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  1. Hi. Counter press is when our team loses the ball and immediately press the opposition, right? And then, if they fail to win the ball during that short period, they will retreat to their DL and LOE settings? Thanks.
  2. I wonder if counter press would make sense in a deep formation like this? That would make the team a bit more reactive without possession.
  3. @Cleon what about a deep 4231 with the AMC but the wingers placed as MR/ML, would is still be effective?
  4. Hi. When you use a IWB, do you pay attention to his preferred foot? Or do you like to play someone with a strong opposite foot?
  5. I personally don't like to have both AMC and striker with the same duty
  6. Hi, Between a AM(s) and AP(s), I believe that the AP(s) being a playmaker will drop slighly deeper?
  7. Hi, Do you guys think this is some kind of bug or is just bad defending? This happened many times during this game: A simple (well I guess it's simple) pass from my GK to my AMC, who is totally unmarked. IMG_1808 - Cópia.JPG_1.mp4
  8. Thanks. I understand that, but I want to keep positive mentality because that's how I envision to play this style of counter attacking, I want my players to take risks. The formation is already a deep one and I also feel that with a balanced mentality we'd just give too much (even more) to the other team. Yes, it's a counter attacking style but I don't want to be too deep, that's why I also have a higher line, more of a mid-low block. Thanks. What about the IW(a) isn't he also an outlet? I have a WM(s) with stay wider PI, so he acts kinda like a winger. I didn't choose a winger because he has dribble more and I already have too many players with that trait and that is also one of the reasons for some turnovers we have. So I try to keep as few dribbling roles as possible. But don't you think a WP would be in Volante's way? What do you think about these changes? I change the Volante duty to support (so he can also see more of the ball now) and fullback is now a WB(s) with sit narrower PI. The other fullback is now on attack and I would even make in a IWB, but he's not that good for that. Also what would you change (and using the same formation) if you were camping against a weaker team? I know too many questions, sorry. Thanks for your time Thanks. The reason I want to use focus play on the left it's not only to get the best out of Camaving but also because I don't want the IW(a) to touch many times on the ball and he's not a great passer too. Most of the players on the left have switch ball to the other flank trait. About the left back, you mean a IWB? Because the IWB just acts like a normal FB/WB when there's two DM's in front. I don't think that counter-press and pressing urgency would suit this style in a bottom heavy formation.
  9. Guys, I know this is too much to ask, but I'd be very appreciated if you could have some time to see how disastrous we can be. I've uploaded a game, away against Augsburg, with another terrible performance against a far lesser side. Augsburg - Bayer Leverkusen1.pkm
  10. Thanks. I see many tries to switch the ball to the other flank, but some fail, I think sometimes they do it too early. Once the IW has the ball, I want him to either run at defence or pass to the AF. When I don't have space to attack (which is rare, to be honest) I sometimes change the striker to DLF(a), lower tempo and remove counter. Thanks. Yes, but the thing is that even with a high line and normal LOE we are too deep, I'm afraid lowering even more would be even worse.
  11. I went for a bottom heavy formation because I want my players to pressure in our own half, so we have the space to attack. That's why I use a normal LOE. But nothing seems to be working.
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