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  1. You need to import it into the FM 2017 editor and save it as 2017 file. Depending on what you edited you need probably to tweak some things, usually only when you added new or own competitions.
  2. I think the Vitrex skin makes it possible to use a manager photo.
  3. I have to correct me. The problem is that competition names changed with a editor file can't be "re-changed" with a lnc file. You need to change the names in the original db file, before you start a new saved game.
  4. Does not understand it, but I will try. You save it with a different name and now you can't load it into your game?
  5. Please be patient, as you posted this on the weekend. The developers will look into it on Monday.
  6. It's Sunday, so you can't expect a quick resolve of the problem. You should also provide some additional information about your computer, OS and what exactly does not work.
  7. I don't think that you can mass-edit just the year of birth.
  8. Probably a good xml editor could do that, but the problem is to search and select the players you want. In the official editor you would need to change every record.
  9. You need to download a .lnc file with all the competitions in English. Head over to sortitoutsi.
  10. There are already more than one thread with this request, please add your opinion there.
  11. Click on contact us at the bottom of the forum and send a message. You need to explain why you want to change your user name.
  12. Just two posts above you can see how to fix it.
  13. What are you expecting from such a poll? You are just inviting those who are unhappy with the game for a yes. There could be users who are just angry, because they can not change the manager picture anymore. Others have a small but for them irritating issue with the user interface. And others are stuck with a serious issue. There is a bugs forum and a lot of bugs are adressed and fixed, people who are unhappy or encounter a bug should report it. Yes or No is not very helpful, explaining it like Dafuge did is. Please, everyone who did vote YES in tis poll, post why you did that, in a way the developers could profit.