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  1. What about this formation? Would you consider cheat or an easier way to win?
  2. mikcheck

    Training in FM19

    Isn't this similar to CM03/04 training? Oh those good old days....
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes i've noticed that in one of your Kingstonian videos against Monaco! Thanks. Yes both ways can be played. It's a matter of mentality and maybe some TI change. I guess that a bottom heavy formation is also very important to see more counters. I wonder if a DLP is also a good fit for that? He also drops very deep near the defenders. I believe that a Halfback is better used when you use systems with players in WB, not FB.
  4. @Rashidi: " Counter attacking football can be played on ANY mentality, in fact your transitions become easier the higher up you go in risk." That what I was going to as ask, is it possible to play a counter attacking football while having a high mentality like control or attacking and using drop deeper TI? I think my roles and duties are well distributed for that, and I have fast and intelligent players in the final third.
  5. Hello, Since this is the thread for strikerless systems, can you give me your opinions on mine? Does it look balanced? Maybe the BWM should be told to hold on position? And the MCL also has get further forward and move into channels PI, I like the overload that it makes sometimes, when he is getting into the box together with the other players and defenders don't know how to deal with it. Thanks.
  6. mikcheck

    Defensive Football Untenable?

    @Rashidi what about strikerless formations? Do you think they work better with a low block? Does it make sense to use OI in defenders? Thanks.
  7. Because now that I'm playing a strikerless formation i've created I feel like i'm cheating somehow lol and that takes the fun away from me.
  8. Hello all, I have a question that it's more related to FM17. I've created a strikerless tactic with 3 AM's but it was with surprise that i've read that strikerless systems can be considered cheating or overpowered. I've never thought that could be possible nowdays. Do you feel the same? Because if it does, then I dont want to play that tactic.
  9. I wonder if it makes sense to play with Pass Into Space? I believe it makes total sense with strikerless formation, since the front players are deep and you have space to attack?
  10. Thanks herne. Do you remember what type of players you used there? I believe stronger and better defensively so they can be helpful defending the flanks?
  11. So what's the closest role and instruction I could use to replicate it in FM17? CM(s) with more closing down? Move into channels? Thank you.
  12. Thank you both. I wonder if the Carrilero role has something built under the hood? I believe so, because it looks like a pretty generic role, looking at his instructions I'm also asking this because I'm playing FM17
  13. Hello all, I have a question. I do you defend the flanks when you use a narrow formation like 4-1-3-2, ask the outside midfielders to close down more so they can help the fullback? Or you use players with more defensive attributes to play as the side midfielders? Maybe its a space that that's not much we can do to protect it more, the strength is in the center.
  14. Thanks! Yes I really don't want to be that deep, after reading that from Lines and Diamonds what I want is more like a medium block, so not as deep and not high too.