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  1. Just started and finished reading this in the last few days - brilliant! Would defo be interested in reading more about this particular FM universe.
  2. Just started and finished reading this in the last few days - brilliant! Would defo be interested in reading more about this particular FM universe.
  3. Fair points. Your personal examples defo make a stronger argument for being too easy than the OP's I'd say. I had a Newcastle save and won prem in 3rd season and Champs League in 4th, which isnt very realistic granted but I'd still hold back from saying 'too easy'. And as mentioned in my second post, there are ways to make the game more difficult if people genuinely think it's too easy. In my opinion, it's a bit of a non sequiter to say the game's too easy if you win the league with a lesser team in first season but have given yourself world class managerial attributes.
  4. There are plenty of ways you can make it more difficult if you find it too easy. - Start with Sunday league experience and no coaching badges - Start in the lower leagues with a weak team and set european glory as your target - Get a DOF and let them do all your transfer business - Use the editor and put a non-league team into the prem and see if you can win it. Etc etc Saying that because you can win the league with a midtable side, the game is easy...isn't really that strong a point.
  5. No offence but when I clicked on to your post, I expected to read that you had taken Altrincham or Forest Green to Champs League glory in 6-7 seasons dominating all domestic divisions along the way. Or that you had won Champs league with Dukla or Sparta in the space of a couple of seasons. Your achievements are definitely notable - but I'm genuinely puzzled as to how that leads to a question of whether the game is too easy? You've had a couple of seasons of decent success with 4 small teams - shouldn't you be doing a fair bit more before asking that?
  6. Placebo effect - haha. Ok - I'll take your word for it. Suppose it could be coincidental that at the exact point I made the change, everything just clicked and well-worked goals started flying in all over the place - from AI teams as well as myself. Haaland's just got POTM after scoring 12 in his last 5 for me including 3 hattricks. I'm in season 4 and had nothing close to those figures beforehand... Good with me whatever the reason anyway.
  7. Genuinely baffled in that case because it's completely changed my experience around. Give it a try and see.
  8. Was having same issues as a number of others on here since update - boring matches dominated with goals almost exclusively from set pieces, long shots and rebounds, lack of central play and incisive passing moves, Strikers on the periphery of most games etc. Wondered whether I could still change ME to public beta ME which I had previously, I did and I now have an ME with entertaining, flowing football with a variety of goals. As I type, just scored a brilliant passing goal with Haaland playing a 1-2 with Guendouzi and dispatching - he now has 32 in 28 in all comps. Mbappe playing off the
  9. Agreed that although forward movement is an issue, doesn't seem to affect goal tallies too much. Aubameyang as a pressing forward and he has the following Prem stats: 2018/19 - Apps 34 Goals 27 2019/20 - Apps 35 Goals 23 2020/21 (Nov so far) - Apps 12 Goals 13
  10. Agree with all those that have mentioned Pep, Poch and Klopp being too attacking as the possible issue. All of them struggle and lose their jobs quite quickly in comparison to Jose (obviously more defensive) who thrives and stays in Utd job for years. In Pep's case, I also think there is an issue with the City board's expectations being very high. In most of my saves, City dont win the league in the first season but do make top 4 - and yet Pep is ALWAYS sacked for underachievement at the end of the year. This may be realistic in some people's opinions I suppose as it would mean two season
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