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  1. Thanks for your reply. You're right, doesn't make much sense to use a lower LOE playing as I'm a big team now, I'll move it up to standard instead. As for the narrow width, not sure exactly why I did it, would you keep it normal? Yes I've also thought about it, but since he has that trait, I've kept it on support. Now, about the IW, my bench player for that position will leave the clube on a free transfer, unfortunately, which means I have to get a substitute. Happens that I have this belgian wonderkid striker to whom I've paid a lot of money when he as only 17 and I think it could be used there, since I want that role to be somewhat a mix between IF and a RMD, occupying the space left by the DLF. What do you think? However, I believe we won't want to learn traits like going forward and get into the box, in that case should I use an attack duty instead? Also, the fact the he is lef footed playing on the left concerns me. That makes sense, and it can be better to recycle possession too. Thanks, I'll do it and see how it goes. I have this thing that since the player has good off the ball and intelligence, I want him to roam lol but that is not always good.
  2. Hello, @Experienced Defender I've changed it a bit and I changed to positive mentality, I'm a big team so why not? Could you please take a more detailed look into it and give your opinion? I'll also post my players attributes. PI's: WB(s) - Stay wider IW - Stay narrow, Roam from position BBM - Moves into channels, Close down more, tackle harder DLF(s) - Roam from position, Close down more, tackle harder CF(a) - Close down more, tackle harder Why don't I have an attacking role in midfield? My idea is that the IW(s) is the one attacking the box there but since he has player traits to get forward and to get into opposition area, I've kept it with a support duty instead of attacking. My DLP(s) is not on defend because he has comes deep to get the ball, so I though I'd go with a support duty instead. Does it makes sense to you? Players: CD's: WB: IWB: DLP: BBM: IW: W: DLF: CF: Thank you!
  3. @bowieinspace what do you think of you WM(a) with sit narrower? Because sometimes I find him too narrow for my liking because he goes inside too soon and congests that zone. I'm always in doubt if I should use it or not. Sometimes I like what I see, sometimes I don't.
  4. Can you post a screenshot of your 442 pls?
  5. What do you guys do when for example you play against a 4-3-3 and their DMC has a lot of time one the ball ? Do you normally ask one of your strikers to man mark him?
  6. Thanks. What about a mezzala on support or BBM? As for the strikers, I've chose this partnership because I'd prefer to use my most creative striker in a CF(s) and the other one is a DLF(a) because I didn't want to give him "simple" roles like poacher or adv forward, but he is also not totally capable to play it on CF(a), that is why I went for that combo. The left one is my CF(s), the other is my DLF(a): . As far as the prevent short distribution I agree, I'll remove it and tell my 2 strikers and maybe my most attack minded central midfielder to close down more and tackle harder, what do you think? Also, what is your opinion on having the most defensive minded central midfielder man marking opposition AMC? Thanks. As far as the DLP, he has comes deep to get the ball PPM, that is also why I chose the support role. Beside that, I also play with a balanced mentality, so I think it will be fine. Maybe I'll need to change it against strong teams. DLF(s) and CF(a) must also be a great combo. I'd try that if my other striker were stronger with his vision. That's why I went for CF(s) and DLF(a), because I also didn't want to use him with the most basic striker roles like poacher or adv forward, even though they can work great. I will try to lower my LOE, so my team can be more compact, but keep the higher line, because I have fast defenders. I'll also remove prevent short distribution and maybe will tell my strikers and the most attack minded central midfielder to close down more and tackle harder. That might be a better option
  7. Hello, I'm seeking for opinion on this flat 442. I'm bored of using the most common formations and I want to try something different that I've very rarely used. I have a very strong team. So here it goes: Thank you!
  8. He could be great in a creative role if his vision wasn't so low
  9. Thank you all. He really is a very good player, but is such a good offer from PSG. I will think for a little while.
  10. Hi there, If you have a chance to sell a 1st team player who's already declining for the double or more of his current price, would you do it?
  11. This is interesting because I was thinking about changing to a traditional 442, a formation that I've never had much success with. But now that I've finally won the Champions League with my Real Sociedad team, I think it's time to change things a bit, because I'm bored to play the 4-1-2-3, I want a change. So I was thiking about this: I want my main goalscoarers to be the DLF and the left WM. The reason I have him on support, it's because he has "gets forward whenever possible" PPM, does it make sense to keep him o support or should I just change it to attack? My BBM has that same PPM. PI's: Left WM - Sit narrower, Cut inside, Roam from position, Dribble More BBM - Moves into channels F9 - Roam from position, Close down more, Hard tackling DLF - Close down more, hard tackling Playing on positive mentality What do you think overall? Thanks.
  12. @Rashidi regarding the Raumdeuter, you mention: . To exploit the Raumdeuter fully, you need to create overloads and be playing with a line of engagement that draws teams out creating even more space behind their defensive line By this I assume a low LOE? What about defensive line, you think normal ir higher is fine? I also have a hybrid winger on the other side with likes switch ball to other flank ppm. Thanks for these explanations.
  13. Thanks. Well, if it's not possible to go beyond reasonable, then it's pointless for me.
  14. Hello. I've read that training a player to improve his weaker foot makes him spend his PA. Is that true? If it is, I believe that its the same for FM17 version? Thanks.
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