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  1. Glad to hear the training seems to be working. I’ve implemented it in my save and seems to be working nicely. Expected to see more injuries in the younger players as a result but nothing noticeable so far.
  2. Found this thread today and have spent all day reading every post. Love the work you have put in and your writing is excellent @_Ben_ How have you found your youth training experiment (6 sessions a week)?
  3. I’ve always played as a small team and built the club from the bottom the way I want it. The way I go about things is: Set up my preferred tactic from the start. I’m not interested in whether the current squad are suited to it or not. I’m thinking long term and will be looking to retrain or sign new players to play my way. Heavily scout for players that fit my system and blueprint. I have set attributes I look for for each position. I always want high determination and work rate too. Avoid bad personalities. No fickle or mercenaries. Accept that for the first few years it will be difficult but focus on the games you should be winning. I play my reserves/ rotation team against sides that should beat me anyway. Keep the strongest eleven match fit and ready for the weaker teams that are in and around you in the league. Injuries are lower in FM than in real life. This has been looked at and mentioned every year for as long as I can remember. Make sure you aren’t overtraining or overworking players. You get an email at the start of each season from your head physio saying how many injuries he would expect to see over the course of the season on average. My current season he said 132 injuries across the squad.
  4. Won the Europa League semi final first leg 3-0 and complacency set in. I played a completely rotated side in the second leg and lost 6-1. Was 3-0 down after 6 minutes. Sat watching the highlights thinking how badly I’d messed it up.
  5. You’re also judging the situation based on the stars. This is your staff’s opinion of the player at that given time, compared to the quality of your squad and the league you are in. This will fluctuate throughout your save game. Their actual potential (PA) is hidden.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Definitely FA Cup. We got through to the 3rd round and lost to Fulham 2-1. Kind of ruined my save. Don’t want to start another of the problem exists. But if you’ve not found it, that’s a good sign.
  7. Interested to gather your thoughts on something... I tried this on FM16, started at level 22. Loved it so so much until I got to around 12 seasons in and it got buggy. The board expectations were to win the FA Cup... I assumed it was because we had won promotions 12 years running we were mistakenly seen by the game as some big team... has this happened to anyone else?
  8. A lot of this depends on your starting tactic and what you see happening in game. For example if the opposition have a big target man up front who turns like a dumper truck, I don’t need to worry about him running in behind. Therefore dropping deeper would be a mistake because it would allow them to push up in support and win second balls from his knock downs. In my tactic, I tend to change the following: Player roles- make them more defensive- eg IWBs become standard FB(d). Player positions: I’ll withdraw a striker and add a Regista for extra defensive cover and to help keep the ball time wasting to as often as possible GK slow pace down. In the dying minutes I’ll drop deeper and press lower, asking GK to distribute long so to avoid giving the ball away by trying to roll it out to a CB. Passibg to more direct near the end, again, I don’t want them losing possession on the edge of our area by playing short tiki taka. Hope that gives you some ideas.
  9. Having started playing CM2 when my dad bought it for me in 1997, I completely get your point. I could do a season in a few hours, options were minimal and fun was high. The game does seem more like a job nowadays but it does a great job of realistically simulating real life. FM Touch is excellent for the more casual player or newbie wanting to learn the game. Also for those wanting to learn, there are many great threads in these forums, a lot of them stickied so easy to find which contain wealths of info to help get you started. Anything by @Cleon is worth reading! In terms of tinkering, the more you put in to begin with, the less you have to do later on. Having done lots of experimenting, I’m at a point where I’m happy with my tactics and know exactly what to change and when in game so it isn’t that time consuming.
  10. I want the option to have my scouts assess players, not based on their current position, but based on a position I want to retrain them in should I sign them. For example, I regularly look for players with good CB attributes that currently play as full backs or CMs. Currently, when getting a scout report, it assesses the player as a full back or CM. I want to be able to instruct my scouts to assess the player as a CB or potential CB. I don’t care if he is rated terrible against my current CMs because that doesn’t tell me the info I need. If they could tell me the likelihood of them retraining as a CB (either as a number or a rating) and the scouts opinion of how well they could play as a CB once retrained, that’d be much more helpful.
  11. FWIW, I am no way an expert in this area, certainly compared to the brilliant minds of people like Cleon, Rashidi and FM Cattenacio but if you want to improve, you have to try and learn, which is what I have been doing this last year. The tactics and training forums contain a wealth of information and articles that will help anybody willing to put the effort in.
  12. Tin foil hats at the ready everyone! What a load of nonsense this post is! By creating a tactic that utilises players in optimal roles and positions and with instructions that are conducive to playing the type of football you are after, you give yourself a good base to work from. Then you analyse your own performance, and how the tactic manifests itself on the pitch. You also need to analyse what your opponents tend to do, before you play them. During the game, focus on whether your players are executing their instructions as you want them to. If not, look for why. Also look at how the opposition are performing. Are they causing you issues in certain areas? Is there anything you can tweak to counteract what they are doing. There is so much the user can do to give you the best possible chance, especially given the amount of data at our fingertips. To suggest that it is random and you win because you are on a win run but then you’ll lose and be on a losing run is absurd. To highlight the kind of basic analysis you can do in game, I posted in one of the tactics threads last week... have a look:
  13. Are the players in your shortlist? There is an option in the shortlist to ‘keep scout reports up to date’ Check if this is ticked. If it is, this may be why they are being scouted multiple times.
  14. One thing I noticed straight away is you are using both a DLP and an AP. Both players are going to want to be the primary ball carrier which isn’t going to work. I always prefer a DLP or Regista and then a CM or B2B on support (or both if I use a midfield trio). This should also help with having better midfield cover as mentioned previously in this thread.
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