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  1. All my saves are one club saves so every decision has to be made with the club’s best interests at heart. The main rule for me therefore is I don’t like to spend big on transfers and I limit wages to 100k a week, regardless of how big the club/budget gets. Yes this means I miss out of players and often have to sell players before their prime, but I begrudge paying the ridiculous wages.
  2. That’s still better than what happened in the Villa match 😡
  3. Really enjoyed the insight in this post and your thought process behind the (non) signing. Can you direct me towards any literature on the hidden attribute brackets (how you know what descriptions equate to what numbers) as I’d like to read up more on this? Thanks
  4. Seems a realistic ambition for this season. Hopefully you can get through the CL group. Wow that’s a radical squad overhaul. Dewhurst developed really well in one of my saves and really badly in another.
  5. What’s your expectations for season 2? (Not John Egan sold too!! Haha)
  6. I agree, and I think that it’s not just determination that is too low on some of our players. Other attributes could and probably should be higher.
  7. Loving your experiment and congratulations on the excellent season! It does however pain me greatly the way you dismantled the current (real life) team (poor Jack O’Connell!) haha
  8. I’m having the same problem with Dinamo Zagreb. Bank balance is just over £200 million, transfer budget is over £800 million. If I were to spend what the game says I can spend, the club would be bankrupt.
  9. He looks incredible! Wonder what his ‘actual’ value is because he’s worth way more than 575k.
  10. I find it tends to be on the league reset date (the day the league table updates to the beginning of the new season)
  11. Don’t think this is possible in Touch, just in full fat FM.
  12. You need to speak to the company/platform you purchased from (STEAM/IOS store/Google Play etc).
  13. Europa League runners up in season 3 I think. Won my first CL in season 9, having lost 2 finals before that. Used a very defensive tactic in Europe, basically playing for 0-0 away from home. I built the team by buying low and selling high and using the academy. The facilities at Dinamo are great so I got lucky with my youth intakes providing some players over the years.
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