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  1. Some may be regional (i.e. US Open Cup early rounds, not sure if other countries do that). But yeah I always seem to get the same team 2 or 3 fixtures in a row when counting league and cup
  2. From discussing the matter in another thread, I did some testing and can see that (at least in FM18) reviving Bermuda Hogges and changing their nationalities, name, history etc can allow you to effectively create a new club, insert it in a country of your choosing, and have a team like Chivas in Mexico that can only sign domestic players. The transfer restriction is hard-coded, like Athletic Bilbao - although I can't find a way to do it with another nationality like that (i.e. Basques in Spain, instead of Mexicans in Mexico). I thought I'd throw it out to the editoratti and see if anyone can make more progress with testing than I can. Strangely the default set-up for the extinct club (another country as "based" nation) makes it so you can't actually sign anyone in FM18.
  3. That's how it's set as default, the team played in the US leagues but "based" in Bermuda. I recall using them in a custom FM13 db and it worked with the Bermudans-only hard-coding. But in FM18 the game gets confused, if you try to sign a Bermudan it says you can't sign "non-Americans". If you try to sign any non-Bermudans (including Americans) it says you can't sign anyone but Bermudans. But there must be other extinct clubs with weird hard-coding like this? EDIT: this should get its own thread
  4. Yeah it's frustrating as hell, I think you can never "save as" if you want to be able to keep the ability to just "update" instead of post new workshop content. If you want to change the filename you'd have to try changing it from the file folder, or just saving new workshop content and deleting your old one
  5. MLS is hard-coded that way (and a lot of other weird ways), can't be replicated, although if you check Uncle Sam's US database thread I think there are some extinct clubs you can use that still have that function like Chivas USA Academy
  6. You can revive Bermuda Hogges (at least in FM18) and change all three nationalities (based, continental etc) to England (for example), pop them in the Premier League, and have a Chivas-type team that can only sign English players. Should work with any nationality. However, it's of limited help to OP as so far I can't figure out a way to do it with another nationality other than the host country (i.e. Athletic and Basque). Reviving them but not changing the nationalities, or setting "nationality" and "based nationality" to 2 different nationalities, doesn't actually let you sign anyone. Worked in FM13 though iirc.
  7. This may have something to do with the competition page "add history" for when a stage completes, or the competition ranking perhaps
  8. Interesting. My only other idea would be to dump all the 'II' teams in a reserve/secondary division (something you might be able to tweak in the editor so it doesn't show up in the player history screen), which would require bumping up a bunch of lower division teams to fill the gaps they leave in B2/B3/etc
  9. What if you use a normal reserve structure, will the clubs be satisfied with that and stop creating II teams? I suppose another imperfect alternative is to give everyone a lower league affiliate and make the type of link a "II" team so at least the player history looks a bit more varied
  10. Sounds like something isn't finishing in time, like one of the comps isn't finished and hasn't processed results/history by the season end/switchover date
  11. advanced rules and team mapping iirc. Search the forum or post the db in that one and someone can have a look
  12. MLS' hard-coding is notoriously stubborn, especially with teams coming in 1 year late. If you want to give them games you could put them in a 1-year-only secondary competition against each other and some other inactive teams (Cosmos etc)
  13. Dec. 18, 2017 - the #SavetheCrew campaign managed to keep MLS side Columbus alive, however, the club's new stadium won't be in Ohio. Johnson City, TN has stepped up, with mayor Phil Roe inviting them to play in front of temporary stands at Kermit Tipton Stadium until the new ground is ready. The price for such civic generosity? Field an MLS roster made up of Johnsons. Jan 8, 2018 (preseason) - head coach Lee Johnson, freshly acquired from English club Bristol City, sized up the Crew roster. "Anyone not named Johnson can get the f*ck out," he yelled at the bemused squad. "You've all been waived." Over the rest of the day, a steady stream of Johnsons arrived to fulfill mayor Roe's bizarre request, including US internationals Fabian and Sean. A couple of JohnsTons tried to slip through but were promptly shown the door, while some Scandinavian Jonsson type surnames were allowed in to round out the roster. Your mission? Keep drafting and signing Johnsons (might help to load the English and possibly Danish/Norwegian leagues for regens) and turn Johnson City Crew into a dynasty. The Crew (nicknamed the Big Johnsons) keep their academy (the Small Johnsons) and link to the Michigan-based Crew Academy Wolves (the Hairy Johnsons). Canadian brand Johnson & Johnson have taken over the shirt sponsorship. DOWNLOAD | GRAPHICS
  14. maybe you could win the UEFA Champions League and the CONCACAF Champions League in the same season
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