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  1. commentary/media update

    You would need to edit the language file. I remember that there was a ltc editor for FM 2015, but I don't know if there is one for FM 2017. But you could use "community translation" to make your own language file.
  2. That usually happens when you add a league/division with groups and set the clubs for each group instead of using regional divisions and add all clubs to the division, but not to specific groups.
  3. Transfer Windows & Season Start Dates

    In theory it's possible, but you would need to add all leagues from scratch. But there are some hard coded dates in the game to avoid clashes with international competitions, so it could become very tricky.
  4. Cup databases

    There was one for FM 2016, maybe it will also work with FM 2017 when you import it with the editor. http://www.fmscout.com/a-fifa-club-world-cup-overhaul-fm16.html
  5. I'm Surprised...

    You could start with it. It's a lot of work and probably just for a small community who would use it.
  6. File Could Not Load

    You could try the usual recovery methods, but the chance is not that big that it will work. It's vital to make backups and also using incremental saves, like edit001, edit002 etc. That way you will have always a backup or a version that is just prior to the file that could not be opened.
  7. Did you try to save it on a different place/folder? You should also check that the file is not protected.
  8. He did probably lose a bet.
  9. Minimum wage rules?

    I think you did set the wage per month and the game shows the wage per week.
  10. This is already part of the game. You can open the editor and go to cities and there you see a 1 to 10 range. It's used in the game.
  11. You don't need to convert the saved game, they are equal. It's important that you run the same version number of the game on both computers.
  12. Advice / Help w/crash

    Is the Feb. 14 related to something in the game, like draft?
  13. You would need to change all clubs from amateur to semi-pro and also the contract types in the leagues snd divisions.
  14. Best way is always to simulate 3 seasons on holiday, to check that everything is working well with the costum dbs, before starting the real save.
  15. You need to start a new save without the customd db, as the db is part of the saved game.