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  1. Thanks once again. I've talked about learning those PPM's because as far as I know, TI overrides PI, but PPM are always used no matter what, right? So what I'm thinking is that a BDP or a DLP in a DMC position wont try that as much because of that TI. But maybe I'm just overcomplicating the simple stuff
  2. @Cleon thanks! I see. So let's say that I want most of my attacks building from the back but sometimes I want my BDP and my DMC who is a DLP to launch quick and through balls when they see the chance; if I use play out from defence TI but having those 2 players to learn tries long range passes and/or tries killer ball often PPM, they'd still do them? Obviously depending on their attributes and situations.
  3. Can someone please give me an opinion? I'd really appreciate.
  4. Hello, Two questions: 1 - If you have a very good passer in DC or DMC position and you want them to sometimes launch long balls, i suppose not a good ideia to use play out from defence TI? 2- When you use 2 strikers tactics, is it fine to use them both with roles that moves into channels? Like a F9 and a AF? Or is it always better to have one more static like a Poacher? Thanks!
  5. Scout - Determination or Adaptability?

    Thank you both! @herne79 then I think it's always a better idea to go by our instinct and not so much by the scout?
  6. Scout - Determination or Adaptability?

    Thanks. That makes sense. I also wonder why I have a scout with 18 for CA and 20 for PA and gave me a report of a youngster with CA of 2 stars and PA of 4,5, but the truth is that he did not develop as I was expecting, which means that his PA was not that high and there was not much room for development, I ended up selling that player to a poor team, after 4 seasons in my team. Why do scouts fail like this, is it normal? It's not the only case, I have many like that.
  7. Hello, When you decide to bring a scout, besides CA and PA, you go for determination or adaptability? Which one is better?
  8. Thanks herne. I haven't played FM18, but judging by his attributes in FM17 Kranevitter is the perfect BWM, but unfortunately is way out of my budget. And the fact is that i'm not finding many players with the right attributes, within my budget. What do you think of this guy? He still have some room to develop.
  9. Hi, Do you consider agression,bravery and concentration vital for BWM role?
  10. @Rashidi closing down much more for the outer MC's is it something you'd normally do with a 4132? Or maybe only in the central MC?
  11. Basically how close you want your players to be.