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  1. Level 6 is done!! Fully tested and confirmed to work for long-term saves. Of course, user DBs are a finicky thing, so please report any issues that crop up and I'll sort them ASAP.
  2. Yeah, it'll 100% be done for Christmas. Level 6 full release without the cups is in testing currently, should be out tomorrow. Gives me 2 weeks to sort out tier 7 and the cups. An alternate DB with Welsh-based English clubs in the cup is definitely coming once the full Tier 7 DB is released.
  3. That's awesome. If you wouldn't mind, I'd quite like to merge that into my file, or have it as a separate DB addon linked in the OP once that's done. You'll be credited of course.
  4. Level 6 is up! The next update is going to be a doozy. I'm going through all 6 tiers and ensuring all teams are in their correct leagues and creating any that may be missing. It should be up some time next week. Also, does anyone know a workaround for the Editor not counting reserve teams as clubs? It's causing issues with the Aberystwyth league, meaning I have to either add a dummy team or have no relegation. The problem with making reserve teams as linked entity clubs is that I'd then have to exclude them from every single cup manually, which is a huge pain.
  5. No idea on county cups, I'm already behind on schedule due to real life getting in the way. I want to get Tier 7 done before I even think about the cups, so I'm certain all of the correct teams are present. For a very loose estimate, I'll have it done before the end of the year. I should have it done well before Christmas though.
  6. I'll compare my DB to the original just to confirm, I'll get it to you ASAP
  7. Yeah, that's what I'm using. Problem is a lot of the teams don't exist in the database, so I've got to create them and research the correct information
  8. Carmarthenshire Div 1 had no teams whatsoever. Neath & District Div 1 was missing a few, as was Aberystwyth Div. 2. I'll be sorting them out today when I'm free today.
  9. Level 6 database is on the way, most likely tomorrow/Saturday. There are a lot of teams missing and some teams in incorrect leagues, so it'll take a bit of work to sort them. Hours of sifting through 6th tier team Twitter and Facebook pages for team info has shown me that amateur league Welsh football banter is strong.
  10. I've discovered an issue with the Welsh Cup, as I've had to set it up manually. Anyone with information regarding the number of teams who enter the Welsh Cup, please message me.
  11. I think so. In my case, it's because there's a special "2019" advanced ruleset for the Cymru North which allows it to have 17 teams for one season, then 16 for the rest by relegating an extra team. When I add leagues to the existing structure, it displays the 2019 rule instead of the main one, so I can't verify the fule. I'm hoping it's an editor glitch and not an intended database feature, it'd make my job a lot easier.
  12. Level 4 Database is up. I've called it a BETA even though it should have no problems working. It's going below Level 5 that seems to give FM problems.
  13. It depends. If you tell me the team, I could look on the database to see which players they have
  14. Should be by tomorrow evening. I'll be doing the Level 3+4 leagues then, since the structure makes more sense that way.
  15. I could probably find someone if I asked around. My plan is to make the database as is in the basic rules so it's 99% done, then hand it over to someone who can set the advanced rules up correctly. At least that's what I hope will work.
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