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  1. Literally just fixed the DB the awkward way, then saw this. Thanks anyways, I'll keep that in mind if this happens again.
  2. Working on it. I'm not sure what happened with the latest update, but it broke some of the team placements in the database. I'm trying to get everything back to normal.
  3. It's definitely doable, but it'd be pretty awkward. You'd either have to make a new nation and have all the clubs based there, keeping their original nation, or have all of the clubs based in Scotland for example, and re-do the Scottish league system. Then you've got the issue of continental qualifying (since Scotland, Wales and NI won't have leagues), but maybe it could work with Cornwall and Isle of Man taking their place as continental nations. I did something similar for a bit of fun where I made an independent Yorkshire database (which I can upload if anyone is interested, but it's purely for fun and hasn't really been tested) and that worked fine, but that's just one nation, I might play around with your idea when I have some free time, just to test the logistics. Seems like a question for someone with a bit more knowledge of nation editing though.
  4. The data is already pretty good for Level 3, but it would either make my life a lot easier or a lot harder depending on how the default relegations from that tier would work.
  5. Thanks so much! I'm not so good at the technical rules side of the DB, data is more my strength.
  6. Good spot, I completely forgot that changing the rules edits the work permit situation. I've converted to advanced rules and fixed it in the new download.
  7. A database like this will have probably a million changes in it and the editor has to load through all of them. It takes ages to load on the editor and it'll freeze up for ages. Just leave it running in the background and it should load eventually.
  8. Go into your Documents folder, then into Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > Editor Data and place the downloaded file in there. Load up Football Manager 2020, start a new career and select "Advanced setup". In the country select, tick Wales and start the game.
  9. Cheers, it took a lot of research and input (especially considering I'm not Welsh), but I'm proud of how it turned out. Let me know how you're getting on!
  10. From experience (at least with my DB), TNS produce some absolutely crazily good youth. Since the game has them based in England rather than Wales, they pull from England's youth rating rather than Wales. It'll only be a matter of time. Also, TNS is super easy mode. There isn't a player from the Welsh leagues who won't join you, so you can essentially create a Cymru Prem All-Stars team. Europe is a tough nut to crack though.
  11. That's amazing, I love the fact that the real footballing world is so interested in the database
  12. Decided to take this out of WIP. I've ran a simulation until 2050 with absolutely no issues, so I'm confident of calling it done unless any issues are reported.
  13. Looking forward to this. Though if this doesn't work out, there's always a Llanfairpwll save to be done...
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