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  1. @Sith Lord Every player should in theory play the role slightly differently, I doubt a huge impart on overall results. Sometimes an out and out winger will not play well as an IF so probably worth checking if there is an issue.
  2. @Sith Lord If you consider many use an A team and B team, the tactic has to probably work with a variety of ppms. In general it should not be a problem unless it is a very unhelpfull ppm.
  3. @MrGerhard I assume your DM will have good corner attributes. The game will override instructions at times. This can work out well or leave you exposed to a counter. If a problem try changing set up so DM takes corners.
  4. @Jorgen I think Rober won PL with Sheffield with P101, so may be more solid
  5. @marksmithlfc1234 I skip them but would not recommend AM taking them.. If winning with AM Taking them I would not change.
  6. @pan1majonez I have the same test leagure using FMRTE and TBH I am getting wildly varying results., so much so, I have little confidence in using the tet league rsults. I've added the Norwich results to google docs as from a normal save, as are the Lpool MU or Spurs results. Parisienne RDF tweak does well over real saves.
  8. FM 20.4.1 WARPIGS 41311 AP PF P105 EC CC FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober41311APFP105ECCC.fmf
  9. @xSynyster I use quick pick and if necessary change the team.. Even in Observer mode you will need to make changes for injuries , and with a red it there may be a formation change and SUS applied.
  10. @Paulinho26 Black Echo is popular but if you want to try another 4231 the Parisienne walkways skew may give good results.
  11. @mcallais As the home team is given an advantage, home and away tactics can be very useful. KASHMIR is worth a try at home or maybe one of the high scoring tactics, obviously helps if your squad can play the positions.
  12. FM 20.4.1 PREACHIN BLUES 451 VOL 5 AP P101 EC TH P95 CC !!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5APP101ECTHP95CC.fmf
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