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  1. Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    A all free agents db? There isn't one, because it does not work. All the good players will not join any club, because those clubs don't have good enough players in the squad.
  2. I think you need to add the teams to the child divisions.
  3. If you would make a official database you would need to require various licenses.
  4. time problems

    Please do not open multiple threads about the same issue.
  5. You did also not follow the forum rules by posting in caps.
  6. Changing league season dates

    You need to change all dates that are connected with the league stages, including update day, transfer window etc.
  7. @thekloppster Why can't you just wait until it is ready? To asking over and over again, does not help.
  8. How to limit friendlies last date?

    Did you set the "pre season preparations days"? I have set Maximum days 20 Preparation days 45
  9. Anglo Italian Cup

    Best way is to download a cup file and study how it was done. There are some versions of the Mitropa cup for FM 2014 and 2015 if I recall correctly. The structure should be the same.
  10. Did you change the penalty taker? I'm managing different teams and can't see an issue.
  11. Anglo Italian Cup

    Yes, you need to set it up as a new competition.
  12. This usually happen when there are too many or too less teams qualified for the Cups. Did you change the UEFA co effizient for the created nation?
  13. Changing league season dates

    You need to do this with the advanced rules. It's in the competition tab.
  14. data update

    Of course they do, like every year.
  15. This was already answered in the skinning forum. It's not possible to have snow covered pitches in FM 2018.