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  1. 2D for me. My eyes can’t cope with the ME graphics anymore. I’ve tried and tried to like 3D but the animations are so poor and the stadiums look dull. I can see all the positioning and movement using the 2D view anyway. It’s so good at looking at what’s going on on the pitch and like someone just said, until the match graphics are up to speed with today’s graphics, I’ll be sticking with 2D. I think even if the graphics were top notch, I’d still use the 2D to check certain things from time to time.
  2. I mean the team on the image of the football pitch with shirt images (where, like I said, you do the tactics) has twice been different to the team in the listed team sheet on the right hand side of my screen after I minimise the pitch image. I’d take a screenshot but I’ve deleted the game and gone back to FMT 2017.
  3. Also I’ve had a problem twice now where just before a game, the team on the tactics section is different to the team when I minimise the tactics screen. Although the team is the correct starting eleven when the match starts.
  4. My goodness the injuries are still making the game not so enjoyable aren’t they. I’ve got a squad of 22 and 7 are out injured. A couple of those for months which in effect rules them out for the season. It’s daft. Also, I know that when they start to come back into action, another player will take some sort of knock and be out for months. They want it to be as realistic as possible but come on - it is a game after all. On FMT 18 I had three left backs in the squad and all three were out of action at the same time and 19 is not much different. Sometimes I go to fire the game up but then think about those constant injuries and don’t bother. Such a shame. Maybe some of you players enjoy the challenge of having players out injured but I don’t. Before anyone says it - I keep the training schedule at an ok level and give rest days to those at an increased risk. Also I try to rotate the squad a bit (which is obviously hard to do when there’s so many players out already injured).
  5. The only way to increase match sharpness is to play them in matches. I always make fringe players either available for reserve team or available until match fit and also rotate a bit and bring them on for half an hour. I also use cup games to give our not-as-good-as-the-first-eleven friends a match. Same with a good player returning from one of his many injuries. Just keep an eye on the medical screen so they are not playing too many games. If you don’t really want to bring them on because they’re not actually good enough then send them to the reserves and let their career snowball from there...
  6. Loving the game so far. One thing though - I cannot see an undo button when making a sub. Is there one? I accidentally dropped a player in the wrong position and couldn’t see how to undo it.
  7. I’m enjoying it too. Love the new colours and the UI seems more responsive. Match engine graphics seem better but still not as good as FMT 17 but definitely an improvement on last year. Also noticed the whistle now goes AFTER the ball goes out of play rather than just before. Really like the new training and tactics sections too. Chosen Watford to start with, when I’ve managed to get them relegated with my poor management style, I’ll move on to another unsuspecting football club. Probably in league one.
  8. There was official news and a link on Twitter. That’s where I saw it. Searching on the App Store came up with no results so I clicked through the Twitter links last night and have had a little play on it. So far so good.
  9. It’s on the App Store and the screenshots look great. Off to download now
  10. Like Steam Just Is says, the graphics on 18’s ME were very disappointing but other than that, touch is a great game. Can fly through the seasons if you want and scratch along on the surface of the game (which is what I did to begin with) or go deeper. I have the mobile version too - its a great little game but for me it doesn’t have enough depth in the long run.
  11. Just taking part in the poll my man. Not in a very constructive way I must admit but hey ho
  12. Haha I’m 40+ but still love a bit of interactive entertainment and I find the iPad is great for this while my wife sits down and reads books and watches the bodyguard! I mentioned on here myself they should offer different levels of graphics too. Everything else is fine and the new tactics system looks like it’s good from the few vids I’ve seen. It’s just the bloody match engine graphics that spoil it for me. You’d think then maybe just play it in 2d but that was awful too on 18 wasn’t it. Never known a game to go backwards from the previous year graphics wise until fm18.
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