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  1. For LLM's, Lalkovic (released by Portsmouth) should do a good tearing up job until League Two and low wages
  2. Probably the best youth intake I've ever had with these two Also managed to pick up the below from The States at the beginning of the game - training as a Carrilero
  3. On my save the takeover finally happened in October 2017 (Fawaz Al-Hasawi), only 3 transfer windows almost ruined with no transfers allowed - a lot of tycoons getting my hopes up.
  4. I noted that Andrew Haines has signed Alex Titchener, I had him for 3 1/2 seasons (January free) on my FC United save and he was incredible - 124 games 71 goals and 41 assists. Practically carried my team to League 1. Kind of felt like it was cheating having him and Matthew Wolfenden on the same team.
  5. My main question is; who on earth is the number 1 manager in the game considering you're second..
  6. GK - Asmir Begović (a lot of penalty saves in important finals) DR - Sime Vrsaljko DL - Jack Robinson DC - Grant Hanley (with quickness training...a lot of) DC - Isaac Vorsah MC - Jamie Ness MC - Marco Verratti AMR - Lenny Nangis AMC - Gylfi Sigurðsson (+15 goals and +20 assists every season) AML - Nathan Redmond ST - Leandro (Gremio) Wonderful players but never had them all, or more than 3-4, together at once.
  7. Ah fair play, never knew they took that into account, thank you. Do you find yourself wishing to use Bickerstaff less now considering his waning talents daf?
  8. Hi Dafuge, Absolutely brilliant stuff (had to sign up to reply to this, but have been reading for months) Just a quick question really, do regens get younger as the game goes on because as I understand it you don't use any editors but would Pat Daws and Marcus Bickerstaff have not been 12 when they joined Manchester Utd and Bourneview respectively? Regards.
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