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  1. Made the fix, thanks for pointing it out.
  2. I feel that South Shields should have an increased junior coaching rating (it's currently set to 1). Their academy team has been incredibly successful after its creation 2 years ago, going unbeaten in the league and making it into the 2nd round of the FA Youth Cup, beating National League and League 2 opponents. They also have strong links to various youth teams in the North-East which feed youth players into the club's various youth teams. Although I understand the issue with giving them too high a youth rating, I feel they deserve more than the minimum of 1 they currently have in the database. Some proof: https://sunderlandcollege.ac.uk/2017/05/sunderland-college-links-south-shields-football-club-create-new-youth-academy/
  3. I've tried messing with all sorts of settings (changing reputations, adding more facilities info, testing with new clubs) but the issue is still happening. Is it possible to get this issue to a developer or something, since it seems to be a glitch within the game itself.
  4. Thanks! Me too, but I'm just focusing on making the current 7 tier database as detailed as possible first.
  5. Sorry, this should work: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2pgjdnj2eelu62y/Wales_Level_7.fmf/file
  6. Can anyone help with a regen issue the database seems to be having? At the start of a game when "Add players to playable teams" is selected, there's a chance that some insane English regens are generated at low-level clubs, specifically in tier 7, It seems to happen whether England is loaded or not, and doesn't matter if the club is based in England or Wales. The youth recruitment/junior coaching for all of these teams are low (but not 0 or -1) and the league/club reputations are also low but it keeps happening. I'd advise playing without "Add players to playable teams" for now. Does anyone have any advice on what may be causing this bizarre glitch? EDIT: Thought I'd solved it, but nope. I think it's an in-game glitch, because there's literally nothing on the DB which should be causing this. Any advice would be more than appreciated.
  7. Thanks! Download link is in the OP under the top image, just uploaded the new file now.
  8. Couldn't find fixtures for the Horace Wynne Cup, but I assume it's just another league cup in the North East league. Yep, FAW trophy is in.
  9. Added the ones I could reliably find fixtures for. There are so many cups in some leagues!
  10. I knew I'd be missing a few. Thanks for the help, I'll add them tomorrow since I'm burnt out from database work today.
  11. I originally posted this thread over in the Editors Hideaway and was told I should raise it here. I created a Welsh database which goes to the 7th tier. All of the teams in this tier have their youth recruitment/junior coaching set to 1 and have very low reputations, around 50 - 250. The league reputations are also very low, around 1 or 2 For some reason, whenever "Add players to playable teams" is selected pre-startup, high rated English regens are generated at some low-league Welsh clubs. This issue is potentially gamebreaking, and I was wondering if it's something on my end, or if there is an issue with the way the game generates regens at extremely low reputation clubs or low reputation leagues. Here are three examples of players generated at tier 7 teams, all in the same division.
  12. Nah, the reputations are really low. The league has a reputation of about 1 or 2, and the highest team rep in the league is about 150-250
  13. They're all set to 1. It's seemingly random which teams it is, I've made a few saves to test this, and it seems to be different teams each time.
  14. I've been working on a Tier 7 Welsh database for a while, and have finally released it to a workable point, or so I thought. I went to start a new save using the DB, and selected the "Add players to playable teams" options. When I checked around the teams, I noticed a lot of teams had English-genned players (despite being Welsh clubs) with ridiculous stats for their division (English League 1/2 level players in Tier 7, for example) I have many European leagues loaded, including England. None of the teams' information are out of the ordinary, yet insane English regens seem to appear at them for no reason. Does anyone have a fix for this, as it could seriously ruin the database. Here are images of just 3 of the players from the same Tier 7 league.
  15. It's really hard to find information for the promotion/relegation systems of the lower leagues, so I just assumed there'd be some form of promotion. If there isn't, I'll likely fix it and release it as a separate file for people who want a true to life experience.