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  1. Im Editor ist ne option das nur 4 B Teams aufsteigen können doch leider habe ich auch noch nicht das rausbekommen wie ich die 2.Mannschaften wenn das limit 4 in der 3. Liga erreicht ist von den Aufstiegs Playoff´s ausschließen kann. Zu dem fehlt ne wichtige Option in den Ligaeinstellungen bei Weiteren Ligaphasen-Markierungen: Wenn die Hauptmannschaft in eine Liga absteigt wo die 2.Mannschaft spielt muss die 2. Mannschaft 2 Liga level drunter Zwangsabsteigen. zumindest in´m FM 2020 Editor.
  2. In Germany is 4 B Teams allowed to play in the third league this option exist. But I miss the important option. If the Main Team relegated from 2.Bundesliga and must play in Third League and the B Team is played in the Third League and qualified to play next season in the Third League. Must the B Team forced relegation next season to German League level 5. And the same for Main team relegation to Regionalliga from Third League must the B Team forced relegation to German League level 6.
  3. Hello In Germany is max 4 B Teams aloud to play in the 3. League. So how can I block B teams From Promotion Play-off from Regionalliga if the max 4 B Team in 3. League? I tested the Max Number of B Team option but this don't worked. I think this is issues are came from Regionalliga promotion playoffs but there is no option to choose. so how can I added this options to the 3.league general competition rules?
  4. Hello Community... i tested a lot of hours to be enable with editor, to became in game... when I ask the board or the board ask me ..to create B Team and this should be setting in a playable league. So i find a solution for custom user files. Wich are goes for custom files like the German file from Dany (El Clemento). In Editor at Advanced Rules. >list >German(Nation) >Nation here at Division levels is the 5th the last entry league or parent competition and this sub leagues are have relegation places...! Go to Database and make a Parent Competiton for all com
  5. Hey I created some Cup´s where a few teams like first, second and third Teams are allowed to play in this Cup (Kreisverbandspokal) But just first teams winner of these cup´s are allowed to qualify for higher cup (Landespokal) Is there any possible an option as with "Get Best Teams From Division" to select "Don´t use Affiliate Teams With Same Board As Main Team" for "Get Last Winner Of Competition" and this will work in FM? I can create in the stage team.xml under <!-- ignore affiliate teams with same board as main one--> <record field="id" equals="get_last_winner"
  6. Ok my German is better then my English... so looked in editor and found in the Database section continents and searched for Europa and found Federation Name. After then looked I in the comp editor\format\database\continent.xml and searched for Federation Name and found it so copied it too the comp.xml and at too the comp ui.xml <record db_field="comp,Cfdn" /> <!-- federation name --> <record db_filed="comp,Csfn" /> <!-- short federation name --> but the problem is I would be made a federat
  7. Sorry for bad English. right I would manage to create Football Associations in German Fußballverbände and sub regions like (Landesfußballverbände) National associations for Saarland or Regionalleague Nord and the leagues and down to league level 11 in Fußballkreisverbände and these associations should be in clubs and competitions are. but th comp.dbc is my problem I tried to open it with a text editor and it shows I've tried ihex but not work to read it. so my plan in pictures
  8. Hello I find in the comp editor folder under comp editor\format\database a region.xml and the same for comp editor\database ui so I tried to add it to the fm 2020 editor of database and added it in the db record lists.xml <!-- region table --> <record> <flags id="field" value="rils" /> <translation id="name" translation_id="229399" type="use" value="Regions[COMMENT: Competition editor; field name]" /> <flags id="type" value="database_table" />
  9. Hi I tried for Germany U19 for 3rd league parent competition a promoted playoff but there is a bug. ˇ3rd league for germanys u19 (U19 Division) General ˇSatges ˇRounds ˇRound 0 general Number of Teams, Number of teams added to this round, then number of matches too 1 and then number of legs too 2. so the issues cames from set number of legs and the issue is .....Promoted and relegated teams do not match up for....(3 relegated) and .....(2 promoted) (extra teams requested =0) Check to make sure ......uses flexible format rules. then I remove Numb
  10. I have wish's for FM 2020 2021 Editor. First wish so can you add in the advanced rules for cups under: ˇList ˇ......Cup General ˇ Stages ˇ Stage 0 -cup (Cup) ˇ Rounds ˇRound General Min Number Of Teams Max Number Of Teams Min Number Of Matches Max Number Of Matches Because the number of participating teams in the national cups can vary (change) from ye
  11. I have wish's for FM 2020 2021 Editor. First wish so can you add in the advanced rules for cups under: ˇList ˇ......Cup General ˇ Stages ˇ Stage 0 -cup (Cup) ˇ Rounds ˇRound General Min Number Of Teams Max Number Of Teams Min Number Of Matches Max Number Of Matches Because the number of participating teams in the national cups can vary (change) from ye
  12. Hier Noch ein Wunsch für den Editor damit das Spiel nach den Originalen Regeln laufen, bitte fügt bei den Pokal Einstellungen (Für die Erweiterten Regeln) unter CUP Allgemein ˇÜbersicht ˇ Stage -cup Allgemein "zusätzlich noch die Option Mindestanzahl an Teams, Maximale Anzahl an Teams, Mindestanzahl der Spiele sowie Maximale Anzahl der Spiele hinzu" Da die Anzahl der Teilnehmenden Mannschaften in den Länderpokalen Von Jahr zu Jahr variieren (sich ändern) kann, da keine II. Mannschaften Teilnehmen dürfen.
  13. Moin Moin... Wegen der Gründung eines II. Vereins der nach der Bestätigung in der Amateurliga ID 1301432 spielt aber dort keine spiele statt finden. Ist meine Frage bzw. mein Vorschlag, das der Neu gegründete II. Verein in der untersten Liga spielen wird die in im erstellten file die letzte ist und keine fest zugeordnete ID braucht. Oder im Editor z.Bsp. Das ein Übergeordneter Wettbewerb auch gleichzeitig ein Untergeordneter Wettbewerb sein kann. Oder im Editor » Erweiterten Regeln zum Beispiel Die Amateurliga als Übergeordneter Wettbewerb » Allgemein bei Stufe zum Beispiel auch von
  14. So my wish is more Youth teams like U17, U15, U13 and the leagues for the teams 1. 2. 3. FM Editor 2020: in the editor under Database > Clubs > Reserve Teams and Reserve Teams to Create more items as 3 items. In Reserve Teams and Reserve Teams to Create min. 9 if a Team added in Reserve Teams like U17 then should be added Competitions under the Team that will be cleared as the existed one in Competitions like now who must be add the leagues when U19 U17 ... From the Reserve Teams to Create they are created in the club list like the teams they are add in Reserv
  15. Search under Database > Competitions.. If a U19 League(´s) in the Database under Competitions you can copy (Duplicate) the U19 League(´s) and rename it in U18...if it isn´t there, add the league, Under >Type select U18-Division when it is ready now you can add U18-Team´s Under Clubs search the team´s you would have in the league like Liverpool go to Reserve > Reserve Teams to Create > add > Team Type and choose U18 Team and under Division search the league you have made for the U18 but the league should be made in Basic rules. You can Add Under Basic Rules > Nation Rules >
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