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  1. i´m thinking and can somebody do a champions league / europa league in which consists of an inital league , qualified clubs then go to knockouts again (quarters , semi final and final) both winners qualify for the uefa super cup , winner of UEFA EL qualifies for UCL next season , UCL winner qualifies for Club World Cup
  2. @Russell Hammant Started a new save and in this new save , like the other one reported this one that financial fair play tab is gone ... i dont understand how is this possible.... where can i upload this new save so you guys can investigate?
  3. @Connor Winks tried the one save where editor is disabled and still nothing ... sega support told me to start a new save with the default skin and leaderboards work. do you guys need more info? cheers
  4. Hey @Connor Winks I made sure that i didnt use the IGE in both saves , and still can´t figure out how did i use it , can you see what i changed on that save? And will continue the second one where the ige is disabled and let you know if I make the leaderboards
  5. Hey , when i make a save for the leaderboards i dont use it because it is against the rules and it´s considered cheating . The game says that i used it , but as you can see from the screenshots , one of them is disabled and it says its used , how is this possible? The other one same thing , is allowed but not used so ... how can this happen?
  6. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it´s on the same state... Started a new save after reinstalling the game , nothing... The game says that i used that IGE editor but that is false , i deactivated it... 2 different default SI DB saves and no leaderboard updates... will upload my saves so you guys can check uploading with names : Tiago Branquinho - Sporting CP v2.fm / Tiago Branquinho - Sporting Lisbon.fm
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