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  1. Thanks for your response. I started a game with Y9 with the DLC. I had downloaded your mega patch and started an MLS save with it loaded but found that NO Mexican teams were qualifying for the Champions League, so I decided to use the DLC. I know from my own experience in the editor that getting the right (and right number) of Mexican teams to qualify for the CCL when you recreate it in the editor is difficult, which I assumed was what was happening. Love all the work that you and your collaborators have put into this - it's really impressive!
  2. Will you be creating a modified version with the lower leagues that works with the new DLC version?
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, django_z. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same success as you with making the window smaller - it was a little better, but still very choppy. I'm not sure why neither us of have received responses from SI - I see all sorts of SI responses to other technical issues.
  4. Hello, Like others on the forum I am experiencing blocky graphics and choppy gameplay in-match on my iMac, with a one-star graphics rating. I have deleted my preferences and cache. I tried setting the graphics quality to medium or high, and while the graphics are less blurry, the gameplay is very choppy. My specs are: High Sierra 10.13.6 3GHz Intel Core i5 8GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 555 2048MB
  5. I am trying to create a new CONCACAF Champions League after creating a Canadian league structure. In the real-life Champions League, Mexico's opening and closing stage winners and runners-up qualify (four teams), while in MLS, the Supporters' Shield winner, the MLS Cup winner and runner up, and the US Cup winner qualify (four teams). I believe I have set this up properly, but some years there'll be five Mexican teams and, maybe, three US teams and some other years vice-versa. I've set it to look for third placed teams, but that doesn't seem to work. Any assistance anyone can provide would be much appreciated. I've also attached my file, if that helps. Thank you! Scotiabank Advanced with changes 5.fmf
  6. This looks great... but the 'sauga City Collective logo is not mapping properly. Also, is the team supposed to have no players? (everyone's greyed-out)
  7. You might be able to simply remove them with the editor one-by-one?
  8. Of course. I'm going to have to re-do mine from scratch, anyway, since my database is all mixed up with the American pyramid I created. We'll revisit once FM13 is out and we have a look at the editor.
  9. Hey Milo, If you decide to tackle this in FM13, let's talk. I'm considering giving a fantasy Canadian pyramid a go again, so maybe we can find a way to make a combined (or, at least, coordinated) release.
  10. I read this comment and tried switching from a 4-1-2-1-2 to a 4-3-1-2 and I've found it to be more effective! I'd been using a 4-1-3-2 against bigger teams and that had already been more effective, so I think there's really something to this. Do you do anything else to stretch the play a little wider? Tell the outside midfielders to close down more or set the team width wider? How do you have your midfield three set up? I've been playing with CM(s) -- CM(d) -- BWM(s).
  11. It takes all the teams from the division at the time of the draw. I believe they all get the same seeding value, so there's no distinction between who's top of the table and who's at the bottom in ranking them for the draw.
  12. Exactly. If the editor can highlight how many failed changes there are, it should make it easy to find and fix them...
  13. Oh really? That's more encouraging than I'd thought. Of course, finding the possibly 3,000 failed changes might prove a challenge. I wish there was an easier way to find them than looking at all the entries with more than 0 changes and then looking at that list of checkmarks for each entry and then having your eyes cross as you try to find the one box that isn't checked.
  14. I don't suppose we'll be able to transfer database changes over, though, right Magic? ...I made over 30,000 in FM12 and I just can't imagine doing that again.
  15. Thanks, Ham - this is very helpful for me in particular as I've used other people's downloaded schedules in the past and I've been wanting to develop much more individually customised schedules!
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