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  1. If you pay little more attention, I was referring that some requested features for DATA EDITOR haven't been included for years by SI... Game itself is changing more or less every year..
  2. And yet I thought you were done with this save! There is great future ahead of you Makoto, no matter that your manager in this save is (almost) 100 years old! First international trophy is almost there!
  3. Regarding FM Data Editor, I seriously hope that SI will look into this thread finally: There are tons of features requested for years, and nothing changes...
  4. @Makoto Nakamura I asked you about Croatian leagues, because it's bit unrealistic that national team is filled with Croatia Berlin players that much... After all, clubs such as Dinamo, Hajduk, Rijeka and Osijek have very good youth setups so they should contribute more in national youth sides... On the other hand, I'm eager to see success on international level!
  5. I was checking forum today to see will be there any updates from you Makoto, and now I can go to sleep peacefully! Massive success! I had a feeling you could go far in CL (your form in continental competitions was always excellent), but Bundesliga win is pleasant suprise! Do you have Croatian leagues loaded in this save??
  6. @Samuel77 Thanks mate! Wow look at that. With this setting, it could be quite easy to make continental competition that avoids picking teams that already play either in CL or EL... Can I ask you for favor? I want to create competition for only national cup winners, but if national cup winner already plays in Champions League or Europa League, i want runner-up to play in that competition. Can you take a look? I've already set that competition ignores CL and EL teams, and even that competition use runner-up if it has to, however, team "X" plays both in CL and my competition (both competitions are running in same time). I don't know what's wrong!
  7. I'd say you are much more successful in continental competitions (quite good results and form), so it's quite possible you could win Champions League before Bundesliga! And of course, congratulations on UEFA Cup win (I'm not biggest fan on "Europa League" competition name)!
  8. Is there any way to do following?? I want to create competition for only national cup winners, but if national cup winner already plays in Champions League or Europa League, i want runner-up to play in that competition... Anyone know maybe??
  9. @Samuel77 Can you print-screen same thing but on english please??
  10. When creating new continental competition, is it possible to set minimum and maximum teams from certain nation / division in this fashion?? E.g. Competition "X" in first year has 4 teams - 1 from Portugal , 1 from Spain and 2 from Andorra... In this scenario, Spain dominate competition "X" several years and now they should have 2 teams and Andorra should have 1 team... What I'm trying to reach is something similar to UEFA coefficient , where better nations have more representing teams in competition... Simplified, how to set Portugal and Spain that they have in this competition maximum teams = 2, although they start with 1 team?? But as always in these things, can this be done using Advanced Rules?? Thanks in advance for help!
  11. OK, this is maybe easy, and yet, maybe it can not be done... I'd like to create small scale Cup Winners' Cup, however if national cup winners play either in Champions League or Europa League, I'd like that competition skip winner and take runner-up or even third placed team instead. In advanced editor I ticked some options regarding my request, however I still get in competition national cup winners who play in CL or EL... Is there any solution for this?? @Carlito85 mate, did you encounter something like this in your databases??
  12. Do you have Resource Archiver?? With that tool you can extract file "comp editor.fmf" and in extracted folder you can find "nation.xml" to modify... Extracted folder is best to keep in same directory as mentioned .fmf file so you can see changes in .xml files "applied" in editor
  13. @Makoto Nakamura congratulations on EL win, I've never doubted it! In CL, you were in group with FK Partizan from Belgrade... and now I present you some note from history... On this day, 22 years ago (30th July 1997), than Croatia Zagreb (now GNK Dinamo Zagreb) destroyed Partizan Belgrade at home 5-0 in second leg of qualifications for Champions League 1997-1998 season... First leg in Belgrade ended 1-0 for Partizan, although Croatia Zagreb were much better team (they even hit woodwork 2 times)... However, on home ground, everything went fine (more than "just" fine )... Well this was happening 2 years after war in Croatia, and you can imagine happiness after beating team from Serbia (than still Yugoslavia)... Here, take a look... Some strong names played in this match!
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