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  1. I have not tried replicating Midsomer but a new beta 442
  2. For the Beta just try copying instructions. My guess is that all will change on full release.
  3. This comment horrified me, and a more realisatic gaming as non realistis Trial as many players as you one point I had something like a 1000 trialists in the club.
  4. Asymmetric tactics used with current Spurs squad. Left Right 4141 Waste time
  5. Down to 10
  6. A season with current Spurs squad
  7. Apart from 106pts I think I only have down to 10
  8. Formation for Margate 451
  9. Margate 1st season. Summerfield is class but the rest all add value to squad
  10. I make and use my own.
  11. I've had this in wings but not used. Just tested with Margate and looks solid so worth a try. I do not change mentality and tested without ois. There is a SUS tactic with the Salford 442. FM16.3RAMBLEON451P186P97F110A35C_0F2D617D-1C84-4A41-AAC3-3006F1D17540.fmf
  12. I often get fined for cards but overall the aggressive tactics tends to win games. Having faith in the original squad is IMO more satisfying than hoovering up all the talent.
  13. There are a couple of Midsommer, but this has been tested as an underdog, higher tempo and bmw is on defend. May be other changes but not looked at it for a while, but can be used at slower tempo like Midsommer.
  14. Is that original squad with Reece Oxford?