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  1. Do you have any idea how I can change it anyway, ? The post wasn't really about the ruling its about getting around it
  2. How ? Recent e.g being the gk at city bazunu
  3. I thought that i finally had thought of a work around for my fantasy database. the issue i had was that it seems to be hardcoded that players based in ireland cant move abroad until they are 18 (which isnt accurate). I have created 4 regional academies in ireland to try and develop irish talent and bring the best over to england to train. So as i cant sign them, i thought i would be clever and change the loan age to 14 in ireland, grand fine BUT then this (below) what setting affects this, it would be a great little work around for me.
  4. Is there a way I can change this? I want Irish players to be able to move at whatever age, its crucial to my creation really. Other nations youngster can move, so how can i delete this setting ?
  5. Hello folks, just a quick question, can you change age that players can move abroad or that the age then can go on loan abroad ? If so where? TIA
  6. Any update? we understand there is loads to do but the silence is the most frustrating thing
  7. In my created club there is loads of tabs just missing ? am I imagining things ? shouldn't there be a players/staff tab on the left ? they are there for barca for example i also cant assign a stadium to my club? am i gone mad?
  8. Why is it when have created a club there is loads of stuff just missing? e.g staff and players tabs on the left, and affilliates also nowhere to put city the team is in either !!!
  9. The value per season is the amount divided by the amount of years. So if you wanted that amount every year you would need to have 10 times the amount.
  10. Is it just me or has tabs disappeared ? where is the prize money tab gone for example ? even in the advanced rules there is stuff missing !! Shouldn't there be playoff tabs too? maybe even match rules, going by memory there is something wrong isn't there ? or am I gone editor crazy ?
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