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  1. Finally the first fully played season( no instant result). Tactics used: Tequilla sunrise from Knap with some ideas from RDF, and one or two little changes from Me. All credit goes to those two guys Knap RDF. We have started every games with Away tactic(451), If we lost goal first than we changed to 451Home until we got the lead and then back to away(451). If we were still down by 70th minute than we had used 442(only when u really need to score). I hope u don't mind me posting it here but if You do then let me know and i will remove it;) !!FM20.3.0Tequil
  2. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=304541 This new sicilian seems amazing in away games, highly recommended
  3. Lazyness, lack of time makes me looks for plug and play as much as possibile, even i know this days You need to have atlest set of 3 tactics and still play with mentality,no point to use match plans never got anything good from it. Lately i got inspired by FMbase member and also YouTuber Vujevic(his micromanagment skills are great) to play a proper save in my beloved Polish league, where i even watch some games, done all the transfers, took me nearly 4 days to play two seasons but it was fun. Now i planning to do the same with Your 4231/4123 combo..wil see;)
  4. 4231 works with underdog med pred 23? Yes set your mentality on standard. The whole season done on holiday mode, if added preaching blues 451 for tougher away games we would get more points. transfers and contracts and training done by ASM and DOF 1355696588_!!!FM20.4.0TeaforOneAM4231P107CC.fmf
  5. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=293687
  6. He does everything to make this games easier for You, he answer every most stupid question, make filters for You, and lots of guidence how to use this tactics and play it. What else do You want?
  7. i have tried match plans in previous FM's, never was happy with it.
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