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  1. I like the fact you’ve tried to find a way to make it work rather than just download a tactic from the tactics thread. I started working on my tactic 3 years ago, after years of just using someone else’s and it’s far more rewarding I think!
  2. Nice ideas. I’d swap Fleck and Lundstram’s roles though. Lundstram is definitely more the b2b player in my opinion, with Fleck having the better technical attributes to play the mezzala role. I get what you’re saying about Norwood. At times, Egan is left very much on his own and Norwood drops back in. He does act like an American football Quarterback in the sense he controls the tempo and passing. However in FM, I prefer to use him as a DLP on defend and get him working on traits such as dictates tempo, comes deep to get ball and rarely gets forward. (Can’t remember which he already had in game). I feel he controls the game better in the match engine this way. Have you tried dropping the defensive line to standard or low and the POE line to standard, with pressing set as slightly urgent? This should reduce the impact of long balls over the top and avoid players being too far out of position when the opponent counters.
  3. In case anyone else reading the thread is interested, this is my approach to Sheff Utd’s 3-5-2 tactic in FM. At Sheff Utd I used the cautious approach due to most teams being better on paper than us. At Sporting, I am better than most teams so I use attacking.
  4. Excellent! Hat trick for RWB Baldock too! I’ve found both my WBs get double figures for goals and assists every season in my system. Long term I retrain wingers to play there for the better attack attributes.
  5. Okay, thanks. First issue is you don’t have enough attacking roles. It’s important to think where and how are the goals coming. Who is going to create and who is going to score. So, in this formation, you currently only have the advanced forward. I would suggest you make both WBs complete wing backs on attack. Let’s create chances down the wings. The rest of your tactic is actually alright on paper. You haven’t got anything glaringly wrong so things just need tweaking. For example, I would use Norwood as the DLP and move him back a line (to the DM strata- above the CBs). Have a try with those changes and watch the match highlights on extended. Then see if you can identify any areas of concern in attack or defence. Let me know how you get on. I am interested to see how you get on by making changes yourself. If things don’t improve, I will show you what I have created and see if that gives you any ideas.
  6. Thanks and can you tell me what the player roles for the midfielders and strikers are?
  7. I can spot a couple of issues but please can you translate the screen into English so I can see the instructions and player roles? I think I can help improve your attacking side which will also help you defensively.
  8. I can help but I won’t spoon feed! Screenshot what you have created or think will work and I’ll make some suggestions.
  9. Everything is set up perfectly to make a dynasty. Players like Egan, O’Connell, Baldock, Stevens and Fleck are good Premiership players to build around. The 3-5-2 works well on FM if you get the player roles and instructions right.
  10. Whilst this will get them forward occasionally, to suggest this replicates what Chris Wilder has them doing in real life is missing the point. The outside CBs in real life cleverly pick their moments to create overloads down the wings. Rarely are they dribbling out from the back which is what you will more likely see in FM with those instructions. They tend to overlap off the ball creating a 3v2 on the wing, with the help of a centre mid, wing back and striker (McGoldrick) who drops deeper. Until this is added properly it will be difficult to get anywhere near the current system used by Sheff Utd. With this in mind, I created a similar approach without focussing on the CBs issue that has worked wonders. I’ve gone with the 3-5-2 as expected but with a SK (d), 3 CBs (d), DLP (s), CWBs (a), 2 mezzalas (s), a DLF (s) and a PF (a). (at work so can’t screenshot from my laptop) Finished 10th in season 1, having gotten rid of as many players I felt aren’t Premiership standard and then rebuilt at the end of season 1. Season 2 I just missed out on Europe on the last day and then season 3 I finished 4th and secured Champions League football, along with getting Dean Henderson to sign permanently! Moved on to another save at this point as having played every year with Sheff Utd, I was bored and needed a new challenge/country. I’ve taken the same system with me to Portugal and it’s working great there too.
  11. No, I’ve had a few like that but this was in the six yard box and the VAR decided no foul and gave a corner instead! First time I’d ever seen it and I was all set for seeing my penalty!
  12. For the first time yesterday, I had VAR rule No penalty (no foul) in one of my games. Before that, every single time was as the OP has described. More variety like real life would be great.
  13. Anyone who has done this advise how long it took them after starting the game and loading the skin for the main menu to appear? I’ve added 6Gb of graphics and it’s currently at 6 hours and I’m still just seeing the loading screen wit the circle going round and round.
  14. This is the most important question for me (I only play on iPad so need to know what features are included). Hopefully see an answer before release.
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