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  1. Anyone know what goes into this? I've noticed that most countries as hosts will use existing stadia, maybe with one or two massive ones built, but others like Canada seem to built 6 or so new stadia from scratch, the "[city name] Community Stadium/Arena" that you see pop up after a certain amount of time. Is there a reason it's not putting any games in Montreal or Vancouver? Can't tell if it's because the stadia are too small (60K or so), have turf, or have other issues, as those in countries like Australia and China seem to be getting selected for WC games with similar attributes
  2. maybe with the in-game editor you could swap them out with a u19 team that's in the league you want them to play in?
  3. You could recreate Athletic with the previously extinct Bermuda Hogges club, they have hard-coded transfer restrictions which you should be able to set to Basque-only if their nation and based nation are both Basque Lot more work mind you, but if you're already recreating the Basque nation anyway
  4. I believe it's a list, the first few editions might be limited to a few options, and I'm not sure if there's a continental rotation at all, but the candidates appear to be: USA, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, England, France, Russia Am I missing anyone? EDIT: I think the building of "(city name) Community Stadium" might be hard-coded for certain big tournaments like this? As well as getting the news item about countries using local training grounds, and playing friendlies in that cou
  5. Does the basic editor option "B/Reserve teams not promoted if main teams within 2 division levels above" not work like this? Granted, the reference to "advanced editor competition rules" in there makes me think it's somewhere in there
  6. what about under the competition tab, checking the box for "stage finished actions" and then underneath that, add an "add history record" with that stage finished, and specify the stage name and the competition? Then do that with like 9 separate entries for each stage name/competition (but stage index being the same I imagine). Just spitballing here, normally this should be avoided as a competition's ranking levels should be enough, but in this case it seems appropriate
  7. Nice when a host nation plays in the 3rd place game and has a final chance at redemption in front of the fans. Or when a Golden Boot winner pads their tally in it (i.e. Davor Suker). Otherwise really only makes sense in Games tournaments like the Olympics where there are bronze medals to hand out
  8. thank the COSAFA Cup. Making that true-to-life was a learning experience. B teams, stadium issues, teams starting in different rounds, a losers' bracket... has everything On a side note I've noticed the Copa America invites Mexico 'B' and another 'B' team from a list of USA, Canada, Japan, Costa Rica, and Honduras, which lines up with real-life past invitees. I haven't seen Jamaica but they would make sense as well.
  9. Can always upload the file and have someone take a look, sounds like a box isn't checked somewhere
  10. Under "stadium" first you have to choose "specific stadium", or else that box isn't changeable. Use the details panel below if you can't do it from there.
  11. Under "teams", with "get specific team" or however you're calling teams, check the box for "team type" and pick 'B' team, I'm guessing that's how the hidden rules for, say, Copa America get B teams
  12. I haven't tried this, but under "teams" in the cup, use "ignore teams" with the Premier Division, so that it will exclude them. Then list all the teams who participate, and select the option for a backup team as U19 (or "next highest team"). It should then resort to using the U19 team if the first team has been excluded
  13. I assume top 3 get in as well, does "get best teams from division" set to 4 teams (or set at 1, if you've already got winner/runner-up/third place having their own entry before that) work?
  14. You're on the right track with "ignore teams" but use "get best teams in competition" and continue to select the Champions League, with "max teams" at 32. That should work as long as your setup date occurs when the group stage has been set, obviously
  15. Pick a bunch of weekends near the tail end of the season and put them under "league schedule" and under that, "dates", this will force the game to schedule those specific ones (unless Copa Lib or something takes priority). You could also add 5 or 6-day fixture breaks earlier in the season to prevent some of those Wednesday fixtures from being scheduled (or change the midweek fixture date to Friday or Sunday, game should avoid scheduling them as there's not enough time between fixtures).
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