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  1. Does anyone know this player? Becomes good?
  2. Hello. What do you guys think of him for a DLF(s) in a counter attacking system? He will be supporting a pacey striker. I'm worried about his 6 for strength for a role that needs to hold up the ball sometimes. He is transfer listed for only €2.8M. His attributes:
  3. Hello all, Which one of these formations do you think it's more balanced? I'm struggling with both of them, to create a more direct style.
  4. I think that is also depends on your formation, if you have a top heavy formation your team have more chances to regain it quickly, as opposed to a 5-3-2 or a 4-1-4-1 for example. But i may be wrong.
  5. Hi, Passing length affects the distance of a pass and his directness is affected by mentality, am i far from the truth? For example in lower mentalities a direct pass still a longer pass but more to the back and sides, and in higher mentalities that pass will be done forwards. I know it's not that simple and creative freedom can also affect passing directness, even in lower mentalities.
  6. What about using an attacking mentality, with structured shape and drop deeper TI? Will the defensive line be deep enough to invite them to come and hit them with counter attacks? I just like to play attacking because i like my players to take risks, but also invite the other team to come more so i can hit them.
  7. Does mentality also affect how willing is a player in the AM/ST strata to defend? In lower mentalities they will defend and track back more than the higher ones?
  8. And for Roaming Playmaker or Regista playing in DM spot, isn't off the ball important too? Both roles roam from position, that's why i'd like to know if you also consider it important? Tks
  9. Do you guys also pay attention to off the ball attribute? Tks
  10. Do you still play this herne?
  11. When looking for Registas or Roaming Playmakers in DM position, i believe it's vital to have good positioning and off the ball? Positioning its pretty clear they need, and off the ball because both roles use roam.
  12. What do you guys think of Kimpembe?
  13. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Kai Havertz Your Team: Monaco Buyer/Seller: Leverkusen Player's Value: 3,5 M (Euros) Offer: 15 M, already accepted and they dont accept lesser than that Season: End of 1st season Thanks.
  14. What do you guys think of Havertz? Does he have the potential to be a really good player?