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  1. A few people have mentioned it already, MS have reported it to SI - so will most likely be fixed in the March update.
  2. Yea the problem is that it's by default using "Flexible Format Rules (Disables Extra Promotions/Relegations)" on the default second division. It's the same case with the league I'm working on.
  3. @Stezarium that's an excellent point, which made me think that since the "Flexible Format Rules" was a thing in the FM19 Editor it's most likely still supported in XML format. Took me a bit to figure out what exactly in the XML file was an indicator for the rule type. Turned out to be "version" under each competition record type. Version 999 = Flexible Format Rules Version 1000 = Flexible Format Rules (Disables Extra Promotions/Relegations) So basically anywhere you see "<integer id="version" value="1000"/>" in the XML file, change the 1000 to 999 and it should work If you're not familiar with editing the database in XML format, I would be happy to help you do so if you send me your database file.
  4. It was only an issue in the beta, have been fixed since
  5. @Freddie Sands any chance this could be noted to be looked at?
  6. It's set as 31/10/2018 in the editor, and the re-build date is empty. So the game is showing the data correctly.
  7. It seems that "Number of extra lower division teams to be promoted" is being ignored. Even when having specified it under "Promotion/Relegation", the verification does not seem to find the number and shows "extra teams requested" to be 0. Tried setting the number to a positive number in case it just didn't like negative numbers, but that resulted in the same thing. Uploaded editor file as "Danmarksserien Extra Teams Promoted Ignored"
  8. Yea it seems to be gone this year. Have been wondering the same.
  9. The Reserve League and U/19 Leagues was not following real life rules in the beta - they are now. Vejle BK does not participate in the reserves league, hence why their reserves team are gone now. They do have a B-team that plays in Serie 2 in real life though, might be worth looking in to. What do you think @MS?
  10. As long as I can remember it have been possible to change the name of B-teams attached to a club, doesn't seem to be possible anymore. Now it just resets to "TeamName B". B-team name set in the database by default is showing up correctly though. This is needed since some B-teams in Denmark use a different name than the A-team.
  11. What exactly does the "Fixed Format" do? Also seems to be referred to as "Fixed Teams" in the competition description.
  12. It got fixed in the latest Beta Update (Version 20.1.0), unfortunately you would have to create a new save for it to take effect.
  13. I didn't get any crashes with the previous version, and had tested a full season like 5-8 times (While testing another database of mine). What did you do to fix it?
  14. I think something like that would not be possible, unless you switch over to using advanced rules. Are you familiar with that?
  15. Oh I see. I thought it was set for both leagues. That's an issue then yea. Weird, the crash got fixed for me after updating. Also @Willigenburg just noticed that 1. Deild is set as "Domestic League - High". As far as I know that is meant for only the top tier in a country.
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