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  1. Please, try to read and understand what we are posting. The GAME is in the steam folder. That's ok. But the user FILES are in the user directory and documents folder. You have a user/documents folder on your computer.
  2. KUBI

    VAR in England

    It needs one click for goal line technology and one click for VAR to activate it in the editor.
  3. KUBI

    VAR in England

    I'm not a coder and I'm not working for SI. So this is only my private opinion and feature request.
  4. KUBI

    VAR in England

    I think it should be possible to add it at least to the in-game editor. It would be a nice feature for the in-game editor anyway.
  5. KUBI

    File has to be tested in editor

    Export the file in the editor, it will generate a .xml file. Load this into the game.
  6. KUBI

    5th Tier German League

    The fifth tier is the Oberliga with semi-pro and amateur clubs. Not very attractive for players to get loaned out. Promote youth players to the first team and visit the scouting center, usually some free agents are offering themselves.
  7. KUBI

    File in .BAK

    Those are backup files, rename BAK with dbc and you can load/import it.
  8. He blocked 7 shots. So the score could be easy 7:0 or 9:0.
  9. Buy it directly from steam workshop instead through the game.
  10. The location of the user files are on all computer in the same path. You must look for the user documents folder for the user/admin you are logged-in.
  11. KUBI

    Only part time scouts

    I move this to the bugs forum.
  12. This is all in Advanced Rules Fixture rules & match rules
  13. user/documents/sports interactive/football manager 2019 is the path in which you find the editor data folder, plus your saved games.
  14. That's the wrong directory for game files, it's in the user/documents path, not the game path.