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  1. Hello! I just started a save with this database. It is Abbey Field in level 14. The season has just started and I managed to get a 39 year old Paul Konchesky. He is playing like a god.
  2. Is it possible to manage a team at the lowest level in this database and work towards the Premier league? I am a little bit unsure because in FM2018 it was not possible.
  3. Thanks for the reply I havent be online on this forum for about 4-5 years so I was totally not updated. Bought FM2021 recently and got the groove
  4. I must be blind. Where is the LLM section here?
  5. Thank you both for some great tips and links. I will let you know how things develop in my game
  6. Howdy from Norway! I recently bought Football Manager 2019 and love it so far. I was on the fence because I did not like the previous version but the new edition has changed my mind. My playing experience with the series goes back to CM 01/02 and then FM. Countless hours have been spent to manage teams and win trophies. My favourite team is Liverpool FC but I have also a soft spot for AFC Ajax. In the later years I have begun to fancy LLM more and more. I like to be the little club which advances through the football pyramide and my question has to do with this aspect. Right now I am managing Skeid IL which is located in the third tier in Norway (https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2019/team/1387/skeid-fotball). I just finished the first season and ended 4th as predicted. It was a fun game and I managed to implement 4-2-4 in three different versions with good results. My main problem in FM18 was squad dynamics. This time I studied it thoroughly and I think I understand it better. In the first season I only had a reserve team alongside my main squad. This season I also have the U19 squad and a bunch of juniors on amateur contracts. My main goal is to advance to the highest tier, Tippeligaen. But I want to build a club from the bottom. Therefore I need advice and tips about how to implement the Ajax philosophy so I can develop my own youths so they can be considerable for the main sqaud. I have already the main setup ready, mainly U19 manager, assistant and coaches. Of course the facilities are not great and can be better. Skeid IL is known for their youth development and since the team is located in the capitol Oslo, I have access to a great player base. I have though competition from Vålerenga and Lyn which are also from Oslo. 9 of 10 times a talented player will choose Vålerenga since their are in the premier division. So again, how can I lay the foundation for implementation of the Ajax philosophy. I think I will be a selling club for a long time so how to best develop my youths?
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