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  1. @dabest The original tactic request was for 20.2.3, this is same tactic tweaked into a diamond.
  2. @MrGreen555 Try it with a few friendlies or easy games to see if it can work for you.
  3. @MrGreen555 Narrow Diamond or previous 4213 or madasahatter are all top.
  4. FM 20.2.3 Narrow Diamond tactic FM20.2.32BLUEMATTER41212NDP98ECFA.fmf
  5. They are in the google docs with links in the OP or the post above.
  6. @Bcfclee27 I use attribute masking so rely on Manual scouting and trials. The easiest was is to use Genie Scout or buy a package for 1 month.
  7. @Bcfclee27 I would say freezing will probably make life a lot easier, but also gives a false impression. Test leagues use it to give every tactic a fair chance but that is to level the playing field. The lower league game is about scouting and squad building and trying to win with a weak squad is not the best idea. Optimus who provides the guide above suggests the TIME tactics are good for Lower Leagues as it is basic with no PIs. I would tend to use Wulf DL or Beowulf P107 and Sicilian P101 on Positive away or for difficult games. If you check out Dafuge posts, he has been using the same wide diamond for years but builds his squad around that tactic.
  8. @Bcfclee27 The game has changed over the last few years and it is a lot harder to bring in quality players. I would suggest you start with a top team in VNS and take it from there. I won the league with the Slough game you sent me, so I doubt the tactics are not working in general at that level. for ideas I would also suggest reading the Dafuge Challenge thread.
  9. @Bcfclee27 I am not sure what tier Airbus are classified, but it would be low. The tactic has maximum tempo so may not be that suitable for players at that level. Also are you using the Beta ME. I had a quick look at your non league to PL thread and I would suggest starting with an easier team in VNS. A lot has changed with regard to scouting and it may be that the squad is weak for the league, as it is now a lot harder to bring the better players into squad. Good player guide for lower leagues is a good resource, as is the suggestions in your thread. I would say give yourself a chance at getting a few wins first and progress from there.
  10. FM 20.2 Tactics TACTIC LINKS AND TACTIC RANKINGS FROM THE INDEPEDENT TESTS (MR L & FM BASE) ARE NOW ON GOOGLE DOCS LINK BELOW http://bit.ly/knaptactics Because I test with top, the pts total in tactic name will give an idea of what is best for top club, Top Clubs should be able to use all of the tactics. Top Club say 1-4 in League (Lpool MC etc) Sub Top 5-10 in League Sub Mid 11-15 Underdog the rest Can also use Top and Sub Top a Home Tactic Underdog Away or Top Favourite Sub Top Evens Underdog if Underdog MENTALITY MATTERS GUIDE
  11. @calimero80 Best way would be to change the roles from Parisienne Walkways and see how it works.
  12. @FCArsenal Other formations 41221, 4231, 451, 4123, 352. 343, 4213, 343IF 4231(2DMs)
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