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  1. Tactic sets can be very useful going from SUS Counter control attack.
  2. Never checked woodwork hits, just appears to happen too often.
  3. Strikers are a having a lean time this year and most tactics use a high press which can expose defenders..
  4. SPs have to work with the tactic, so there is no guarantee that they will work the same with a 4141 as thy do with a 442. The latest tactics with SP in name are latest SPs that you can copy, but I use a few corner set ups both attacking and defending.
  5. Takers are either set up or I leave it blank. SPs have to work with tactic but I am trying various different options as the game is overriding the set up, which can leave one on ones or no player as the short option.
  6. I test other roles, but it is often a combination that works and that has to be done playing games. Also I do not use a test league that controls variables. If you can set up a test league like that, and have a powerful computer you could test many combinations.
  7. The p103 can be useful as an underdog tactic and perhaps the CMD version as a basis for a SUS.
  8. Depends how good the squad is in relation to league, especially if AI controlled until 2051.
  9. In essence you are looking for the best talent for these positions (with Genie you can use CA/PA and positional ratings on right hand side) You can adjust positional ratings for your own Club DNA, and would be a useful tool to have in game) GK WBs (more attacking orientated than FBs) CDs WBs MC D can be a DM/MC MC A can be MC/AP FS Screenshot of how Genie shows positions. Because Genie shows CA PA if you need more info on Genie best to PM me.
  10. Generally changing roles will make the tactic less effective. You probably do not need to re train players but it is an option. Also a 442 would be a better option than 424.
  11. There should be at least 1 WB staying back and a designated corner taker. It appears that these instructions are being ignored by the ME. (Set Pieces in general are a mess). I would check which players in squad are being allocated to take corners or allocate your best corner taker and then change the corner set up to reflect choice.
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