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  1. Rainbowz

    FM18 Greenland League and National Team

    Amazing work! I tried making a Greenland DB but I wasn't good enough with the editor to get it working without glitching, glad someone else could. How'd you find the information for all of the players? I could barely find anything online when I was looking to fill the DB.
  2. I'm working on a custom database for Greenland, which is technically part of Denmark so I would like generated players to have a high chance of having Danish as a secondary nationality, similar to how San Marino regens often have Italian second nationality. Is there any way of doing this in the editor? Thanks
  3. Bump, still can't get this issue sorted. With the file I downloaded, all international competitions are disabled and I still can't work out the Advanced Rules for continental competitions.
  4. Thanks, it seems to be working perfectly now. Edit: Actually, the file seems to have disabled International competitions such as the World Cup and Euros.
  5. That explains a lot. Is there definitely no other ways of changing the format of the cup, or is that far too complicated?
  6. Hi, I recently made a file adding Greenland as a playable nation with 16 real-life teams in a custom league (the real Greenlandic league system is very strange and wouldn't work well on FM). The file works perfectly, with Greenland even being eligible for the World Cup. However, I cannot for the life of me get a setup where Greenlandic teams can enter the Europa and Champions League. Every time I try to edit the competitions, I just get errors, or something goes completely wrong. I'm good at using the basic editor, but the advanced editor is beyond me. I reverted my database back to the basic Nation rules, and I was wondering if someone would be able to advise me on how to add the clubs to international competitions. Ideally with one CL first qual. round spot and 1 EL first qual. round spot. If someone was willing, I could send the file over for a more experienced editor to take a look. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  7. I'm currently managing Darlington in the Conference North in my first season, and I reached the playoff finals. However, the game crashes whenever I try to advance the time, always at the same point. I don't have any editor data active on this save file, and I've cleared my preferences, reset my cache, everything I've been told to do, but the game still crashes. Does anyone have any advice, or better yet, some kind of fix/workaround?
  8. I'll give it a go. I thought Kosovo being in Europe already would be enough, but I'll change the agreement and see what happens. EDIT: Nope, doesn't seem to have worked. Thanks for the help, though.
  9. I'm trying to make a fully fleshed out Kosovo database, but I'm struggling to get European qualification sorted. I've tried going into the advanced rules, ticking European qualification but it does nothing. I even deleted all Gibraltarian clubs and made the league extinct, and it still didn't add Kosovan teams to the CL. Does anyone know how I could get it to work, it's kind of essential to the database.
  10. Rainbowz

    [FM2016] Kosovo to Level 3

    Seems like Yugoslavia doesn't have a set youth intake day, so it's not producing regens. I've created the top two leagues, put the teams in and set all youth ratings to max, but nothing. I'm a bit out of my depth with the intricacies of developing a new nation on the editor, but I gave it my best shot. I could upload what I've done and post it here if you want?
  11. Rainbowz

    [FM2016] Kosovo to Level 3

    There are two nations in the FM editor that aren't active and have populations set. The first is Basque Country, which is closer to the Kosovar population, but requires a lot of work, and the other is Yugoslavia, which is less close to the population, but wouldn't require as much work. If you can be bothered, test the db using Yugoslavia as a base country instead of Ireland, I think it might solve the issue. If you don't want to go through with it, which is understandable, would you mind if I had a go at it?
  12. Rainbowz

    [FM2016] Kosovo to Level 3

    I think this is most likely. Unfortunately, you can't edit a nation's population. I messed around with the editor's code and managed to display the population in the editor, but you can't change it, only view it.
  13. Rainbowz

    [FM2016] Kosovo to Level 3

    I've went into the editor myself and I've given all of the clubs different youth/training ratings. Gonna holiday a few years and see what's up. EDIT: Nope, still the same. No idea what's causing the problems.
  14. Rainbowz

    [FM2016] Kosovo to Level 3

    I've tried creating a new save, holidaying a few years, and the youth intake is completely glitched. Only one player was generated through a youth intake in 4 years, apart from about 5 random players who generated without clubs. I've tried disabling all other custom leagues that are installed, tried creating a database without adding regens at the start, but nothing works.
  15. I made a custom database for India which merges the I-League and Super League into a premier league, and added 3 tiers under them. Everything works fine in my database when I holidayed into the future, a good 15 years. Eg. Promotion and relegation happens, continental qualification, everything works, except for one thing, the youth. I tweaked the youth ratings for the nation, and beefed up some teams facilities (training and youth) as well as youth recruitment, but players never seem to reach their potentials. I've been using genie scout to check, making a shortlist of any players above 130 PA, and so far, only 2 players across 15 years have gotten their CA above 100. Plus, no teams outside of India are buying Indian players, no matter how good their PA is. It seems a little unrealistic that a guy with 155 PA would waste his career in India, never reaching his potential. Is there any way I could fix this? It's a small issue in an otherwise completely functional database. Here's the download link if anyone wants to take a look at or even play the database: https://www.mediafire.com/?r6bl9nv5kl9rifx