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  1. Can i continue with my save or i have to start new one?
  2. I''ll try it immediately. It works for home and away games?
  3. @Ozturk58 i sent you a PM with my save file. DId you received it?
  4. @Ozturk58 If i give you my save for testing your tactics, can you create some tactics that can works with weak teams of lower leagues?
  5. @lionel messi i'm at the end of the first season with Isle Of Man. Are there relevant changes in the new update to restart from the beginning for the second time my save or i can continue with it?
  6. Unfortunately not. Are the only ones i can found
  7. I don't know if they are in the pack but i would ask two stadium: The Bowl - FC Isle Of Man Sportpark Lindenberg - Weimar
  8. NOFV-Oberliga Nord and NOFV-Oberliga Sud trophy Regionalliga Nordost trophy
  9. @lionel messi North West Counties League Division One North and South have both 4 promotion spot. In your DB only the first classified get the promotion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–21_North_West_Counties_Football_League
  10. No background competition for NOFV Oberliga Sud, NOFV Oberliga Nord, Regionalliga Nordost. Please add them
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