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  1. Do you think underlap left would make sense?
  2. Thanks. I just doubt Thuram ability to play a more creative role that has risky passes. Vision and technique aren't much of a problem but is low passing attribute of only 11 falls too short for that level as a first team player
  3. Hello there, So basically I want to get the most out of my best and intelligent players, Camavinga and Oscar, while using a deep formation. The goal is to focus on the left side to have Adeyemi on the right side ready for a pass and socre. I hope him and Thuram can be my main goalscorers. Just not sure about the Trequartista, maybe a AM(s) is fine. What do you think? Thanks
  4. Not sure if positioning is that important here? I'd assume that work rate, teamwork and bravery are far for important in this situation
  5. But the thing here is that the player - which is one of the best midfielder in game - had no clubs interested to sign him for free, not even one. Also, the club tried to offer a new contract deal, but he refused.
  6. I asked him for it, but he only has one save file and he's already way ahead past that period.
  7. But it can't be because of that. Look at this guy for example, I asked if he used any editor, because he also signed Camavinga and other players for free: "I have the original game and 21.4 version database, no editors or whatsoever. I signed Tonali and Moukoko both free transfers, I've made the deal in January. In July I've noticed that Camavinga had no club, so I obviously signed him too!"
  8. The only thing I did try and use for that save was this https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/539453-fm21-smarter-ai-managers-staff-increase-the-difficulty/
  9. Hi @Neil Brock. The only file I have from that save before I signed them both for free was from 7 months back, so I put into vacation mode until 10th December. Camavinga's contract is almost expiring and still no clubs interested. On the other hand, Todibo was sold to Milan for €37M. So I've uploaded with the name "Free Transfer". Please report back , I'd really like to know if there's any issue with that particular situation or is it because it just happened to be that way in this save.
  10. It looks like Camavinga refused to sign a new contract deal and then we was transfer listed for only 16M, but seems like nobody was interested (!!). I was shocked when I noticed I could sign him for free. Todibo it's also very odd because he is in fact playing in Barcelona 1st team, but he got injured for 4 months. Don't know why the hell they didn't offer him a new contract either.
  11. Hi there, Camavinga and Todibo will sign for my club, in the end of 3rd season, both free. But what I found really odd was that no other club was interested in them, besides me. We're not exactly talking about average players here. Camavinga should have at least a list of top clubs fighting for him. Is that normal?
  12. Actually it wasn't Christensen who scored, it was Richarlison. Sorry my bad. Christensen shoot but then there's a kind of deflection and Richarlison scores. Yes, Christensen was playing as a CM at that moment. This is the tactic and instructions at that moment: Dortmund was playing a system with 3 CD's, 2 WBS, 2 CM's, AML, AMR and ST, but then they changed to a 4-2-3-1 when I scored the late equalizer. Well, they it didn't last long because they scored few seconds later. bandicam 2021-06-06 00-26-26-438 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4 I also reckon
  13. Thanks. Yes I also didn't like number 16 job there.
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