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  1. There are other threads about it. No date set, when it is ready, usually early March.
  2. Quote from the first post: Screen Resolution This skin is optimized for higher resolutions (minimum of 1920x1080) and might cause errors if you try to use it at a lower resolution.
  3. It seems that he manually changed "true" which did cause the error with textedit on the mac changing the " to ”. If he re-download and install the skin again it should work.
  4. Ok, re-download the skin and replace it. If it gives you the same error, empty the cache in preferences and re-start the game.
  5. Is your FM 2017 updated to 17.2.1?
  6. Check if the skin is inside a folder (it is most of the times), put it out of this main folder and reload the skin again.
  7. Someone will ask anyway, always. No date announced so far, usually early March.
  8. Inside steam right click on the FM 2017 icon --> properties -->local files --> check integrity of local game cache.
  9. That's not possible.
  10. Start a new saved game and set "prevent use of ingame editor". You can not remove it, just hide it in your current save in the preferences.
  11. There is a drop-down "awards" click on the award, than click on overview --> follow
  12. Go to the award and check if you are following.
  13. You would need to make those divisions playable and set the league structure. The game uses only clubs from the first unplayable division to promote random clubs (by reputation) to the lowest playable league.
  14. I don't think so, as just some of the German clubs have a reserve/U23 team. You can also ask for another feeder club and loan players out to those club.