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  1. Is there any easy way to see clubs that have had takeovers or is it just a case of manually going through club by club and viewing the landmarks page?
  2. Had my CM pick up a second yellow this morning. Seen the opposition pick up a few against me too.
  3. This is wrong. See my striker from last year, iPad version. My iPad has broken so can’t check for you, but try looking in the settings/preferences. I’m sure in years gone by there was a setting for turning on/off regen faces.
  4. Is it not to do with what compliments your other tactical choices/instructions? In the same way other options are red/green
  5. Go to preferences, reset all to default. This will fix it.
  6. You lost me at ‘FMT20 is great now’ - the match engine on FM20 is still terrible. So many bugs were reported that never got fixed. The rest of what you say is pretty spot on though. The game is very buggy right now but most things I’ve noticed and reported, should be easy to fix and aside from the youth intake issues (AI teams not getting intakes), most aren’t game breaking. And the match engine this year is a million miles better than last years. I agree that some of these bugs should have been spotted before release; makes me wonder if any of the developers play the game beforehand
  7. I’m currently testing my own tactic with Inter with the aim of keeping clean sheets and being defensively miserly. I find most tactics people create for the game are focussed on attack. I would rather win 1-0 than 5-4. Early days for my test but showing promise with low line of engagement and regroup to draw opposition into my half, and then win the ball back with urgent pressing and counter attacking.
  8. I would love to consistently get 7 or 8 players. Even as the top rated team in the world on FM20, highest I got was 4. Made youth development and integration much more difficult.
  9. The lack of youth intake for AI teams is a known bug already for FM21. Your original post referred to your own youth intake numbers which are consistent with previous versions of the FMT game. Youth intake has always been smaller than the full game.
  10. This is the same as previous FM Touch editions though. Year 1 intake at decent clubs is usually between 9-12 players. However, from season 2 onwards, it’s usually 4 players. Having played many saves, and seasons, from FMT 18 onwards, I think this is how it is designed in game rather than a bug. That said, I wish youth intake would match the full game so that doing youth only saves was feasible.
  11. Hi Harry, thanks for the reply. I don’t own a computer however I can provide more info which may assist you in deciding if this is actually a bug or not. I summed forward to January 1st and got two emails with work permit rejections for these players. Could it be that because Arezo is 17 at the time of the bid, the work permit couldn’t be discussed until he was 18? And Esposito being on loan at SPAL - could this have impacted the work permit process? Both players got work permits after appeal in the simulation I ran.
  12. Offered contracts to these two on 03/08. However it’s now October and it still says work permit. I’ve had players sign after this who had work permit applications and appeals. I think these are stuck!
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