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  1. I tried that but it didnt seem to work, but my CM-D was really slow so that could be why if their AM was really quick, I will try that again as it was something I thought about.
  2. Quick question on OI... so I kept getting beat by a team playing with an AM as I dont have anyone who occupies that position, sorted that with OI but as I play a fluid counter, so I counter press / counter attack / higher pressing, should I just use the OI to mark tighter rather than overaly pressing?
  3. I have a query with the fluid counter. I have played 4-4-1-1 narrow counter fluid, changed to the above 5-3-2 fluid counter and the 5-3-2 with some of the above tweaks have worked well, 4th off top and into the quarter finals of the league cup... but, everytime I face 4-2-3-1 with AMC, AMR and AML's I get battered, its the same with both tactics everytime I play against this whether I am the favourite or not I struggle, I sometimes win when I am the much better team, but other than that its a nightmare. So I have tried asking my WBs to man mark the AMR and AML, I have changed to passing down the wings and through the middle, changed pressing intensity, change line of engagement and defensive line, more direct passing the lot, makes no difference... any tips other than having a tactic which is more attacking or even a Catenaccio and just accept that against this tactic I need to try and get someone out of the game!!!
  4. Ah see I had a F9 with an AM-A and the AM just didnt do anything , so maybe if I revert back to my 4-4-1-1 and use more width when I am the stronger team and change the AM-A to a SS... I might give that a go. My tactic was: SK-D FB-S BPD-D CD-D FB-S WM-A RPM-S CM-D WM-A AM-A F9-S I had some great results against stronger teams, but it was inconsistent maaybe down to the width and AM role, I might try the F9 as a PF-S and they can hold the ball up for the SS.
  5. I was using a 4-4-1-1 at first as well, but I had a similar issue, can I ask what you tweak game to game, do you ever counter press or regroup and do you ever change the passing to direct?
  6. Great, thanks for the tips I will have a go tonight.
  7. Hey, I want to try and get the 5-3-2 tactic to work with a fluid counter tactic. If you use the creator it is a recommend tactic but it seems inconsistent with some of the roles, so this is what I have amended in terms of roles: SK - D WB-S CD-D CD-D CD-D WB-S BBM-S BWM-D CAR-S PF-A DLF-S So just from a roles point of view anything specific look wrong? I changed the AF-A to a PF-A as its seems to be a similar role and suits the players I have, I changed the CM-D to a BWM-D as teams just seemeed to walk through my midfield. I am using the default tactics with some minor tweaks (the blue options are the tweaks): Passing Through The Middle, Hit Crosses Early, Shorter Passing, High Tempo, run at the defence, Attacking Wide Narrow. Counter, Counter Press, Distribute Quickly, Throw It Long. Lower Defensive Line, Lower Line of Engagement, Higher Pressing, Get Stuck In, Defensive Width Narrow. In pre-season I played well but you could see that the defence wasnt quite right, but the BMW-D seemed to help that, then first game Home to Norwich (playing as Newcastle) they totally dominated I struggled to even have a shot, think they had 20+ shots and scored 3 goals. Re-loaded to test and tried playing with more width especially as the back as Norwich played with players in the AML and AMR position and they had so much space outside with my WBs being so narrow. So just looking for advice.
  8. Hi, I have a question on keeper distribution so thought I would add it to this post. I am playing fuild counter with no player sitting in the DM role its a flat 5-3-2. What would be the best type of distrution for my keeper, I get that short kicks tend to be for building from the back, but I dont want to just hoof it long, so would throw it long make more sense?
  9. I have being playing full FM and I have to say despite the customisation it is still full of bloat, so I have come back to FMT and I have a query which is editor'ish related. If they say being able to amend the database affects the cross-save, on-line, strategy of the game etc. how come you can now transfers players to any club but at a price!!! Surely that is just an editor that costs 99p everytime you want to use it, surely this could be extended to tranferring staff and made free or at least a one off cost for multiple changes. I can understand that direct editing of the database coud be an issue (which is what I would use it for) but the basic function of people maybe wanting to move Mourinho to Spurs rather than probably having to wait until January for an update, or maybe a player, is actually there it just costs again... a point I have raised numerous times, when it comes to FMT it is just bult around additional income, this shows that they can create editor like functions but dont want to give them away FOC.
  10. I have been playing full FM and have to say the customisation is much better, or at least easier to understand this year, so to be honest except the talking to players and media every 2 mins its not a million miles away from FMT, but of course with an editor.
  11. Ignore that, I am sorted, didn't add a club vision under responsibilities, added that as my DoF and now sorted.
  12. OK must still be doing something wrong, I removed everything from the directors and chairman and changed the DoF to counter attacking which is what I want as the vision, but now I have 2 counter like I want and attacking which was the default, so just to check I have removed all of the tendencies from the directors, changed the DoF to counter and made sure at counter has replaced attacking under the club vision? Any advice?
  13. Thanks for this, I did put on one of my other posts that I thought I was doing something wrong, although as I am Newcastle is there a vision of spending no money unless it is on pies (no offence Mr Ashley).
  14. Is it not possible to exclude certain levels of players, for example if you play as Real Madrid you would never sign a play with a potential rating under X amount, so could you exclude those players and therefore include more higher rated players that may be missing from the game if you only select 3 leagues? So you might end up with Sporting Gijon (who I tend to play with) only having maybe 2 or 3 players in their squad even though you have select the Spanish league... just a thought.
  15. I think this is how it will go, no more FMT on the PC and leave it as a console type game, they might even strip FMT down further and merge that with the mobile game, if they can strip it down enough to play on the lower end phones / devices... that way they have 2 versions which will be easier to maintain. But yes it will make the setup at the start of every game much longer.
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