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  1. Please add Dumitru Mitu and Mathias Chago as players in NK Metalac Osijek in next FM 2020 update. https://www.24sata.hr/sport/metalac-ne-staje-nakon-mitua-dovest-cemo-i-mathiasa-chagu-674905
  2. Why we can't change club logos? Where is "pictures" folder?
  3. My main issue with advanced editor is - that it is really, really slow... I don't know is performance fixed by now... There are many good features there and for some of them, tutorial would be nice... However, I believe that advanced editor is bugged, like rest of editor - for example, I got error while verifying nation rules regarding promotion and relegation, although everything seems to be set up correctly...
  4. Any changes to Data Editor performance in newest update??
  5. @KUBI is there any way to change clubs' logos in pre-game editor? There's new "pictures" section, but trying to change anything there, just reverts back in previous state...
  6. quick question - in advanced rules - how i can set up that super cup is not played, if league and national cup winner is same??
  7. I hope for some patch soon... Data Editor has never been bugged this much...
  8. i have question regarding u19 cup... so, i have u19 division with added teams (which are visible in "reserve teams" tab)... i want my u19 cup picks u19 sides from that division, but when i test nation rules - i got error saying that from mentioned division 0 teams have been found... what could be wrong??
  9. I'm working on database with more than 90 000 changes... I don't mind if is editor little bit slower than before, but I say once again - editing in advanced rules has been extremely slow all these years... There's no need to mention other bugs which are not fixed for years too..
  10. Editing in Advanced Rules is horribly slow. Response when making change is 5-10 seconds... Comparing to FM 2019 Data Editor is really slow... By the way, editing in Advanced Rules has always been slower than in Basic Rules... Why is that?
  11. Did anyone modify comp.fmf file so we can change continents for nations, add local regions, add stadium sides?
  12. I remember that in media were news that first division relegation play off should be removed in season 2020 / 2021... I need to find at least one article... If you saw my post you have quoted, I put link for Croatian First Division rules for this season ... I know, text is on Croatian, but I "google translated" part regarding relegation play off... So for this season (2019 / 2020) , relegation play off should remain like it was in previous years...
  13. @Monsi9958 I have found that file already and modified it, but thanks anyway!
  14. 1) I really enjoyed BETA... Game ran smooth and I've noticed some bugs... Were they fixed? It seems - NO. 2) Sports Interactive should hire more people... Surely, testing crew can't spot all game bugs, but if you can not fix bugs you have been pointed out, you should hire more people (same thing every year)... 3) Game is way too expensive... It always feels like updated version of previous game... Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I feel about it...
  15. Are you kidding me? I wrote it down in that post you had quoted 2 weeks ago... Relegation rules for both First and Second League are not correct. https://hns-cff.hr/files/documents/17490/Propozicije natjecanja HT Prve lige.pdf ---> FIRST LEAGUE RULES, NUMBER 42 (GOOGLE TRANSLATE): In the competitive year 2020/21. The first HNL will have 10 participating clubs. At the end of the 2019/2020 competitive year, the league leaves the club placed on the last (10th) place on the table, and the penultimate (9th) club play qualifiers for remain with runner-up from the Second HNL in double cup system. ---> CHECK PREVIOUS GAME VERSIONS http://www.druga-hnl.com/pdf/Propozicije_natjecanja_Druge_HNL-2019-2020.pdf ---> SECOND LEAGUE RULES, NUMBER 39 (GOOGLE TRANSLATE): In the competitive year 2020/2021. The second HNL will consist of 16 clubs, namely: Club (s) that are / are in the 2019/2020 Championship. dropped out of Prva HNL, clubs that are in championship 2019/2020. played in the Second HNL and did not qualify for the First HNL, the relegation clubs to the final thirteenth (13) spot in the Second HNL in the 2019/2020 competitive year. these three (3) club from the qualifications of fourteen (14) placed second HNL club and five champions (or club ranked) to 3rd place of a certain group) five groups of the Third HNL. I believe is much easier to just see my older post, it's much easier to understand... After all, you have Croatian head researcher to correct and check these things....
  16. http://prvahnl.hr/natjecanja/juniori/ Check the table on the right!
  17. is there a way to add and duplicate local regions??
  18. Is FM 2020 going to be available at midnight or in morning of November 19th?
  19. @Dan Ormsby did you fix "bugs" I have reported in posts above?
  20. Honestly, I prefer FM Touch more than full version of FM because of simplicity - FM Touch reminds me on older versions of the game which are without tons of unnecessary features IMO... But... I don't play FM Touch. Why? Because I can't use custom databases and I'm stuck with full version which takes too much of my time... Many years ago there wasn't FM Touch only FM, on various platforms too, but Data Editor was available at least to PC version of the game... And in that aspect, game "wasn't aligned"... I don't why we have "feature requests" threads, when some requests (like this one) are ignored for years...
  21. @krlenjushka do you know maybe what could be issue here?
  22. It seems that some setting regarding nation rules in Data Editor caused issue ---> league with split. I changed that and everything is OK now. However, this is issue with Data Editor than.
  23. I want team "x" appear in specific league for the season 2019 / 2020. I set to that team Next Division and even go further and register team in league with year 2019. However, in game, in season 2019 / 2020 team does not appear in league. Am I doing something wrong here or this requires advanced editing?
  24. I know that FM 2020 is first on priority list these days, but can @Jimmy Wong or someone else from SI look into this issue? I paid for both games, and I expect at least some kind of technical support...
  25. All these years I have never had this kind of error / issue while playing FM or using Data Editor. What's the issue than? I'm creating Croatian football pyramid from scratch in FM 2019 Data Editor. I'm using basic rules for now and file I have saved was verified. After that I wanted to test my edited database in game so I chose editor data in advanced setup but after loading game database I got following. I pressed "OK" and I could get to "choose nations" window, and there were all nations' leagues available to choose except Croatia! Then I went to Data Editor. Once again, I loaded both database itself and editor data I'm working on and I verified it too. I entered "Test Competitions" section, because I wanted to test file in Data Editor and I got same error. I even tried to go into advanced rules, but I could not. To summarize this post, I believe there is something in this edited file / database that is causing this issue. Game and Data Editor work fine, and even the file I'm working on was OK before I started adding leagues beyond competition level 3. I uploaded file here so SI staff can look into it. @Neil Brock @Jimmy Wong can you look at this? Thank you in advance! HNL 2019-2020.fmf
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