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  1. Agree with Rich - if a striker has been successful for you look for one as close to him in your budget as possible. Also, take a look at the loan market and you might find something better and without a fee.
  2. It's really upto you what news you want. I always leave the social feed off, as it's pretty much the same stuff every time. My own newsfeed, I mainly use for keeping tabs on other players that are on my shortlist.
  3. Usually I like to play in England, just because I know the teams/players inside out and the rules etc. Otherwise I usually enjoy a Bundesliga or Serie A save, both challenging divisions with a lot of quality teams.
  4. I just restarted my PC and ran a disk defrag, when I came to play FM my saved game had disappeared. Checked the games folder and it's no longer there too. Any ideas what happened?
  5. End of my second season with Blackburn. Easily avoided relegation finishing 8th. Start of the 3rd season now, I've spent 70 m + on new players, and looking to break into the top six.
  6. trying to sign Max Broughton from Bolton atm, retrain him as a box to box midfielder
  7. Willian Jose, just a shame about his speed...
  8. @OJ403 would look at Lille first though, Pepe, Maia, Xeka, Bamba to start with. 50k stadium. Some experienced players like Jose Fonte and Remy. Should be a fun save.
  9. Without looking at squads I'd recommend: La Liga: Sevilla, Valencia - both have teams good enough for top four and you can try to overtake Barca and the Madrid teams Ligue 1: Lyon comes to mind. Heard a lot of people say Marseille is fun to manage. Lille are usually good for youngsters.
  10. @robterrace is the new stadium affecting your transfer budget much at all?
  11. What kind of team do you want to manage?
  12. First Season with Blackburn completed. Championship record of 109 points.
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