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  1. Thanks Neil. I appreciate a) it’s not your fault and b) underlying business decisions/needs dictate strategy. Just feels like the end of new FM releases for me. I’ll stick to playing FM21.
  2. Without a PC or XBox, how? And having to pay a monthly fee to play via an internet link (Steam Link doesn’t work very well, I guess this is similar idea) Not great.
  3. Same situation for me. Don’t own a computer, only play on iPad (life is too busy for full FM and iPad was easier than laptop for me) To hear that I am effectively cut off from a game I’ve been playing for 23 years is really disappointing. And no, I don’t want to play FM Mobile.
  4. Really enjoyed how we controlled this match. Not just possession for the sake of it, but creating lots of chances too.
  5. As per the title, what’s the highest amount of possession you’ve managed in a competitive match? I’be just managed this in a league game (Portuguese Championship - 4th tier) Normally I’m averaging around 60% possession per game, but this was just crazy. The opposition lined up the 2 DMs and 10 players behind the ball all game.
  6. What a delightful goal! Out of interest, what camera settings are you watching that match on? (I like the view)
  7. What’s Brazil like to manage in? Never been there myself in game but have read that there’s a lot of games each season.
  8. I play on the iPad (FMT) so wouldn’t be able to get this to work. I think we have a winner. Just had a look at the league on FM20 and it looks perfect! Thank you. Compared to how traditional football structure has always worked yes. For people like me who think the NBA playoffs are amazing (as a UK fan I’m waking up at 0300 to watch the Suns games!) it is a way of making the end of season important and entertaining every single year. Having played CM/FM for over 20 years, I have always stayed in the comfort of European football and MLS but I fancy something different. Going to give Colombia a try.
  9. Hi everyone, Im looking for a league where everything effectively comes down to the last game of the season (big NBA and MLB fan so that kind of idea where the season is played out to determine seedings then it all comes down to 1 game/series at the end to crown the winner) I’ve done saves in the MLS but was wondering if there are any other leagues in the game where this kind of format exists?
  10. Only happened to me once (been playing since CM2 days) He was awful and had a name which my wife said we wouldn’t ever pick if we had a child! Haha Didn’t stop me picking him every week, good old nepotism!
  11. Get the player to learn the PPM, looks for pass instead of shooting.
  12. Creates a cool narrative in your save. I imagine he will be offloaded when his contract runs down.
  13. Do you feel better about selling him now then? The way I play the game is I always have plenty of players on my shortlist so that if a bid like this comes in, I already have a few options to consider to replace them with.
  14. I think @Rashidihas done something like this on YT where he talks through what he does from the moment he starts a new save.
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