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  1. I only set tactics up and to test it is necessary to use a different league with less variables such as MR L testing.. Even over 180 games the difference are still small and the results when re tested would still have a variance. WOF 3430 is exceptional with results and Goodbye 3430 top when using an underdog. The 352 was an idea that I just tweaked to perform. The 44xx just trying Goodbye settings in these formation.
  2. The level or instant result are not a problem.
  3. All settings have a risk reward element and I tend to look at GD. Sub top underdog has now finished, but the formation probably should work for both. I prefer G&Ts for lubrication.
  4. I do not see the point of roles for forwards. Fast quality fwds tend to be best
  5. T not TM, although lots of people ask for TM. Lovesleeper has a different game plan, which is great to see.
  6. Tested with Spurs no OIs. A ¬!FM17.3.2GOODBYE442p102_08C741A4-2AFF-4028-A4AE-2EECAC6DFDFB.fmf
  7. Tested with Spurs no OIs. A ¬!FM17.3.2GOODBYE442p974411p100_2C10C298-0A21-4569-B78C-0537A1DFD307.fmf
  8. Tested with Spurs no OIs. A ¬FM17.3.1KnapWOF4312p100_FA5E9D07-9807-476E-B61F-438372DD14BE.fmf
  9. 352 tactic tested with Spurs, based on a PM discussion. FM17,3,2Knap352P105_FCB6A6EC-57EE-446B-BC0A-700058F3F756.fmf
  10. With 2 Strikers there are 3412 tactics. I am looking at these 2 tactics, but they will not match a 3430 tactic
  11. This is best so far with Striker A ¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE3430THP102APAMDLFP99_4B231823-7574-4241-80DD-09F400D5C340.fmf
  12. I am with Dulwich Hamlet and use attribute masking, so do not use attribute filters. You can base a search on the players in the test team as a guide. The game shows key attributes for roles, although I do not worry about the roles SI use and this simplifies the process, There is a link to a good scouting process, if you are learning, as there are hidden attributes http://fmguido.com/scout-reports-in-fm/