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  1. Hi, I have got a decent 4-3-1-2 tactic, tried it with a couple of teams and doing well... but I had a query on footedness! I always try and have a left footer on the left of my midfield 3, that's because I play with a Carriero and feel its better when he drifts out wide, but when it comes to the AM - PF - DLF I just play with all right footed players. Would it make a difference if the player on the left of the diamond was left footed, or does that not make any difference, how big a part does footedness play in the game, considering I am playing with a narrow tactic? Thanks
  2. So if I have France as my main starting league and select England and Italy does that mean I receive all the fixtures from those league or will it just load the players and only the French league will be shown?
  3. Hi, come back to touch after a few years of playing full fm. Now playing in a tablet (android) rather than touch on the PC. am I right that you don’t have the option to select the database size, I.e large medium etc.? cheers
  4. Hi, I normally play FMTouch but have been messing around with full FM while waiting for FM2021 and have a query on the in game editor. I am playing as Saint Etienne and want to make some of the squad better from a potential point of view. I am not changing their current attributes, I just want to make their potential better, so I don't have to bring in so many better players and its down to me to bring out that potential via training. Is it just a case of upping their potential value and leaving the rest like their current rating alone? What I am kinda doing is for example, Honoro
  5. Hey, does anyone know if FM21 is coming to Stadia or have they binned of Google already!!!
  6. Hi... i have this tactic and its working OK, but how do I tweak when I am weaker opposition, or would I need a second tactic.
  7. Hi... playing as Newcastle United, is it possible to have a single tactic, maybe like a balanced Vertical Tika Taka which I can then just tweak depending on the opposition? I always tend to try and get two tactics to work, one when I am the stronger team and then for when I am the weaker team, but wondered if I can just have a single style of play / tactic and then tweak without being one of the best sides in the league. Thanks
  8. Hi, I understand that Chrome isnt supported but the last time I played FMM on a tablet there was an issue with the in game editor in that when you amend any player details their stats drop... its doing that still, this time on my Chromebook, any fix for that issue?
  9. I was just going to post a similar question, also about to start as Rangers... but want to know for my Newcastle save. Is it possible to create a cautious fluid counter tactic which can be used in all games, no matter the strength of the opponent but tweaking certain parts, or do you always need to have a more attacking tactic for weaker opposition?
  10. Hi, I used to play the mobile version a while ago, just got a Chromebook but from memory it never worked with that OS, is that the same still? Thanks
  11. If you could give me some pointers for roles and instructions that would be great...
  12. Great, thanks for the feedback, the midfield I tried was BBM-S CM-D CAR-S I take it I should avoid the CAR then. Think I have been too defensive and worried about getting caught, I was using PF-A and DLF-S so as they split wide like you said maybe a SS-A would work... at least I have a base to work from now, thanks again.
  13. I have struggled to get the 4-3-1-2 tactic to work with any of the control instructions, so just looking for a basic start, I have tried using the system generated roles and instructions but they work worse than my own clean slate tactic. So playing as Newcastle (but ignore the available players for now) and prefer to play a short passing game... can anyone suggest a starting point in terms of roles and instructions, I am at the point of giving up!!! Cheers
  14. @Experienced Defender can you advise on the below, I want to create a tika-tika style for Newcastle: SK-D FB-S CD-D CD-S FB-S DLP-S CM-D (would you suggest a RPM-S rather than DLP-S I was trying to create a more solid holding midfield) W-S AM-A W-S F9-S (Also tried PF-S and would prefer that but it doesnt seem to work as well as the F9). Wall Ball into Box, Play Out Of Defence, Shorter Passing, Higher Temp Counter Press, Hold Postion, Distribute Quickly, GK to wings High LOE, High Def Line Any advice, its seems similar to some of
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