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  1. Girafi

    [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Let's say Club A loans out a player to Club B (That is under 21), during the loan period the amount of days at Club A will not go up. I'm pretty sure that's why they rules are how they are, like Nørbæk said.
  2. Girafi

    [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    @DK03, @Kattefarmer, @Svartov & @TheXFmF the issue with not being able to move amateur players from II-teams to the A-team have now been fixed in 19.2.0
  3. This got fixed in the 19.2.0 update. Great job guys!
  4. Girafi

    [Denmark] Data Issues

    Just as a side note. AB Tårnby still trains at Uganda Ground (It's where their club house is located)
  5. Girafi

    [Denmark] (Official) League Specific Issues

    @Svartov I have reported this already, and SI is looking into it I haven't been playing in Denmark this year at all cause of this. I have been playing saves elsewhere, and quite enjoyed it ^^
  6. I didn't get any crashes with the previous version, and had tested a full season like 5-8 times (While testing another database of mine). What did you do to fix it?
  7. I think something like that would not be possible, unless you switch over to using advanced rules. Are you familiar with that?
  8. Oh I see. I thought it was set for both leagues. That's an issue then yea. Weird, the crash got fixed for me after updating. Also @Willigenburg just noticed that 1. Deild is set as "Domestic League - High". As far as I know that is meant for only the top tier in a country.
  9. Some leagues have that set by default, so should be fine. Is it causing any issues for you that it's set like that for you? Also is the crash happening after Willigenburg fixed the corrupt clubs?
  10. Any chance you can provide the list of corrupted clubs in the original file? I'm stuck in my save (Maybe due to this issue?), and would like to see if removing those clubs might fix it ^^
  11. Alright, great! Can confirm that it works perfectly now
  12. So as the 19.1.3 Changelog lists "Enabled ability to have the FM18 Editor and FM19 Editor open at the same time". This is still not working for me. I have tried to verify the integrity of FM18 + FM19 & both editors, and then restarted steam (All after having updated to 19.1.3 of course), and they still don't wanna launch at the same time.
  13. Girafi

    [FM19] The San Marino Challenge

    Rycl have linked the database he use in his challenge thread here
  14. Girafi

    [FM19] The San Marino Challenge

    Hey! Been enjoying following this challenge so far. It bothers me a little that no clubs have logos - especially that the club you manage don't. I would recommend the Standard Logo Pack from FMScout. Cheers for sharing this challenge, I look forward to following it in the future - and good luck!
  15. Players on amateur contracts can't be moved between B-team and A-team. Let's take FC Sydvest as an example (Happens to a lot of clubs in Denmark this year, just a random example), in the Danish 2nd division. They have a B-team called FC Sydvest II, which is technically (In the database) a separate team, but then linked to FC Sydvest as a B-team through an affiliate link. You just simply can't move players between the two teams. Not from A-team to B-team either - except the two rented players they start out with in the game, which is on a full time contract at the clubs they are rented out from. Screenshot of problem: - I hope this is the correct place to report this issue, since it's related to contracts and "transfers"