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  1. So nothing logo, kit and face packs can't sort then. Fair enough.
  2. Yes, I use attribute masking. I don't see the issue with people choosing not to, though. It's all personal choice.
  3. November 2021 Well, that was a bit better. The Man City match was a back and forth game, but we played well and a draw was a fair result. Two excellent wins followed in two matches we utterly dominated. Now the league table looks a bit more promising.
  4. Very unlucky there mate. Better luck for next season.
  5. Good luck with Dortmund! I have to ask - you've had a much better run than in previous saves when you seemed to hit one piece of crap fortune after another! Is there anything in particular you've done differently this time around?
  6. Well that was a random post lol. I was wondering the same!
  7. I occasionally use Instant Result for friendlies, but I like to be able to make adjustments in the match. Not that it's doing me much good at the moment in my current save!!
  8. I'd say more likely is he has a PC with a top-notch CPU. My games take forever because my laptop has a 5th gen i3 which is a bit crap these days. I think if I could afford something with a more meaty CPU I'd get through games much quicker, as we all know the longest time in FM is the processing time between matches.
  9. No, it's been poor. It will be resuming in the near future with whatever it may bring. However, I've recently bought Everspace and Mass Effect Andromeda on sale and so they've been taking up my gaming time. I don't expect to be welcome at Leicester much longer if the form doesn't improve!
  10. How do you get the time to play so many saves?? lol An interesting one though, I've had some fun times managing teams in Northern Ireland.
  11. October 2021 Another poor month in the league. Arsenal demolished us, and Bristol City took a 3-0 lead, before we pulled it back to 3-2. Either side of a cup win against Doncaster, we managed two draws. I suspect that the board may start to lose their patience if we don't start picking up wins soon.
  12. My thoughts: 1. No - the game takes long enough as it is, without adding noise to the training. 4. Why would this be in any way relevant to the game? 5. You already can do this.
  13. This has to be a bug, surely? Maybe Loftus Road, or the club, has the wrong location data set?
  14. I'm not asking for help - I was just giving a suggestion as to how to fix the game for the OP, as I had issues with the game starting one time very similar to what he described, which were fixed with getting Steam to verify the game files.
  15. Bury FC. If you manage to actually play a match, the game ends and tells you you've won.
  16. Thanks I have done that, but it still doesn't make the players body language visible between highlights like on the screenshot above. It doesn't show anything past assists, so it must just be a limitation of having to play in a lower resolution.
  17. It's extremely close between 1st and 6th there. Good results for the month!
  18. That's something I do consider sometimes, however this version of FM has left me questioning entirely the point of friendlies, outside of the fitness effect, as we have pre-season friendlies against decent opposition which we absolutely dominate and win well, but then turn to crap the minute a fixture actually means something. That said, with a couple of exceptions, we've not played actually badly and have actually been the better side in all of the 1-0 wins - just missing a bit of good luck. Anything heavier than a 1 goal loss though, we've been absolutely appalling.
  19. That's something I'm glad about constantly . That said, I did manage them briefly in a previous iteration of FM, but I never made a career thread on it because I don't think I even managed an entire season on that version of the game. This season has been extremely poor so far really. After my last match (which hasn't been included in an update as yet), it was literally a case of "**** it, turn the game off" and a few days break from FM as I was just going to be swearing at my laptop screen otherwise!
  20. OK, thanks. I think the answer is my screen resolution which maxes our at 1368x768. I have been using the Neub skin lowres version.
  21. Ok, mine doesn't get the body language showing up. What resolution do you have the game set as? I'm starting to think my issue is because I need a higher resolution for this to display with one of the standard skins. Which would then mean I need to look into a skin which does have this by default on a lower resolution as I can't afford to replace my laptop at the moment!!
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