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  1. Unfortunately not, I tried to update it but I keep getting errors that make no sense. I asked around if anyone could take a look but got no replies, so it's dead in the water I'm afraid.
  2. I've tried updating my Isle of Man database to the newest update but I keep running into the issue below No matter if I add, remove or in any way edit the teams in that competition, the error still shows, leading me to believe that (once again ) the editor is at fault rather than my own file. Does anyone know why this is happening, and can anyone sort it? I've tried a few things, but I don't have the knowledge to go seriously editing continental cup rules. I've attached my file below is anyone wants to take a look at the issue and have a go at fixing it, if it's even fixable.
  3. Has anyone done a file to add more of the North American club/national competitions? I really want to do a save in Dominica due to their interesting 2 year to gain nationality setting, but none of the teams enter any sort of continental competition so the save would just stagnate. IRL, the CONCACAF Champions League is being extended to allow more teams, but this doesn't happen in FM, plus there's no Caribbean Club Championship for Dominican teams to enter, so they can never play continental football.
  4. Doesn't let me set it to -1, just defaults it to 0 even though there are default leagues set as -1. This editor is actually a joke. Can't be bothered putting the work in if Sports Interactive are actively hampering people who make their game better, Absolute clowns.
  5. Honestly don't think I can make this database work. The editor is such a pile of sh*t that I can't get the thing verified no matter what I do. Only way I can is if I set the minimum/maximum teams for each league to extremes, which would cause massive in-game issues. No idea why the logic for the editor is so stupid that it can't work out that if the same number of teams are promoted as there are relegated, I'd want the teams evenly distributed across those leagues, not put wherever.
  6. This is f**king stupid. I change the min/max number of teams to suit the rules, then it gives me another error. Change that, and it gives me a previous one. Just sending me round in f**king circles. SI need to get their act together with this broken editor, it's impossible to know if it's my fault or the editor false-flagging issues that aren't there.
  7. Tried that, it wouldn't verify. Trying to hand-hold the database through promotions and relegations by setting everything as manual, but it keeps throwing up errors. Going to try tomorrow with a fresh mind,
  8. Good News: Got the database completely working at up to Level 5 including correct playoffs, promotions and everything. Bad News: Teams jump around leagues like crazy. Some years a league has 16 teams, then 12 the next, then 14 the next. That sounds okay, but some leagues have 4-5 teams and others have 18. Can't find a decent way to keep the league sizes normalized. Tried removing all regional leagues and boundaries and setting the leagues for promotion manually, but it still doesn't seem to have worked. Need to mess around with it a bit more, but it's a massive pain at the moment.
  9. 🥳️🥳️🥳️ Starting to get the hang of Advanced Rules now. I'm looking to get a Tier 6 database out before attempting the monstrosity of Tier 7 rulings. I think I have a grasp on how to make this database stable now though.
  10. Wales is still broken because it's trying to verify a league that doesn't exist.
  11. Rebuilding the database for the new update. Some issues are fixed so I can use the hard-coded rules for the Premier League this time. EDIT: Sigh, it was all going so well...
  12. Hey Dan, can I get permission to merge my Isle of Man database with this one to get a playable FC Isle of Man with the national DB for me to host in my thread? I'll give full credit, of course. It just saves me the job of re-creating England just to make 1 team correct.
  13. Sorry for the lack of updates, had a lot of personal issues this year so any database work has and is still taking a back seat. It's my first time really dabbling in Advanced Rules and the database is so much more complex than I anticipated. I had to get help on most of the tricky bits and even then it only takes the slightest unexpected thing for certain leagues to break. I've never attempted a database this extensive and it really blew up in my face. The constant issues, the things constantly breaking and the surprising demand and popularity of the database (which I love, don't get me w
  14. The Editor is an absolute pile this year, so saving normally doesn't work. You have to export the file as an XML, then edit the code to make it work. Export it then PM me the file, I'll get it working.
  15. Honestly, I'm tempted to give up with this challenge. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm getting about 7-10 offers a week for my players, with the odd one leaving and me having fewer and fewer replacements because I'm still hemorrhaging money despite slashing my outgoing and having a threadbare squad. I don't know if it's a problem with the DB I'm using, something I've personally done wrong or what, but it's just not sustainable. I'm somehow £45,000 in the red and increasing despite having the lowest outgoing of any club in my league and one of the highest attendances. I'll keep on with thi
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