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  1. Last years were more 442 based - This year so far 442 is probably the weakest compared to narrow or 3 at back or up front. These tactics are also just based around a structured system so can be changed to fit players available.
  2. Tactics based around one base tactic so should be interchangeable. Tested with Top Clubs . 451 !!!FM17KnapDG451P52_3134BC90-5B3E-4744-9800-E99FB7561E4E.fmf 4231 !!!FM17KnapDG4231P49_AFBD84B5-8B3D-480B-8751-9C5D6644144C.fmf 4231 narrow 3 AMs !!!FM17KnapDG4231narrowP51_F86C51D5-51E8-46DB-AD66-8B2B3424DBFF.fmf 4231 narrow 3 AMs 2 DMs !!!FM17KnapDG4231DMnarrowP48_5ACA5E3B-8E7F-4D88-84E8-5CDF1179AD94.fmf 4411 !!!FM17KnapDG4411P53_28B4F77B-084A-49C9-A9AA-41B69C81E068.fmf 4123 !!!FM17KnapDG4123P51_1DF955A2-4C4B-4EF9-86D8-D25A9839FDFA.fmf 4141 !!!FM17Knap4141DGP49_B6D90C35-3AB2-43E6-BA2F-B27540622644.fmf442 442 !!!FM17KnapDG442P47_C020D7DD-3F8B-4B18-97CB-704FE096DB11.fmf 3412 !!!FM17KnapDG3412P47_61B09E8C-576D-478A-B2FD-237087A6CB6C.fmf 343 !!!FM17KnapDG343P52_6CE3B3D3-455A-4DE2-A5D1-988ACB1D8A3E.fmf 41311 !!!FM17KnapDG41311P49_28EA3A89-CCAA-4D13-A701-3D001604A565.fmf Asymmetric !!FM17KnapDGAsymmetricP50_FD09266D-EAF3-40CE-98EE-21B53AEA7954.fmf
  3. I will start uploading this morning. 451 4231 41231 NARROW 3AMS 4411 4141 442 3412 343 41311 Asymmetric Finding the save system for tactics a bit awkward, so need to check right tactic.
  4. The old Custard Pie worked well with West Ham, so a decent all round tactic. The new tactics are based on one base tactic, but covers multiple formations, so I will post them all together in a new thread.
  5. Custard Pie using a new set up.
  6. Custard Pie still holds its own in FM17 !!FM17KnapCustardPie_2188D125-49FB-423F-9011-9DDDDC2194B0.fmf
  7. If it works well I would post up the tactic. The 442 with West Ham works better as a counter tactic.
  8. I will have a look, The closest new tactic is a 4411, I tried with Arsenal
  9. Only posted last year on FM Base because of the testing Leagues. These are last years tactics updated. I have tactics for this FM17 343 - 4123 - 4231 - 4231 narrow-451-442-4411-4141, which I have not posted
  10. WOKING 451 !FM17KnapWOKING451PL_3758A46B-299E-45C7-814E-5BDCCF75D63A.fmf
  11. Have you tried asking on forum for a solution?
  12. Is this the problem with regard to importing tactics?
  13. The tactics are almost the same as last year, so the team screen is in last years thread. Changes BMW to D and a BBM. However, i use many TIs anf PIs + corner set ups.
  14. Did you try this !FM17Knapmidsommer442_3AAD6D9D-B84C-4CC6-A95C-F2ADDB62A1F2.tac
  15. STARGAZINGLIVE 4231 !FM17KnapStargazingLiveTriple_BE5317A3-A0ED-48A5-AB4B-EB89EB4EF323.fmf