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  1. Hi, Started as Panathinaikos as I know they have minus points to start the season, but the transfer ban they have, how long does that last just to the end of the season? Cheers
  2. Hi, just a quick query, I want to make the club name the real name as its currently fake, but dont want to download the full patch. I updated the fake file in 9010 folder with the correct name and it worked ok, but I wanted to check whether it will have problem later or not or whether it will revert back after updates etc?
  3. Is it possible to change the manager details in game? I always out my favourite team as the team I manage, was going to be Dinamo Zagreb, but changed my mind and managed Hadjuk but forgot to change my favourite team.
  4. I couldnt find this on the forum so appologies if this has already been asked, but does the work permit unlockable removing all work permits also override any Brexit work permit rules?
  5. The default for fluid counter is to counter press and counter, rather than re-group and hold position, so in the instructions you can have re-group (hold shape) and still counter once the ball is won... obviously on fluid counter you would not want to hold shape as I believe that is for retaining possession, but I want to keep countering, just have different options for when we lose the ball
  6. Thanks @Rashidi I think that answers the question, I am using the default instructions of fluid counter which has counter and counter-press as default, but as the original question states I am just looking for ways to change for certain situations, I have had some games where the counter-press default has left me open in some areas, so I am looking at either re-group, or changing the roles in certain games, but I would prefer to leave the roles alone and just instructions
  7. Yeah I know what they do but my question was if I use re-group on a counter attacking tactic, is that dangerous with a deep defensive line or is it another way to defend without leaving space for the opp to attack, like the counter press can sometimes do, I was unsure if re-group was more for high block tactics rather than lower block, i.e. using re-group on a low block is just inviting pressure rather than adding more defensive solidity.
  8. I am playing 4-3-3-Wide on a fluid counter and doing ok, but I am looking at how to change tactics depending on the opposition rather than changing the mentality based on stronger / weaker or favourite / non-favourite. As I play fluid counter I play with counter and counter press, but wondered if in games where I am under pressure or the weaker team would re-group work in terms of better structure and not getting caught out of position? My understanding of re-group is like the old version of counter attack, sit back in your position and when the opposition lose control counter by attacking the space, rather than counter press which is a counter attacking version of GenPress in my oppinion... is that understanding correct or utter rubbish! Its just that I have a few tweaks depending on the oppositions formation, i.e. if they have a player in the DM role then playing through the middle to my playmaker tends not to work, so I play to my wide men, despite being on fluid counter I wall the ball into the box rather than pointless shooting, but if I am struggling to convert I will change through the game and then lastly as I play with two Wingers in the AMR and AML role, I change one of the to an IF if I am struggling to break down the oppositions defence to create different angles of attack. So if re-group works as I think it could be good for games where I am the weaker team or the opposition have players who can take advantage of my players being out of position... but wasnt sure if re-group was more of a high press strategy / retain the ball strategy or not.
  9. Hey @lonegun how are you finding the two DLP-S working together? I have a similar formation but with 3 midfields in a row with a BWM-D sitting between the DLP-S, it seemed to work for the most, but they also seemed to pass the ball between each other to much at times as well, but I wondered if that was because I was playing a F9-S so they had no real target to hit.
  10. What do you change for stronger / weaker opposition, i.e. if you are playing a top team like Liverpool do you still keep your Positive mentality?
  11. Thanks for checking Declan... shame Kostic would be great for my tactic
  12. So from my point, I am Hamburg in German league 2, probably one of the stronger teams in the league, I was trying to get a counter tactic to work as when I am promoted I will be one of the weaker teams, especially as Hamburg have so much debt, so if this works for a stronger team, does that mean the opposite for a weaker team, basically should I use an attacking tactic while in the 2nd league, but once promoted I am better off using a counter tactic? An in both cases just tweak the tactic depending on the opposition rather than switching between tactics?
  13. OK great, I have a cautious tactic which works but I was unsure if I could just keep cautious as a mentality for very game or whether I would need to have a more attacking tactic, so I will use this as my attacking tactic as I have the same type of players who can play both, but will also keep using my cautious tactic and see if I can tweak rather than changing constantly.
  14. Do you change the philosophy from Attacking for different games or do you just keep with the Attacking approach no matter the opposition?
  15. I put this question in the tactic forum as part of another thread but didnt really get an answer, so thought I would put it in the Touch specific forum just in case it differs from version to version, plus I have another general question: 1. I have a cautious tactic working well, but will I need to have a more attacking or positive tactic for games where I am much stronger, or can I just tweak my fluid counter tactic set a cautious all of the time? 2. I have taken over at Hamburg and there are 2 players perfect for my tactic (Kostic & Wood) but they are on loan with a future fee agreed (future fee not an agreed transfer), do I get the option to decline that bid / transfer offer, or if there is a future fee agreed do I have no option if they trigger the fee? Cheers
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