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  1. I assume any ME changes will be in next few weeks with next patch
  2. Discord https://forum.mrltactics.com/topic/864/join-us-on-discord
  3. SUS Tactics are always useful with very difficult games.
  4. Added to OP of ARGUS 343
  5. We need someone to set up test league with knowledge of pre game editor.
  6. I used this one !FM19ARGUSknap343PressP103.fmf
  7. Not sure I recognise the tactic. Last year with Billericay 1st season in PL I only had a League 1 squad, so the 1st season is uphill. I looked at a game with Chelmsford promoted to PL and the best results were from ARGUS 343 rather than VOLANTE ANCHOR.
  8. If you change the set up then you are in untested territory, so yo need to monitor how it plays and the results
  9. Not sure what you mean but corners are set up differently for different tactics.
  10. You can PM me while you are testing, or join me on the Discord site I use.
  11. I set tactics up in very specific ways to try to maximise performance, however, there are many other ways to set up a tactic. When you change the settings then it goes into untested territory, so you have to monitor how it plays and the results obtained.