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  1. Honestly, I'm tempted to give up with this challenge. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm getting about 7-10 offers a week for my players, with the odd one leaving and me having fewer and fewer replacements because I'm still hemorrhaging money despite slashing my outgoing and having a threadbare squad. I don't know if it's a problem with the DB I'm using, something I've personally done wrong or what, but it's just not sustainable. I'm somehow £45,000 in the red and increasing despite having the lowest outgoing of any club in my league and one of the highest attendances. I'll keep on with thi
  2. Pre-Season 2022-23 Some excellent results against some teams far stronger than us, though I won't get carried away. Pre-season was mainly about getting some funds in, but that didn't really work as we're still £35,000 in the hole. We've been placed in the Northern Premier League South. I'm just glad we've not been randomly sorted into a London league. There are some extremely tough teams in this division, such as Worcester, Sheffield and Bury. The media expect us to finish 10th, which I'd be more than happy with. I don't expect promotion or anything close this season. We do
  3. Are there reserve teams in any leagues? Cups sometimes don't detect them properly.
  4. Ah yeah, true. I've just had problems with them this year. Just make sure your regional divisions/boundaries are set up well.
  5. WE DID IT!! The board are looking for a mid-table finish, which depending on which league we're put into is very optimistic. However, in the 5 year plan, they just want to become a midtable 8th tier team and sort out the club finances. I'm definitely looking to cut down on our spending, and have actioned that with some recent transfers Transfers In 5 transfers when I'm trying to cut the wage bill may seem like madness, but there's method here. Durham-born Vaulks replaces Errington and what a play he is for this level! So happy we could get him in.
  6. Does anyone know when I can start offering semi-pro contracts to players? We're a semi-pro team, but the best I can do are amateur deals. It'd be nice to stop the daily contract offers my players get from other clubs.
  7. Don't know if I'd recommend flexible rules unless absolutely necessary, they're causing a myriad of divisional issues with my Welsh database.
  8. With Bishop Auckland losing their game in hand, it gives us a nice cushion to see out the season. With an easy run-in too, I'm confident we're going up this season. Sunderland RCA could be a potential roadblock, but we're good enough to see them off.
  9. March 2022 Update That's a bit more like it. Two months unbeaten sees us go top, though Bishop Auckland have a game in hand. They've dropped in form recently however, so I'm confident we can get promoted this season. Transfers Out Healy was a pretty poor youth player who never even saw the first team. Not a miss at all and doubt he'll become anything Another defender leaves, this time Errington joins Glossop one league above us. It's a shame to lose him, but we have numbers at CB to cope, even if he was one of our better ones. I'd still like to
  10. Awesome, glad you're looking to play it. I've got a Google Form set up (link is in the OP/on my Twitter) which you can send the player info through.
  11. Finally, I can say version 1.0 is released!! Testing is ongoing, but I've found nothing gamebreaking yet in my many tests. Enjoy and let me know how you find it!
  12. Great news! Thanks to the massive help from krlenjushka, the database is working!! There are still some issues with team placements as I haven't set league boundaries yet, and need to do some more testing to make sure nothing breaks for long-term saves, but I'm confident I should have the database out this week.
  13. Holy hot garbage. Not even going to bother signing anyone from here, they all look terrible stats/personality-wise too. Turns out 1 junior coaching upgrade has little effect. Also, my preview said there was nothing good aside from a Jamaican goalkeeper, yet he's the worst player in the intake? Something is definitely wrong there.
  14. Is there a known issue with regens not generating from towns near their club? Just when I'm searching local clubs for regens, so many are from random places in England and not from the North-East. Seems weird that teams like Sunderland RCA and Hebburn are generating players from near London.
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