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  1. This has been updated, each of the 9 teams has a full 24+ man roster with staff, awards, and a few dozen more faces in the pack. Yes there are only 9 teams, the odd number is another quirk of the old NASL seasons, along with the need for 2 North Americans on the field (increasing after 2 years). I also had to stop the extensive research at some point, here are some acknowledgements:
  2. That is an odd one. Have you gone into the settings and ticked the box for "reload skin on confirm" or whatever it is? Apologies for the slow updates, I'm finally back on the west coast and can get back to work on some additions. In the meantime, any feedback? High scoring games should be the norm from what I could tell during testing (and watching 70s NASL highlights on youtube)
  3. That file disables the CONCACAF Champions League, as NASL teams never participated. As a benefit this helps preserve realism. Due to knock-on effects from that, the Club World Cup is also replaced with the Intercontinental Cup between South American and European champions.
  4. I'll add some awards and a few more players/staff next week, currently in the middle of a trans-continental road trip taking in some Americana. Feedback is appreciated.
  5. Travel back to 1978 with Pelé, Cruyff, George Best, Beckenbauer, Eusébio, Gerd Muller, Carlos Alberto, Bobby Moore, Gordon Banks, Teófilo Cubillas, Hugo Sánchez, and more. 6 points for a win, tied games go to shortened sudden-death OT & PKs, and playoff semis are best 2 out of 3. DOWNLOAD GRAPHICS If the above link doesn't work: NASL, Players, Continental comps *change your game language to English (US) for full effect* Screenshots:
  6. Isn't that like the Brazilian 4th division? Maybe you can copy those advanced rules. And there should be a box to check on the club affiliation screen to keep parent and feeder clubs apart like that
  7. are you deranged? over 3 weeks to reply to my message and then you start getting cranky within days after posting it. Someone will have a look when they can, people have jobs and lives mate
  8. what about on the player's contract screen, "date joined"
  9. Yeah, we could certainly sort the teams in a hidden stage by goals scored only, but what do we do with that? There's no way to take that specific value and turn it into points, is it?
  10. If anyone's interested in a network game on this a couple of nights a week, hop on the fmnorthamerica steam group and join the discussion... There are a few of us setting things up to get started over the coming weeks.
  11. University of "Northern BC" just goes by "UNBC" as shorthand Uni. of Western Ontario is "UWO" or just "Western" edit: let me know if you want help w/ rivalry cups
  12. I want teams to get an extra point for each goal scored (up to 3, if possible). I'm guessing this isn't remotely possible? I've been racking my brain trying to think of a way to rank teams by goals in a hidden stage and somehow send that back to the league stage as extra points but I'm not getting anywhere...
  13. brilliant stuff. Facepacks are a great touch, didn't envy your work updating the IDs and everything!!
  14. It's hardly gender politics to include the gay thing, I mean they cover other stuff where your players make the press for various reasons
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