ronaldo/Messi. And thats coming from someone who loves defence.
  2. This might be a really stupid question but... How on earth do I find a players height and weight on a profile???
  3. Will do! It was very smooth on 17.0.1 it's since the update to 17.1.1
  4. Also finding a lot of lag when clicking on players on the squad screen compared to before. No custom packs at all.
  5. Anyone noticing quite high scorelines in the lower divisions? Not just in user controlled teams but any league that is ''active'' and uses the ME as the simulation.
  6. Out of curiosity what do you all play on? Extended or comprehensive?
  7. Love that you can now see the away attendance. Didn't realise SI had lost the spanish rights!
  8. I think people need reminding that this is a football manager simulation. These things happen in football, and if they happen in football I expect them to happen on a football management simulation. I'd be more annoyed if they excluded features like these just to cater for precious players.
  9. Will probably make a decent anchorman. Providing his positioning improves to the point to mask his pace.
  10. Scratch that, he's just had another sprog! But I do suppose his finishing was around 20 or so?
  11. Just been looking at Craig Bellamy's achievements tab as he's manager of Huddersfield in 2022 on my save. Noticed one of the landmarks in 2020 was ''Son Nick Bellamy begins professional career at Peterborough'' and it was a newgen! Really nice touch from SI. I've heard and seen teams having regen siblings etc but not to a real person
  12. Ah brilliant, so no knock on effects to stadium shares/moves, rivalries or player movement etc?
  13. Hi guys, For the fourth year in a row I'm making a custom DB based around French Polynesia (hopefully to be released to all this year and not just for personal use). In the past I've never bothered with longitude and lattitude co-ordinates when making the relevant new cities. I understand for leagues such as the conference in England it's important for the weighting of the north/south divisions. Apart from that, do the co-ordinates effect anything else? Am I missing out on anything by not entering these? Thanks
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