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  1. well done torcida great effort... now when you have updated croatian data, it seems it will have to create from scratch my croatian database from first to lowest level... i saw you have added 76 new players in croatian third leagues, however it would be good that those players have some playing history, at least 2 seasons.... okay, there are some players with playing history included, but that are only "empty spaces"... also third league players should have current ability above 50-60, let's say between 70-85 would be more realistic... it seems that next year we will have 5 third leagues in croatia, so hard work begins... and one more thing... VELDIN KARIC should be in database for next edition of the game... he plays in varteks (fan-owned club, not extinct one)
  2. can somebody else give it a try?? @KUBI do you know how to make this??
  3. I did exactly what you have written, but I can only see "grey" footballers with english names and english nationality... or while tweaking further, i get grey players with japanese nationality, but with english names... @KUBI help please mate
  4. well, this year editor is pretty ******... wasted 50-55 euros... many options are disabled, even more options are hidden, some requested features aren't in editor all these years... take for example kits selection menu... same kits selection for 20 years!!!! i understand that editor is not high priority, but many of us buy game because of editor, and every year guess what - nothing new or cosmetic changes
  5. coefficients are located in nation.xml file or what it should be seen in data editor... maybe @KUBI or @krlenjushka know how to enable that in editor... anyway, SI messed up data editor big time this year
  6. OK, here's the thing... In previous years, in Data Editor, you could use extinct nations (e.g. Yugoslavia) to create fictional nations and after that - leagues, cups, and by default that "re-born" country would have automatic slots for continental competitions... However in 2019. Data Editor, that option is disabled... So, when you, for example, want to create, Monaco league (btw Monaco is "extinct" nation in database), league winner can't qualify for Champions League... SO, SPORTS INTERACTIVE CAN YOU RETURN THAT OPTION AS IT WAS BEFORE?? AND PLEASE, SPORTS INTERACTIVE, IF YOU CAN NOT IMPROVE DATA EDITOR, STOP RUINING IT ALL TIME! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!
  7. damn, i was afraid they removed that option from new editor (2019) - i mean on continental slots for extinct nations... well i can only try to report that to bugs section and kindly ask that SI return that feature
  8. @joltage i'm just curious how did you enable that teams from wakanda qualify for continental competitions in africa??
  9. can you give me some advice how to do it?? in previous version of football manager you could create league in monaco, C.I.S. or any extinct nation and you would get automatic places for UEFA competitions... but it seems they disabled that this year
  10. @Timo61 hi mate! how you can make clubs from monaco appear in UEFA competitions??
  11. anyone figured out how to see players' positions??
  12. Did you take a look?? @krlenjushka
  13. 2 questions... 1. did anyone find a way to view players' positions in editor?? 2. how to activate D TEAMS for clubs?? when you extract comp editor.fmf you can find file "club d team. xml" so there shoud be way that you can add d team for clubs
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