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  1. Good grouping if playing darts.
  2. 61 SHOTS! Do you have shot analysis
  3. Tested with Lpool !!!!!!!FM17.3Knap4231RAWSIENNAWBP97XTREEP95_9E70EC82-41D8-4D8D-923A-0F399E2A02C7.fmf !!¬FM17.3.1RAWSIENNAKnap4321p93_A463E3A4-410B-4E0A-A6B3-32A59561F3A6.fmf
  4. Fundamentally the ME this year favours (as shown by long term testing) the narrow 3 at back tactics compared to last year 442 with crossing. I would prefer a more balanced ME but with a good team with suitable players a 442 should perform well. I usually try a few roles and combinations, as I did last year with The Crunge and Dazed and Confused.
  5. I would seldom have a squad without strikers. For a tactic then PARANOID is strikerless.
  6. Because of the squads I use, I would use RAW SIENNA 4231 Wide 4231 narrow and 342. I do not use attack or defend versions - raw sienna is already defensive but is an attack tactic. To go defensive Remove FB Runs - defend Use Contain play safer take a breather
  7. There were no ME changes for the .1, so would go back to V1.
  8. Just a means of finding tactics easily - the ! puts the tactic at top. All new tactics are 17.3.1 there were no ME changes for the .1
  9. Tested with Lpool ¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE4312LPOOLP95_60C7A27F-CD9C-4AFA-ADA9-31CF7717CC0F.fmf Raw Sienna 4312 !!!!!!!!!!!!!FM17.2.1KnapRAWSIENNA4312LPOOLP97p48_F0807CBF-24EC-4E0B-AB31-A2597420D535.fmf
  10. 97 pts but not sure if it was with latest patch. I have a GOODBYE version now so will post tonight.
  11. I have a RAW SIENNA 4312 - have I not posted that one.
  12. I try to find optimum mentality, sometimes try a few others just work with std.
  13. TW Tactics Try 1 or all options 1 WBs to Defend - stops runs 2 Contain 3 Take a breather 4 Play even safer I tend to use all 4 .