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  1. I would have to check save but, it is higher than counter?
  2. I tested with Barcelona for a high scoring tactic. BLUE MATTER 433 was highest scoring but not most pts, so depends whether a goal bias or pts bias.
  3. Counter version which I used with MC but std with Spurs BBB¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE41230MCP102_CEED40AF-1535-4E8C-BF5F-185E4E4AEFA9.fmf
  4. Screenshots on GOODBYE 3430 Thread just with pushed up DM.
  5. Tested with Man City and Spurs no OIs. Counter MC BBB¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE41230MCP102_CEED40AF-1535-4E8C-BF5F-185E4E4AEFA9.fmf Std Spurs BBB¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE41230MCP102STDTHP101_2416FB94-AD2A-4549-97A6-AE02C12C4495.fmf
  6. I just use AM as less potential to go wrong and hundreds of team talks would numb the mind more than the Scotch. There are guides and the Ferguson approach but no harm in trying your own approach.
  7. You can try moving players around, and making subs especially a different kind of player to change game. With tactic settings try pushing the DL up and going defensive to look after ball. Another option is to use say BLUE MATTER 433 which is an attacking tactic, but In general the tactic is the most efficient way of scoring and it is not unknown for a late goal in injury time will save the day. Depends on how pro active you want to be.
  8. Use those on GOODBYE 3430 as runs same set up but with a CD pushed up to DM and ss to DLF
  9. This is GOODBYE version on mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/fzdyo2bd40xa7xe/BBB¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE34120THP104P4122198_38FE5A7C-62BB-450C-A7B7-567A0DA7A219.fmf
  10. I did a GOODBYE version posted above or WOF version. BLUE MATTER 433 is a high scoring tactic and possible fit and worth a try for home/easy games.
  11. I would use tactic above, unless you have specific ideas of how this translates to FM.