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  1. jamieac tweaks FM 18.2.2 !!!FM18.2.2THEWALLKnapVOL2P101.fmf
  2. What possession % did you have? can't find stat on FMT. Tested changes and incorporated most and will post VOL 2
  3. Try Goodbye 343 as closer mentalities
  4. The bbm is also a creative player so perhaps AP will help. The bwm is usually defensive but if the player has creativity the dlp.
  5. There will be a minor improvements with decisions with a green role. Useful for outside strikers to be amr/l st players, so retraining those would be useful.
  6. 343 is strongest formation and 433 most attacking. Try ARGUS or GOODBYE 343 with BLUE MATTER for easy games. My last season with Lpool I used GOODVYE 442
  7. GOODBYE should be more attacking and ARGUS more defensive. I've had best results using 343 with Spurs.
  8. Never change if winning. In essence I have just been changing shape. I have been testing this training set up for post December.
  9. I set up tactics rather than test, therefore it is a normal game. Testing needs a controlled environment http://www.mrltactics.com/tactic-testing-process-at-mrltactics-2/
  10. I use FMT so no need. In full game it is recommended to put tactic in the 3 slots and play 8- 10 friendlies. In full game, I never test with a fluid tactic or seldom play saves, and often 1st game of season is the 1st time I use a tactic. However, the test sides are top team and maybe can overcome a non fluid tactic. I would try and give a new tactic at least an easy home game to start and a few games to see how results pan out. The 4231 is a top team tactic rather than sub or under dog tactic.
  11. The tactics are not designed to work with different mentalities' It may be worth trying other mentalities or a more defensive formations for difficult games, or using a SUS tactic to close out games.
  12. Rough guide as what tactics to use Top team BLUE MATTER 433 ARGUS 343 ARGUS 352 ARGUS 3511 ARGUS 433 GOODBYE 442/4231/451 WOF 343 PILGRIMAGE 343 PILGRIMAGE 3511 WOKING 451 BLUE MATTER 4312 Sub Top WOF 343 Volante 442 including BBM and BWM PILGRIMAGE 343 GOODBYE 343 ARGUS 343 ARGUS 352 ARGUS 3511 GOODBYE 442 THE WALL 4141 ARGUS 3412 Underdog Volante 442 anchor GOODBYE VOL 2 ARGUS 343 THE WALL 4141 WOF 352 Strikerless