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  1. So the third division in Mexico is a division with 14 groups. Each leader gets a spot to playoff promotion. How can I build this? Any advice would be apreciated.
  2. South Shields 2029/2030 Currently I am at he end of the season. Close to promotion, with 4 games left to play. I am impressed since this is my first season on the L1. It's looking like a straight promotion to the Championship. We have won the VNL North and L1 Leagues. We have Exceptional academy coaching and Excellent Youth recruitment. It has been hard to sell any of my players, because they are more valuable in the club than what other teams are offering. First Season - Straight promotion Second season - Relegation Third Season - Champions Fourth Season - Promoted via Playoffs Fifth season - Ninth Season Champions of League 2 We stayed four seasons on L2 barely safe from relegation until 9th season my players had so much play time they started to get really good vs the teams. How we started L2 vs How we got out of L2 Current 10th season is ongoing but looking promising. Current Best Players: My Ace striker Amazing Left Wingback Deadly Left Inside forward Best Winger I could ask for And my trouble maker Defender Currently I have 8+ loans One of my loans just won the VNN with Halifax and the other a promising striker won the top scorer with 25 goals.
  3. what I meant was to jump 9 months of holiday to get recently promoted teams on the vanarama. England starts on june of the starting year while belarus starts on march of the following year
  4. Question is it abinding to the rules if I start on a belarus starting date and holiday to june 25?
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk I have a question how did you manage scouting? were you using trials? also are you wings providing support or just plainly attacking?
  6. Quick question does anyone know of a logo pack for this?
  7. 2024/2025 Haverfordwest County We have won the league again and the welsh cup. We have reached champions league group stage! We drew United, PSG and Shakhtar... fml We got money! My current squad Facilities Honours \ Top three players Me:
  8. 2022/2023 Haverfordwest County It's the end of august, We are playing the second leg of the 4th round for the europa league. After a dissapointing 1st Qual. leg that ended on 3 -2. We found ourselves with a 3 - 0 advantege from the home game. Our star midfielder came from behind and scored the first goal that would seal our pass to the europa league group stage. This is the first time we arrived here and we are happy that we will be able to play vs better opponents now. It also came with a sexy bonus. Which now has enable us to go Pro next season We also requested the upgrade of facilities Here is our Europa League Group We have won the league 3 times and 2 Welsh cups. We have great finances after getting to the group stages This is my team at the moment, only 1 of the initial players are still here. The others are from the 5 batches so far. Top three players: (proud of them) And Me:
  9. Haverfordwest 2020/2021 We won the Welsh cup Only player from the third batch worth signing We lost the league after winning it last year but at least we will still get euro money Players at the end of the league
  10. Haverfordwest 2019/2020 We won the league. Facilities Economy Best young player award Best player award Stats
  11. Haverfordwest County 2018/2019 First season Was an amazing first season we reached europe league first round. Ended the league in 5th place } We had a decent batch of new players too bad I dont have a picture of them at the start but i am in the middle of the second season. And this is how they are atm. S1YA= players who are either first team or will have priority on playing time. S1YB= players who will be sub or will go to loan. Current Proyection Season League Position Welsh Cup League Cup Training Facilities Youth Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Achievements/Notes Top Scorer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 WPL 5th 4th round 3rd round Poor Poor average below average Europe League 1st round Gwion Howell (32)
  12. you can try the following https://teaandbusquets.com/4-2-3-1-introduction You can push the line higher and change the 2 midfielders for 2 DM's
  13. what personality do you guys pick for your HOYD? What do you guys usually go for?
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