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  1. You may have a better response in this thread:
  2. Leagues just on view have next to no impact on game speed.
  3. Concussion??

    Concussions could take someone out for a few days but also up to half a year. It happens a lot in ice hockey, but also in every other contact sports. The severity of the impact could cause long therm issues with viewing and dizziness.
  4. Using FM17/18 db files in FM16

    Here you go, I have the 2016 files still on my computer. Updates by claassen.zip
  5. You can only load in the database changes not the competitions a such. Which means you could merge the new competitions added in one db, but you would need to setup the rules.
  6. Legal reasons. If you use a real player you can't stop his career, say for not being professional enough.
  7. No, they won't. Most of them will not reach their potential. It's how the game handles high potential players. The real ones will reach there potential more often, while some of the newgens will suffer and never become a good player. They can't do that with real players, but with newgens.
  8. Could you be a bit more specific? What database size, how many leagues and are those newgens youth players? And what do you mean with "too many"? 50, 100, 1000?
  9. I made this the other way around by editing the stadiums:
  10. Add a second manager, Jeff Honest and only cheat with the other one.
  11. And the league sorting rules are all set in the division?
  12. Edited champions league Rules and Prizes

    And the original file does work?
  13. Edited champions league Rules and Prizes

    That was a bug in the beta version but should be fixed now. Are you playing 10.1.3?
  14. No otherwise all would have problems. Most issues are related to specific systems and graphic cards. If you think that there are not all files loaded open a thread in the bugs forum. Bu first verify the cache in steam.