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  1. He’ll have you on a zero hours contract soon...
  2. I’ll tell myself I’m not buying it right up until I see that tweet that the game is out and then buy it. Really, we should all wait until March when the game is actually in its final finished state. It would actually be refreshing if some of these companies would release every two years rather than y£arly. The changes from year to year are so small that, for me, the tag ‘new game’ cannot really be justified. Anyway, saying that, I’ll end up buying it - I know I will.
  3. Yeah injuries are OTT sometimes. I’ve had both of my right backs out for lengthy spells at the same time in the past and I just brought in a brand spanking new defensive midfielder on loan only to have him injured immediately for 3 - 5 months. That said, I am enjoying FMT20 a lot. Despite this and the one on ones......
  4. The Club Vision section of the game is brilliant I think. I’m in my first season with Notts Forest and don’t want to get the bullet either as I picked them because I want to do a Brian Clough and get them into Europe. They want me to play attacking football (which I’m doing) and be in the playoffs at the end of the season. I’ve been in and out of the top 6 all season and I’m now just outside them with 10 games to go. I’ve Just been touted as 3-1 to get sacked too! Still think I can do it though... Although by the end of this weekend I might be finding myself sacked and at a smaller club like Spurs or Everton* *im joking Spurs/Everton fans!!! 👍⚽️
  5. I think it’s fair to say that FM’s match engine is way behind the times. I think that if they don’t bring it up to date soon, the game will get left behind. The mobile version is seriously the best version of all of them this year in my opinion. I started to find that after pretending it’s ok for years, I cannot watch the 3D matches any more. At least with 2D you don’t see the dodgy back heals and daft defensive and keeper errors etc etc...
  6. I’ve got to say well done to the team involved in making this years version of FMM - its so good that I wouldn’t want that much to change for the next version. Maybe ‘edit player instructions’ would be the only thing I’d want added. Just to fine tune certain things if the player wants to go that bit deeper into the tactic. But then again, it’s meant to be a quicker game to pick up and play so maybe not! Just one very minor thing I’ve come across that needs a fix is the shirt numbers here on this screen shot I’ll try and upload here:
  7. I’ve been playing FM for a few years now and always buy Touch and Mobile to use on my iPad and find this years version of FMM more enjoyable than FMT. The UI on FMM on my iPad is so responsive and much easier to navigate around than Touch. I’m probably classed as an older player and the old eye sight is not what it was so the bigger on-screen ‘buttons’ and general display suits me better these days. I love this version of the game and I hope you continue to release it for tablets as well as phones.
  8. Like the title says, does anybody know if I can use a mouse with FMT 2020 on my iPad? I just tried a PS4 controller (which can now be used via Bluetooth on an iPad) but it worked on every other game except, yes, you guessed it, Football Manager. Does anybody know if a Bluetooth mouse would work with it? Thanking you in advance!!
  9. Sounds too hard to do for a simple man like me. If I send my iPad to one of you, along with a blank cheque, could you do this for me?
  10. After a bit more playing time I’m loving 2020. The UI is much easier to get around and more responsive on touchscreen and not as fiddly/cumbersome and now with the match engine, the players are doing what I instruct them to do and doing it in a logical way. Still get the odd shot when he should cross etc but I can live with that. It does have two very small things I think need changing in an update: When tapping the right hand corner arrow to bring up a drop down menu, I should be able to tap that same arrow to hide the mini/drop down menu. At the moment you have to tap elsewhere on the screen. Last year, when double tapping on, for example support/attack/defend etc within the roles, you could read what that setting would do before actually selecting it. Now, it just selects it and closes the mini screen down. Other than those two small first world problems and the fact that I still play on 2D because I don’t like the ME 3D graphics, I’m really loving the game.
  11. First hour or so playing and my thoughts so far are that the UI is much more responsive than any other version of touch. Really nice to get around the screens. The new development section looks great and I love the new club vision part. The match engine plays well but the graphics look to me the same as last year. Maybe some tweaks have been made here and there but it’s not very noticeable. FM17 looked more than twice as good as this version on my iPad (Even in 2D). Overall, I’m pleased with it so far but it’ll be 2D matches again for me this year.
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