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  1. can do it with cup tie mappings and "team mappings from previous stage" as well, i.e. set Group A first as 0, group A second as 1, group B first as 2, group B second as 3. Then the second round fixtures would be 0 vs 2, 1 vs 3 etc (extrapolate for more groups)
  2. check the stadium tab (in-game) and see if its overlapping with any other comps? I know you said you addressed that but it would cause that issue. i.e. maybe games that are supposed to be later are being overridden by international games or something (even if there's no such games, it might be holding the date in case there are), and that's causing them to be pushed closer to the beginning of the season
  3. Spitballing here, but there's also a box you need to tick ("don't use home dates" or something) in the competition settings so that the club's default home dates (usually Wednesday and Saturday, under the club's "stadium" tab in previous versions) don't take priority instead. Also change days between games (in the stage settings maybe? It's been a while) to 1 or 2 days, the default is 3 I think? It took me ages to lock in dates I wanted in custom comps but finally got it in previous versions. You might be able to lock in certain dates for the competition with the highest priority set, and it w
  4. The duplicate/copy would work best for, like, a Melbourne Croatia-type team, where you want an "ethnic" team that represents the local diaspora and produces dual nationality regens with Croatian names, for example. I think? The first case would work where you want EVERY regen from that area to be dual Navajo/American
  5. Try Ireland pre-1922 (ghost nation currently in the DB). Not sure you can create new ones, but the old USSR or East Germany might work similarly?
  6. Looking forward to trying this over the break, great work as usual YSG
  7. This was cleaned up earlier in the year, you only get 3 out of 3 subs, which is true-to-life but hilariously difficult to plan for and execute. I'm playing with Detroit and riding home advantage to a roughly .500 record, the draws go to short overtime and penalties which is different Might get bored enough over the holidays to add another team or some kind of "rest of world" thing so you could sign 1978-age Maradona, Kevin Keegan etc, as if NASL kept going strong and adding stars.
  8. I believe that in the past, pro/rel did not actually occur between inactive divisions? Unless they were also playable but just not enabled in that save. Is that still the case?
  9. Right but if he wants a Basque-style nationality, there's no club and league structures. Just a weird sort of passive nationality that doesn't ever call up a team or even have anyone with it as their primary nationality. I *think* Ireland Pre-1922 can work like that
  10. I recall trying to set a stage once in a parent competition, that would take results from a bunch of child competitions (under their own tabs). The reason being so I could grant awards (player of the month, etc) pertaining only to a select few subdivisions. In the end, it did this same thing - made all those subdivisions show up multiple times. Not sure if that's connected to your issue. I fixed it by taking that stage I was trying to create, and just making it as its own competition (still taking results from the same other comps)
  11. if they're not playable anyway... what happens if you make them hidden stages. All of the fixtures will still be scheduled etc
  12. re: making a club, try this I think you can redo Ireland pre-1922 to make a Basque-like nationality? Set a region (Greenland) in the new nation (Greenland), and set a city like Nuuk to region - the new region Greenland and nation - Denmark
  13. Re: PCSL, I always thought the regional leagues that some of them play in over winter (VMSL, VISL etc) would work even better as secondary divisions. Fall-spring schedule doesn't work though
  14. Are there hidden league stages being sent around for different overall tables? Doesn't seem to like that for some reason. You could try moving some of the child comps out into their own comps (if you currently have them as stages in a larger comp)
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