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  1. They mostly relate to the old tactic system oF fluid/Structured, which is no longer used in FM 19. I did originally copy the instructions from the previous years tactics so there may be some differences in base set ups
  2. I used the 4132 with Kingstonian in 19.3.6 and was better than in previous MEs. However it was not working as well with top teams so the P105 is a tweaked version. The other tactics I may or may not have posted but are all 19.3.6 !!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP105ALLCUPS.fmf !!!!!!!!!19.3.6BRIGHTONROCK4132PFDMIWSPKnapP108FACC.fmf !!!!!19.3.6WULFPOACHER4411IIWPKnapP102ALLCUPS.fmf !!!!!19.3.6WULFPOACHER4411IWMPKnapP103ALLCUPS.fmf !!!!!!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF442KnapCMHIGHP103ECFA.fmf !!!!!!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF442KnapCMP108ALLCUPS.fmf !!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF442PFIWBSPKnapP106FACC.fmf !!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF4222CDPFDMIWSPKnapP106CC.fmf !!!!!!!!!!!!FM19.3.6BLUEMATTER4312KnapP102ECCC.fmf 4-2-3-1 Wide P101.fmf
  3. There is a 424 or 41122 but the AM row is generally weak, compared to a 442.
  4. I ran a number of long holiday seasons and there was nothing to indicate the tactic performed any different over 10 seasons. There re variables in game that makes a team underperform but I doubt this is due to AI tactics. What may be a problem is actually using IWB players if not two footed. The tactics are not set up with IWB players but regular WBs on the correct side. The 4132 in some of the longer test which use best player for role have underperformed other formations.
  5. There may be other factors at play but can you pinpoint any particular reason why not working. https://community.sigames.com/topic/492912-does-the-game-became-harder-after-last-update/
  6. The problem is there are many variables over a season, so a tactic that wins PL with 106 pts may only win by 96 pts if you play the exact same season again. I look for maximum potential so even with the same patch I modify tactics. I tested the Wolves 4132 in last patch with Kingstonian and made 112 pts. In this patch I used the top 4132 and made 111pts which is consistent between patches. I doubt SI would change the ME without a lot of testing between the updates as that would be a huge risk. Whether they change things like the home v away boost or other factors between updates which could make game easier or harder is a different matter. The long tests control variables and would give a better idea of any possible changes, but I am not aware of any test atm.
  7. The ME is still 19.3 so the recommended tactics are still valid. The P112 was working with Kingstonian and finished season with 111pts. The latest tactic uses a more holding MC compared to the other 442s.
  8. FM 19.3.6 Tested in FMT no OIs Training Press Team Talks AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!19.3.6WULF442KnapCMP108ALLCUPS.fmf
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