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  1. Hello! I just started a save with this database. It is Abbey Field in level 14. The season has just started and I managed to get a 39 year old Paul Konchesky. He is playing like a god.
  2. Is it possible to manage a team at the lowest level in this database and work towards the Premier league? I am a little bit unsure because in FM2018 it was not possible.
  3. Thanks for the reply I havent be online on this forum for about 4-5 years so I was totally not updated. Bought FM2021 recently and got the groove
  4. I must be blind. Where is the LLM section here?
  5. Thank you both for some great tips and links. I will let you know how things develop in my game
  6. Howdy from Norway! I recently bought Football Manager 2019 and love it so far. I was on the fence because I did not like the previous version but the new edition has changed my mind. My playing experience with the series goes back to CM 01/02 and then FM. Countless hours have been spent to manage teams and win trophies. My favourite team is Liverpool FC but I have also a soft spot for AFC Ajax. In the later years I have begun to fancy LLM more and more. I like to be the little club which advances through the football pyramide and my question has to do with this aspect. Right now I am man
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