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  1. Hello. I know it's not a very good idea to use 2 playmakers together in the centre of the pitch, but what about using on in the wing and other in the centre separated by one player? Something like Wide Playmaker/CM(D)/Roaming Playmaker Tks
  2. This is some really good and interesting thread and how you've changed the way you play. You've completely dominated bayern in that game. Dont you find your 3 defenders stay too narrow because the use of the libero? Also it's curious i always thought that HB role only works when you use a normal 4 man defense and he is in DMC position, not DMCL or DMCL. But it's working fine for you!
  3. Hello peole. I have two questions please: 1- Does an attacking libero close down high as stopper central defender? Can it be a bad ideia to use an attacking libero and 2 stoppers in a 3 man defense? 2- When a player is not playing much in his club and has potencial left to fill but already with 26 or 27 years, can he still reach his full potential? Thank you
  4. Hello, I see many formations with no DMC that uses 3 CD, like 3412 for example, and i also notice that some uses the outside CD's as stoppers and cover for the one in the middle, but doesn't make more sense to use the central one as a stopper instead? That way, i think he will act more like a DMC in terms of closing down. I've tried to use both outside as stoppers and the central with cover but in the positions map, the cover defender is always slightly ahead of the others and i suppose it's because even with cover duty he has no other option than move out from his position to close down.
  5. Thank you. I assume that it's also the case for FM15? It affects the same for both FM15 and 16.
  6. I've always thought that creative freedom was only on the ball and player movement was not affected by it, only roaming.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Then it doesnt make much sense that when we select More Disciplined it disables Roam From Positions. I think i can understand that but its 2 completely different things.
  8. So, in FM15 if i tell my team to be more disciplined, why does it conflict with roaming from positions? One is related to creative freedom and the other one with only roaming, right? Another question is if i have more disciplined selected will PI roaming from position still work? tks A
  9. And perhaps a more aggressive role going forward in your central midfield.
  10. The role works, we might think it doesnt when we are looking at the game, but the truth (at least in my case) is that i use a 2 strikers system and he is always deeper than his partner in the positions map
  11. Hello, Can a F9 and Deep Lying Forward attack be a good combination for striker partnership?
  12. I've never really got 2 strikers on a support duty work because i there was lack of presence inside the area.