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  1. I believe that current training system has no charm at all. Training has to be the main focus for such a tactical game. But unfortunately FM series had never manage to attract players into that. I think we need some big changes on training system. I mean that trainings needs to be visual. Instead of switching the bars, we must actually participate in trainings. We don't need to watch the whole training but it could be enough to watch just a few scenery according to real schedule. Trying different formations for the upcoming match. Warn the player against a specific opponent
  2. I bet you noticed the interest into lower leagues has increased IRL. There are even some movements as #againstmodernfootball. I know that you are not interested in this, maybe because of you don't consider it profitable. But let me try my chance... Lower league has different dynamics. Unfortunately FM is not suited into that. You don't get the atmosphere of lower leagues. Training methods, tactics, board and player interactions are far more different than the professional football which is presented in the game. I can give those examples below: Contracts are not alw
  3. Guys sorry to say but every year you are just giving more headache to modders. You made a total mass with this new way of ''LIST'' stuff in the advanced editor. Generally when i wanted to add an extra sub-division on the list, i usually copy from the similar one above. Then i return on the rules just to change the name of the division. This is the best and easy way. But this time if i copy a sub-division, it will never appear on the list under the parent division. i simply can't find my copied division. So i just have to add new rule and write everything from the scratch. Thx
  4. I am trying to change the prefered squad status for a division level. Keep in mind that this is a lower league patch with fictional players. So when i set the game in the begining, i found out that ''Squad Player'' is the main type to dictate on the other squad types as well. If i set this one as ''part-time'', i find hot prospect, fringe player, regular starter and star players are also set as part-time. If i set it as ''amateur'', then almost all players turns on amateur. So i end-up with no solution so far.... Any idea?
  5. Lebanon Madagascar Saint Pierre et Miquelon Seychelles Soudan de Sud Swaziland Tanzanie Those leagues are not working m8. They all gives not enough team errors.
  6. there are still errors in some leagues Lebanon Madagascar Saint Pierre et Miquelon Seychelles Soudan de Sud Swaziland Tanzanie These leagues are not working
  7. There are errors with some leagues with basic rules. madagascar malawi Nouvelle Calédonie
  8. give a unique number to that cup before you export it. let's say 999. after you export it just search for ''999''
  9. As long as better computers will be promoted, yes:P
  10. You can do it with xml files. set maximum team as 1000 First export your db open it with a simple xml editor (like notepad) find maximum number 1000 change it as you wish. Note: I don't recommend it to rise it extreamly, cause its not easy to handle such a big stage.
  11. No i just merged data from the previous data. Rest i made all from zero.
  12. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0yb5o9qwcrjtyv3/Turkish_Super_Patch_20_by_Affluence.fmf/file It's an annoying issue m8 Here is my calendar for league structures and db file. Turkish Super Patch 20 by Affluence.fmf
  13. Ok but shouldn't i set the playoffs further then the main division date?
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