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  1. The tactics available for download are all on this site.
  2. I only use original squad so tend to just use lone striker. I also need to fit Lamela and Edwards into the mix. Spurs also now play 3 at back. I used 5 formations for my last season - probably these 3511 4231 narrow 4231, 3421 3412
  3. Tested with Southampton and MU no OIs. ¬FM17.3.1RAWSIENNAKnapsSouthampton35120p89MUP99_46D5C053-D38D-467D-9D7F-0EF09A4493B6.fmf
  4. That was a good night. AM attributes will be a variable. I don't usually change AM in LL but my AM was poached, so this is my AM with Ebbsfleet.
  5. Need a little aggression and it has never been a major problem, apart from odd fine for not keeping players under control.
  6. This also works as a 34120, but not as good result as this formation
  7. Wide tactics do not work that well with this ME. I would therefor start with a 3 at back IWB tactic using your best players for formation.
  8. I do not how the testing leagues to back to back test, and then it would depend on level of team.
  9. There are top team tactics tested with Arsenal and MU.
  10. Tested with Southampton No OIs. ¬FM17.3.1RAWSIENNAKnapsSouthamptonp92_B99CE832-776A-482E-A740-CBE2741389EC.fmf
  11. I would say 3 at back will have edge. I've had better results with SS than AM,