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  1. You can do that in the competition tab of the club. Or you search for the competition and select all clubs. But I don't know if it will work in the game, as there are so many things that are affected by such a swap (international competitions, youth squads etc). There is also a good chance that all former PL clubs will run into massive financial troubles. I guess, if you want it to make properly, you need to change a lot.
  2. Not a bug, but an editor question --> moved to the editor forum.
  3. No, this can't be changed.
  4. There is already one custom db available: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/31899/empty-database
  5. This was suggested a lot and there where some response from SI about it. The main problems are licenses, because maps are not free to use in commercial software. The second problem are the graphical resources that the game would use for this feature.
  6. When you load your custom league file the game will use this one instead of the original.
  7. There is now just a thread for the advanced rules, which is not the best way, I think, because some users have more than one question and some questions or suggestions are getting lost. Another idea is that all threads with editor questions should start with either BASIC or ADV to make it easier to overlook it. Feel free to add other ideas to improve the forum.
  8. The new prize and tv moneys are already in FM 2017. If there will be another increase 2018 this should be already implemented into FM 2017.
  9. Maybe you could load a existing custom league file into the editor, that was made from scratch with the FM 2010 oder FM 2012 editor. Like this one: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=6396
  10. It's the same. There is a "advanced editor panel", but hidden and you need to activate it. But this is something for experienced editors, as it was a lot more complicated to work with than with the current advanced rules.
  11. You need to add the leagues from scratch with all the rules in the editor, otherwise it's not possible.
  12. This is possible with a .lnc file There are also files available with real name fixes for various parts, you can google for it. http://footballmanager.wikia.com/wiki/LNC_file
  13. This is not possible, you can only hide it in the preferences.
  14. And the question is?
  15. Yes, because games are not played/simulated in full detail. The minus is, that you can't watch any match highlights and the simulation is just basic. I recommend to set at least some of the major divisions to full detail.