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  1. The CanPL first season is qualifying a CONCACAF League team by only using the first few fixtures between 3 teams (I think Forge/Valour/FCE). I think I've managed to recreate it for the first year by forcing a hidden stage with those 3 teams to end early and send results to a special table
  2. CCL qualifying may just be broken tbf. If you touch it or the Mexican leagues with the editor at all it's a nightmare trying to get it back together.
  3. offset dates, as long as there's 3 hours or so (maybe 2 and a half) between games it should work. Careful that no club teams use the stadium and are in-season at the same time
  4. Thinking out loud but could the continental qualification table be a hidden stage, with only 1 point for a win, 1 point for a draw, 1 point for a loss or something like that? Then you can tell it to break tiebreakers by using position in previous stage or something?
  5. Blast from the past, love seeing it with France and Spain added
  6. does the stage order strictly matter? Stage 0 could just as well be the overall table or cup, although changing the stage order now would be a pain
  7. you'd have to recreate all the continental competitions with "fate actions" that qualify them to a quadrennial tournament I think
  8. Same. One has to assume the overall points leader will get the second leg at home, but who knows. Away goals? ET/pens? They probably haven't even decided yet
  9. that would be too normal. The Spring season might end on July 1 (Canada Day) every year regardless of the day of the week BTW. If pushing to 14 games I considered using the early August long weekend but mid-to-late July works better
  10. If you're bothered, I figured out a way to replicate the bizarre 10-game CanPL spring season by using 3 hidden group stages. It may be worth it for the first season (10+18) before switching to the far more reasonable 14+14 Someone on Reddit claimed the CPL final will be two-legged but I've not seen anything to support that you can also give the overall points leader hosting rights with a combined table
  11. Saaremaa play in FC Kuressaare strips at the Island Games. I believe Hitra has a lot of overlap with Hitra FK but they may not be in the DB. Cheers
  12. No because in FM19, you were doing whatever you were doing in real life in 2015 the realities only diverge from July 1, 2018 or whenever your start date is
  13. There are some clubs that effectively play as nations in tournaments like CONIFA and the Island Games. In FM you could use Guernsey, and is there a Jersey club now that uses most of their players? Froya and Hitra in Scandinavia are basically the same as their "national" teams. Saarema are in there, can't remember the club name.
  14. If all else fails... when it's done, tell it to only run in the first year (2018 or whatever) and create duplicates for every potential host, just force it to play every game there with stadium_0. Have a 2018 version that rotates every 10 years, a 2019 version, etc. For forcing to Saturday, maybe set minimum clash day at 7 days? It could go on for weeks though. IIRC "league stage stadium 1" in a cup stage picks a host from a team competing in the stage. In groups it picks a host from the first seed.
  15. I did something like this with team placings in an existing hard-coded comp, by using the "ignore teams" box on the entries for teams finishing in certain places in the hardcoded cup (the teams I didn't want to progress to my new cup). Then another entry for the "get best teams" or whatever it is from the hard-coded comp, and it ignores the teams from the first entry before finding one to qualify.
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