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  1. For me, this is an important attribute for all players, but mostly for all, who create chances and also for strikers. It's a combination of intelligence and instinct. You get the ball, so what are you doing? It's something to decide within a second or two. There are "instinct" players who just do the right thing and there are intelligent players who just see the chance to make a trough ball, because one of the defenders is out of play. The top players will all have a high decision attribute - unless they are just at the right place at the right time all the time.
  2. I guess the history of both England and Allardyce will be updated.
  3. The official db has to be locked at some point, but there are third party updates available for any change that has not made it into the starting db.
  4. It's in the account menue.
  5. You should try two things which could speed up the game on your macbook: Change in the pref. from cpu rendering to software rendering It can also makes a difference if you run steam in offline mode instead of online mode.
  6. You can set the transfer preferences for a country to 0 (continental, region), this will prevent most of the transfers but not all. But this is for both incoming and outgoing transfers.
  7. As gunner86 posted, this is already in the game, newgen faces can change, they can smile or looking grim. Maybe your player is not happy with something at the club or he wants to leave to a bigger club?
  8. If you are using any kind of third party/custom league files, this is the most common reason for crashes like that.
  9. Go to the download section, there are some league files for English lower leagues down to the 23th level.
  10. I have two different views on this. You can say it's a bug, because it should be possible if it happens. My other view is, should it really happen in the most realistic football managment simulation? I would rather prefer a gameplay that makes it next to impossible to win the Euro League with clubs like Vaduz. Just because it is unrealistic - unless Vaduz would be bought by a tycoon, which is another unrealistic thing. My preference would be to make it a lot harder to manage small clubs and make them big. A realistic career for a manager is to start with a small club and leave it for a better opportunity, instead of managing a small club into the champions league in 20 seasons.
  11. Just continuing your FM2016 game and start a new with FM2017. Doubles the pleasure.
  12. Verifying is just for league rules changes and not for general data changes.
  13. That's true, but they don't have to adapt the whole game to add those leagues.
  14. I still like it as a general idea, but would prefer first to have a lot more youth tournaments in the game, like the Blue Star youth cup in Zürich and similar tournaments worldwide.