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  1. Could you please upload your saved game? I checked this in my save and all Japanese players speak only Japanese.
  2. Für online Spiele benötigt man einen Host - Gastgeber, auf dessen Computer das Spiel läuft. Nur wenn dieser online ist und das Spiel auf seinem Computer lädt können die anderen sich einloggen. Man sollte deshalb gemeinsame Spielzeiten vereinbaren.
  3. This is a known issue and they are looking into it.
  4. The Spanish league becomes a new structure in the second season.
  5. There are various ways you could try: Setting the clubs initial as semi-pro in the lower leagues Adding TV money - which is given in a pro-rata basis, not at the start of the season Adding promotion money instead of allocating money when they are still in the lower division. Adding a league initial money that is payed every season to all clubs as a general sponsorship money.
  6. Can you please stop bumping all your threads?
  7. There is already a thread about this issue.
  8. Please use the search function or have a look into the bugs forum, there is a thread with response from SI.
  9. The in-game editor is a small pencil on top right on the screen.
  10. There is now a thread in the bugs forum and also one in the GD forum about a possible issue with player ratings and/or lack of key tackles. There is no need to discuss this here any further.
  11. At the moment there are a few reports about a player rating issue. It's too early to say that this is a general issue. There is more evidence (stats) needed.
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