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  1. In a game where every choice you make as manager has some effect on outcomes, either you’re blindly underestimating the choices and the effect of your choices on results, or you are expecting to win by making no changes, tweaks, alterations based on what you see happening during the match. Too many people just plug and play tactics and then wonder why they don’t win every game. No manager in real life just sits there on the sidelines and does nothing during the match. You have to adapt to what the other team does, make changes at the right times, use substitutes affectively and identify problems/weaknesses in both your team and the opposition. ‘Nothing I’ve done has influenced the outcome of this match.’ I’d say there lies your fundamental problem.
  2. I’d like to see the scouting report and highlights package more closely linked. For example, let’s say I scout player X. The scouting report comes back with pros and cons as normal. After enough scouting, there should be highlights from matches, as there currently is. what I want is for the highlights to be split into specific packages relating to the pros and cons in the scout report. Let’s say one of the pros is that the player is a very good finisher. I’d like a little highlights package next to that which shows me examples of this. Same for each of the pros that could have a demonstrable highlight. likewise, the scout says the player needs to work on his dribbling. Again, little highlights button next to this which shows examples where he is dribbling.
  3. For the last few years, every save I have done I sign Phil Cannon. The guy is incredible.
  4. There lies a big part of your problem. With 7 mins to go away from home, leading 1-0, and you aren’t making changes, checking what changes the opposition are making and doing everything you can to maximise your chances of winning. No successful manager in real life makes no changes during the match or fails to respond to the oppositions tactical changes, especially as losing teams will go more attacking at the end of the game to try and salvage a point.
  5. I’ve noticed the same issue. Long shot from outside the box, but the wing back is offside at the far side on the penalty area. No interference and no where near the ball. But the goal gets disallowed because he is stood offside.
  6. I praise anyone who gets 10.00 ratings and criticise anyone who gets lower than 6.75. This usually means 1 criticism and 1 praise per week for me.
  7. Tactics screen, set pieces, penalties, at the bottom of the list of takers, there’s a tick box along the lines of allow player on two goals to take penalty. Untick this.
  8. As previously mentioned, either name just 6 subs or put one of the youth players on the bench, eg Jake Eastwood (GK).
  9. I honestly can’t believe people actually think the new tactical and training systems are not major steps in the right direction! Both features are incredible, helping the user understand more what their choices and inputs are doing and making the game more realistic and true to real life. In terms of the opening post, not really anything more to add because santy has done a great job breaking it down. The current system works. If you play the game as it’s designed, you never see the CA and PA as this requires the editor to view this.
  10. Please can someone post up Dean Henderson in the future and also the transfer history screen for him? I’d love to sign him for my Sheff Utd side (he is on loan in season 1) but Man Utd won’t budge from the £120 million asking price!
  11. I’ve just got this outcome which is exactly what I was hoping for. I’ve built my Sheff Utd team around a large British core of players. As it’s the first time I’ve ever had anything other than the easier brexit outcomes, I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
  12. The title has deleted what I typed- if a mod can change this so it reads [SUGGESTION Training Calendar]
  13. The training screen, one of the best additions to the game ever in my opinion. I enjoy designing my own training plans on a monthly basis. I feel though one thing is missing. On the monthly screen, I’d like to know how many of each session (eg. Quickness or Shot stopping etc) has been done or scheduled in that calendar month, or even in the season to date. Just a number in brackets next to the session, eg Quickness (3) so that when I am adding sessions I can see quickly how many of each are already planned and whether any areas of being over or under trained.
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