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  1. Hi Carlos, Files are excellent keep up the good work!!! I am using file 27 at the moment. Is there any chance you could do a file with the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League but no Intertoto Cup???
  2. Hi all - I have created a file over the years and it has always worked perfectly but for some reason this year it has issues. I created a very similar to real life file of the 'International Champions Cup" pre-season friendly tournament. It works for 2019 but does'nt schedule for 2020. I have tried everything but no luck. There is also the issue that in the overview the player stats do not show and I cannot seem to have qualified teams in the window. I have attached the file and if someone could take a look and make a couple of changes to make it work correctly it would be most appreciated. Thank you International Champions Cup New Format.fmf
  3. The real results and fixtures files created by FMF on FMScout do not work on the mac. Any ideas how to fix this?? Thanks
  4. I have revamped the FIFA Club World Cup in the FM19 editor in readiness for FM20 and included the new format. I have started the competition in 2019 with the teams that would have qualified for the new format in 2021. I have two issues with my file the qualifiers dont show up in the main screen its empty and when the competition finishes the third place team does not show up in the history section. Apart from these issues the file works perfectly. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. I have gone through the file again and again trying to see what I am missing but cant figure it out. I can attach the file for someone to take a look at it. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Carlito, Great work with this file and it works brilliantly in the game. I am using your file number 26. I have noticed though on two occasions I have had an all English Champions League and an all Italian Europa League 2 Final. In both finals the venue was at Wembley for the Champions League Final and Milan for the Europa League 2 Final. It seems that if you get a same country final the venues get changed. I am pretty good with the editor but I can't see for the life of me how I can change this. I have put in all fixed stadiums into your file in the stadiums pool section but it still does'nt work. Do you have any ideas??
  6. You need to use "Offset Dates" within the editor which allows you to dictate a specific stadium to a fixture. I have created the new FIFA Club World Cup for 2019 in Japan and 2021 in Brazil. I have created a 32 team tournament with 8 groups x 4 teams with the top two teams qualifying for a knockout round, quarter final, semi finals and final. The tournament will run every two years to avoid the World Cup and European Championships. My 2019 file is invitational with the best World teams used. In 2021 onwards it becomes more the winners and runners up of world tournaments and premier leagues. For both Japan and Brazil I have used 16 stadiums for all matches, 12 for the group stages and the 4 biggest for the latter knockout stages.
  7. Great work on these files Carlito!! One thing though when I load the FIFA Club World Cup file A to work with file 25 including the Europa League 2 it doesnt show on a new save!!! I cant find the competition anywhere am I missing something??
  8. This file looks superb. I am asking for a request if possible?? I am pretty good with the editor data files but not with promotion and relegations. Is there any way you could update this file to include 5 relegation spots?? Possibly 1 English, 1 French, 1 German, 1 Spanish and 1 Italian to promote the following years best teams from their respective divisions. This could keep the file fresh and include teams that become better and better each year. I know this could be hard work but it would make the file even better than it already is. Keep up the good work!!
  9. Here is the file you asked for. I have kept 16 European teams the same and added the Winners & Runners Up of competitions. They are Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, China, Japan, India, African Champions League Winners & Runners Up, MLS Winners & Runners Up, Paraguay, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Malaysia. These teams will be different every year except for the European ones. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. ICC.fmf
  10. Of course I can!!! Give me a list of the teams you want. Remember its 32 already named teams for 2018. From 2019 its 16 the same and 16 random. Or do you want me to do it a different way??
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