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  1. Not looked at that, and good to know that the testing also works in practices. I wonder if ASH would be better on counter if underdog.
  2. Highly structured which is ASH has not performed that well in comparison to other Shapes. Goodbye very fluid has also been below the other shapes but was the best underdog tactic last year when using counter. TBH the other Shapes have given similar performance, but in general I would agree with your conclusion, apart from when you need to score as WOF 2323 tactic is the top scorer. There is a PILGRIMAGE 2323 out for testing so in theory this should be higher scoring than WOF. I would also probably change formation for a SUS tactic as well as duties. I sometimes do this when a man sent off
  3. Overview of Tactic List from testing TOTAL SUB TOP UNDERDOG ARGUS FM 18.2.2 P102 P385 P206 P179 PILGRIMAGE FM 18.3.3 LPOOL P104 P380 P226 P154 WOF FM 18.3.3 P101 Flexible P381 P213 P168 WOF FM 18.3.3 LPOOL P100 ALL CUPS P365 P196 P169 PILGRIMAGE Fluid LPOOL P101 P367 P201 P166 PILGRIMAGE FM 18.2 P105 P357 P218 P139 ARGUS VOL 4 FM18.3.3 Structured P101 ALL CUPS P363 P220 P143 BLUE MATTER FM 18.3.3 P105 P356 P207 P149 GOODBYE FM 18.3 VOL 7 Very Fluid P349 P208 P141 GOODBYE 3421 P324 P205 P119 MIDSOMER 442 P103 (FLAT TEST) P349 P199 P150 WOF 2323 FM 18 P104 P335 P187 P148 BLUE MATTER FM 18.3 VOL 4 P102 352 P335 P206 P129 ASH FM 18.3 P104 Highly Structured P326 P190 P136 VOLANTE BWM FM 18.3 P101 P326 P191 P135 WOF 3412 P325 P198 P127 WOF 2233 P102HS FM 18.2 P311 P194 P117 BLUE MATTER VOL 4 P100 4123 FM 18.2.1 P310 P179 -P131 MMVOLANTEANCHOR 442 P302 P165 P127
  4. Not in OP. No screenshots but this is tactic ¬FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE343LPOOLP104.fmf
  5. Not normally, but the top players often have PPMs to cut in, if so I normally I go with PPM.
  6. At the moment as waiting full test results.
  7. FM 18.3.3 Tested with Arsenal in FMT no OIs ¬FM18.3.3KnapPILGRIMAGE32323P102.fmf
  8. FM 18.3.3 Tested with Arsenal in FMT no OIs !!FM18.3.3WOFVOL2233RMDKnapP98.fmf
  9. FM 18.3.3 no OIs ¬FM18.3.3KnapWOF2323P104.fmf FM 18.3.3
  10. I don't have FM 11 Tactics anymore.