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  1. What’s Brazil like to manage in? Never been there myself in game but have read that there’s a lot of games each season.
  2. I play on the iPad (FMT) so wouldn’t be able to get this to work. I think we have a winner. Just had a look at the league on FM20 and it looks perfect! Thank you. Compared to how traditional football structure has always worked yes. For people like me who think the NBA playoffs are amazing (as a UK fan I’m waking up at 0300 to watch the Suns games!) it is a way of making the end of season important and entertaining every single year. Having played CM/FM for over 20 years, I have always stayed in the comfort of European football and MLS but I fancy something different.
  3. Hi everyone, Im looking for a league where everything effectively comes down to the last game of the season (big NBA and MLB fan so that kind of idea where the season is played out to determine seedings then it all comes down to 1 game/series at the end to crown the winner) I’ve done saves in the MLS but was wondering if there are any other leagues in the game where this kind of format exists?
  4. Only happened to me once (been playing since CM2 days) He was awful and had a name which my wife said we wouldn’t ever pick if we had a child! Haha Didn’t stop me picking him every week, good old nepotism!
  5. Get the player to learn the PPM, looks for pass instead of shooting.
  6. Creates a cool narrative in your save. I imagine he will be offloaded when his contract runs down.
  7. Do you feel better about selling him now then? The way I play the game is I always have plenty of players on my shortlist so that if a bid like this comes in, I already have a few options to consider to replace them with.
  8. I think @Rashidihas done something like this on YT where he talks through what he does from the moment he starts a new save.
  9. Wow, never seen a regen with attributes like that. Three 20’s in a row in technicals. Just incredible!
  10. Ahh but 1000 years into the future, with rising population figures and who knows how far medicine will have advanced by then! 😉
  11. You might be right but the amount of issues in 20 and 21 ME have made it far less fun to play. Basic things reported in the first few weeks that have never been fixed (analysis still doesn’t work) and stuff from previous versions that still doesn’t work (players not following set piece instructions/positioning!)
  12. On FM12 I had a 60,000 seater stadium named after me on my Sheff Utd save. That was nice.
  13. I think you are right regarding nostalgia. I think people will correlate the memories of their favourite saves with a good ME when it might not necessarily be true. Personally I enjoyed FM17 the most. Visually, the pitches and stadia look better than they have done in recent games and the gameplay was more varied and interesting than 18-20 was.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday btw not Sheffield United. For anyone who had played OOTP baseball, would the fog of war/20-80 style of assessing players work better?
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