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  1. I will move that to the bugs forum, so they can look into it.
  2. Please, try this two steps:
  3. You need to manage the reserve team for a day to cancel it. But it is not unusual to play a friendly against the own reserve team.
  4. That's not possible with the official ingame editor.
  5. What do you want to change?
  6. What do you want to change? There is an ingame editor and also some third party real time editors.
  7. That was suggested in the past and the official answer was always that this will never be added, as the game is about managing a club, not owning a club.
  8. Check your anti-virus, it could block the graphics, some have a "game mode" you could activate.
  9. You should update your game in steam to the 17.3.1. version.
  10. Please open your own thread and provide some information about your system specs and your save game.
  11. Open your own thread please and upload your saved game. You can't expect a solution during the weekend.
  12. Those second tier leagues are no issue for the performance as the players are loaded anyway. It makes only a difference if you play them on full detail.
  13. If you want to see the difference between FM 2011 and FM 2017 download and play the demo version. There are hundreds of new features since 2011.
  14. Re-boot your computer and try it again.
  15. Merged this with the original thread. Did you already tried to remove the custom graphics? Did it still crash? If not, try to re-add custom graphics folder by folder.