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  1. Sound analysis, that. It was always going to be a case of riding the storm for Madrid and once they got through that 20 minutes keeping their composure (and of course Salah had to go off), you could see the writing on the wall for Pool.
  2. I was there myself for the Atleti game last year. Lovely, modern stadium. KUTGW with the save
  3. I don't want to derail the thread but 6 goals and 11 assists from defensive midfield isn't too shabby. Don't let the media form your opinion of him for you.
  4. Summatsupeer is right. Hard to know what sort of thoughts you need if you don't tell us what you're looking to create. Why do you think the first tactic performs better than the second? What's diferent between them? Was it the opposition you faced that was the key difference? So many questions you have to answer personally before you can get any constructive feedback.
  5. There is of course a pause button
  6. felley

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    Depending on your other settings, Wingers will not always aim for the corner flag. As you say, if the ball is moved to one flank, the other side will naturally come a little closer to the middle of the park. I would ask you one question though... you say you are pleasantly surprised by your Wingers moving inside. If you are wanting that more consistently, are you sure the role is correct?
  7. Ok, that's an awful lot of questions to just throw out there. It sounds like you're essentially asking the forum to design a counter-attacking system for you... You should probably read this (if you haven't already). This run of Cleon articles get shared all the time, I know. But they're just so bloody useful when you want to get yourself into thinking in a certain mode.
  8. Only just happened across this thread, Herne. It's an absolute corker. Love the unorthodox set-up and how you've balanced everything out in such a simple way using mentality/shape and limited TI's.
  9. felley


    There's a great 12 Step Guide to tactics pinned to the top of this forum, but if even that is too much for you I can probably boil it down to 4 steps... Start as simple as possible by choosing a formation you know/see regularly - ask yourself questions as to how you envisage it playing out. Choose a team with a squad you already know inside out. Get your tactic drawn up (then post it here and we can maybe advise you as to what you should keep an eye on). Watch the tactic play out then decide yourself what needs to be improved.
  10. I dunno. It's a valid point you make but I don't think FM really works like that. In general, you can play as simplistic as you want or as complex as you want at any level. It's more that at the higher levels of the game things are analysed in much greater detail by not only the clubs, but journalists and enthusiasts as well (such as ourselves). @RTHerringbone did this either in a thread or on his blog (which no longer exists...) and I'm pretty sure he had to alter some of the roles pretty quickly because, as systems, they tend to be pretty safe and bland.
  11. I get you. I do exactly the same sometimes! It's more that you can incrementally improve results by knowing exactly what each setting does and how it alters the football on the pitch, rather than going with/against conventional wisdom. I know you're referring to the idea of attempting to draw out an opposition that is camping in their area by reducing your own mentality, but there are many other ways you can do this with the other settings in the TC. I guess what I'm getting at is that I have found it useful personally to see things in broader strokes and the TC as something that gives me a bunch of options. Pretty sure the most stable tactics I've made have been on Standard mentality and with a Strucutred/Flexible shape
  12. Any more details about your set-up you can give us? It could be due to marking/closing down instructions...
  13. I am genuinely of the opinion that the game is only as complex as you make it. I have friends who play much more casually, never read forums etc. and they happily just stick with Standard/Control forever - switching maybe to Counter/Defensive if they're scared of the opposition or Attacking/Overload if they're desperate for a goal.
  14. I think it's more a general point that bababooey is making about using mentality as the key modifier in your play. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's one of the main ways in which SI intended it to be used anyway - as a sort of shortcut to playing a certain way with a certain level of risk.
  15. The thing is though, selecting a counter mentality doesn't suddenly mean your defenders will try and play it out from the back, just that they are more cautious with their overall play. If they are getting pressed, the less risky decision might end up being a direct ball. As for hoofing it long, in depends where the space is. Obviously if they're playing 3 CD's and you're only playing a lone striker, having him as your out-ball might be problematic.