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  1. How about the addition of a camera angle from your manager's perspective? So you see everything as if through his eyes... Can't imagine too many playing FM through a VR headset but I like the camera idea.
  2. Currently, we can see a player's stats (goals, assists etc) from previous seasons in their history page. I want to be able to see what a player's attributes were each previous season. For example, my 30 year old superstar who currently has great attributes... I want to be able to view in his player history what his attributes were at 25, 21, 17. I see this being of benefit in two ways: 1) helping with scouting... If I can see what attributes my current older star players had when they were younger, I can look out for young players with similar attributes in the transfer market. 2) player development... I want to be able to see exactly how my players are developing year on year. If I can see their current attributes and compare them to their attributes for the previous year, or 2 years ago or 5 years, whatever you may wish, then I can monitor and improve player development more closely and efficiently. Interested to hear any thoughts on this.
  3. Got to say I like this idea. Even something as simple as an inbox message at pre season to pick from 3 generic options based on traditional club colours would work and provide seasonal variety.
  4. With so many pages of suggestions, I've no idea if this has been mentioned previously, but it's something I've wanted for a while. In the same way we can view a players history and stats for previous seasons, I want to be able to see what his attributes were in previous seasons. For example, my now 30 year old superstar who I've had since he was 17, I want to be able to go back and see what his attributes were when he was 17 or 21 or 23 etc compared to now. This would be beneficial as it enables you to see what skill set he had at those different ages in order to look out for similar players at that age. It also allows for a manager to see how their players have developed across the seasons in a more detailed way than just the green arrow showing recent attribute growth. At the moment, you'd have to screenshot every season to do this. I'd like it as an option in game in either the attributes or player history screens.
  5. I would have no idea what I was doing so for convenience sake I would say just a new tower that is pre made and all I have to do is install the OS.
  6. Hi guys, Decided its time to upgrade from my Intel celeron desktop... Budget is £500. I don't know much about computers though. All I will use it for is playing FM. I watch on 2D and would like to be able to run 4-5 leagues and it not be slow like my current one is. Is this any good for the price and what I have listed? http://www.aria.co.uk/Systems/Home+and+Office/Next+Day+Systems/GLADIATOR+Intel+i5-4590+%283.30GHz+Quad-Core%29+Next+Day+Desktop+PC+?productId=63509 Thanks for your help
  7. CM2 was the same... I remember the day I got to 30 seasons and it wouldn't let me continue... I think I died a little inside
  8. For me it was always a case of trying to win every game in the league campaign in one season for 'a perfect game'. Closest I ever got was 34 wins out of 36 (drew the other 2 1-1 after being 1-0 ahead in both) on CM2 with Celtic. I just found the pressure I put on myself to win every game, sitting there nervously watching the text commentary hoping that they'd score that needed goal to keep the run going was too much. Now I just enjoy playing my saves on FM12.
  9. I'm still playing with the 343R tactic (latest version) and was finding that we weren't scoring enough, and were conceding ridiculous amounts. I have tweaked the tactic with the below and whilst still conceding goals too often, because my defense is quite poor and I'm in a league above where my player's ability really is, we are now scoring loads: 1) Change mentality from defensive to attacking 2) Go to the set piece creator- change the defending set pieces and free kicks so that the 3 F9's stay forward and the CM stays on the edge of the box. This not only reduced the number of goals conceded from corners as the ball pinballed around the box due to too many players, it also means my team counter attack their set pieces and score quite often from it! I have also altered the attacking corners to 'short' as I still find that the computer is not closing down quick enough meaning we get a better chance created than just lobbing the ball in (my team are all quite small and don't win headers!)
  10. Wow, 7 goals conceded all season... that's amazing! Those zero's are what it's all about
  11. Well I've just played my first game with the newer version (V2) and won 6-0, 46 shots on goal to their 1, 8 CCCs. Very impressed with it.
  12. What difference have you found these changes make Zero Sea?
  13. I'm using the R V1 from the original post. It's worked wonders with my Porto team as per the screenshot, even destroying Benfica 5-0 in the last match I played.
  14. Started using your tactic from the 3-0 Rio Ave game downwards. Simply amazing! Thank you.
  15. Aside from the minor gripe that the defending and goalkeeping in the match engine seems woeful at times, I am pleasantly surprised with the Beta and I'm really enjoying my current save.