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  1. Rotherham Season 6 Preview Oh boy, there's plenty to unpack in this pre-season. Lots of deals made and good stuff done. This has potential to be a really good year, I think. We're firmly among the best of the rest now, getting ever closer to the top teams. I thought I was in Europe this year, but apparently Derby are in the Conference League for winning the Carabao Cup while I get nothing for finishing 6th? I don't know, it's all very confusing. What I did qualify for though is the... International Champions Cup I have no idea what this is, but we did well in it!
  2. Rotherham Season 5 Review A season that looks good on paper, but in reality is frustrating. We hit a real rocky patch post-January, losing and drawing against teams we really should be beating. Ideally our points would've been around 70, but we lacked consistency. Lyon were too good for us in the Europa League (though they went on to reach the final, so no shame in that) and Liverpool bested us in the FA Cup. We'll either enter the Europa League group stage or the Conference League group stage depending on who wins between Liverpool and Tottenham in the FA Cup. Securing a European s
  3. Rotherham Season 5 - January Update It's all going pretty well! We're fighting it out with the big boys at the top of the Premier League, and a UCL spot isn't totally out of the question (though it'd require some serious choking from Chelsea and/or Liverpool). Though it's clear the Manchester teams are just running away with the league. They're definitely the teams to beat in this save. We got through our Europa League group in 2nd, managing two draws from Napoli and got a favourable draw against FC Kobenhavn. We couldn't win the community shield and disappointingly were knocked out
  4. Rotherham 2025-26 Season Preview Onto another season in the Premier League. This pre-season has been a little boring compared to others as I don't have too much money left to play with and I frustratingly lost out on some key free signings who would've added some real quality to the team. Still, I've made some additions and I think we're ready to aim high this year I'm kinda surprised how quickly we've established ourselves as a good Premier League team. Being predicted 11th is amazing and shows we're making progress. Hopefully in a couple of seasons we're in and around the top
  5. Thanks! I think he might be the best regen goalkeeper in the game right now. I've looked around and no-one can really touch him stats-wise.
  6. Offered him 80k a week, to be a Star Player, all the add ons you could wish for and he joins newly promoted Norwich as a Squad Player for nothing close to what I was offering. I hate this game sometimes.
  7. Rotherham 2025-26 End of Season Update ... We did it!!! Pretty convincingly too! We more than matched Man United in the stats and even had a second goal disallowed! We're FA Cup winners!! Honestly, what a season! We find ourselves finishing 5th ahead of some good teams. Sadly we don't quite make the Champions League, but I fancy us to have a good stab at the Europa League. The gap between us and Liverpool in 4th is a little worrying though. The top 4 just run away with this league every year, getting on terms with them, especially on my limited budget is gonna be toug
  8. Ooooooh, excited for this. We got a pretty easy run through the competition, playing Championship teams in Norwich and Reading in the quarter and semi finals. Manchester United are currently top of the league though and have an incredible squad. We did beat them in the EFL Cup, but this is a different challenge entirely.
  9. Rotherham 2025-26 Mid-Season Update After a worrying start, we rebounded and are back where I'd like us to be. Some tactical tweaks were needed, but we're on target to achieve a high finish. I'm still struggling against the top teams in this division, but as you can see by the table, a lot of teams are. Getting knocked out by a struggling Arsenal in the Carabao Cup was annoying, but we've making a deep dive in the FA Cup. Winning that would be huge! Transfers Despite saying I'm going to be looking at frees from now on, I may have spent a little. The overall quality of my s
  10. Rotherham 2024-25 Pre-Season So, back at it for another season. No idea what to expect after last year. We really outperformed ourselves and I've no idea if we can better than, or if this season will be more reflective of our ability Well the bookies seem to think we've improved! Hopefully we can leave relegation as a distant memory this season, though we still seem to have a gap between ourselves and the other established PL teams. Transfers Staying within budget has been really hard, with the players needed to take me to the next level being too expensive
  11. So they launch a bid for the club at the worst possible time (giving me an embargo right before the transfer window opened), drag the takeover for weeks, finally take over then give me no money and bid for 2 wingers who I don't really need. I'm worried I've had the club taken over by clowns.
  12. Rotherham 2023-24 Season Review I'm absolutely over the moon with this! 8th when we were expected to finish last is fantastic. I think what I hoped would happen did, that my young team would develop as the season went on and would turn into Premier League level players as they kept playing. I got lucky and avoided major injuries, so everything that could go right did. That said, you can see the quite frankly ridiculous gap between the top teams and everyone else. I can see us becoming "best of the rest" pretty quickly, but cracking that top 4 is going to take something special.
  13. Yeah, after a club's finances reach a certain amount, they can go semi-pro, then professional.
  14. Rotherham 2023-23 Mid-Season Update Things are going...surprisingly well! I think I may have overestimated the strength of some of the bottom-half PL teams. They look strong when in reality their squad is around 4 - 4.5* CA, similar to mine without injuries. That said, the top teams in this division absolutely destroy me. 4 or 5-0 losses are just an acceptance against the likes of Man City at this point. Transfers In Just the 1 signing in Tai Sodje from Manchester City for £300k. His contract was expiring this year so I managed to snap him up. Happy to get more compe
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