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  1. OK, some functions seem to be broken on the editor this year. What about just using "get best teams" from the Canadian Premier League instead
  2. In the past I've used one of the inactive MLS academy divisions and resurrected it as a "secondary division", the MLS academy clubs in USSDA get it as a "secondary division" (doesn't actually play any fixtures). Then you can call the best or random teams from that competition
  3. It may work if you don't use "qualified teams" and just put those entries straight into the "stage" under "teams" (probably says "get qualified teams" now). Haven't used 2020 yet but I've had 'ignore teams' work in the past.
  4. Just check "ignore teams" (make sure the box it enables is also checked), and for that entry use "add specific team" - Toronto FC. Duplicate that line for Montreal, same with Vancouver. Should keep the MLS teams out
  5. Ever wonder what a London league table looks like, taking only results from Premier League London derbies? No? Me neither, come to think of it, but here it is anyway: Second season, as you can see Fulham went down and no London-based teams came up: All playable teams inside the M25 motorway will, if promoted to the Premier League, be counted in the standings. I haven't downloaded FM20 yet but I imagine it can be copied over if anyone wants to have a go. DOWNLOAD
  6. You may be able to fix the greyed out name issue by copying the cities and putting them in a cloned "region" which is set to the alternate nationality? Something like that
  7. Unless it's hard-coded (does the winner qualify for anything?), then you may be able to drop it by adding to nation rules and checking the box for "inactive" or whatever it is
  8. Not sure if anyone's rebuilt the Champions League structure for both continents like that, would be a lot of work.
  9. This has been updated, each of the 9 teams has a full 24+ man roster with staff, awards, and a few dozen more faces in the pack. Another quirk of the old NASL seasons is the need for 2 North Americans on the field (increasing after 2 years) and 1 more on the 3-man bench. Here are some research acknowledgements:
  10. That is an odd one. Have you gone into the settings and ticked the box for "reload skin on confirm" or whatever it is? Apologies for the slow updates, I'm finally back on the west coast and can get back to work on some additions. In the meantime, any feedback? High scoring games should be the norm from what I could tell during testing (and watching 70s NASL highlights on youtube)
  11. That file disables the CONCACAF Champions League, as NASL teams never participated.
  12. I'll add some awards and a few more players/staff next week, currently in the middle of a trans-continental road trip taking in some Americana. Feedback is appreciated.
  13. Travel back to 1978 with Pelé, Cruyff, George Best, Beckenbauer, Eusébio, Gerd Muller, Bobby Moore, Hugo Sánchez, and more. Classic NASL rules include 6 points for a win, OT & penalties (sadly not from 35 yards), and "best 2 out of 3" playoffs. DOWNLOAD GRAPHICS If the above link doesn't work: NASL, Players, Continental comps | Steam workshop link *change your game language to English (US) for full effect* Screenshots:
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