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  1. Great. Are you suggesting both marking and closing down, or one of the two? Or a different instruction?
  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Zabyl! My wingers aren't as comfortable playing in as deep a position, but I think the left winger for sure has the pace (16) and acceleration (17) to get in behind. The right winger isn't quite as flashy: pace 13, acceleration 13. When you say "I suggest using CMs against opposite team's more advanced CM not more defensive one," are you referring to specific instructions (e.g., marking or closing down)? I had the DM in the tactic I posted above mark the AMC the last time we met and that seemed to keep him quiet (in that goals didn't come via the AMC's involv
  3. He's more like you - one tactic and set-up (4-2-3-1 gegenpress) which he uses pretty much exclusively. I believe he mentioned that he uses wingers on both sides, but that could have changed. I know he'll throw caution to the wind and sometimes switch one of the CMs into a second forward, but that's only when he's seriously chasing a goal. As for changing the DLP into a DM and distributing to playmaker, I was thinking that there could be a playmaker in central midfield and that the gk could basically play over the press into central midfield. But I don't know if that's actually how it w
  4. This is helpful, Experienced Defender - it looks like something I can work with. I'm assuming that the "NCB" defender on the right is a no-nonsense CB? I'm curious about that suggestion - is it because a no-nonsense defender's likelier to just get the ball forward rather than try to make shorter or more difficult passes?
  5. These are good questions WelshMourinho. I thought that getting wider behind wingers and fullbacks pushed up would be a good idea, too. We're playing in the Canadian Premier League, so you won't know any of the players! But his two likeliest CBs have pace of 15, acceleration 11 and pace 12, acceleration 11. The forward I'm likely to play as an advanced forward has pace and OTB of 14 each, with acceleration of 16.
  6. I am in a network game with a friend who uses a very aggressive attacking 4-2-3-1 gegenpress. I don't have a lot of detail on it, but I believe it doesn't stray far from the gegenpress pre-set in the tactics creator. I know he has changed the forward to an advanced forward. I have had some (mixed) success with a pretty standard 'fluid counter-attack' (below) but am wondering if the community has any suggestions to tweak that tactic (of suggestions for a superior alternative). I would say our teams are pretty evenly matched in terms of quality but he usually gets the better of me.
  7. Thanks to both DarJ and Experienced Defender for your comments. I will implement the changes you've suggested.
  8. I have been playing with a pretty standard gegenpress from the tactic creator (with a couple of tweaks). Generally, it works well and I go ahead. But, far too often I find myself dropping points late. I would like to develop a tactic that can still attack but that will provide me with some stability to hold the ball and prevent counter attacks so that I can turn leads into wins and keep draws (where I may want draws) as draws. Ideally, it would be something that would serve me well in matches against clubs where I'm the underdog but where I don't want to go full counter or bunker. Thi
  9. I started an online game with a couple of friends and then created 2d and 3d kits. From what they tell me, the 3d kits work, but they don't see every team's 2d kit in our save. However, when one friend loaded a new save with the same custom database I'd created, he could see all the 2d kits. I created and run our three-player save. I thought that might have had something to do with it, but it seems like they can see the 3d kits, so now I don't know. Any insight or suggestions the community has would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for taking the time to respond, Strangerthankindness! I agree that forcing videoboards on the league would be the easiest thing, but then I would want to create club/league specific videoboards, and I don't think my skills are up to the task! :-) ...though I haven't looked into it. As for your other suggested approach, I will try mapping the adboards onto a stadium to see where they fall. Luckily, most stadiums I'm interested in are around 5k capacity, so it wouldn't be that bad. A couple of questions for you, though: 1. I'd read somewhere else that the order of o
  11. This is more amazing work - I've been looking at your posts in trying to create some of my own adboards and they've been incredibly helpful. Forgive me if you've already covered this somewhere else, but have you ever figured out how to position static adboards (actual ads around the pitch vs supporters' banners behind)?
  12. Yeah, I found that, too. But it doesn't actually seem to work in the game. Have you tried it and gotten it to work?
  13. I expect I already know the answer to this, but thought I'd ask anyway: I have created a number of new teams for a network game with some friends. I'd like each of our teams to start with no players, but would prefer if the other created teams had players. Creating entire rosters for all those other created clubs would take a long time, but clicking 'add players to playable teams' at the set-up stage would put players on our rosters. Does anyone have a solution Much obliged.
  14. Hello Advanced Editors, I am attempting to create a multi-round promotion and relegation playoff like this: Top League: One automatic relegation from the league table. Second and third from bottom play two legs and the loser plays the second division promotion playoff winner Second Division: One automatic promotion from the league table. Teams 2-5 play a two round playoff and the winner from that plays the loser from the Top Division Playoff I'm having some trouble figuring out the required fates and qualifications. Any assistance that anyone could provide would be
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