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  1. What is the type of player? What mean that my player is considered a “leading player” How this influence the tactic? For example the creative ones work better in a offensive tactic? Technicall ones in a possesion system?
  2. Personally I always pick my best XI and then start to change certain players depending the opposition and they condition For example I play a match, I finish and already start doing the XI to the next match that is in (for ex) 4 days, so I select my best XI and start to think in things like: - Which substitute is ready for the match - Opposition level (underdog, big match, etc.) - Injury Risk - Squad Situation (backup, regular starter, squad player) Following this few tips I make sure that every player is happy with the minutes according to how much minutes I prom
  3. Yes you can but the thing of using “roam from position” mean that your players will roam during the phase of build up too, not only on the final third Henry explain in a video that Guardiola gives the “total freedom” in the final third
  4. Hold shape Lower tempo The thing is if you are playing with an attacking mentality you are taking lot of risks so if you want to have possesion you should try TIs that reduces the amount of risks that your players take
  5. I think you should teach traits that fit your tactic
  6. Hi @Neil Brock, nobody says that the ME is broken, or maybe few did. For me thats not the case and I agree that FM is the best simulator in the world, however there are some aspects of the ME that are unrealistic, for me the biggest issues are in the final third decision making Idk how long you guys take to launch an update because I dont know how much work is needed. Thats why maybe we think you dont care about our concerns.
  7. Maybe you are just lacking of penetration against weaker sides I recommend to change the RPM for a runner maybe MEZZa or CMa against weaker sides, because two playmakers too close is a tactical overkill Also against weaker sides I should try overlaping left side to create compactness mentality between the WB and IF, so they can stay close to each other And the last one would be trying your PFa into a DLFa to make him more involved in build up After time you will see that in tactics with one striker (specially the 4-1-2-3) the striker on support duty gives better result
  8. Hi @Jemal Wiseman, sorry but does an update coming soon?
  9. Sorry can somebody tell me which version is currently going? I have the 20.4.1 is it updated?
  10. Another thing that I see a lot is the players on the side taking too much time to cross even when you play hit early crosses, is like they have the space to cross but they take one time more and the opposition have time to block the cross
  11. Right now what I have got is this: As you can see I have a home game against Inter DLF: Move into channels, Close down more IW: Stay wider, Get further forward(this one is maybe not worth because the player have already a positive mentality?) IF: Stay narrower MEZZ: Close down more HB: Tighter marking WB: Stay wider
  12. What I see in my tactic is that the mezzala is usseles because idk what he is doing right and what he is doing wrong, indeed I dont see him participate a lot on the offensive fase He have done no runs, no risky passes and he barely roam from position to get more involved, maybe he need specific traits to work well in a possesion style... like I was thinking a MEZZ(a) needs to get in the opp area, try killer balls often(? and runs with the ball(?
  13. The idea is to change the IW with the IF, but the thing is that my AML is no good with passes yet I have changed my RPM into a DLP(s) And what do you think is better an A or HB? but the DM(d) gives me good cover till now and if we change RPM for DLP(s) I think that there is no need to change the role I think that focusing the play on the center of the pitch is a TI to balance the reason that we play wide
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