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  1. Agreed that although forward movement is an issue, doesn't seem to affect goal tallies too much. Aubameyang as a pressing forward and he has the following Prem stats: 2018/19 - Apps 34 Goals 27 2019/20 - Apps 35 Goals 23 2020/21 (Nov so far) - Apps 12 Goals 13
  2. Agree with all those that have mentioned Pep, Poch and Klopp being too attacking as the possible issue. All of them struggle and lose their jobs quite quickly in comparison to Jose (obviously more defensive) who thrives and stays in Utd job for years. In Pep's case, I also think there is an issue with the City board's expectations being very high. In most of my saves, City dont win the league in the first season but do make top 4 - and yet Pep is ALWAYS sacked for underachievement at the end of the year. This may be realistic in some people's opinions I suppose as it would mean two seasons with no title in-game - but it does take away something from the game. Should board confidence be adjusted to make them more loyal to Pep? Anyhow - I did some slight tweaking to managerial attributes for Pep, Klopp and Poch before my current save - basically just reducing their attacking attributes - and all are much improved and much more in line with reality. Currently in season 3 and City have won the title both seasons - Liverpool have finished 3rd and 4th - and Spurs 4th and 5th.
  3. Now it has the function of being able to transfer players between clubs with transfer fees (not just free transfers like last year's edition) I use it solely for that. Only transfers between AI clubs mind - not myself. Nothing worse for me than seeing good players sitting at clubs for seasons on end and not being used. I may also transfer big players to big clubs to freshen up the game.
  4. 2019 in my save and he's 24. Didn't play much at Utd but now a regular at Bayern. Plays for Belgium - 16 caps and 14 goals.
  5. Great achievement mate. Ignore the haters - always a few.
  6. Just load up Sweden as well as another country with an earlier game starting date. So if you're starting with Sweden in Feb 2013, you could load up Brazil starting date December 2012. And then remove Brazil afterwards if you don't want it running.
  7. Baffles me why people think they're in a position to provide useful feedback after playing a single match. In your case, you've not even played a full match. Does that sound like a fair sample to make a decent judgement on? C'mon dude.
  8. I understand your viewpoint but don't agree. In fact, I don't think there are enough real-life youngsters in the game given high PAs. Sure - it will make the game unrealistic but surely it's still more realistic that these real players have a shot at being good players than having them be mediocre and fade out of the game and then have the game be dominated by newgens almost immediately after the current generation? Newgens dominating has to happen anyway but it shouldn't be quite so soon and only once a few generations of real players have had their time in the game.
  9. I think the way it works is that if the club has received an offer that's close to their asking price from the potential buyer or they haven't received an offer but feel that a deal can be done, they will let the player to talk to the club. Advantages for both sides if you look at it - the selling club will hope that the buying club agreeing terms with the player will mean they are more determined to get him and pay the asking price whilst the buying club will figure that if the player agrees terms, the onus will be on the selling club to sell and not have an unhappy player on their hands.
  10. This reminds me of the old Championship Manager back in the day when after winning everything, you'd get the dreaded message that your best player was 'expected to move abroad at the end of the season'. Unlike FM though - there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. You didn't get a chance to reject bids or even negotiate to get as much money as possible - you'd simply get that message - the message you dreaded - and then be told at the end of the season that whoever it was had been sold to a team abroad for x million pounds. Man I miss those days - life was so simple back then....
  11. I agree to an extent but we need to be careful what we wish for or we'll end up with a very unrealistic game that will have very good players ending up at poor clubs just because they've been taken over by a tycoon or have money at the start. Maybe if there was another category added in a player's hidden attributes - a 'mercenary' category - or even an extra option in his career plans which made a player more willing to consider a move purely for money. That way, players who would realistically not move to a club just because of money stay on realistic career paths whilst others, say an Assou-Ekoto or an Eto'o chase the money.
  12. In my experience, money does have meaning in this game. Took a tiny amount of tinkering in the editor with Anzhi (upped their finances although not to stupidly unrealistic heights and I think I made their chairman a sugar daddy) and their list of targets in terms of players interested in joining dramatically improved. Had the same effect with other sides like Malaga, PSG etc who have brilliant sides on my current save at the moment and splash out millions every season.
  13. Haha - indeed. Haha - sounds like a good description to me. Although I would like to think so, not quite. They're more the COD/Fifa/Pro types. I once mentioned FM in class and was met with silence. I'm glad you would though!
  14. I'm a teacher. Playing FM during free periods and lunch break >>>>>>>> marking books and creating lesson plans. I'm probably not the best example of a hard-working teacher....
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