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  1. Same issue for me. I created my manager having picked my team at the start of a new game, and when the game starts, it has reset to being bald!
  2. Haha wow honestly didn't know that! I only ever got through the first few seasons of his series... Kind of ruins it now 😧
  3. FM blogger StatApp did a YouTube series called The Stamford Struggle a few years ago. Worth a watch!
  4. What were the goals scored/conceded totals like for your simulated season? I'd expect lots of high scoring games, although I guess it depends on how the AI picked the match day squad, mainly use of a GK.
  5. That's the approach I've always taken on every version of FM. However, 11 points suggests I need to try something different. I've spent my budget simply because I'll get 87 million back in TV money this season. Wow yeah you have a lot of work to do but it sounds like you've made a good start. The satisfaction and sense of achievement you'll get from restoring them from that level will be huge! Update from the world of WSM- the board have decided to spend 25 million to build a new stadium. They cheerfully told me this had all been financed internally and that selling the old stadium would off set some of the money... They sold the old stadium for £300,000. I had been hoping to have it named after me (only ever had this once- FM12). However they've gone with the very imaginative Weston Super Mare stadium!
  6. 11 points in the championship is really bad! 46 games (8 more than the premiership) and a much wider range of abilities and levels club wise. How did you go about rebuilding them? Strangely pleased to see that no one has been as bad as me haha. I'll take the positives though, that I got there in the first place, I didn't get sacked and I've just got them back there again. Board expectations are higher this time. Last time it was fight bravely. This time they want to avoid relegation... So I've spent all £60 million of their money!
  7. Well we did it! Straight back up at the first time of asking, even if the defence is absymal. We conceded more goals than Boro who got relegated! Let's try and beat 11 points in the Premiership!
  8. If encountered this in my current save. The board can postpone the required expansion for one season. If you stay in the league you have to expand. If you get relegated you don't. My board moved us to a stadium share with Bristol Rovers while they expanded my stadium. This happened twice on my game. The downside is, financially, because I kept having to have these expansions, the clubs finances were a mess.
  9. Not sure what's worse... 11 points in the Premiership season or the two performances against Stoke. Absolutely furious and embarrassed with my team.
  10. My stadium situation is similar. The capacity has reduced every time extra seating has been required and the board delayed the required expansion for both Championship and Premiership. I don't want to ask for a new ground yet as I want it named after me so I need to wait til I'm a club legend to give me a greater chance of it happening. Nearly double the amount of points I got, well played! Shame that you were unable to bounce back up at the first attempt. Did you ever continue the save after that?
  11. Quick update at the half way point in season 11. Going well overall but still very inconsistent. Won 4 in a row then lost 1-3, 1-5, 0-6 and 1-4 all in a row. Then we went on a five game unbeaten run including back to back 5-1 and 6-2 wins. The goals scored and conceded show we are averaging nearly 4 combined goals in each match! So far so good though. Maybe we will be back in the premiership sooner than expected.
  12. I have just spent the last few hours scouring through international u21 teams. Found a few decent players but none who would sign, some because they don't want to join a championship club and others had offers from massive teams like Bayern, Barcelona and Real Madrid.
  13. Update from season 11: The inconsistency is very frustrating. The team I have built is far better than the team I got promoted with two years ago. I have used the money to strengthen key area. I have a decent GK for this level, and I have an amazing striker on loan from AC Milan who has scored 10 goals so far this season. That said, defending is proving difficult. Look at some of the scores in the screenshot and I'm sure you'll agree. The number of heavy defeats is concerning. Even still, we are 2nd at the moment with 22 points from 11 games. Far better than I expected at this stage and if we can keep averaging 2 points a game, I won't be too far away from top 2 I don't think.
  14. Yeah I think I'll have to view my situation like you viewed yours. See it as a positive, gives me more time to build a better team and use the money to give myself a better chance when I do go back up.
  15. Yeah sounds very similar then. At least you stuck at it and got them promoted again and survived! That's my goal for the next few seasons... Get promot d again and get more than 11 points haha! I remember playing on FM14 as Sheff Utd and in my first season in the premiership, I was bottom at Christmas with single figures, getting smashed every week. I promoted all the youth team and played them and they played incredibly and saved the club from relegation!