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  1. KUBI

    [FM09] 99/00 Database

    You should ask someone at sortitoutsi, as this was a db made by one of them. Probably they have a backup somewhere.
  2. Maybe worth a try. We could try it, when FM 2019 is out and putting all the existing stuff for 2018 in a sub folder.
  3. There is also a difference in squad and match rules.
  4. I think removing one of the other teams it the only option, as the amount of teams in the reserve leagues could be hard coded.
  5. It's not difficult, just time consuming, as you need to do it to both leagues.
  6. KUBI

    Max foreigner limit

  7. If teams have already foreign players it will take one or two seasons, before they can get rid off those players.
  8. You need to change the foreign player rules in the league.
  9. KUBI

    Database size

    I would only chose small if you play on a slow or old computer. Medium or large gives you the best balance.
  10. KUBI

    DB Transferability

    Usually you can use them, but you have to make some adjustments, especially when you added lower leagues to the file. I have one file that I use for 5 years now and it still works. It all depends on the changes you made and how they interact with changes in-game.
  11. You could try it with the corner folder for bigger stadiums. It‘s all try and error, I don‘t know if it will work.
  12. KUBI

    Real Regen Megapack Config File FM18

    Subsection do not work anyway, so it's better to keep them in one folder with one config file.
  13. KUBI

    Real Regen Megapack Config File FM18

    I made it the other way around by renumbering the pictures, so instead of 1 to 55k it would be 1916413400 to 191641xxxx But that does only work if the player IDs are in a row. That way you can set up a config file with FMXL.
  14. KUBI

    Real Regen Megapack Config File FM18

    I don't know how it works on a pc but on a mac it is relatively simple to renumber a bulk of pictures and after that creating a config file with the usual tools.
  15. KUBI

    Custom Database Crashing at Inconsistent Points

    I don't think this is related to database size. You changed some attributes that are important for the game to set it up correctly. All three attributes are used to set and change things like reputation.