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  1. Well guys after 5 days I have tried to evaluate the pro and the contras of my team , and I merge these two tactics that I have into one final tactic, that have some varieties depending the match Now, the tactic have been working good having a good solid defense but I have some questions about it and I really apreciate another opinion 1) How can I handle with teams that park the bus, mostly in games that opposition is weaker against me, how can I break it? You will se that matches against Brescia, Empoli and Udinese I struggle to score goals 2) How can I get the MEZ more involved into playmaking (maybe changing the role, I have tried a RPM but didnt work) 3) I play on Balanced mentality, most of my games, I just change because Im playing against Perugia at Home Thats all, I will be glad to hear you guys.
  2. Yes I was thinking to play the DLF with an attack duty maybe, but in case I do this, what change besides his mentality? they just do the same?
  3. Maybe, the main problem is te player that I have on that position, Gary Medel (not good at DLP at all) I am thinking to change the AP(s) to a DLP(s) to get more balanced midfield, or trying to change the IF(s) to an IW(s)?
  4. Well I want to think about the tactic now, Im applying some of the tips that you guys give me - Want to be solid on defense - Want quickly transitions - Want also to have a good management of the ball in possesion Let me explain why I think these roles are good for the style I want to play and the function that they play on the tactic First of the SK: because I need him to be the one that start the possesion, being an option too when my defenders are under pressure BPD: I need one of my CD to be comfortable with the ball, and be another option to play out from defense, also if he can make a pass through lines to start the a counter or quick transitio CD (Cover): This one I have to be an option too to play out from the defense but the main thing is to cover the space that my LR is letting by getting further when we are having the ball FB: I want a support role for him because he have to be an option where the SK, BPD, W, and CM can rely also try to contribute the offensive phase with crosses from deep WB (Attack): this player main role its to play as a winger by occuping the space that the IF creates for him, also want him to be wide all the time HB: the Half back its my third central in case we were too high at the pitch, also contributes on keeping the shape when we dont have possesion, I need him to play out from defense and pass simply to the advanced midfielders AP: this one has to be the creator of football and the player that I rely when having possesion to distribute well and create options and pass through lines that can break the opposition defensive side or to start counterattack CM (Attack): I want this player to play most likely like an AMC, in transition need to dribble more often W: Need him to play one on one against the oposittion LR, encouraging him to win the duel and being a threat for a pass or a deadly cross IF: The same of the Winger but instead of crossing being a threat for a pass, to play one twos with the forward or just simply shooting DLF (Support) : I want him to hold up balls and try to make the wingers participate on the game, also want him to score goals by finishing crosses
  5. The unique reason why I play through the middle is because when I do it I score goals xD Also give my LB and AMR ins. to sit narrower, so i think that if I have more man on the middle thats where I should focus my attack, maybe I am wrong
  6. 1- My main goal is to be strong at defense, also want to create good chances by keeping the ball, thats why I like fluid counterattack because it allows me to have the control of the game and have more posession, but really struggle when I play against weaker oppositions that park the bus, thats when I change to my second tactic with the LOE, lower tempo, and high DL. It is possible to play fluid counterattack at a positive mentality? 2- What you mean when you say that my tactic is not optimally balanced? 3- This are my last shedule, like a said before we are doing pretty well defensive but struggle to create chances
  7. Hi there, this is my first post since I join the community, my english is bad so I need a little of pacience The main reason of the post is that im struggling to create chances against better and worst opposition, beside that the defensive part of the tactic is working well not conceding much goals right now on the season, however i dont create good quality chances and I win almost all my games by set pieces or penalties or opposition mistake. I play this two tactics On the first one I change mentality to Positive depending the team that I play against or if it is an away or home game And on the second I change to Defensive for the same reason If you have any advice or tip to give me I will be glad to hear. Thanks
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