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  1. FM17 Pol Lirola and Ruben Duarte

    Thanks for your input
  2. Hello all, Do you think they worth the investment and time? Did anyone ever play with them or followed their progress? Thanks
  3. Hello guys, Can you please tell me your opinion on if these roles and duties are ok to work together within this tactic? Should the DMCR be a role who also goes forward like BWM (S) or a DM (S)? Thanks!
  4. Hi. An AP with attack duty in AMC position still a supporting player, or am I wrong? The difference between the attack and support duty is that the attack has little higher mentality and runs with the ball more. For example if i have an AP on attack behind an Advanced Forward, he still support him? Thanks
  5. Hi. As you guys know, there is 9 training categories but the board only allow me to have 7 coaches after i asked them to increase their number. I always use 1 coach for each category, so 2 categories now with no coach. I'm sure this already happen to some of you, do you have any tip? Tks.
  6. @Rashidi do you have or pretend to do a video explaining Pass Combinations? I dont understand it very well, dont know how to exactly read it. Tks
  7. Trying classic 4-4-2

    Thanks Cleon. That might work, Canales plays there, Januzaj will be the 2nd option. Both are left footed which is also good on that side. I'm looking forward for the 442 article. That 352 is amazing.
  8. Trying classic 4-4-2

    Where the hell do i fit this guy in this system lol really weak mentals. Trying to sell must be the best choice.
  9. Trying classic 4-4-2

    Thanks Cleon. Well i couldn't ask for a better starting point Do you use to do many role changes during a game with your 442? Thanks for your input Atarin. That makes perfect sense, but Cleon answered to that. My idea is to use CM(A) behind the deeper striker so he can use that space That was my thinking of why i got CM(A) behind F9, so it can also create another avenue for attack. Thank you Rashidi. That's a very interesting setup. Yes it is not that different, however i'm intrigued with BWM role. I really like that role but isn't it dangerous to use it in a 2 central man midfield? Well i assume you have a really capable player playing there. I've never played a classic 442 before and i want to make this a successful tactic for my Real Sociedade save but seeing from 3 friendles i played so far, i will struggle a lot to get this right
  10. Hello all. After few months of FM inactivity, i've decided to start a new save with Real Sociedad. For this one i'll chose 4-4-2 formation, something that i've never done before. I have 2 versions, they're both similar, but i'd like to know your opinions about them. Structured team shape (at least for the beginning of most matches) and mentality it depends. PI's: Both FB's - Stay wider CM(A) - Close down more, more risky passes. PI's: Both FB's - Stay wider WM(A) - Sit narrower RPM(S) - Close down more Thank you.
  11. What do you guys think of Raphael Guerreiro? Is he a good attacking fullback/wingback?