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  1. Region locks is nothing new. If you use search you will find threads about FM2014, FM2015, FM2016 and probably an answer and solution. It's not SI that is responsible for region locks, it's SEGA, which also have to be addressed, if you are living in a locked region.
  2. I think it could make a real difference if you have the best pay-tv film channels and things like Netflix subscribed. You could both spend time in season four.
  3. Go to the nation tab, there is a transfer preferences tab.
  4. No, but as they are of no use, the will get transfered or released over the next transfer windows.
  5. If you set both, squad and match rules to 0 foreign players, the clubs will stop signing those players. You can also change the transfer preferences for a country and set if for all regions and continents to 0.
  6. You can set match and squad rules, that no foreign players are allowed. This works for most leagues, but not for England, as players from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also non foreign players.
  7. The old forum had a soft delete available for all users, but it did the same, just hiding the post from the public.
  8. info provided

    There where other reports about the Mali file, causing crashes. Unfortunately there is nothing that could be fixed, if a custom league file is the reason for the crash.
  9. Just hide it. This is the same as deleting in the old forum was.
  10. right click into the post and "paste" is not available?
  11. right click on the picture, chose copy and paste it directly into your post.
  12. I will move that to the mobile section.
  13. That's a request that comes every year, but unfortunately I think it will never be possible. There are too many changes from one version to the next and some of the new features would crash the game.