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  1. There are Screenshots of BEOWULF 4240 with all set pieces I use. Also all TIME Tactics have no PIs, so just copy TIs and add set pieces.
  2. SICILIAN DEFENCE appears to work better with lower DL so if you have slow defenders I would use that tactic, rather than high DL tactics.
  3. BLUE MATTER 4312 is close and may have a ND as well
  4. For Ajax use a formation you or squad prefer to use.
  5. The latest tactics are at top of OP and look for highest pts with or without ALL CUPS, and a formation you or squad prefer,
  6. Until the longer testing starts most of the tactics work for sub top. OptimalPrime has a few posts with advice on adapting tactics to different situations, so worth reading those as a general guide.
  7. On the basis somebody has won league 1st season with Fulham, then I would recommend that tactic. I tend to ignore roles for players and look at positions. TMs attract the ball and makes tactics too reliant on one player