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  1. You wont be able cuz England doesnt verify on the editor
  2. still not fixed, what the hell man me comes hyped because sees that portugal is fixed on editor and still not freaking fixed wow i´m disappointed FIX THIS PLS!!! Portugal.fmf
  3. This is the same error as last year, game is not reading the corrected values that i input , help pls
  4. currently testing some of the countries that i usually use and if i have more, i will put here
  5. Colombia doesnt allow too, put it on the list please!!!! @metal_guitarist
  6. yeah but in other leagues that i added the same data, they are all correct, this one is the only one that doesnt keep the same values see in this image, same values, different outcome
  7. FILE ADDED, this is happening on the second portuguese division request analysis please values on the editor : values in game: General BD.fmf
  8. Sponsors are not getting correct value and it´s not corresponding with the information that i inserted from the editor FILE ADDED TO BE CHECKED Image of the editor INFORMATION ON THE GAME: General BD.fmf
  9. thanks for the heads up let me know when you have more information Thanks
  10. same thing as portugal cant even test rules need help Portugal.fmf
  11. Cant even test rules for england error given and editor file added Inglaterra.fmf
  12. will post but one question, how is this not relatable to england league issues?
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