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  1. Hello there first time poster here. I'm sorry if my questions have been answered before but I cant seem to come across them on the forum. Ok, so I recreated the Irish (ROI) system, I have 7 tiers with tiers 3-7 having multiple sub divisions and put some actual money into Irish Football. I've then created and Irish Academy Football Club with state of the art facilities. That club also have 4 feeder academies, 1 in each of the 4 Irish Provinces. The Main academy will play in the english conference south, and i've added any young Irish free agent or any Irish youngster from any club too once the value of said player is under 250k. I've added all the top Irish Staff to the club too and created the club culture to be sign players based in Ireland and u21 players for the future. The plan is to have the clubs u18s play in england youth system, the 19s play in Irish u19 league and the u23s return to england system then. The entire point of all of this obviously to try and build Ireland up as powerhouse of world football and the plan would be for me to manage the u21s too to begin with. I was delighted that I managed to get my 7 tier system to actually work (shocking enough trust me), but my problem lies in the youth leagues. I also created the same 7 tier system the EXACT same way as the senior leagues, but i just cant seem to get them into the game, dont know what im doing wrong. Is it NOT possible to have an actual promotion/relagation system in place with u19s? Does my issue lie in the way i've created the youth divs ? hit a serious brick wall here
  2. Can anyone explain how ye all do such nice layouts here ? i put my pics in and then just listed down in a line as you can guess, im pretty new at the forum world haha
  3. UPDATE 1 So this Serie D is annoying with the playing age restrictions !!! But most importantly San Marino got their first win in 80+ games Calcio wise things are going well, and I've included the 3 signings that have me most excited. The top San Marino player, a young lad i picked up and a former Serie A player mission 1 of winning a game with the national team done next stop get out of Serie D with Calcio
  4. Anyone looking to start a save on this, I had to fix the system to start the other day. Note that the u18s and 20s have been entered into the league systems in this database and for 1 more added thing i added the San Marino Academy as a feeder club italy fix.fmf
  5. I had to modify it to make it work, only started yesterday. So as i was filling the divisional gaps, i put the SM calcio youths into the league systems while i was fixing it, i though i may as well haha
  6. After 14 years of playing FM/CM I'm finally starting this challenge..... first thing I've noticed is money is going to be an issue Haha Wish me luck. Will post tonight with an update
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