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  1. Puerto Rican league gets a spot if its enabled. Or are you referring to the NPSL team? As far as I know it's dead
  2. I made a CFU file with PRFC getting in, here if you want it. As close as possible to the real-life schedule but w/ an extra qualifying round for all CFU countries (PRFC come in later with the big teams from T&T/Jamaica)
  3. this (along with the reserves I suppose) is the only "leap from reality" in the file but I like it. What would happen if they started blank? Would they sign enough guys by roster date or would it be too hard? I'm guessing there's no way to force an expansion draft?
  4. Haven't tried it - have you noticed anything? It shouldn't, as far as I know...
  5. This updates some nationality declarations to better reflect reality - as in, Anton Ferdinand *could* declare for St. Lucia if he wanted to (subject to the necessary clearance - he at least has the family connection). Players like that may not end up actually declaring for the smaller nation, but in past versions I've done similar and seen Jamaica call up players like Ebanks-Blake and win the Gold Cup. Download
  6. If I can make a suggestion, triallists should be allowed to play in the preseason cups (and is there a way to code them as friendly tournaments that don't go towards a manger ranking?) . Probably an easy fix for the user but wanted to let you know
  7. There was a Japanese guy who did an amazing one on previous versions, like hundreds of hours editing, not sure anyone's done a good one for 16 yet though