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  1. Sounds like both teams use a similar set up (3 at the back, 2 wingbacks) Sheff Utd usually have the outside CB overlap the wing back, while the mezzala supports to create a triangle overload down the wing. The CB can often end up as the furthest forward and inside the opponent’s box! Sadly, Jack O’Connell is badly injured and he was the best at this role. His replacements aren’t capable of doing it anywhere near as well. I imagine with the quality of players Inter have, this system could be great to watch with them.
  2. Sheffield United have been using overlapping centre backs for 4 years. I know Cleon has previously requested this to be implemented in game. Getting it to look/work right in the ME is probably quite difficult.
  3. Excellent work finding and publishing these, @Exius Considering the lack of progress in the last few years (and quite frankly regression in this area), I doubt the next few weeks or months are going to improve things dramatically from what has been shown already.
  4. Hopefully the AI team squad building/recruitment will have improved to increase the challenge for the human player in that regards.
  5. I think most players who’ve played FM for years don’t want or expect FIFA graphics. Not only that, it’s unnecessary. What’s needed is a match engine that actually resembles the way football is played in real life. No ‘Ice skating’ players Far less shots from ridiculous angles instead of passing it across the goal Improved one on ones - both animation and decision making Improved defender animations/decision making so they don’t just stand there until dispossessed or stand on top of the ball and lose it Wide players having more variety in their play as opposed to ru
  6. Looks like condition and sharpness to me (just a different graphic to show fitness and match fitness maybe?)
  7. Whilst I’m pleased we are getting to see glimpses of the new game, I’m only really interested in how the match engine has been improved from the shambles of FM20.
  8. The government may have abandoned us in the North, but at least our pizzas aren’t extortionately priced! My local charges around £7 for a large pizza. On topic, I remember them saying early October for feature announcements. It’s the 11th now and still nothing.
  9. I’m glad there are people like me out there! What’s the point in playing if you can’t/won’t celebrate winning? 😎
  10. I’ve bought every version since CM2, so I doubt this year will be any different, even if I am disappointed with the match engine this year. I loaded up FM17 during lockdown and the match engine looks much better than FM20 as does the UI. However FM20’s tactics centre/creator is so much better than FM17. The overhauled tactics centre is the one big improvement in recent years that I think has advanced the game majorly. If the match engine can be improved so that it feels more like watching football the way it plays in real life I’ll be delighted (less shooting from stupid angles, pass backs
  11. Quite a few decent players actually (I’ve been pleasantly surprised!) Only 1 or 2 who would be considered top players (could walk into any team) but a good number of players who are good enough for CL football. Maybe I’m helped by the fact I have only loaded Sweden, Denmark and Norway (I play Touch on the iPad so can only have 3 countries) - Swedish teams are developing excellent talent and have progressed their own league to 7th in the coefficients and Hammarby are an absolute force. They’ve won 7 in a row domestically and get to the CL knockout rounds every year.
  12. Yes it increases as you improve. In Denmark, the prize money is 4 times what it was at the start (I’m in the year 2036). I have only managed to get the league to 6th in the coefficients though. I imagine a top 4 spot would help increase further.
  13. I like this aspect of the game. As Midtjylland, I developed an unhealthy rivalry with Copenhagen (mainly in my head), whereby I would refuse any transfer/loan offers they made. There came the day I wanted one of their newgens. Valued at £1.3 million, they wanted £233 million. Well played AI, well played.
  14. I’ve noticed that La Liga has no prize money listed in the rules section. Can anyone share the prize/TV money received at Barcelona at the end of season 1 (and further seasons if possible)? Don’t want to start a save if the only source of income is going to be player sales, when in Germany, the league winners prize money is £90 million.
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