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  1. So from my point, I am Hamburg in German league 2, probably one of the stronger teams in the league, I was trying to get a counter tactic to work as when I am promoted I will be one of the weaker teams, especially as Hamburg have so much debt, so if this works for a stronger team, does that mean the opposite for a weaker team, basically should I use an attacking tactic while in the 2nd league, but once promoted I am better off using a counter tactic? An in both cases just tweak the tactic depending on the opposition rather than switching between tactics?
  2. OK great, I have a cautious tactic which works but I was unsure if I could just keep cautious as a mentality for very game or whether I would need to have a more attacking tactic, so I will use this as my attacking tactic as I have the same type of players who can play both, but will also keep using my cautious tactic and see if I can tweak rather than changing constantly.
  3. Do you change the philosophy from Attacking for different games or do you just keep with the Attacking approach no matter the opposition?
  4. I put this question in the tactic forum as part of another thread but didnt really get an answer, so thought I would put it in the Touch specific forum just in case it differs from version to version, plus I have another general question: 1. I have a cautious tactic working well, but will I need to have a more attacking or positive tactic for games where I am much stronger, or can I just tweak my fluid counter tactic set a cautious all of the time? 2. I have taken over at Hamburg and there are 2 players perfect for my tactic (Kostic & Wood) but they are on loan with a future fee agreed (future fee not an agreed transfer), do I get the option to decline that bid / transfer offer, or if there is a future fee agreed do I have no option if they trigger the fee? Cheers
  5. edhdurham

    Mentality Importance

    OK so if I have a tactic that works on cautious, but changing to positive doesnt just make it work better from an attacking point of view (which I guessed was would be the case as some of the roles would need to be amended as well) I can just play cautious / fluid counter and try and find the best way of making my team better at breaking down the opposition via TI rather than just trying to be more attacking overall.
  6. edhdurham

    Mentality Importance

    Is it true that mentality is just a risk slider, positive = take more risks, cautious = less, there are a few YouTube videos claiming that... If that's true there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to keep the mentality (cautious) the same for every game and just tweek the roles or instructions... or will the game expect me to be more positive when I am the stronger team?
  7. edhdurham

    4-3-3 Flat and Wide Help

    Ah ok I didnt realise there was an issue... I thought it was strange as my F9 acted more like a poacher, 15 goals in 20 games is pretty high for someone who is meant to act like a AM... will wait and see if they fix the issue.
  8. I have been trying to get the below setup working on a counter fluid basis, but its very inconsistent: SK-D WB-S BPD-D CD-D WB-D DLP-S BWM-D DLP-S W-A IF-S The striker I have tried both F9-S and PF-S, I thought about the F9-S as they drop into the space an AM would normally drop plus they go wide, leaving space for my IF to attack, my W-A is also getting goals. But although my DLP-S are getting chances at the edge of the area, they are also passing between themselves to much, slowing my counter... I am pretty much using the default instructions for fluid counter apart from a couple of tweaks. I think I need to look at more support for the front three: 1. Should I look to change the WB behind the IF to a more attacking role so that I get more width / crosses further up the pitch? 2. I think the DLP-S which I put in place to try and create more creative passing / through balls isn't working, so should I change one of them to say a BBM / MEZ to get another body into the box? 3. Should I go for a more focal point striker like the AF? I like to attack through the middle with my playmaker, but I like the option of also playing out wide with my winger, just different types of attack depending on the opposition. Any advice / pointers would be much appreciated.
  9. I have created a fluid counter tactic which is working really well, but I cannot seem to get a more attacking tactic to work and changing my cautious tactic to positive doesnt seem to work, could I be successful just using my cautious counter and tweaking depending on the opposition?
  10. I kinda ask this last year as well, but with the tactical changes this year how important is the mentality? For example I am playing with a fluid counter, which is cautious by default, does it really matter whether I change that to Positive or Attacking for games where I am the stronger team / favourites... last year I tried to play defensive counter attacking football and just tweaked instructions where applicable, never really had much success but wondered if it would work this year. If you look at teams like Atletico Madrid, they are solid at the back and counter with pace, they dont ever really change from that other than playing different types of players in certain positions and tweaking certain instructions.
  11. Hi, I am looking to get a new laptop / tablet but want to make sure it will play FM19 Touch Windows version, I have checked the minimum specs and it seems ok, but I am unsure of the graphics card, could someone let me know if this will run the game including 3D match: Thanks
  12. Has there been any information released reference the Switch version? I know it's out at the end of the month, but has there been any update of whether the store or equivalent DLC downloads are implemented this year?
  13. Yeah you could be right about the players, I am playing as Hamburg in German second tier and my first choice CDs are injured, so could just be that... or as you say because its the beta.
  14. Yeah thought about cover and stopper, but with a deep line I was worried... maybe your first point is one I will go with
  15. edhdurham

    Tactical Advice and briefing

    Yeah I have found that the assistant is sometimes conflicting with my tactic setup. For example I am playing fluid counter which has shorter passing as default, because of this I play with a quicker striker (a false 9) so looking for someone better on the ball, but he is no good for direct passes... but my assistant constantly tells me to change to direct. Looking at the defaults, the direct counter has direct passing with a TM as its default striker, but that wont work with my tactic unless I change the F9 role. So far I have won 21, drawn 0 and lost 5, top scorers in the league and 3rd best defence... I only use the assistants advice when it comes to injuries or where they highlight a specific player having to much space etc.