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  1. Pilgrimage is Fluid and ARGUS Structured. so in theory ARGUS should be a little more defensive. Pilgrimage has edge on sub top test and ARGUS the edge for underdog. In theory GOODBYE Very Fluid should be better for top dogs. WOF sits in middle with a Flexible system.
  2. The 18.2.2 version is top tactic but not much between 18.2 and 18.3. ARGUS WHITE EUROPE served you well 1st season, so back to that tactic.
  3. Is that 18.2.2 P102 or the Later versions or DCB?
  4. I have done a GOODBYE DCB. ¬!FM18.3.4GOODBYE343DCBCHP100.fmf With an underdog I still believe the original tactics are better, DCBs may be good in specific circumstances. I would currently recommend ARGUS FM 18.2.2 P102 GOODBYE P108 MMVOLANTE BBM ASH FM FM 18.2.2 P103 PILGRIMAGE P108 I played a few games with Chelmsford the other night and must have missed they had a wide pitch as it makes 3 at back awkward.
  5. Unfortunately against Spurs, but shows how Lpool dominated stats except possession
  6. Lpool appear to be the side keeping 3 players up front and looking for either a quick turnover or a quick ball forward.
  7. A season test is not long enough, needs MR L testing. Provides a long ball which makes it awkward for the AI to push up
  8. DCB Version ¬FM18.3.4KnapARGUS343DCBP103.fmf
  9. DCB Version ¬FM18.3.4KnapWOFVOL3343DCBP105.fmf
  10. Was the AMC causing problems nullified with DLP?. Generally in a back 3 for both this year and last the middle cd has higher closing down or outside on cover to try to pick up AMC.
  11. Always like it when someone does better than me with my own tactic! Good tips to change mentality when needed, but also changing formation to nullify AI Formation (Plan B).
  12. ASH with DCBs ¬FM18.3.4KnapASH343DCBP106.fmf
  13. Did you try on Counter mentality especially for Away games?
  14. Not an easy start, but then there are no easy games for Cardiff.