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  1. I'm trying to add transfer window that would be available only in first season in specific nation. And I'm trying to do that in advanced rules as follows: So, transfer window would be between 15th June (2000) and 15th October (2000), but only in first season. In future seasons, transfer window would be between 1st July and 31st August. However, for the transfer window in first season, I set start year 2000 and end year 2000 or 2001, but in game I only get transfer window that is meant for future seasons. Any solution for this?? Thank you in advance!
  2. I'm having issue with promotion / relegation playoff. So, there is level 4 competition with two relegation places. Idea is that promotion to level 4 competition get one team from level 5 competition "X", and second promotion place is decided between winner of other two level 5 competitions "Y" and "Z". I set winners of "Y" and "Z" in playoffs in parent level 5 competition, and winning team has fate set to promoted, but I'm getting error that relegated 2 (level 4) and promoted (level 5) 1 teams don't match up. What could be wrong??
  3. Did anyone manage to solve kits colours issue when importing file from editor 20 to editor 21??
  4. Honestly, I doubt they will respond.. Editor 20 had some bugs that weren't fixed whole year, but hey, let's hope I'm wrong
  5. Thank you mate for helping with missing records! Any fix for kits when importing from Editor 20??
  6. Same issue here.. which is shame.. I have database of almost 100 000 changes.. Any fix for this??
  7. Did anybody else experience records loss (custom clubs, players, stadiums etc.) when importing database from Editor 20 to Editor 21?? I have database of almost 100.000 changes and now is worthless, because all records in new Editor 21 are not shown / available. IDs are messed up too.
  8. Substitution rules need to be fixed. They are changed because of corona virus and valid for season 2020 / 2021. At this moment, it is not known are these rules going to be valid for future seasons. 1st League: 5 of 9 2nd League: 5 of 9 3rd League: 5 of 7 Croatian Cup: 5 of 9 There's no info yet, but Super Cup could also use sub rules same as 1st and 2nd League and Croatian Cup too. Super Cup match will be played on 19th January 2021. Reason - tight schedule. Rules regarding foreigners in match squad or first 11 should be reviewed too. According to competition rules of 1st League, in the match, it is allowed to play for 6 foreigners (non-EU players). As far I understand this rule, you can have entire bench of foreign players, but only 6 foreigners you choose can actually play in the match. In 2nd League it is allowed to play for 3 non-EU players (same explanation as 1st League). In 3rd League it is allowed to play for 2 non-EU players (same explanation as 1st League). In Croatian Cup it is allowed to play for 6 non-EU players (same explanation as 1st League).
  9. There are also some substitution rules that need to be fixed. Probably measure because of corona virus. They are valid for season 2020/2021, but at this moment it is not known are those rules going to be applied for future seasons. 1st league: 5 of 9 2nd league: 5 of 9 3rd league: 5 of 7 Croatian Cup: 5 of 9 Junior league: 7 of 7
  10. Kaua Aldana, (ID: 2000032611) footballer of NK NASK Nasice, has wrong nationality set. It should be Brazilian, not Croatian. Please fix it. Thank you!
  11. i created cup.. and final should be played on neutral ground.. however, in final, when team "a" plays against team "b", match is played on team "a" ground instead of neutral.. is this bug in editor? in previous years, there wasn't problem with stadium settings..
  12. How can import players from excel to editor? I have players' info listed in columns in this order: first name, last name, d.o.b., position. I'd like to avoid adding players manually, so if there is a way to do it, I'd like to learn it..
  13. I'll try to make file with English translation this weekend.. I only make Croatian leagues and that effort lasts for several years now.. That's why you have clubs "attached" with real cities, stadiums and name changes or competitions with structure like in real life.. My research is detailed and time-consuming.. In following months I could create football pyramids from some other countries as well..
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