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  1. Usually give my tactics get a run out with a LL club like Margate. With a club like Margate you should win league with about 100pts. In past FMs I have tried top team tactics with level 11 clubs without problems.
  2. I have tactics with CBs on Cover which may help with being dragged out of position . Are the crosses from byline or from deep - could try playing with OIs for FB or MR.
  3. The old 16.2 tactic still working? Used this version for a few games
  4. At some stage with 442s I recommended not using OIs. The counter version was also updated to a std version. Is there a specific area of weakness, balls over top or crosses, sometimes the defence can be improved by a better player in 1 position.
  5. This is my most attacking working tactic. Tested in League with same squad players and the best AI managers in the game. I have used it with Lpool and won about 7 out of 7.
  6. Quick instant result season
  7. Taken from a discussion on FM 15.
  8. LEEMOD You can use an Instant Result Skin, so just plug in a tactic get a result and you can focus on what you enjoy.
  9. Tactic should be set to STD in post 28. New Link to STD version
  10. Heartbreaker is a pure 4411 which uses AM(A) and F9, but I tend to find 4411 too defensive so use the Asymmetric. Heartbreaker probably also needs an update. The Asymmetric Should be close to 100pts with a top 4 team.
  11. Asymmetric Ramble On Short Passing Stargazing Winger4231 The Crunge 442 with AF Also testing 4231 DM tactic The 442 F9s are probably best set up for FM 16, but I like the Asymmetric.
  12. 2nd season is always difficult but you are knocking on the door of 90 pt season. I find most strikers have dry spells but pace works upfront and even Walcott had a cracking season as a DLF (S). Hopefully you can push on with a 100 pt season. Have you tried the short passing Asymmetric tactic?
  13. Interesting problem from the point of view of trying a reload, if you have an earlier save, and setting up a new manager. This would indicate not a tactical issue. The tactics are set up for a top 6 side so should not be a problem if you have a better side. I tend to check using Genie positional rating the squad strength. As you are unlikely to want to reload or use Genie, you can send me a gave save a beginning of season and I can just have a check for you without spoiling your save. You may be able to hold a team meeting or try a tactic change. Not sure if you are using the counter or standard version. Standard is latest and there is also The Crunge and Dazed and Confused.
  14. Not sure why you would want to change passing. I test with both top clubs and teams like Margate in Lower League.