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  1. OK so when it comes to match day I will have to click through each leagues fixtures, so Croatia's fixtures first, then I have to click continue past Russia, then I have to click continue past Serbia... hhmm ok, think that will take to much time, plus I dont want to view every fixture for every league selected unless I am managing a team in that league, so I will stick to one league.
  2. Hi Lucas, I know they run and you can add managers into the league, but if I am not an active manager do their fixtures shows, i.e when it comes to match day for Dinamo (the team I am managing) and the game shows the fixtures for the Croatian league, will it also display the fixtures for the other leagues I have started but do not manage in... I dont want to have to click through all of Croatians fixtures / scores, then Serbia's, then Russia's etc etc... if they run without displaying anything unless I manage in that league then thats great, like they are running / updating but in the background. Cheers
  3. Hi, I am starting a new save in Croatia and wanted to increase the number of players, obviously this is done by selecting other secondary leagues, but does that mean those leagues fixtures / scores will be displayed as well as the Croatian starting league, or do they just calculate in the background and are only displayed in the same manner as the starting league if I add a manager and select a team from that country? Cheers
  4. edhdurham

    The False Nine

    Haha, yeah I have seen that, I tried F9 with two wingers-A in the AMR and AML position but with a slight more defensive midfield 3, worked ok in some games, but sometimes the F9 would shoot from all over the place... 99% of the shots where no where near goal, if he was sticking them in the top corner I would be less concerned!
  5. edhdurham

    The False Nine

    Do you see the F9 role as a playmaker role or did you mean AP/A in that they drop to the AM position on the pitch? I have a deep playmaker and want a more advanced PM, so that I have 2 roles to channel my play, I like the F9 role so if it is like a playmaker role (i.e. players tend to look for that player more than others like the other PM roles) then I might go that way as well.
  6. Ah ok, well that helps as I have a tactic that worked ok with two playmakers, so I might go back to that and try and tweak it slightly....
  7. Slightly off topic but do you need to have a playmaker in your setup? I have always included a playmaker thinking that you need a primary creator, but is this the case? I might look at using the Regista as my main playmaker same as this thread, but if I dont need a playmaker then I wont bother.
  8. I hadnt seen people post that, but on the tablet version I forgot to tick for the assistant to complete the OIs, so played a 3rd of the season just ignoring it and I did have better results than when I switched the assistant to complete the instructions... but that could be down to my assistant having poor stats as well! So I would guess that if you have a good assistant tick him to complete this, if not maybe you can just leave it.
  9. I posted on another thread that I was looking at getting another tablet as mine cannot play the match anymore, so when I saw that FMT was available on the Switch I decided to get one, even though I haven't used a controller based machine for years... got it last night and these are my early thoughts: 1. Controller use after about 10 mins is really easy, I would say quicker than having a stylus / finger as its really immersive and very well put together and as I say I havent used a controller for years! 2. Really quick no lag or long loading times, had 3 leagues (Italy, Spain and France) selected and it was flawless. 3. Some options are missing within the preferences but nothing that affects the game, some options are also on differing screen... for example height and weight options are linked to your profile, so if you select you weight in KG or Stone then that's how the players details are displayed in the game. 4. I couldnt really play the 3D match on my tablet, so it was difficult using the old style text for games to determine if my tactic was working etc. so watching the game on the handheld is great... however watching it on my TV is awesome! 5. Graphics are great as well but you would expect that with a pure gaming unit rather than a standard tablet. So having played FMM and FMT on tablets and FM and FMT on the PC, I have to say the Switch is probably not as good as the PC versions, but much better than the Tablet versions. Only thing I would like to see added is the Store, but I would guess that they would only spent time on something like that if this version takes off, which is understandable. So hopefully they will bring FMT next year to the Switch as well. Top job FMT.
  10. Ah ok, couldnt find it last night...
  11. Does anyone know if it is possible to set you assistant to manage OP Instructions on the Switch version? I cannot see the option until the match loads and I click to assign what he thinks, but I want to auto tick this like on the tablet version.
  12. Quiet day at work, reviews look good for FMT on the Switch, PC World just around the corner... can anyone guess what happened next!!! FMT on my TV tonight... might put a holiday in for work tomorrow, although "cough" "cough" I feel like I might have flu coming on
  13. Yeah me too it looks like a good fit, I might gamble and get the Switch rather than a tablet, the ability to play on the go or on my TV has swayed me I think!
  14. I have been looking at a new tablet as mine cannot run the 3d game, but it might be better to get the switch as I can play through my TV... But does anyone know if the Switch version is a one off or will the next version of FMT be available as well ?
  15. Ah shame, I tend to sign youth players and build a team but that means I sometimes fail to meet the club requirements for the first few seasons, so without the no sacking option I wouldnt be able to do that... was thinking about buying a Switch just to play FMT on my TV.