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  1. Try Midsomer Flat 442 counter for LL. The Crunge 442 has been tweaked for playmaker roles in the past.
  2. Testing shows that they produce similar results, the Arsenal and Spurs results are all played.
  3. I tend to use Margate for lower League testing, but not played FM for a while.
  4. Available for Download and it is the original squad.
  5. Standard is probably a better version to the counter tactic, but not sure if I posted a link.
  6. Std Midsomer
  7. Looking at Watford screenshot above, all looks good.
  8. That is fine, just wondering why not working well in first part of season.
  9. Do you set up as many very easy friendlies as possible at start of season?
  10. You can try just not roles that have been tested.
  11. Not a tested tactic - won about 11 in a row with Lpool but then tried another tactic.
  12. Usually give my tactics get a run out with a LL club like Margate. With a club like Margate you should win league with about 100pts. In past FMs I have tried top team tactics with level 11 clubs without problems.
  13. I have tactics with CBs on Cover which may help with being dragged out of position . Are the crosses from byline or from deep - could try playing with OIs for FB or MR.