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  1. Can someone build Atlético de Simeone's tactics with Luis Suarez .. ???
  2. If right.. upload it in a link to download it and test it as you built it.
  3. Hello..... I uploaded a link to see it as you did it, with individual instructions, etc ...
  4. nick1408 Hola Nick.... Podrias mostrar instrucciones individuales para probar táctica segun tu vision del Bayern..????
  5. Do you know of any update that includes the new rules ...... ????
  6. Hello.... Can someone change the number of substitutions in a game (5 maximum) as in some leagues ,,, ????
  7. sorry....MrGlenn1337 Please post full tactics with roles to be able to analyze and see ..
  8. Enzo_Francescoli, muy bueno lo tuyo.... Subí enlace para probar la tactica tal cual la armaste....
  9. Hello... Very good article.... Good that nidhar.ram, upload link of your tactic 4411 to see individual instructions and be able to practice it ...
  10. el mismo perro , con diferente collar...... gracias.
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