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  1. Thank you very much! Will be updated for FM22.
  2. Thanks for the information Have already been fixed, and will be part of FM22.
  3. Thank you for your information! Have been changed internally.
  4. Yea it seems to be gone this year. Have been wondering the same.
  5. What exactly does the "Fixed Format" do? Also seems to be referred to as "Fixed Teams" in the competition description.
  6. I didn't get any crashes with the previous version, and had tested a full season like 5-8 times (While testing another database of mine). What did you do to fix it?
  7. I think something like that would not be possible, unless you switch over to using advanced rules. Are you familiar with that?
  8. Oh I see. I thought it was set for both leagues. That's an issue then yea. Weird, the crash got fixed for me after updating. Also @Willigenburg just noticed that 1. Deild is set as "Domestic League - High". As far as I know that is meant for only the top tier in a country.
  9. Some leagues have that set by default, so should be fine. Is it causing any issues for you that it's set like that for you? Also is the crash happening after Willigenburg fixed the corrupt clubs?
  10. Any chance you can provide the list of corrupted clubs in the original file? I'm stuck in my save (Maybe due to this issue?), and would like to see if removing those clubs might fix it ^^
  11. Rycl have linked the database he use in his challenge thread here
  12. Hey! Been enjoying following this challenge so far. It bothers me a little that no clubs have logos - especially that the club you manage don't. I would recommend the Standard Logo Pack from FMScout. Cheers for sharing this challenge, I look forward to following it in the future - and good luck!
  13. As far as I know there is not a way. If the person have been in a previous FM game, going back and looking at his stats in the editor for that years version is probably the best option.
  14. Great job mate! ^^ You should probably mention the cups in the first post tho!
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