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  1. What about using offside trap with a Liberto? Is it a bad idea?
  2. Thanks. Well i've only played one game so far but the other team was really weak, so not really much to say. But I did that because the role description says that he drops behind the defensive line, aiming to sweep up through balls, so I thought that it could work by having 2 stoppers. I think it can work most of domestic games, but maybe I can have troubles agains strong teams. Thanks. But does play wider really focus play down the flanks? I know that it was true a few FM versions ago, but I think play wider now doesn't affect anything else. My idea behind that is th
  3. Thanks for your help. I've changed things a bit to try to make my team play how I want. Basically I have a team full of gifted players, a very goode one and the 1st/2nd best in the league, and my most advanced players are pretty smart, fast and technical. I don't care about possession, I just want them to be incisive and avoid too much crossing game. If it only takes a few touches to get closer to the goal, so be it. I'm not going crazy with the LOE, because I want to try to have some space for them to play. So this is my idea: PI's - AMR - Sit narrower, Ro
  4. Nice read, thanks! I wonder if the Libero role still hits that "invisible wall" as@Cleon mentioned (was it in FM18?) in one of his threads. Does that still happen or it works as it should now?
  5. Hello guys, I want to change things a bit, so I don't get bored with my Atalanta save. To do that, I decided to employ a Libero tactic, something I've never tried. I'd like to know your opinions on this roles and duties, please. PI's : All 3 forward players + MEZ - Tackle hard and close down more. IW - Sit Narrower and Take More Risks Thank you all!
  6. I'd just like an improved ME. At this point, don't really care about the rest.
  7. I think I've heard from Rashidi that the bold it's not true. Playing a more aggressive role won't make their defensive line deeper per se. Plus that doesn't make sense to me. If you want to create space for runners, why would you use a more aggressive role there and why would you want them to be deeper? If there's something I wish for, is the other team to play a normal or higher line.
  8. The players you use there, are they comfortable with the ball too?
  9. You're one of the best teams in the league and only 1 TI? That's great to see, people (me included) have the tendency to use bunch of TI's, most of them certainly unnecessary. Do you normally change much? I also believe you don't use PI's? If you just showed the formation without the roles, I'd bet in a BMW in the midfield, I know you love that role
  10. Hi. Just to clarify, all work ball into box does is reduce long shots and crosses? No shorter passing/lower tempo?
  11. lol do you think people are stupid to the point of believing that it wasn't edited? C'mon man, just stop it.
  12. You mean here ? But I need to do that more than once? I thought than once I click there, it would remain? So what's the thing here I should be paying attention? Overall risk of injury?
  13. Hi, So, whats yours at the moment? Mine looks like this:
  14. Yeah, that's not really ideal, he wouldn't score half of the goals by playing on his preferred foot side. I'll have to keep both wingers playing on his opposite foot then, as my team was built that way and one of my IW players it's not getting younger. Not many good left footed players that fit the role at this point in my save, or at least with potential to develop. But it is what it is.
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