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  1. --> Rules --> Test Rules You can do that for one divisions or all.
  2. If you want any changes to competitions in your save it needs a new game, all other fixes are save game compatible.
  3. It could be various things. Check at what point the game crashes and which competitions is played at that time, then investigate this competition.
  4. Does it look like this after you started the editor? This is the screen to load existing files on your computer.
  5. I tried it with the German language but reverted to English after a while, I'm used that FM was in English over all those years.
  6. Go to the competition --> edit competition details
  7. There can't be an estimated fix date for updates, as those have to be tested internally until they could release it.
  8. It's not intended to change the scenery:
  9. VAR can also be added/changed if you are using the ingame editor.
  10. This is not a bug report --> moved to the editor forum.
  11. @Freddie Sands uploaded three files: KUBI_People_ID.zip They work when changing the unique_ID, but this conversion should be done by the editor. - find this line (there are so many throughout the document) -----> <large id="db_unique_id" value="-1"/> - REPLACE ALL to this (there is the appropriate command in notepad) ----> <large id="db_unique_id" value="4294967297"/> It's the same with league rules if you added a competition or club
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