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  1. Can add Lowland and Highland League trophy or logo please? LOWLAND LEAGUE - ID 61063387 HIGHLAND LEAGUE - ID 61006615 Highland League cup - ID 61026076 Lowland League Cup - ID 61025746
  2. This message appears every time I exit the game or i try to start the game with a different skin: ERROR - 20.1.3-1317497 (staging) What means? how can solve it?
  3. I don't tell him fake rules. An user on fm scout create the Finland DB untill 5th thier and use this rules, so i thought they were the real rules
  4. @claassen could you activate Kolmonen, Finland 4th tier where plays Santa Claus? 6 groups of 20 teams and the group's winners are promoted to 3th thier
  5. It works with low resolution?
  6. Japan don't have original database. With the name fix you make playable the national team but not the leagues Iran too
  7. Mate i'm having troubles with Japan, Iran, Qatar and Thailand files because of the new patch. What i have to do? can you fix them in any way?
  8. M8 untill wich divition arrives the italian stadiums backgrounds?
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