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  1. @kruno I will try to look at at 4141 this weekend, but I am expecting an update.
  2. @cwilcox That is why I added the goals this year. You can make a choice between high scoring good defending or GD. Iprefer high scoring and good GD.
  3. @byang08 The problem with AM OIs is that they may not be consistent for every AM. so introduces an unknown variable. I
  4. @yuzojr Sub Top recommendations venom 4222 rmd VENOM 41212 no loss HGF 4312 VENOM 41212 WARRIOR 4222 WARRIOR 4132
  5. @sirTAVARES It is difficult to tellas each player brings their own qualities to a position. Firmino this year cannot score but Salah can.t stop.. It is very often just a case of watching and seeing if works, as someone else may score more.
  6. There is also a Baden Powell vid on MAD AS A HATTER which is also a good underdog tactic, but this is with Monaco
  7. @MrGreen555 This is ARGUS E412 and after the red card I eventually change to 4230whicn MC could not handle
  8. @stonini90 You can see from vids they are live games and I change tactics during games, but the best form of testing is observer mode ( you don't change tactic and only make subs in necessary). However you can use holiday or IR but you need to interpret the results as RNG is involved with short season tests.
  9. FM 21.3 PILGRIMAGE 41311 P104 CC FM21PILGRIMAGEKnap 41311P104CC.fmf
  10. @MrGreen555 It is best to assess what you want at the time regarding formation players available strength of opposition state of match. I used a 4230 Strikerless today with W s protecting wings. I used a SUS in Tea vid but tweaks do not show up on recording but you can see Lpool passing it around at end
  11. FM 21. 3 TEA FOR ONE 4411 P102 EC FA FM21Teafor OneKnap4411P102ECFA.fmf
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