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    Knap tactics and their tweaks uploaded on SI forums are free for everyone to download.
    You may NOT host these files elsewhere without my permission. That includes Steam workshop.
    And please avoid disguising the tactics with different names and passing them as your own work.
    Thank you

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  1. @Hassam450 The Colums on google docs are sortable. For a 4231 you could sort by formation and then check the results for a 4231. For Lower League check the Lower League tab for results with Dulwich. With a 4231I tend to resommend ECHOES 4231 TH P92
  2. @VanDarkholme Best to sort google docs for For Against and GD. MOST GOALs try FM20.4.0FireandWater4312P102FA FM21.6EOWULFKnap442WAFP108FA FM21.5DARKSIDEOFTHEMOONKnapP107ALLCUPSSalahgoals78 ME21.7HOLYGHOSTFIREKnap4330DWP101ECP248] LEAST GOALS Try WARRIORKnap4451P102FA ME21.7WARRIORKnap41212MUP101P107ALLCUPSP496
  3. @Beekimov The only major change is the long throws no longer produce goals, and maybe less goals overall. I tend to re test and re badge tactics to 21.7, so a 21.7 Dark tactic should play the same as 21.5.
  4. @DiscoDave As above, Echoes will be fine for Lower League. There is a lower league tab with VNS Results. DOF is probably not the best for utilising strikerless. Howver, if you have used them before, then should be fine all the way to PL.
  5. LOWER LEAGUE TESY with DULWICH (Only DOF Transfers, including staff) Trm VNS to PL ME21.7ECHOESKnap442IWP106ECSPTHP99.fmf
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