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  1. Thinking of starting a save in South America. I don't know too much about the leagues, but would like to manage one of the bigger teams with some exciting players to start with. Any suggestions?
  2. I tried him on FM 19 and had little success due to his lack of pace. I had the same issue with McBurnie. He'd probably be a decent forward in the correct tactic though.
  3. I usually use a lower line of engagement with a higher defensive line to compact play. However, I am currently managing a team expected to win the league comfortably and wonder if it will be more effective to play with a higher line of engagement. Would love some advice on this...
  4. I used a 4-4-2 with Charlon on FM 19 and got promoted. I used as deep-lying forward with a poacher both players scored over 20 goals. I used Lyle Taylor & Alexandre Mendy.
  5. Wouldn't he be better playing a high line and trying to dominate possession, as he has the strongest team in the league
  6. Good club to manage, low expectations for a club of this size and a decent base to start with. Amazing that they've put so much money into players like Rhodes without improving the infrastructure but a fascinating club none the less.
  7. I've never had that before, first does the dressing room respect you? If not might be best not to ask them. If you have this issue more than once, I wouldn't bother asking, you could risk having 'distant' relationships with key players.
  8. Sacked unless you get promotion I think, probably the same with Ipswich. I quite like Coventry in League One, there's also Wycombe who are currently on top in real life.
  9. I'd go with Ipswich - a big club with a lot of history and decent facilities which will come in handy developing younger players. You shouldn't have too much trouble securing promotion and then you can push to get into the Premier League.
  10. Personally, I'd drop the line of engagement to lower to compact the play and give your players more room to counter attack into. Supplement this with 'gets stuck in' and 'more urgent or extremely urgent'. Perhaps consider putting your striker onto an attack duty, and pushing your two wide midfielders into more advanced positions. Also, I'd have both full backs on support or attack duties as you have two 'sitters' in the midfield. You could control matches with 'shorter passing', 'play out of defence' and 'work ball into box'.
  11. I'd look at using the offside trap, if you're playing with a high defensive line. I'd also play out of defence, so you're not losing possession and controlling games better.
  12. You can always add one through the editor
  13. In my opinion Championship Manager 2001/2002 and Football Manager 2012 were the best.
  14. I hope it's a bug. If you've got 100 million, there shouldn't be much issue over 8k.
  15. Just watched Dr.BenjyFM's video on Youtube. He picked up James Madison for 35 Million. That's way under what Leicester would want in real life. Especially as they've just received 80 million for Maguire.
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