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  1. So my wish is more Youth teams like U17, U15, U13 and the leagues for the teams 1. 2. 3. FM Editor 2020: in the editor under Database > Clubs > Reserve Teams and Reserve Teams to Create more items as 3 items. In Reserve Teams and Reserve Teams to Create min. 9 if a Team added in Reserve Teams like U17 then should be added Competitions under the Team that will be cleared as the existed one in Competitions like now who must be add the leagues when U19 U17 ... From the Reserve Teams to Create they are created in the club list like the teams they are add in Reserve Teams. > Clubs > Competitions > from the first and if an second team exist > from the Youth teams they are added in Reserve Teams and Reserve Teams to Create. > Competitions > the U17, U15, U13 Competitions And the Youth Player Min Age 11. If these changes are made if this game better but in the game an option Board ask we should New Team type Youth sign up at the association
  2. Search under Database > Competitions.. If a U19 League(´s) in the Database under Competitions you can copy (Duplicate) the U19 League(´s) and rename it in U18...if it isn´t there, add the league, Under >Type select U18-Division when it is ready now you can add U18-Team´s Under Clubs search the team´s you would have in the league like Liverpool go to Reserve > Reserve Teams to Create > add > Team Type and choose U18 Team and under Division search the league you have made for the U18 but the league should be made in Basic rules. You can Add Under Basic Rules > Nation Rules > Reserve/Youths > General > Choose Second Reserve/Youth Team > Team Type choose U18´s and >Division Format ..Custom Division/Cups Parent Competition and select the leagues they should be in there. Sorry for my bad English
  3. Recovery app founded Editor .fmf but the last 10 clubs aren't be saved luck in luck I must create just 10 citie´s/ Villegas and stadiums and the clubs. not 140 x 3 puhh
  4. Hello for 5 minutes crashes the FM editor 2019 after I looked on the folder where are the .fmf was and the file was not there I Saved bevor the crash the file in my documents folder on my mac but I can´t find the file it isn´t in the trash 3 days of work are still right now in the ...... grrrrr ****
  5. It is so that it isn't Programmed. So I have to wait if an update for the editor comes with the options to choose this. When it is ready will be it easy to fix all. But the maximum and minimum age should be added at Database > Clubs > Reserve Teams > Reserve Teams to Create and perhaps a choose possibility same shirt.
  6. Right Not as U17 I must make under Basic Rules > Nation Rules > Reserve/Youths > General as second Reserve/Youth Team as Team Type Reserves. and created new Competitions for B Youth
  7. I have edited a Club Like Hertha BSC > Reserve Teams and Add 3 Team As U17 and 2 Team as U19. I copy Hertha BSC II and changed it to Hertha BSC U17 and at Current Affiliations, I add the Hertha BSC U17 and the same made I with the U19 to get the U17 in the game under Schedule/ Terminplan. At the game have I, two U19 teams, the one I made because of age rules 17-19, and one I don't have added under Editor Database > Clubs > Reserve Teams. I have made Add Nation Rules Germany and add (Nr.1) Bundelisga is 1, (Nr.2) 2. Bundesliga, (Nr.3) 3.Liga, (Nr.4) Regionalligen , (Nr.5) Oberligen, (Nr.6) Verbandsligen, (Nr.7) Landesligen and ,more Nr8. Nr.9 and this i plan with the U17 and U 15 and if it is possible with U13
  8. I´ve tried to made New Youth Leagues with the FM Editor 2019 as the existing U19 but there is no Option to choose U17-Teams and Convenience or younger as the existing U18 is like the same. Have anyone a suggestion? Exist an Xcode project of the FM Editor 2019 app for Mac OS there can add the details to the view of Teams list and Convenience list to edit the lists with the following failed U17´s U15´s the last picture I have made with photoshop this would like to have it I would be try it self
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