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  1. My first choice striker (a newgen), who is the current Ballon d'Or holder, just came out as gay. I know this can happen in FM but it's the first time it happens to me and he happens to be a world class player. A few days later I received another news item saying an increase from shirt sales and other commercial streams was expected after he came out as gay in a recent interview. Nice to know this is not just a cosmetic news item. Instead it has a tangible impact on the game and makes me wonder the logic behind. In a real world if a world class player declares that he is gay, what would the impact be like...
  2. "PA can drop after severe injury." It's a myth isn't it. I've never seen it happen.
  3. Chief Scout's AI is pretty bad. One time I let go of a scout whose job is scouting next opponent. After he was gone the Chief Scout did not re-assign the job to any other scout on my team. I ended up not having scout reports of next opponent until I discovered the issue and manually assigned the job.
  4. He is probably one of those genius hackers who had won every prize before high school.
  5. Maybe take over the youth teams as well? That would increase the number of matches you can manage.
  6. Text commentary is good and provides valuable information. I personally enjoy reading about milestone / debut goal / goal against old club after a player scores. Audio commentary, on the other hand, is a terrible idea. The current technology cannot adapt player/club names into various sentences to make the commentary sufficiently diverse and relevant. As a result they have to resort to vague expressions such as 'This player is on top form'. Even EA's audio commentary falls flat and repetitive after a few games, I don't believe it's going to work until sound technology makes huge improvements.
  7. Wow my bad then. It moved to Australia in both of my long saves. But the question still stands. Can anyone who has holidayed thus far shed a light?
  8. Talking about the international management side of the game, I'm wondering if World Cup 2022 is still forcefully moved to Australia in this year's game. This caused a couple of bugs in FM18, such as Qatar still participating Conf. Cup 2021, as well as Australia missing Asian Nations Cup 2023 (for they were not in the world cup qualifiers which also serves as the qualifying round of Asian Nations Cup).
  9. This part of the game has always felt a little scripted. In my current save, usually it's one or two players who just tranferred from my club and they keep comment for a while then fall out. Another batch of newly tranferred players carry over the job. I did notice once or twice that my loaned out players (still officially contracted to my club) got to comment on my team, which is sort of ridiculous. In the text I remembered they were also dubbed "former XXX player".
  10. That's nothing, compared to the fact that you didn't know you had a son until he joined your youth academy. :P
  11. China has higher youth rating than World Cup finalist Croatia? What a joke.
  12. Never mind. I solved the problem. Somehow the "alternative kit number" setting gets changed to 3 and 4 for my away and third shirts. Changing them back to 0 gets my graphics back. Then again I am curious to know what this "alternative kit number" setting means and how it affects the choice of kits in game.
  13. Hi everyone I've got a graphic issue that seems to be triggered by IGE so I figure I should ask for help here. After I changed the color and style using IGE for my home, away and third kits, I was not able to bring back my installed SS style kits graphic in the team screen (or any other places that used to display them). What's funny is that only the away and third kits graphics disappeared, whereas the main home kit graphic was always there. I tried several obvious things (tick/untick "allow licensed kits" in the editor menu, clear cache, and reload the skin many times) but the issue remains. What could possibly cause this issue? Why is editing kits style interferring with the 2D kit graphic display? My understanding is that editing the kits style with IGE only affects the kits shown in the 3D match engine, and the kits graphics should not be affected as long as the "allow licensed kits" is ticked. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot for your time!
  14. Leaving nightclub and skipping training is already present in FM2018. Just happened to my youngster player twice in a row.
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