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  1. Only issue with Valencia is they have a lot of debt so might be worth bearing in mind.
  2. Valarenga (Norway), fantastic facilites and youth set up, you should get some wonderkids coming through in the youth intakes. Media prediction: 7th (out of 16 teams).
  3. My suggestion would be Real Socidad (San Sebastian), a team littered with good players yet to reach there peak: Merino, Oyararzabel, Isak, Januzaj etc. Plus the likes of David Silva who will be key in the short term. Good set up and only expected to finish 7th first season, so you'd have a year to start building your team.
  4. I had a Danish save on this years FM with Randers. Really enjoyed it, and there's a lot of good young players who come through the academies, as well as easily been able to get plenty of foreign players. Midtjylland should be a fun save
  5. Maybe look at the loan market as well, only going to have a limited choice with that budget.
  6. FC Nordsjaelland (Denmark), FC Sochaux (France), Valarenga (Norway), FC Groningen (Holland) All have fantastic facilities, you get Robben in your team at Groningen as well which might be an added incentive.
  7. Rennes - they have Camavinga & fantastic facilities Schalke - big club that's in a mess and needs a rebuild Sassuolo - got some good players to start with (Locatelli, Berardi, Caputo & Boga) and modest expectations.
  8. Tyler Walker (son of Des) Josh Windass (son of Dean) Freddie Woodman (son of Andy) Brennan Johnson (son of David) Erling Haaland (son of Alf-Inge)
  9. Interesting, I always thought it was a combination of training and in game time. Did you play him as a SV in preseason?
  10. Let me know if that improves things, otherwise you might need to tweak the formation.
  11. The problem isn't his attributes... He's awkward because he hasn't played that role in your team. If you want him to become familar you have to play him there. E.g - If you have a mezella and you change him to an advanced playmaker, he may have perfect attributes, but if he hasn't played there in your system then he's not going to be as effective until he's used to doing that job within that system.
  12. My biggest concern with your formation is that you only have one player on an attack duty, no one is aggressively pushing forward into the space. With the flat midfield you could have a more adventurous player, say a mezella or advanced playmaker to push on forward. - This would be a good template example for a 3-5-2: DLF(S) – AF (A) CM (A) – BWM (D) WB (S) – R (S) – WB (A) CD (D) – CD (C) – CD (D) GK (D) -
  13. Higher tempo/pass into space/counter - you're having a lot of the ball but not doing anything with it so i'd increase the urgency of your play. More urgent press - unless you're going to use oppostion instructions then I find it's usually better to press I would also make a slight alteration to what was recommended by Experienced D, and have the right back on an attack duty and switch the two central midfielders around, so the defensive one is on the right side of the pitch. Why? you currently have no one getting further forward on the right of the pitch and exploiting the space, th
  14. I'd remove work ball into box - you have four wide players as well as a target man, it makes sense to encourage more crosses. You can give individual players PI's to shoot less if you're worried about long shots. Maybe also take the tempo up a notch. Also without a playmaker, there's no one trying to unleash a killer ball which contradicts work ball into box, as you're less likely to have anyone playing that decisive killer ball through.
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