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  1. This is the most important question for me (I only play on iPad so need to know what features are included). Hopefully see an answer before release.
  2. Will the ownership be updated for FM20 following the court case and developments this week? Prince Abdullah has full control now and has installed his son in law as Chairman. Owner - Prince Abdullah Chairman - Prince Musa’ad
  3. Love the sound of the changes, especially youth intake and player development. As someone who plays exclusively on FMT on iPad, can anyone confirm what from these new features will be in that version and not just full fat FM?
  4. In real life Chris Wilder left Oxford for bottom of the table Northampton. It does happen.
  5. Excellent, thank you. Please can you also change the season ticket settings for Sheff Utd... in Fm it still says (in an email when you get told how many season tickets have been sold) season ticket holders are entitled to free entry to 1 cup game for league and Fa Cup up to round 3. In real life this was scrapped 3 years ago.
  6. Been playing since the CM2 days so I’ve kind of learnt as I’ve gone along, accompanied by reading through these forums. People like Rashidi, Cleon and Mr Rosler have written some excellent pieces in the tactics and training sub forums so I tried to read as much as possible to help me become better at the game. The biggest thing for me in terms of developing my understanding of the game was using the tactic creator to create my own tactic based on how I want/interpret football in real life. Rather than downloading someone else’s tactic, designing my own meant I learnt far more about the game and football through trial and error.
  7. I have had a few players this year come through with 112-129CA and almost identical PA. Prime example was a striker who looked amazing came through but a year later hadn’t developed a single attribute. Looked under the hood and his CA and PA were both 114. Tested this a few times by just reloading the youth intake and had a number of players with mid 120CA and the PA would be only a couple of points higher. Not overly concerned myself as others have pointed out that it reflects real life fairly well. Just wanted to highlight I have noticed this pattern myself.
  8. I’ve had a few over the years but the two that come to mind are: FM12 I had my greatest ever save. Sheff Utd, 10 Premiership titles in row with an average age under 21. Anyway, in the middle of my domination we played at home against Norwich. 4-0 up and cruising when Norwich swing a cross in. My keeper claims it comfortably. I’m thinking let’s counter attack. Keeper has other ideas and starts walking backwards... into the goal! 4-1. Just yesterday on my current save in Argentina, I was involved in a right topsy turvy game. I took the lead, they took the lead kind of game. I’m 3-1 down I the 88th minute. I’ve gone all out attack and we make it 3-2. 5 minutes added on and we equalise in the 95th minute! Crazy! I switch to ultra defensive shut up shop thinking there’s no time left anyway. Wrong! They kick off and score 4-3 in the 96th minute. I was fuming!
  9. I’m playing on the iPad 2018 model. I paid around £250 in the sale at Christmas last year and it runs FMT brilliantly.
  10. Been tracking this guy at Cardiff all season. They wanted over 20 million for a player valued at £100k... managed to get them to accept a trial in the off season to look at him further... Weirdly, the day after the trial ended they transfer list him at £115k! Snapped their hand off because just look at him! First pre season friendly against Dunfermline he scores a hat trick in the second half!
  11. As far as I am aware, you don’t need any more scouts. Any foreign players in your intake I believe are linked to staff nationalities at your club and any feeder/affiliated clubs you may have in other countries.
  12. It’s youth intake day in England. I load up the youth intake page (world>transfers>youth intake) and then have to click and count 50 players at a time and scout them. On the PC it isn’t as bad because using the shift key, you can select multiple rows quickly. On the iPad I cannot do this. Can a button not be added on the youth intake screen to scout all the players in the list?
  13. Fair points. I can understand wanting improvements to the current features. Out of interest though, you mention a different approach going forward; so what approach would you go for with FMT?
  14. Hi Lucas, thanks for clarifying this for me. I realise my wording was misleading. I didn’t mean to suggest that the under the hood mechanics were in anyway different or inferior to full fat FM. I guess what I was trying to say is I can’t micromanage and control everything like in full fat FM where every session can be chosen by the user. I think honestly the training addition is the biggest advancement in years. It’s brilliant! Would love it in Touch, with the option for the user to assign to assistant like now so as not to upset the people who don’t want to use it.
  15. No problem! Feel free to tag me in your posts/questions so I don’t miss them!
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