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  1. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Kai Havertz Your Team: Monaco Buyer/Seller: Leverkusen Player's Value: 3,5 M (Euros) Offer: 15 M, already accepted and they dont accept lesser than that Season: End of 1st season Thanks.
  2. What do you guys think of Havertz? Does he have the potential to be a really good player?
  3. Thanks. That was a conclusive answer. I also think that he can be much better than Toutain.
  4. bump!
  5. I'm sorry but the download link in fmscout it's not working for me. Could you please upload it again? Thanks
  6. Hello all. What's you opinion about these two youngsters from Monaco? Do you think they worth the time invested? Happy new year!
  7. Hello. Something is confusing me because i've read that using TI play wider does not affect passing focus but i've also read that it also sets focus passing down both flanks, So which one is correct?
  8. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello people, Is there any way to have shirts instead os the squares in the tactic screen? Thanks!
  10. Hi there. If i'm training a player for a position/role that already focus on positioning and if i chose positioning as additional focus, is it useless or it will train that attribute even harder? tks
  11. Thanks herne. I forgot about that very important thing called mentality.
  12. Hi. A CM(s) with hold position PI will act more like a CM(d)? I ask this because CM(d) has more closing down and i dont want that. Thanks.