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  1. The old ''geographical based'' regions was not realistic as much as not considered and used by the Turkish FA. In real life, the Turkish FA orgenize all the regional and youth leauges based on this local regions shown above. Yo can also find the referee appointments based on the same regional borders. The other thing is the game mechanics. It's all about football in the end. The game is using this regions to set lots of things like climate, youth leagues, youth players, affiliated clubs, pre-season training trips, friendly match trips ect... The main problem with the old system (beside not used by the FA) is the distance between the cities. For example the Black Sea Region is occupying lots of cities with big distance from each other as like Düzce and Artvin. Almost no nation had the '' old geographical based'' regional system like we had in the game. My biggest concern with the old system was the lower divisions. It was extremely difficult to create a proper lower leagues mod with it, because of the FA creates those leagues with using the map above instead.
  2. mentese

    Manager Camera

    I believe that it would be great to watch the match from the bench. This will also put more realism and action into the game. In the other hand what if we could move the camera angle with holding the right mouse?
  3. Editor bug dolu malesef. Editörü update etmeyi dene. değişiklikten sonra save yap ve en alt ligden tek-tek onaylamayı dene ligleri. hata alırsan editörü kapatıp açıp tekrar dene.
  4. There are a few more changes i just made. Added İstanbul Süper Amatör Playoff Group Added a few more Süper Amatör teams. Corrected some team names. Son bir güncelleme daha yaptım. DEĞİŞİKLİKLER: İstanbul Süper Amatör Klasman Playoff eklendi. Bazı eksik Süper Amatör Takımları düzenlendi. Bazı kulüplerin isim değişiklikleri eklendi.
  5. After you made your changes in editor, do you verify them before you test it in game?
  6. Try the last one with updated editor. It's clear and has no error. I had many errors until i resolve them all. You better make a excell sheet. When u make a small mistake with so many sub divisions it is so difficult to find where is it...
  7. UPDATED VERSION: http://www.mediafire.com/file/35ihwdgs07l66j0/Turkish+Super+Patch+19+by+Affluence.fmf Thats the last version for now. Finally i could of resolve the annoying fixture error thanks to krlenjushka.
  8. yeni update oynadığına emin misin? versiyon 4,5'u kullan. 5 sezon test ettim ama böyle bir sorun çıkmadı.
  9. What is the scale for variable numbers? You can make different cup stages with different numbers and use ''do not add stage if not enough teams'' tick. For example make a cup stage with 16 teams and use the ''do not add stage if not enpugh teams'' option. Then add another cup stage with 14 teams in same way. In this way only correct number of stage will run.
  10. Link for the new version :http://www.mediafire.com/file/5nsax4mfa0pat1k/Turkish+Super+Patch+19+by+Affluence+v.4%2C5.fmf Fixed the issue with promotion from BAL to 3. Lig. I tested it in game for 5 seasons and there is no error. All the promotions&relegations are as they supposed to be.
  11. I just finished it and will check in game now But other data is tested in game for 5 season and looks like no error at all. I just set all the new divisions ''OVIRRIDE RULES IN CODE''... In this way ı could of verify it then looks like no problem.
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