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  1. I have put all of these comments on other threads and had them deleted by the mods, also been accused of generating negative false news, so I would suggest your beating a drum they will continue to ignore. FMT is a revenue stream to help fund the main game, they could make the full game customisable so that it plays like FMT and we could have an editor, at least for the PC version, then just keep FMT for consoles / android / iOS... but as I said they have ignored us for what 6 year!!! I would suggest the best way to get some of the editor functions into FMT is to poll people for what they want and exclude anything which is currently making them money, i.e. giving yourself loads of cash. So for me I use it to update player positions the most, its quicker than re-training and FMT is meant to be a quicker version of the game, but also its down to the minimal database of players in FMT, so amending their main position and then still using the training function to help improve the skills for that position is quicker. I also to use it to correct player attributes like footedness but not the attributes like shooting as that, in my opionion, is cheated... I don't want to cheap. So maybe start a poll, include anything outside of the lockables and see what happens next year... but I wouldnt bother with the "we want an editor as per FM" it just isnt going to happen.
  2. Hi, I have had a similar issue but wondered if it was something I was doing wrong rather than a bug. I am using the editor to change the club vision to counter football, but when I start a game I get both the counter and attacking playing styles. I have tried going into the editor and deleting the entry and re-creating from scratch but it made no difference, I originally just update the attacking vision, so I have tried both ways. Thanks
  3. You mean you have removed every post that has questioned SI motives into the lack of an editor, pretty much anything with the word editor has gone by the looks of it... "but look we listen to feedback". If I was to start a thread on an editor how long before that is close or removed... 10 mins?
  4. Just checked the preferences and the editor option has gone, so it does look like it was a mistake to have it showing for FMT in earlier versions, so unless there is a pre-game we have been ignored again.
  5. I have the beta, yes slightly polished, but huge improvement, not in my view.
  6. So looking at this unless I missed it there is no editor again for FMT, so we are really just paying for a database update with minor tweaks, nothing major in tactics, nothing major in player roles, nothing major with staff and again no editor either pre-game or in game... great if you like the bloatware of FM, any chance someone can confirm this either way so I can try and get steam to refund my order, not paying £21.99 for a database update.
  7. I just meant that the new features in full FM aren’t really applicable to FMT, so instead of stuff like the club vision I would have preferred they had created new tactic features, because they haven’t there is so far nothing really improved for FMT... but I guess we have to wait.
  8. 100% for me, FMT with an editor (even just a pre-game) makes the game perfect, without I have to choose to play a poorer version of the game, or play FM which means having an editor and all of the bloatware type aspects that go with that.
  9. I agree with that, I did find myself clicking next, next, next quite often, but for me giving us more player roles, more tactical settings or staff elements would improve that, not club vision etc. It depends on your view of FMT really, from what they originally said it was for people with less time to play the full version, so sticking to the core attributes of the game that made Champ Man / FM in the first place, so that for me is transfers, tactics and building a squad / youth team etc. its not speaking to players / media, setting visions of how to play or building stadiums etc. they are peripheral elements which belong to FM, if we start adding those into the game whats the difference between the versions.... yes it did get a bit boring, but it would not improve my experience by talking to a play who is unhappy, I would rather have a differing role or tactical change available to turn around a potential defeat or close up shop against the bigger teams.
  10. Looking at the FM changes released none of them really fit into the ethos of FMT, a streamlined version of the game for people who do not have time to play the full game, which is what was stated when it first appeared. I pre-ordered before knowing the changes, so no tactic changes, no player role changes, no real staff changes, only a slight tweak in contracts when signing players... the rest for me does not fit into the ethos, it for the full game. I wonder if they are thinking of removing the PC version of FMT as FM is now more customisible than ever anyway, then just having FMT for Android / iOS / Google / Nintendo! So basically at this point I have paid for a database update, I was hoping for an editor and I did post about the option showing in the settings, but I am starting to wonder if that is just the beta skin and it will not be applicable on the full game. I have played FMT from the first version as it reminds me of Champ Manager and its how I want to play the game, I dont care about talking to the players, media etc, but if this is all we get for our money I wont be buying another version until at least a pre-game editor is available or I can custom full FM to work in the same way as FMT (which isnt far off anyway).
  11. I would like to know this as well, often I change my tactic as i know 4-2-3-1 seems to be successful against me, because my scout says thats how they play, then match day they play a different way, so is there a guide?
  12. Next game, perfect example of having to learn how to change / tweak the tactic for certain team, defence is ok but scoring goals with such a defensive setup might be a pain. Played Sheff U in the Cup they didn't manage a single shot on target, but despite having 26 we could not score:
  13. Well so far so good'ish... results in the first 3 games: Beat Man U 4-1 Home, despite having a man sent off just before half time Drew with Brighton 0-0 Away Beat Norwich 3-0 Home, Norwich had a man sent off at 2-0 The Man U game was interesting, same number of shots on goal, but total shots they had 3 times more than me, but they were just blocked / off target, so considering I am playing a counter tactic and inviting teams onto me I guess that's not to much of a concen. Tactic: I am not looking at the players as such at the moment as its the tactic / way I want to play which I want to get right, then buy the right type of players, so F9 not great, neither are my WMs but the rest are ok, Almiron at AM is fantastic, his pace when we win the ball is killing teams, especially if we win it off the DM or CD he just attacks the space. I like the idea of F9 dropping deep and the AM running past him into space, but still not 100% sure so still messing about. Norwich Stats: Dominated really, clinical in both the Man U and Norwich games, so need to look at how Brighton played and see what I need to tweak against certain teams, maybe play with a winger or focus passing down the wings, the tactic is already defensive enough I think, so just better suited players and some tweeks and it might be ok.
  14. I changed my CMs as you suggested CM-D and DLP-S and my defence seems better and my WM-A x 2 seem to stay a little wider, so thats good. So just need to look at the best pairing upfront.
  15. Hi, I am looking to get 4-4-1-1 working on the basis of a fluid counter mentality. I had some minor success last year in t he cups but it was never consistent and I think it is down to my roles, so just some advice on the setup and then I will work from there: Defence: SK - D FB-S BPD-D CD-D FB-S So SK and BPD are able to play counter attacking balls, I was hoping that the FB-S and the CD-D would just add a strong defensive minded back four. As I am playing counter attacking I rather than attacking football I dont think there is any point playing offensive Full Backs and waiting for them to to join the attack. So then the Midfield: WM-A BBM-A DLP-D WM-A So the WMs stay more narrow as per the defaults for the fluid counter tactic, but as they are on attack they get into the box more to add a goal treat, the DLP again creates from deep with counter attacking balls as well as helping the centre backs, also read that a BDP and DLP together can help against teams that press high, the BBM is there to add energy and also be a goal threat, whilst keeping up with play and helping plug any gaps. So ignoring the AM and ST positions for now, any advice on the above, does it seem ok? If so I will then play around with the front two and instructions. I had tried a CM-D instead of DLP alongside a RPM instead of the BBM but it still didnt work consistantly. Cheers
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