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  1. I've settled on Coleman in the end. Irakoze is better overall but I don't think he is worth the extra money when he is injury prone and potentially unavailable during AFCON tournaments. Hopefully Coleman will be good enough to help my team avoid relegation! Thanks for your inputs!
  2. Need people's advice/opinions... Which keeper should I sign for my newly promoted Championship team and why? Both are much better than my current keepers, both have agreed terms on similar contracts and transfer fee wise, Irakoze would cost me about £2.5 million and Coleman £1.7 million (both across 48 months, made up with add ons). I'm torn because Coleman has incredible physical stats but Irakoze is better technically. Irakoze is however somewhat injury prone according to the scout report, but has higher potential (scouts opinion). What importance do the physical stats have for a goalkeeper and are they as important as the technicals or not? Basically am I just being blinded by the great physical stats?! I don't know which to sign, so what would you guys do? I'll answer any questions about either player if it helps add more info to the discussion.
  3. Just to clarify on the youth situation, I don't mean your own youth intake, I mean the youth players released by every other club in England at the end of each season. They are the ones to go after, particularly clubs geographically close to yours. 👍
  4. The FA cup should be a priority. The prize money will help and if you can get to the first round, with a bit of luck, if your game is picked for TV coverage, it's about £70k at that stage. Sign non contract and loan players. This reduces your wage bill and generally, the loan players will be better than what you can buy anyway. I appreciate you've said that the ones that are coming up aren't good enough. Keep checking g every few weeks as the loan market changes quickly. At the end of the season, when you get an email that says youth players released, go through them all. One by one, scout any that look good. Any that have potential to be playing 2 or more leagues above you, try and sign them to 2 year deals. They play well for a season and you sell them, and include 25% sell on clauses. The money received by doing this each season will more than cover any losses. Im currently playing as Weston Super Mare and I've got to league 1 from the VNS and by doing the above, I now have £8.5 million in the bank. I hope that helps somewhat.
  5. Is there any way on FMT on iPad to see a players injury history? I scout a player, the report tells me he may have problems with injuries. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to look back at what injuries he is picking up like on the full version. I guess this is done to minimise the space/size of the save file but for me it is an important piece of info that is missing.
  6. This is something that is currently missing from the game which I'd love to see added. A simple way of achieving this would be to allow the user to export or save the youth intake as a new shortlist. This could then be viewed in the player search > shortlist and filtered as normal.
  7. As far as I am aware, it's at the boards discretion, similar to affiliated clubs. Mom my save, the board made the decision once I had gotten high enough up the league ladder (League 2 in England having started in conference south).
  8. There should be the option in the contract offer screen to click on where it says part time and open up a drop down list, where non-contract should be an option.
  9. I did 10 seasons on the full version with Sheff Utd. Won the premiership twice and CL once with an average age of 21. Had a team of young superstars but I lost interest as it became a bit easy. I had a transfer budget of £450 million a year so could just buy upcoming players every year. since then, I've moved to the iPad version, FM Touch. I started as Weston-Super-Mare because they had the lowest predicted finish in the VNS. I'm in season 7 and in league 1 now, trying to unofficially complete the Dafuge challenge. It's one of my favourite ever saves because it's a real challenge!
  10. Here you go Cannes: http://www.passion4fm.com/fm16-english-lower-leagues-level-23-database/
  11. As mentioned by others, sign plenty of non contract players. If they turn out to be not good enough, it cost you nothing. look through all the released players at the end of the season. Players who are over 30 in particular will accept sometimes, although you may have to persuade them using the chat feature. (I had Jovetic and Kane playing for me on FM15). Also, youth releases will sometimes join. They are miles better than anything at that level and even though someone is going to poach them for free before the end of their first season, they add so much value to your squad. Pace is king at that level. A player who has high pace/acceleration but low finishing is a better option than a good finisher who is slow. The fast player will get in the right place before the defenders more often and at that level will score more goals. (Especially considering the over powered crosses on FM16)
  12. I love it when everything comes together! Having finally cracked the Conference play offs, this is my first season in league 2. I'm relying heavily on loans from Premiership and Championship clubs but it's working!
  13. Tranmere and Scunthorpe both got that on my game! huge difference to the majority. Average was 90k. Lowest 10k.
  14. I've been playing this challenge on my iPad (FM Touch) and started quite well. 3rd in conference south, lost in playoffs Won conference south 5th in conference lost in playoffs 4th in conference lost in playoffs 2nd in conference with 8 games left, can't win the league though so playoffs again My question is what tips do you have to get out of such a tough league where only the champions go up and the playoffs are a lottery? The teams coming down from league 2 are financially worlds ahead of my team, who are predicted to finish last every year and earn 10k sponsorship compared to 2.2 million for the top teams!
  15. Pretty much hit the nail on the head here! having got married, I didn't have the same time as before to play the full version. Having discovered the touch version for my iPad, I can sit with my wife on the sofa, she can watch whatever she wants on the tv while I sit and play the game. the game itself is magnificent. Stripped back slightly of things like team talks and press conferences, it still contains enough to be so immersive, visually it is stunning and aside from the odd crash here and there, it runs really well on the iPad.