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  1. Hello, Is there any thread talking about 3-4-1-2 system? tks
  2. I like the CM-A with BBM, i think it should be fine since there is a DM behind to offer protection. In theory it should work.
  3. I also have the tendency to think that in all the supporting striker roles when i'm watching the game, but then i see in the average position map that the striker in support duty it's always deeper than the other one. My problem with F9 is that the role makes the player shoot too much from long range and i hate that.
  4. Thank you for your replies! Indeed if he's jumping reach and composure were better i'd buy him without hesitation. I'll definitely keep an eye on him and buy Malcom instead, a striker is more important for me at this moment. I'd buy them both if i have the budget but i dont.
  5. Hi james thanks for your reply. The scout say this: I'm just not sure about his composure, too low for my liking. Those 17 in position are very good tho
  6. Hello guys, Do you think this kid got potential? The team is asking for something around 6,5million (!!!), and yes his value is only 95k lol. Its crazy.
  7. Does the DLF(a) still high up the pitch with the main job of scoring goals? Because i use 2 strikers F9 and CF(a) but they run little too much with the ball for my liking
  8. Thanks. Actually i've tried the CM(a) in the left and i really liked the interaction between the WM(s) and F9
  9. Do you think that CM(a) is on the right side, theoretically speaking? The left WM has roam from position cut inside and sit narrower instructions while the right acts more like a winger with only drible less instruction. Im also asking this because i'm not sure if it's better to have him on the same side as the CF(a) or F9
  10. Thank you herne. Btw can you remember if the TI play wider in FM15 would also make the team play more down the flanks?
  11. Hi. What's the difference between "gets forward whenever possible" and "gets into opposition area"? Another question is if it's worth it to teach any of those to a CM(a)? I guess not because the role and duty already do that. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the reply. Yes it itSFM15, i've never played FM16 yet, but i will in a near future. I will try that and see how it goes, i think it makes sense because sometimes i feel the need of a striker more present in the box. Do you think it would be better to use the forward with attack duty in fron of the BBM or CM(a).
  13. Hello all. Some good info here in this thread. Rashidi, can you please give me your opinion about the shape, roles/duties and instructions i use for my team please? Thanks
  14. Hello guys. Two questions about individual focus training (FM15 related but i guess it's not much different). 1- When your AM report and even the player say that "feels the individual training he has been assigned to work on is not going to produce any more results" do you just insist or change to other attribute? 2- When there your strategy consists in rotating individual focus every 3 or 4 months and the player make no gains between that time, do you still change or keep it till he eventually gain? Thanks,