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  1. I implemented a fix for the newer versions of the database, but it's still not foolproof, since the game really seems to struggle with large amounts of reserve and 3rd teams being in the same system. All it takes is for promotions and relegations to go a certain way before the game can't handle it. It sucks, but there's only so much I can do.
  2. Just responded. The issue is that for some reason, one of the promotion playoffs didn't trigger, so the game is stuck since the team can't promote, so the other teams can't relegate. I have no idea what caused this issue, since my DB looks totally fine on my end. Might be worth reporting in the bugs forum also, since it seems like an FM glitch and not a database glitch. Has anyone ever seen anything like this?
  3. That's really weird, I've never had anything like that in my simulations. Could you send me a copy of your save file so I can take a look and compare it to mine?
  4. Added missing kits to the database. Don't suppose any fix has come up for that weird OP regen glitch that's happening on this DB? It's the one issue I can't seem to pin down. Added all of your packs to the OP. Thank you so much for your help in making this database better than it has any right to be. I'd say you've earned that playtime.
  5. Summary: Regen players with stats way above their division are being generated at low-league Welsh clubs in my database for seemingly no reason. Description of Issue: Regen players, whether generated at the start of the game using the "Add players to playable teams" option or through youth intakes who are generated at Welsh teams, especially lower league teams often have amazing stats and potential (PA can be anything from about 50-80 and PA can be around 130-170). The players are always English too, which shouldn't be happening with this database as 99% of teams are Wales-based. I've made sure that all of the teams have their youth stats set to the lowest possible amount, but still have a value. I've tried changing the stats to plenty of different values, but have never witnessed a change. I tried messing with club and league reputation but to no avail. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a team I've created or a team already existing in the database, whether they have a stadium or not, it seems completely random which teams will generate these overpowered regens, but it particularly happens in the lowest (7th) tier. Steps to Reproduce: Start a game with the "Wales Level 7" file and tick "Add players to playable teams" while playing with all 7 tiers loaded. Alternatively, just holiday until one or two youth intake days occur. Files Uploaded to the SI Cloud Service: Wales Level 7.fmf
  6. Posted new update, details are in the OP. Still adding info for lower league teams, as always any help is appreciated as information for many teams barely exists.
  7. I'm working on adding all of the teams to it, but I doubt I could get it true to life, since there are regional qualifiers since get a bit complicated, and I don't want to use Advanced Rules due to the amount of stuff that can go wrong.
  8. I've updated the cups, I'm just waiting to add a bit more before I release the next update. I'll have something released either tomorrow or Sunday.
  9. Secondly, I'm looking for as much help with getting information correct for teams as possible. Kit colours are something I can get out of the way quickly and help with graphics and whatnot. Below are the teams who I can't find any information for in terms of kits. Any help with providing the kit colours would be much appreciated. Tier 7 Gors United - Both Blaenymaes - Both Godre'r Graig - Both Pembroke Borough - Away Hendy FC - Away Mond FC - Away Wern FC - Away Swansea Bay - Away Penllergaer FC - Away Llanelli Park Rangers - Away CPD Bancffosfelen - Away CP Suburbs - Away KRUF FC - Away Carnetown - Away West End United - Away Crickhowell - Away North End AFC - Away Aberfan Social - Away Carmarthen Town United FC - Away Nantyglo AFC - Away Cefn Fforest - Away St. Josephs (Cardiff) - Away St Albans - Away Graig AFC - Away Cwmgwrach FC - Away Wales Tartan - Away Coed Eva - Away Tynte Rovers - Away Harp Rovers - Away Tranch AFC - Away FC Carmarthen - Away Llanrumney - Away
  10. Sorry for the dead silence on my end, some unfortunately timed illnesses combined with long workdays have meant I've had little to no time to even play Football Manager, let alone start on heavy DB work. The plan was to release a "mega-update", so to speak, adding many real stadiums, club information, staff and importantly players. However, due to the previously mentioned issues, progress was severely halted. It's tremendous to see the work and interest around this DB despite my absence, and it's definitely re-fueled my desire to work on the database. I'll add the created content to the OP, and expect an update (albeit a small one) within the year. Once again, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm hoping what I've got planned will definitely make up for it.
  11. South Shields average season ticket price is way too high. It's set to £412 in game when the average price is around the £180 mark irl. If this affects finances in-game, it should be changed. South Shields managers are also full time, but their contract type is set to part time in the database. Their rivalries are also pretty outdated. Jarrow and Hebburn should be reduced from their 85 intensity rating to under 50, while Gateshead should be increased and made into historic rather than local (Two of South Shields previous clubs reformed as Gateshead clubs) They also have a separate training pitch on the Mariners Park ground which is a 4G surface.
  12. Ah, true. Glad someone could make sense of the divisions, the Turkish leagues are so fun to play in on FM.
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