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    Knap tactics and their tweaks uploaded on SI forums are free for everyone to download.
    You may NOT host these files elsewhere without my permission. That includes Steam workshop.
    And please avoid disguising the tactics with different names and passing them as your own work.
    Thank you

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    Knap tactics and their tweaks uploaded on SI

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  1. @Mr.Robot I've not tested any with my tactics, which is why I recommending changing back to AM if struggling for form.
  2. @Mr.Robot I don't use them but most recommend not using AM. Cadoni has schedules and there are Bust the Net schedules.
  3. @don_cablo I would probably try the lower league tactics tested in 21.6.
  4. @djmc.smeets Pick a tactic with good results from top column and under dog column for difficult games. I also test the lower leagube tactics in higher leagues when team is fighting relegation.
  5. @stian Link works for me to TH RESULTS AND NEXT POST IS dh me21.5 results
  6. @stian Links are on lower league test tab. I used the Spurs versionof HGF 41212
  7. FMRTE has been updated so I can long test. Let me know if you want any particular tactic tested. I've tested most of the Dulwich tactics and results are similar to 21.5
  8. FM 21 TACTICS GOOGLE DOCS https://bit.ly/knap2021 YT Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCILCgjDOjzTjS2OjaTpwxJg Tactic table available from Baden Powell DISCORD INVITE https://discord.gg/cdZFX6A9 Weighted attributes Pdf Attribute_Weights.pdf.pdf35.17 kB · 59 downloads Filters from The Prof filters_110854 (1).zip182.39 kB · 25 downloads TEST RESULTS You can use results in a few ways. Top covers say top 5 Clubs in Division Mid the next 7 and then under dog. Just use totals as an all round tactic. Use best top at
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