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  1. I like FM17 and I still play it occsionally but I think it's too easy to play through balls and score goals through the middle. It's fun to watch because the football it's so exciting. But I think FM20 is more realistic.
  2. Hi there, two stupid questions 1 - If you had to choose between jumping reach or heading for a central defender, which one you'd go for? 2- I believe technique is extremely important for playmakers?
  3. Hi. I have a question about Be More Expressive TI. Overall my team possess players with good vision and decisions and I want them to express themselves to higher levels and play some good football. Is it a good option to use it?
  4. I wonder if it isn't too risky having a player with Gets Forward Whenever Possible trait as a WB(s) on the same side as the Mezzala (A)? Wouldn't be better a FB(S) instead?
  5. Hi. Shouldn't the General Rehab training be predefined for when a player enters in the rehabilitation phase? I always have to do it manually.
  6. He's playing in the danish league and I have full knowledge in Denmark. I don't understand.
  7. Can a IWB(s) also work with the Mez? Even with a IW ahead? Maybe with a IWB, a winger may be a better option.
  8. I have the most expensive packages, so I guess it does.
  9. Hello. So I' m searching for a player with these attributes: However, this player that I have in my shortlist, doesn't show: Since the player meets my searching criteria, any reason why he doesn't show? I've even tried to remove him from the shortlist, but to no avail. Thanks
  10. I don't want my striker to be on attack duty, not only because he is creative, but also because I don't want him to be in the RMD's way. I want my striker to be more of a creator. And I also want to keep my IW. So I guess the only option would be someone from the midfield? Being one of the best teams, perhaps I should be more attacking minded. PI's : RIght WB - Stay wide IW - Take more risks, close down more RMD - Close down more CF - Close down more
  11. Thanks. I think that the 2nd version of this tactic explores that by having an attacking RB. Thanks. Between those two formations, the players I have are better suited for the first one. Yes, both my IW and CF are very capable players in that matter, they're very creative, as well as my RB, as you can see below. IW CF CWB/WB And I'm trying to explore this guy, mainly for his physical attributes : RMD But that trait though, I'm trying to make him unlearn that Likes Ball Played Into Feet thing. I think it's bad for the role and I may have to sell it if he doesn't unlearn it. The reason I decided for the CAR role is because, in that version of the tactic, I want my IW to sit narrower (as well as take more risks and roam), so the CAR would move wide. I think it makes sense. Maybe I don't need to be more expressive, I guess it's just me trying to get the best out of my team, but that may not be totally necessary.
  12. Hi there. I want to explore the RMD and the creativity of my best front players. I would like yo know your opinion on this two variations I have created. @Rashidi when you talked about the LOE, do you think it's fine like this? Standard LOE coupled with high defensive line Thanks
  13. Hi. Is it true that the Raumdeuter role doesn't work properly in this version?
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