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  1. What do you guys think of Raphael Guerreiro? Is he a good attacking fullback/wingback?
  2. I think its riskier to play with a deeper line withou a DM, as it can leave a bigger gap between defense and midfield. But there is no right answer to OP question, it depends on the situation and how you want to play. Both options are valid.
  3. Thank you all. This was a very tough decision for me but i decided to go for Grimaldo, he has better dribbling and his average rating is always amazingly high n my saves, and much higher compared to Gaya. He was much more expensive (agent fees were higher too), i hope i dont regret lol.
  4. Hello, Which one would you buy for a CWB role, playing in a more counter attacking system? Grimaldo is available for 40€, Gaya for 28€. Thanks
  5. http://www.fmscout.com/a-cfm-fm17-skin.html
  6. CFM Skin
  7. Thank you both
  8. Thanks for your reply. Do you really think it's worth to increase off the ball attribute? My opinion is that 5 is too low to increase to an acceptable level that i want, if he started with 8 or 9, then of course.
  9. Thank you herne79!
  10. Hello, Which role do you think it fits best to this lad? I use a Regista in my system but i dont think he will be good for that, off the ball is too low. Maybe a DLP?
  11. Thank you!
  12. Hope he fits well into the system. Yes, the game was updated to 17.3 and i didn't even notice that.
  13. Hello, I've never created this system so it's all new for me. I've decided to do it because i want to play a more counter attacking football, something that i've never done before. I'm struggling a little and i'd like your opinions about the roles and duties, if you dont mind. Also, i dont know if this just happens with me but when i go for higher risk (mentality), i feel that its just doesnt work well with this kind of system. Since most of the players are in deep positions, with a higher mentality there is not enough time for those players to come and support, because everything is rushed. Thanks.
  14. Thank you both. Jairo already signed in for Bayern. I actually went for Kimpembe, because he has higher concentration (14) than Lucas (11). ryan045, which update are you referring to?
  15. Thanks for your opinion. I think i'll go for Lucas.