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  1. This should work with all custom dbs, it's the same in FM 2017.
  2. Buy the game in a shop, through steam or other online shops. You can also download the mac demo version with the steam client.
  3. You need the xml editing help of krlenjushka for that. And he needs the files you want to use.
  4. Try this one: http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm17-real-fixtures-pack-2016-2017.html
  5. If you are using chrome as browser, closing it from time to time will free up 1 to 5 gb Ram.
  6. The only way would be to merge the files, which is sometimes tricky. Maybe there is another real fixtures file uses the english league for the basic editing, but also included German real fixtures?
  7. It's always based on club reputation with some kind of randomness. The club with highest reputation will be pomoted with a 75% chance.
  8. If there are start and end date set for the league, remove the end date.
  9. If you have a backup of the game with an earlier version you can copy that backup into your steam directory.
  10. It works if you set offset dates the right way. You can set the day and the match time by using the -1 or +1, which means some matches are played the day before or the day after.
  11. FM touch is not a limited version, just a stripped down version with less micro-management like press conferences, player/staff/board interaction, training etc. It's made for people with less time to play and people who enjoy to play without going into the deep. You can also not use the pre-game editor in touch and not load custom made databases.
  12. You can do that in the competition tab of the club. Or you search for the competition and select all clubs. But I don't know if it will work in the game, as there are so many things that are affected by such a swap (international competitions, youth squads etc). There is also a good chance that all former PL clubs will run into massive financial troubles. I guess, if you want it to make properly, you need to change a lot.
  13. Not a bug, but an editor question --> moved to the editor forum.
  14. No, this can't be changed.
  15. There is already one custom db available: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/31899/empty-database