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  1. I have edited files, i create a new save, i save and then exit to main menu, when i reload the save, it appears that the savegame cant be loaded. Tried putting the saves on the cloud, same thing happens, save crashes and no longer loads save files from cloud will be uploaded to si cloud When i start a new save with no files , it works with no issues... I want to start a new save with my files and they were working so, can someone please help??? Already unistalled, reinstalled, clear cache,preferences, etc.... editor data.rar
  2. rules still not resolved wow man wow... teste portugal por favor.fmf
  3. DENMARK - dinamarca.fmf Serbia - servia.fmf England - inglaterra.fmf
  4. Sorry but this was the confirmation that i wanted since the dude wasnt sure of the info. Will post there and see if it gets fixed.
  5. if you dont know , dont say nothing, wait until monday for their response.... The post stays until i get a response.
  6. Another thing that is bothering me right now, and its still not freaking fixed , is I set up for the league to provide TV money and the stupid clubs got fetch some stupid individual deal worth less that i inputed. Can the game simply follow my instructions for once?????? Fix this please as i want the league to provide the money , not to the club to fetch the deal, I WANT TO CENTRALIZE THE TV MONEY
  7. Hey @Freddie Sands , sponsors are still not fixed, same values for all leagues but the second portuguese league is not reading the amount correctly... Can you guys sort it out please??? This issue already comes from FM 20, FM 19.... Prints attached from ingame and editor. DB file too. General BD.fmf
  8. i really thought you guys fixed it but no .... why is every single year i have this goddamn problem with verifying the portuguese country????? Cmon guys , you really killed my expectations i really want to play with the editor and be able to verify the rules, please dont become EA...
  9. when are we getting a fix for the editor league rules and my topic on the sponsors?
  10. any news on this? https://community.sigames.com/topic/531298-portugal-official-league-specific-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12845374
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