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  1. Looks lovely. Would someone be able to advise how to install and use these files? I usually play with custom skins but when placing the folder into my FM22 one, it isn't showing as an option to choose as a skin under preferences? Also the difference between the first download link and the second?
  2. Not seeing too many 4-4-2's or 4-5-1's in the non leagues of England two of the most common tactics for a lower league. Just looked at the Conference, North and South and across the 3 divisions just 4 set up with 4-4-2 and 1 with 4-5-1. The rest are all weird 3-5-2 WB formations! I think combined with the passing accuracy a lot needs to be done to have a clear definition between a high standard of play and a low one on the ME. It should be easy to diferentate between the two when watching two different matches. HOOF it
  3. Yeah. I think from my end it's a case of getting IW and IF's sorted a bit. As well as sorting out ridiculous high pass completion rates and adding a bit more intelligence to the central runs/passing triggers. It's got a lot of potential, the new animations add a lot IMO and I've been a huge critic of them in the past and mostly stayed with 2D
  4. Not unfair at all. I'm not criticising the current engine. I'm not saying the current version is the full version or is anyway more or less complete than the final release of FM21. I really like the FM22 engine even in it's beta stage. I'm aware there's a few things that need tweaking IMO and that a slight tweak can have a huge knock on effect, and it's very early doors. Perhaps the question should be 'Which FM engine do you enjoy playing the most in it's current state - FM21 full or FM22 beta?''
  5. Spain - Tier 1-4 Italy - Tier 1-2 England - Tier 1-4 France - Tier 1-2 Germany - Tier 1-3 Denmark - Tier 1-3 Holland - Tier 1-2 Croatia - Tier 1-2 Greece - Tier 1 N Ireland - Tier 1 Norway - Tier 1 Poland - Tier 1-2 Portugal - Tier 1 Brazil - Tier 1 Colombia - Tier 1 Scotland - Tier 1-3 Sweden - Tier 1-2 Wales - Tier 1 Turkey - Tier 1 My Setup- Nations - 19 Leagues - 37
  6. Anyone having any joy getting inside forwards scoring? And negative defensive tactics?
  7. Yeah. A lot of overhit crosses too. It always seems to be a case of strikers/wingers runniing backwards/standing jump to head the ball behind them, getting no momentum on the ball and balooning it over or softly into the keepers hands. Rather than the ball being floated/whipped in front of them for them to attack with momentum behind them like IRL.
  8. For people complaining about too many injuries... Grow up there's a reason there's a huge community of players who actually use mods to INCREASE injuries to a more realistic rate. Enjoy the challenge of having an injury crisis and bring on more goalkeeper injuries I say. I do feel there's an issue with IW and IF's being too wide however and not really cutting inside. Also agree with the earlier post about the scouting centre player view in your inbox. My ackknowledge button is always cut off and I hate not being able to see player attributes unless I hover my icon over. I don't know whose been responsible for UI the last 2 years without wanting this to sound like a personal attack, but I don't understand how they think creating dead space and more clicks for 2 years in a row is a good idea.
  9. https://gyazo.com/1536d54f28696991c5342d00d0714d34 - I'd probably expect from that position a striker to not shoot and head and hold up maybe 25% of the time. But I see it about 90% currently
  10. My only irks so far would be strikers receiving the ball 30/35 yards out, turning and shooting from distance when there's the space and opportunity for them to run and knock it past/dribble past the defenders. Next ones that come up I will start to compile pkms. Also it's so refreshing to see players from half angles actually stopping play and turning back and waiting for a runner inside rather than shooting into the side netting. However after seeing it about 30 times in a row there seems to be no balance. In recent years they would always strike, now they always stop play and don't shoot from the half/quarter angles when you'd maybe still expect them to have a dig 30% of the time and convert the odd one into the bottom corner. Inside forwards also seeming very wide and not inside at all or making penetrating runs for a ball through the centre.
  11. A bit concerned with the low tally of goals for strikers in full detail leagues. On FM21 the balance was perfect with the odd striker having a mental 30/35/40 goal season. It looks like we've gone back to 19 and all before where it's very difficult to get above 20/25 in a 46 game season
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