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  1. If you have a man sent off it is best to change to a SUS tactic.
  2. Looping try the above but first change manager, new name should reset any problems. Just treat this save as a practice and experiment with set ups.
  3. I will need your actual game file rather than match file so I can play games.
  4. Away is the term I use for a more difficult games, but still, most Mangers of non top dog teams would be more cautious away, or do you not think this is the case? Judging by the current AM comments, I am not sure how SI are going to make the AM useful.
  5. I am happy to play with 1 tactic no tweaks in FM. However, for realism a manager should have alternatives at his/her disposal as well as a plan B. The plan B could be a 3 at back tactic, but at least try to change the mix, rather than hoping a tweak will work. I would at least consider using 4 tactics Home away SUS, get a goal.
  6. You don't need a tactic for ea h of those situations, in fact one tactic (with adaptions) is enough. Managers do not just have 1 tactic, Many teams change formations during games. To suggest minor tweaks is some official way to play is a joke. If you have such great tactics make them available so we can all learn.
  7. Looping Do you have the following tactics in your locker A SUS tactic An Away tactic A Home tactic A control tactic A Get a Goal tactic A change of formation tactic In the old days there used to be a lot of discussion on how these are set up but these days zippo. I am not sure about minor tweaking when you can have an arsenal.
  8. Just upload your game using mediafire and I will have a look.
  9. That is counter but std was not a wow so a risk to change.
  10. Not sure how many look in the download section, but there is a very good thread by Lovesleeper that uses tactic sets and styles. Even playing a simple Home Away and SUS tactics can bring rewards. May be worth downloading a set and experimenting.
  11. I thought that was std. I would only change if it is a major issue. Waiting for MR L to do the longer tests.
  12. If you want to send me your game I will have a look to see if there is a problem
  13. Are you doing your own team talk?
  14. Tackle harder removed ¬!FM17.3.1GOODBYE3430THP102TACKP104_CED03413-4A88-499A-9D82-9F1658FF22EA.fmf
  15. Are you near top or bottom of league? Any particular players? Have you checked hidden dirtiness attribute (~need genie)?