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  1. Will do. Doing a report now. All aspects of my game seem to be experiencing lag since the update all very visible too. From clicking on player profiles, right through to the ME being very laggy. Was perfect last night!
  2. I do not consent to this survey. A huge update file size for it also, and player nationality flags no longer show. Save games taking ages to load now also. Great, nice one. How about for surveys you have a link on the forum? Or the steam page? Why are we at a stage where every single update terrifies me and makes me regret not having auto update turned off? Every update prompts more worries for me about what's going to be broken as a result.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know what the inactive ratio means when editing injuries on the pre-game editor? Also is minimum days the minimum amount of days they will be injured and extra that maximum length of time they could be out additionaly depending on their natural fitness etc? Or is extra days when the turn into orange inj? And minimum for red? Also is there a way to make an injury be more red inj for a longer % of the total injury?
  4. @majesticeternityhi, out of interest do you know what the inactive ratio means on the editor for injuries?
  5. If they are greyed out the awards haven't been given yet. For example, you aren't going to have the player of the month award just 2 games into a season etc
  6. Yes I did think that myself. I initially run the sim just to check for bugs etc on a medium db with just 3/4 nations selected. So for the next test did the same with a medium db and 8 nations selected down to lower leagues which appears to of helped maybe by 10% on the player numbers or so looking into it. My usual set up when playing is a medium db with about 20 nations and 50 leagues selected so this might also help potentially. There is quite a decent level of transfer activity between Gibraltar, Spain and England but does only really seem to be for top/good players rather than players s
  7. Hi all, Currently using the official SI Gibraltar league and I'm noticing most teams hoarding a huge mass of players. Regardless of db size and amount of leagues running near the nation. So transfer activity should be decent. First teams have anything from 25-45 players in, reserve teams 30-35 and U19's 20-25 players. Some sides have over 110 players on the books. Most of these players are aged between 24-29 and haven't played a single competitive game for the side in over 5 seasons. They are also on pay as you play semi pro contracts so there should be no fee to release. Any ideas on how
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone could provide some info and clarity! I've noticed on FM that teams in the Spanish B divisions, only a few teams each season (seems to be random as far as I can tell) get entered into the Spanish Cup first round. Quite often a team (for example Villanovense in my save, compete in the 21/22 season, then not in 22/23, not in 23/24, then in 24/25, agin 25/26, then not in 26/27 despite being in the same division for each season. How are teams selected to participate in the first round? Is it done this way IRL also or is it a bug? Is it always just random?
  9. Hey, Just for future reference, it might also be worth using the ''get last winner of competition'' as that seems to also work for me as well as best teams.
  10. Hello, I recently found out that since FM16, if you create or edit continental rules then the dynamic league rep freezes and won't eve change. Some brief simulations seem to confirm this. I've basically set up the CONCACAF league and associated tournaments such as flow caribbean championship work as they should IRL. Sadly on the default db and rules no team from Aruba and other places can ever qualify to participate in even the feeder tournaments, they aren't on the continental list. Even if they up their rep. However, a big part of me for this save is to grow the reputation and stand
  11. Not too far off a year later... Did you have any joy?
  12. Hey, I'm currently trying to get an CONCACAF file sorted which basically makes the competitions a bit bigger, has a group stage before it and also allows teams from aruba etc to enter the group stage. An issue I'm currently having, and have done on other custom continental rules before is that if I set the season update for the continental comp to be say the 1st of November... then this takes teams from the final season in USA for example (so top 4 in the MLS) which is great and as intended, but would only take the team currently in 1st (about 5 games into a season) in Arube, when the ai
  13. Hi all, Really struggling to get my head around focus play this year. I was always under the impression that if I focused play to the right, it would tell my team to attempt more attacks on the right flank. My understanding now is that this will make my team try to play more in that area AND shift central players more to the right to support this. My thinking always used to be for an effective wing play tactic, I'd focus play to both wings. However, I've read a lot on here that suggests I should actually be focusing play down the middle as this then exposes the flanks. But I thought that
  14. Have I been getting this wrong all this time? If I wanted my IF on my left wing to get more chances, I always thought focus play down the left would be effective as I presumed focusing play down the middle would make the team less tempted to pass down that flank and instead drive down the middle, and also say for my right winger to come inside more. Focus play and width has never confused me more than on this edition
  15. Great. I think it works awesome for club teams, I was just worried that say international teams when we're into newgen zone 10-15 years in that they might not call players up to say the England team due to not being able to speak ''just English''
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