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  1. Let´s start this , i´m in 2025, managing sporting and have 1,5 billion euros for transfers but dont need that money ... My suggestion is to have an option on the board so we can talk and say that we dont need that money so the board uses it in other areas.
  2. WRONG BELENENSES share and play at Estadio do Bonfim that is owned by Vitoria de setubal they have a rivalry with belenenses that plays in the distritais , the club split up after some disagreement between club and SAD
  3. same , i already searched on the editor in england , italy , spain and never found nothing , thats why i´m asking here
  4. just won my second championship in a row and got a bug in the text ... do you know number #1-º_text ? will upload my save to the cloud with the name tiago branquinho (livre) testes
  5. Hey , does anyone know if this is an hardcoded thing on leagues or if anyone has an ideia on where i can find this on the pre game editor. Thanks
  6. i´m thinking and can somebody do a champions league / europa league in which consists of an inital league , qualified clubs then go to knockouts again (quarters , semi final and final) both winners qualify for the uefa super cup , winner of UEFA EL qualifies for UCL next season , UCL winner qualifies for Club World Cup
  7. @Russell Hammant Started a new save and in this new save , like the other one reported this one that financial fair play tab is gone ... i dont understand how is this possible.... where can i upload this new save so you guys can investigate?
  8. @Connor Winks tried the one save where editor is disabled and still nothing ... sega support told me to start a new save with the default skin and leaderboards work. do you guys need more info? cheers
  9. Hey @Connor Winks I made sure that i didnt use the IGE in both saves , and still can´t figure out how did i use it , can you see what i changed on that save? And will continue the second one where the ige is disabled and let you know if I make the leaderboards
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