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  1. i created cup.. and final should be played on neutral ground.. however, in final, when team "a" plays against team "b", match is played on team "a" ground instead of neutral.. is this bug in editor? in previous years, there wasn't problem with stadium settings..
  2. I tried to contact him on PM before, but I didn't get any response!? Is there any e-mail address?
  3. How can import players from excel to editor? I have players' info listed in columns in this order: first name, last name, d.o.b., position. I'd like to avoid adding players manually, so if there is a way to do it, I'd like to learn it..
  4. @Simon Tipple Have research for the new season started already? I can help with lower leagues in Croatia.
  5. I'll try to make file with English translation this weekend.. I only make Croatian leagues and that effort lasts for several years now.. That's why you have clubs "attached" with real cities, stadiums and name changes or competitions with structure like in real life.. My research is detailed and time-consuming.. In following months I could create football pyramids from some other countries as well..
  6. In short, what you have in this database: - added clubs (more than 600) have added foundation years, stadiums and home kits, - added all leagues in Croatia (levels 1-8), - added county cups (21), - added past winners for added competitions from the 2015/2016 season onward, - added real life promotion / relegation playoffs for specific leagues, - added real life rules for added leagues and cups, - added real life squads and staff for following teams: "Grasevina" and "Varteks", - added numerous real life managers in lower leagues, - adjusted reputation for clubs in lower lea
  7. I know you can "load" European competitions rules in advanced rules mode when you add nation for those competitions. Keeping that in mind, is it possible to add teams from e.g. Crimea to participate in Champions League in some qualifying stages?
  8. Tuđman was president of Partizan, but Partizan is actually multi-sport team (football, basketball, etc.). So, I believe he was president of entire club, not just football section. By the way, I see you are making excellent progress, well done! I'm curious, how did you make rule that domestic players can not leave country until certain age (just like in Yugoslavia)?
  9. Actually that rule lasted several seasons before Yugoslavia break-up and that can be done in advanced rules. And players should remain in their current clubs, there's no point returning them to club where they started career.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988–89_Yugoslav_First_League Take a look.
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