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  1. I have been using a few 19.1 tactics. What has been changing are the set piece set ups.
  2. Moved 4420 to this thread !!!!FM19..3.3BEOWULF4420IWKnapP101ALLCUPS.fmf
  3. I don't pay attention to the in game ratings, and AMs can get low ratings. The AI are also blocking the centre very effectively which is not helping using an AM. If you are getting results then the team is playing well with the AM performance
  4. There is a narrow diamond tactic ND,which is a Brendon Rodgers tactic request and similar to the Salah Lpool tactic.
  5. Long throws and short corners are much less effective. Just looking at options and I will see if it will work as a 4231. It will be in the PILGRIMAGE Flat 451 thred when posted
  6. Any reason why not working? Top sub under dog? The next tactics for 19.3.3 are 433, 343 and a Flat 451 which is closest to a 4231.
  7. In theory there are no ME changes. However, there has been reports of the AI using more unusual formations and perhaps more red cards.
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