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  1. Thanks Welshace. I'll have a look at these links you've provided.
  2. Hi all, I'm after a new laptop, budget of £600-£700 and ideally from a reputable retailer/high street chain in case of any faults or problems. I am wanting to run 15-20 leagues, lots of detail and 3D match engine. looking for as many of my wish list specs below as possible: SSD Dedicated graphics card, 2GB or higher i5 processor or better struggling to find much in my budget but I am not very good with searching nor have particularly good computer knowledge. Is anyone able to advise on any good deals that meet as much of the above as possible? best I have found is the link below, is this any good? http://www.tesco.com/direct/acer-aspire-f15-gaming-laptop-core-i5-156-8gb-1tb256gb-ssd-2gb-gtx950-black/118-6845.prd?skuId=118-6845#product-details-container I appreciate the usual guys who help on here do so voluntarily in their own time. Therefore any help and time is greatly appreciated.
  3. I don't work for SI but they have replied on this query multiple times in the past. FM Touch is a standalone game this year on PC, separated from full fat FM for the first time the limited edition version gives the buyer both FM Touch and full fat for PC the tablet version of FM touch is a separate game, available through the app stores on iOS and android. This has to be purchased separately as it not part of the Steam/pc bundle.
  4. Hi, are you sure it's wiped your game and that it's just not appearing on the load last save screen? Have you checked the load button on the main menu and checked what shows there? When I updated my iPad, this is what happened but all saves were still there in the load menu.
  5. Think you are spot on as it's fine again now! Thanks for your reply.
  6. Hi ive been playing every day on the iPad version and cross saving and loading on my desktop most days with no issues at all. however, I have come to play today and on my iPad when I click the cross save option from the main menu, I just get the below... please can anyone advise?
  7. End of season 1 using version 1.3. Overall thoughts are it is very good as a whole but is let down by lack of goals compared to total shots taken and too many conceded by long balls over the top (I will be trying to sign faster defenders as dropping the D line didn't work). Most games we are finishing with around 60% possession and 18-25 shots on goal. Unfortunately, a lot of our games we couldn't score, or we finished 1 of the 25 attempts. Lots of draws as a result.
  8. I could never get the cross save function working on 16. Is there anything I have to do, settings wise on either iPad or steam to make this work, or is it because the save has to start from pc (my save last year started on iPad and I tried to move it to pc?)
  9. Hi Chris, I'm using version 1.3 - I managed to download it yesterday when it first got posted. When Fuss managed to get it back online, it's well worth using.
  10. This is correct and you also get an extra £1.2 million I believe every time you get a game moved for TV coverage. If you can survive that first season in the Premiership, financially you have a gat platform to really kick on!
  11. Hi Keyzer Soze, I went and bought the game yesterday and I'm so glad I did. Not really experienced the issues that others have said they are having with lag or crashes. I'm currently in October and it's crashed twice, no more than I had on FMT16 and the match engine runs really smoothly for me on my IPad Air 2. Thanks for your advice earlier in the thread. Really glad I bought the game ?
  12. Hi Fuss, Big fan of your work. I play on FMT on the iPad version so I downloaded the tactic to my pc and replicated it as close as is possible on the iPad version. I started as my team, Sheff Utd in league 1. Board expectations are playoffs/promotion. The team is more than capable of this and should be considered favourites in most matches. I felt this to be a good test for this tactic. I have played through until approx. October so far and my observations are as below: For those struggling with this tactic initially, give it time. In pre season my players struggled against lesser opposition (even with the tactical fluidity on FMT always at full). After 4 or 5 friendlies, things started to click into place. We are still unbeaten in the league and haven't had a match where the opponent has troubled us very much. In the lower leagues, finding anyone who can play as a CF is virtually impossible. I changed the CF to a DLF as this was a role my 2 striking options can both play. I tried the CF role in pre season but neither really took to it. Since then, the striking performances have improved. In terms of style of play, this is one of my favourite tactics ever! Even at league 1 level, the passing and movement is a joy to watch. The player on the ball always has options for a pass, the off the ball movement creates openings and pulls the opposition defence apart and the chances it creates are wonderful. Defensively, it's been very sound for me. I have played 8 league games and conceded only two goals, both from silly mistakes from my CBs who took too long on the ball as the deepest man and got robbed leaving a one on one for the opposing striker. I watch on extended highlights so I can see how it is working in more detail and we have rarely been troubled in most games. Offensively, not the best but only because of the quality of players at this level I feel. In the 8 league games, we have only scored 11 goals, and 4 of those came in the first half of 1 match! I think if I was playing as a bigger team with better quality players, the goals scored would be far higher. This is because my team are creating 4 or 5 CCC per game and having 15-20 shots on goal. If they had better attributes and decision making, I'm sure we would have seen more converted chances. One thing I have done is to set opposition instructions myself game by game based on reading other threads and tactics. I have been setting opposition full backs/wing backs to show onto the opposite foot (Left side on to right foot etc), same for their wingers/wide midfielders. We tight mark and close down always for these wingers, and also any AM and strikers they have whilst showing these onto weaker foot. From what I have seen in the match engine, it has helped with us limiting the opposition to long range efforts and we seem to press more and win the ball back far better, particularly on the wings. To summarise, one of the best tactics I have used on any version of FM. For anyone reading the thread unsure as to whether to give it go, it is well worth it providing you are willing to give it time.
  13. Has the update released today stabilised things (for those who were having issues)? I'm tempted to get it as I've just finished season 14 on FMT16 and I'm losing interest in it and want to play a save in a brexit world (for a harder challenge!)
  14. Thanks for the replies so far. Based on your feedback, I think I'll stick with 16 for now and wait until the match engine issues have been addressed.
  15. Hi everyone, Basically having gotten older, moved into the real world and got married, I don't have as much time to play FM anymore. Last year I bought FMT16 on iPad and it was fantastic. I was able to play more as it was easily accessible, portable and the game was much quicker to play. With the release of this years iteration now available on the App Store, I'm hoping you can help me by advising on the below questions as I'm in two minds as to whether to buy the new game or just stick with last year: 1) a lot of reviews on the App Store are complaining that the game crashes a lot and the match engine is very laggy and slow. Is this the case? 2) Is Brexit in the iPad version of FMT? 3) Is this years version much different from last years? thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to take the time to help.