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  1. I’ve only ever seen comprehensive highlights as the most you can watch on fm touch. Would be great to watch a whole game though.
  2. MrManagerMan

    New Ipad 2018

    I’ve got an iPad 2017 running fm touch and it runs perfectly. Go for it!
  3. Any ideas? Doing well in the league just outside playoff positions when we are favourites to go down but in the board confidence section, squad harmony is low and they basically say it needs looking at ASAP. I’d take them all out for pizza like Claudio did at Leicester but can’t see how to boost it. Any help much appreciated!
  4. Bit of a late reply but I play on an iPad 2017 and it runs like a dream
  5. I’ve had this happening to me so I made the training lighter and put rest days before and after matches. Also, i look in the medical centre where it tells you who is at risk of getting injured and how likely they are to getting injured and their workload. So then maybe I would rotate those players or not let them play the whole match. I’ve done this for a few in game weeks now and not getting so many injuries so far...
  6. I had this with my Accrington Stanley side - constant injuries. Until I went a bit easier on the training. I set it to rest before and after a match and lighter training. Plus a bit of rotation with the players. Now I don’t get so many injuries. Although now the squad morale has taken a dip!
  7. Wooo this is my first post but been hanging around reading for a while now. I’m running FM Touch on an iPad 2017 and having no problems at all. It’s running smoothly for me. Finding it a lot harder than FM Mobile though!