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  1. @ajsr1982 but in this case, more it's not always better. Having a DLP on defend can help to draw teams out by having that player deeper. When teams defend so deep against me and I have my DMC or the most defensive player on a support duty, he ends up being close to the opponent box, in a space that is already congested.
  2. mikcheck

    Opinion on a youngster

    Thank you all. I've bought him, money isn't big problem for me now, I have 256 million to spends after selling some players, so why not? My heart is still broken after losing one of the best regen players I ever had in the past years to Bayern Munich, they beat his release clause. The only downside for me is his dribbling but it won't be much of an issue, I'll use him in a role that doesn't require to dribble more. I'm not playing FM19, Thiago Almeda or Sergio Gomez aren't even on the database.
  3. Hello, This player will turn 19 soon. Would you guys sign him for 30 million? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your input. I forgot to say that i'm still playing FM18. Ok so my first idea was to use the TQ on the right side and the AM(S) on the right, but I want the outside AM's to be pressing a lot and that's not possible with TQ, so I kept him in the middle. The left one is AM(A) but he has the same PI as a Shadow Striker except for dribble more, I just don't want him to always be running with the ball, the're already a TQ doing that. As far as the style I want, basically to play a more patient build up with shorter passing exchanges between my players, all my front players have good off the ball and vision so I also want them to be more expressive. I also told them to press more and hard tackle. I feel that a more agressive striker like Poacher or AF doesn't suit that style and I find him isolated sometimes. DLF(A) will start deeper but still make runs into the box.
  5. @Rashidi what about 4231deep narrow? How would you set it up? You dont have a video about it, do you? Could you please just give your input with this formation? Would you change something? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Is good to know that in FM19 the CB's don't split as wide @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! is there any chance you know which thread is it? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone here ever used a 2 CD, 2 WB and a Halfback system? I'm still playing FM18 but I believe it's still the same in FM19, don't you think this is too risky? Just look at how wide the 2 CD are. Who would want to play like this? I mean, no matter how good your players are, it will go wrong.
  8. Hello, With FM19 and the adding of LOE this isn't much of a problem, but i've always read that you should't use a low defensive line if you don't use a DMC, because it will leave too much space between the defensive line and midfield. Do you agree with it? Do you did you do that too? Thanks.
  9. mikcheck

    Libero and BBM

    Thank you! @herne79 yes of course I take that into consideration too. I'm asking only by judging these players attributes.
  10. Hello, Which one would you pick for a Libero with attack duty and which for BBM? I'm inclined to use the 2nd one as a Libero because has better physicals and he may be caught out of position sometimes. Thank you.
  11. This is fantastic. The good old WM is back! Can't wait to see more!
  12. I find that Advanced Playmakers are the most agressive ones when it comes to search for the ball, more than the others, that's what I see when I play them.
  13. My interpretation is that move into channels is the space between CB and FB or between CB's. (lateral movement)