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  1. Bump, still can't suss this. I can't see anything in the editor file that would still allow Somalia teams to play in African competitions.
  2. Yeah, simmed up to 2022-23 and it still persists.
  3. I'm trying to create a small database for the nation of Saint Helena, adding them to Africa and having the teams qualify for African competitions. All is fine with the National team, but for some reason the club teams do not qualify for any continental club competitions. I moved Somalia to Asia to facilitate it working, but Somalian teams still qualify for the continental cups. I've done everything I can to to separate Somalia from the African competitions, but they keep qualifying somehow. I've attached the file if anyone wants to take a look themselves. Any help is appreciated. Saint Helena.fmf
  4. Thanks, I pride myself on getting it as close to accurate as I can. This year was a bit of a struggle with the 2020 editor being meh, but it still works. Somehow. I didn't touch youth competitions as I wanted to focus on getting the senior structure right. I'm hoping to expand on this next year, see about getting more youth cups and a more accurate youth system rather than auto-generated leagues. No problem, I'm glad you enjoy the file!
  5. Just waiting for FM 21. Adding new leagues at this point would likely require building from scratch again and all of the testing which goes with it. I'm just thankful this DB somehow works with the Editor's shakiness this year.
  6. Don't apologize, I would probably have never noticed otherwise. No idea how that mistake slipped through. Thanks for spotting it, I've updated the DB now!
  7. No problem! Thankfully I have a good community of people helping me get the competitions correct so it's as authentic as possible. Hope you enjoy it.
  8. It's a weird FM thing I've noticed in custom DBs. I've set up transfer preferences and whatnot but teams never seem to like to buy players in the first few seasons.
  9. 1) Download the file from the main post and place it in the Editor Data folder (usually located in Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2020. Load the game, start a new career and select "Advanced Setup". Select Wales as a playable nation and the leagues will appear. 2) Yes, they're in the Anglesey League 3) I've checked and they have a full squad of 30 players. That's not my doing, but the excellent work of the Wales research team.
  10. I've been in contact with a researcher about getting most of the missing teams in the DB for next year, so hopefully the 2021 database should be quite smooth sailing compared to this year.
  11. Hiya mate hope your well ?? Just wanted to ask if we could get your file linked up to our new FM Wales website.

  12. I've made an Isle of Man database you could use in the pack, as long as I'd get credit for that particular nation.
  13. Yeah, I think FM is kind of good at sorting things out after the first season. Either that or it completely breaks. To be honest the thing I'd love most would be incorporating an English Lower Leagues DB with those one so FC Isle of Man could be a playable team. However doing the lower leagues of England is a huge task (as shown by the efforts from Dan and messi on this forum) and I'm not about to steal either of their efforts just to get 1 team working.
  14. I've posted this DB to the Steam Workshop myself to dissuade people from getting it from other people (I found out Sangue was just messaging people his download link to my file rather than uploading it again). Shame, I like to have some form of exclusive feedback and conversation with people who use my file rather than casting it out for the world to inevitably complain about.
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