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  1. felley

    [German] Issues in German Translations

    Apologies, didn't see that post.
  2. felley

    [German] Issues in German Translations

    When choosing a tactical style, the Tiki-Taka option contains English.
  3. felley

    [German] Issues in German Translations

    Unsure as to whether this is intentional or not, but In the Tactical Introduction news item, the 3 steps are in English. EDIT: Just noticed that the text immediately above the steps is in English too.
  4. You're being unneccesarily complex. You've been given plenty of answers that spell it out for you: YES, of course the TI's impact more than one player. NO, they will not override PI's. As @westy8chimp alluded to, you're dealing in absolutes. Using words like neutralise is throwing you off and making in complicated. They work at the same time, with and without their contradictions. Step back a little and simplify it. You have selected the role of playmaker. He will attract the ball and look to play people in as his main way of operating. You've asked him to play more risky passes meaning he will look to emphasise playing people in even more. Then you add Retain Possession as a TI meaning your ENTIRE TEAM will look to lower the tempo and keep hold of the ball (AP included). These things aren't mutually exclusive, he will take part in your team philosophy of keeping hold of the ball, but will also attract it from players around him and look to play riskier passes than the rest of the team. It's as simple as that.
  5. Although it's not a perfect system, the whole point of the revamp of the Tactics Creator over the last few years was to make it closer to how real coaches would think things through and how they would communicate their ideas to the team with succinct phrases. In this vain, imagine you are saying these PI's/TI's to your players... i.e. "I want you all to try and retain the ball today lads, but you, young lad in midfield, I want you trying to hit our wingers and striker with direct balls if it's on" It's completely fine to have an overall idea of playing possession football, but then maybe asking one or two players to be a bit more direct with their passing. These things don't override one another, it's just a further layer of settings/instructions. Just because you hit the More Direct Passes PI on a player, it doesn't mean your Retain Possession TI is completely overridden and he starts pinging/hoofing at every opportunity. IMO it's just not particularly helpful to think of things in terms of what instruction overrides what, they are all part of a cohesion of settings that gives you a variety of options to tweak and improve.
  6. @Armistice In this specific example, I don't think you can read too much into how your wide defenders and central midfielders are performing. It looks to me to be essentially a fantastic ball from and a good bit of movement from Bent to peel off your CB. The one thing that you could look at is the height of your defensive line. Without knowing your exact settings it's hard to provide proper help but it's something to keep an eye on - especially as you move into the PL and encounter faster, more intelligent players. Further to the point on your defensive line, your line of restraint appears to be about 5-10 yards outside your box as it stands, meaning this type of goal would be a weakness. Again, difficult to provide accurate help but you could consider dropping your line, lowering your pressing instructions, playing a CB on cover duty or using a sweeper keeper. It depends on what fits with your players.
  7. Bang on the money. "Vision" makes much more sense too as it controls the likelihood of a player seeing an option/passing possibility.
  8. Quality post, Rashidi Really enjoy the variety of examples you've given as well.
  9. felley

    Help needed with my 4-1-2-3

    I've kept up with this post and it really does seem like you expect an awful lot. The feeling I get is that you are expecting to "crack" the game with one tactic that will win against any opposition in any circumstance. My advice would be to stick with one of the (too) many versions of your 4-1-2-3 and play it for several games so you can learn how it works, as you really don't seem to know what you want. Once you have a decent sample size (3-5 games), take the time to look at your tactic in depth and post back here so people can help you. Hopefully through this process you'll gain a better understanding and learn that the small tweaks here and there will be what allows you to put together a good run of wins/draws as opposed to constantly changing roles/instructuions/mentality/shape in the hope that something will stick.
  10. The only way you can sort of force it is to give the two players in question the same role and a support duty in the hope that they are intelligent enough to work as a pair. Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I have observed that two FB's/WB's both on support duty will naturally only get forward one at a time depending on how play is developing (and on whatever PPM's they have). Largely I agree with you both though, the addition of this style of role distribution would be more realistic. I'm just not sure how it cold be worked in without making things more confusing and it could be a sort of pandora's box if they introduce it... people may ask why they then can't be even more meticulous and give precise instructions to players depending on the phase of play. And honestly the last thing a lot of us want is more complexity!
  11. Dropping your mentality to Contain and adding Retain Possession is a little extreme IMO. Think about what you're asking your team to do: camp in your own third and try and pass the ball around - seems to be inviting trouble as any turnovers (which will happen eventually) will result in dangerous situations. It's not so much that the logic behind dropping deeper and slowing play down is wrong per se, just that you have to think of these actions as situational. It's not a simple fix for not conceding late on.
  12. Sound analysis, that. It was always going to be a case of riding the storm for Madrid and once they got through that 20 minutes keeping their composure (and of course Salah had to go off), you could see the writing on the wall for Pool.
  13. I was there myself for the Atleti game last year. Lovely, modern stadium. KUTGW with the save
  14. I don't want to derail the thread but 6 goals and 11 assists from defensive midfield isn't too shabby. Don't let the media form your opinion of him for you.
  15. Summatsupeer is right. Hard to know what sort of thoughts you need if you don't tell us what you're looking to create. Why do you think the first tactic performs better than the second? What's diferent between them? Was it the opposition you faced that was the key difference? So many questions you have to answer personally before you can get any constructive feedback.