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  1. @Kochi001 Du musst bei der Liste der Ligen für die Child competition jeweils die Division auswählen, sonst werden sie nicht richtig aufgelistet.
  2. KUBI

    New iMac

    FM 19 runs on both old and new iMacs. If you can afford it, double the RAM to 16 GB. On that iMac you can run as many leagues as you like to play with.
  3. This is only possible with a custom league file.
  4. That's not true, since FM introduced a new 3-D graphic engine with FM 2018 a lot of older integrated graphic cards will not run FM anymore.
  5. The GMA X3100 graphic did not meet the minimum specs for FM 2018, so I guess the 2019 game will not run on the HP.
  6. I think you could run a lot more than 4-5 leagues/countries with that specs. The problem is, that people have very different views on fast/slow game play, so what you could do is to start two test saves with different set-up. After playing both for a while you will see, if the "bigger" one suits you or not.
  7. Starting date and season periods are two different kind of things. Pre-Season needs to be started weeks before the first match is played. So the game choses a Monday, because the first game is played on Saturday. Early Pre- Season should start at least 3 to 4 weeks before the first match.
  8. @CAGSEN Please do not start a new thread for every post, just reply here, thank you.
  9. Remove the day (Sunday) and just set the date.
  10. Because you wrote it? The new training modul is not perfect, but I think a big improvement. Yes, it is a bit complicated at the first glance, but you don't need to do every task, you have staff for that part. Use it and change it for specific tasks and before important matches.
  11. Seems to be a good idea. @claassen just pm me or another mod, if you want to re-open it.
  12. KUBI


    It's indeed in Steam --> library --> tools Football Manager 2018 editor But of course this is only available if you have activated the game within steam.
  13. To go back to the default skin, delete the cache folder and/or the preference folder. Which third party skin did you want to load?
  14. KUBI

    Throw-in exploit

    Moved to the bugs forum.