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  1. It's called CFM Skin 2017 - Dark
  2. Yes I ended up selling him. They didn't accept sell on clause but I think I couldn't afford to reject such an offer for a bench player, even though he's an amazing player. It may be the highest offer I've ever received for a player in FM. I'm playing my FM17 save, so I doubt it would help you much.
  3. Hi there, Don't know exactly what to do. His market value is €64M and PSG offered €145M. He is not a first team player, bue he plays a lot. This season was badly injured so didn't play much, but when he does, he never let me down. I've no doubt he'd do awesomely well in PSG, and that's what I don't like lol.
  4. I did that and I lost 3-2 away, but won 3-1. Unfortunately I've lost the final 2-1 to Monaco, who won for 4 times in the last 5 years, ouch. It is stupid but I just feel bad for my players, I have such a talented squad but I've never won a Champions League with them, and they're not getting younger. I doubt I'll have such a strong squad as this one in the following years. Oh well, maybe next year.
  5. I think you're right, playing in a different way and defensively can lead to a worst result.
  6. Hi people, Ok let say that you've been playing with your team and a few seasons had already pass by and now you have a team with some very good players, the best on your league and you have your playing style. Now you'll be playing a very important 1st leg of Champions League semi-final away against a very good team, similar in terms of quality and talent. Would you change your playing style? Or would you go for a lower block/counter attack strategy? Thanks
  7. As long as he has the right attributes for the role, you're fine.
  8. @zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz what about this one? He's from the same team. He costs 20M more but he's also younger and looks like he can still improve quite a bit. Thanks
  9. Thanks. Im in a desperate need of a IWB. The one I have is really good but he is getting old and there's not much abundance for that role, the good ones are not for my pockets, but this one I can afford.
  10. Hello guys, I don't know if how scouts go search for players is much different from FM17, but I guess not. My problem is: For example, I have this scout that is searching for players in Eastern Europe since 2024 on a ongoing task. But the thing is, I'm on 2028 and yet he only has Romania, Ukraine and Russia in 4 years? I mean there are so many countries in that region with the possibility of youths with lots of potential and he only did those so far? And not even to full acknowledge. This is driving me nuts for some time. And that's just an example, the same happen with other scouts for other regions. So, am I missing something here? Is this normal? Thank you!
  11. Hi, One of my best players was injured 8 months, then he came back and is injured again for 2 or 3 months. He is 24/25 y old, can he still regain the attributes he lost and increase is CA?
  12. Thanks. Heigh is 194 cm. He also as a good jumping reach, which makes me want to develop him as a central defender. I never buy central defenders with poor jumping reach, that's a big no no for me. Yes, my team is top tier nowdays . Determination and Work Rate both 19 is also very good. Well, if my scout is judging him right, he has plenty of scope to develop. I think he could become a very good central defender.
  13. Thank you both, I was referring about this lad, he's a right back but I think he could be better as a central defender. What do you think? Thank you.
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