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  1. This is updated. If anyone's looking for details they've missed in getting dates, stadia, extra rounds etc to work for international tournaments that aren't already included in the game, you might benefit from taking a look.
  2. Guess you could find those extra changes in the xml on notepad, go into the editor and remove those changes so it will verify, verify, then edit them back into the xml with notepad or something? Not sure if that would work
  3. Doesn't that sometimes happen automatically if the competition is outside of FIFA dates?
  4. You could create chairmen for the teams and tick the box in their preferences for preferring domestic managers, with a low rating? Or there's one for hiring managers with their own nationality. When you add and remove them, they're still "based" in that nation, so the likelihood of them finding work there increases (same reason you see, say, European managers in MLS bouncing around teams even more than in real life)
  5. You can add extra teams at the bottom of "teams" and it will only call them if needed, i.e. if the last winner is a unique team that doesn't qualify otherwise then the game won't resort to using the teams at the bottom of the list. If the last winner double qualifies and one of the entries on the "teams" screen is a double, it will keep going down the list. So you can add, like the Caribbean 2nd place team or the CONCACAF League 7th place team or something at the bottom
  6. Use the group setting rule "ask competition for groups" (and no others). Assuming you're getting the teams in order (i.e. under the "teams" screen it's the entries for the 16 North American teams, then the 16 South American teams), it should just draw the groups that way. You'd have to play with the team order to get the seedings to work the way you want within each north/south subsection, mind you.
  7. alejandro gomez was a get in central midfield if I remember right There was a young Colombian striker from Pasto circa 2003-04 who tore it up, what was his name again
  8. Nii Lamptey Cherno Samba To Madeira (may not have existed in real life)
  9. Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but that's a funny glitch if he got "stuck" in the trialist team when they "disappeared" after the trial match/transfer window. Maybe he's hanging with the rest of the failed trialists having a kickabout somewhere
  10. I've been running a few holiday saves on FM2018 to test a DB I'm working on, and I saw a Canada 2022/USA 2026 run, but I'm guessing that when they "move" Qatar 2022 to a new country in the old versions it just didn't count in the continental rotation you mentioned. Usually it went Australia 2022 then US or Mexico, sometimes Canada, in 2026. Occasionally you'd see China, or even Argentina, Uruguay or Morocco in one of those slots. Then Europe 2030 (usually Italy, sometimes Spain or Portugal), and then Asia or Argentina in 2034, and from then on whoever hasn't had it in a while.
  11. While looking at Poli's league history, go to "edit" at the top of the editor and select "copy (team league history)". You can guess the next step, go into FC's history and "paste" it. Then just delete or modify the other entries as needed.
  12. You'd have to change the registered teams in the editor as well, but so much of MLS is hardcoded that the best option might be to manually change all the Dynamo's club information so that Houston's ID is just changed to be your new club. Would keep the draft picks, hard-coded relationship to Houston Academy, etc
  13. Many big teams all meet up in the hotel the night before, even for home games. Coaches can control their food intake, sleep schedule (well not really), foster a sense of togetherness, etc. Granted, this may not be the case for Padova, and doesn't account for the day after
  14. Just noticed Uruguay get one in my FM18 save, that's a host I haven't seen before
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