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  1. I appreciate the caveat, but we're not the kinds of guys to play exploit tactics. I understand that what works against the AI may not necessarily work against human players, but, considering that we're only using the pre-sets or tactic creator, I expect that the advice you've given still applies. Thanks for your help with this (and on my other forum posts), @Experienced Defender!!
  2. Thanks for your feedback, @Hartplatz. I could certainly make those tweaks on the left (should inverted wingbacks be opposite-footed like inverted wingers and inside forwards normally are?) and put the pressing forward on attack duty. I think I have one natural winger (right-footed) on the right at the moment, which is why I opted for an inverted winger there. Out of curiosity, do you think the first set up (in the original post) would be better with @Experienced Defender's suggestion about changing the CM(s) to a BWM or CAR? I feel like in trying to change to a more direct central midfield
  3. I re-worked to have a more direct runner in the BBM and changed the MEZ to a CM(s) for more stability on the left (I debated a BWM instead) and the WB(s) on the right to an FB(a) for a little less attacking on that side. I also restored the overlap left now that the MEZ is gone (though I know the WB and IF will still result in some overlapping).
  4. Thanks for your comments, @Experienced Defender. Regarding the comment about tweaks necessary to add a midfield runner (maybe a BBM or a CM attack), what tweaks would be necessary? Would I change the MEZ to a BBM or CM(a) and move it to the MCR, or can I keep the MEZ as well with other changes?
  5. Hello, FM Community! I recently took a new job in an online game and have decided to abandon the 4-2-3-1 I've been using due to a dearth of AMCs in the squad. I have come up with the tactic below, but would like the community's thoughts on any glaring weaknesses or areas that could be improved before I unleash it upon my friends. I have tried to limit TIs to leave my players to make decisions. Broadly, I'd like to build from the back through the central midfield three and then work the ball out wide. My hope is that on the left side, the IF driving to the goal, the wingback pushin
  6. Are you saying that my board’s attributes would have differed for my team versus my friends’ otherwise identical teams? if so, how is that determined? Am I just victim of “luck of the draw”?
  7. I’m playing an online game with two friends. We created three identical teams (reputation, stadium size, finances, facilities, et cetera), and started with no players. Starting with the same budgets, we all had roughly the same salary and transfer spend. One friend finished mid-table, I finished second in the table and lost in the championship playoffs (semi-final), and the other friend topped the table and won the playoffs. Board expectations for the next year: - friend who finished eighth: finish mid-table - friend who won the title: finish mid-table
  8. I thought I would provide an update - though results are inconclusive. I played my friend twice in our last session - a dead-rubber final match day of the season (we had both already qualified for the playoffs) and the one-match championship final. I played away both matches. I used the tactic below in the first match (ignore some of the players - Pau was NOT the DM). I lost to his rotated squad, 1-0, off a set piece. Not a great performance, in my personal opinion. For the final, I went back to what I knew, the fluid counter-attack I used in previous matc
  9. Great. Are you suggesting both marking and closing down, or one of the two? Or a different instruction?
  10. Thanks for your thoughts, Zabyl! My wingers aren't as comfortable playing in as deep a position, but I think the left winger for sure has the pace (16) and acceleration (17) to get in behind. The right winger isn't quite as flashy: pace 13, acceleration 13. When you say "I suggest using CMs against opposite team's more advanced CM not more defensive one," are you referring to specific instructions (e.g., marking or closing down)? I had the DM in the tactic I posted above mark the AMC the last time we met and that seemed to keep him quiet (in that goals didn't come via the AMC's involv
  11. He's more like you - one tactic and set-up (4-2-3-1 gegenpress) which he uses pretty much exclusively. I believe he mentioned that he uses wingers on both sides, but that could have changed. I know he'll throw caution to the wind and sometimes switch one of the CMs into a second forward, but that's only when he's seriously chasing a goal. As for changing the DLP into a DM and distributing to playmaker, I was thinking that there could be a playmaker in central midfield and that the gk could basically play over the press into central midfield. But I don't know if that's actually how it w
  12. This is helpful, Experienced Defender - it looks like something I can work with. I'm assuming that the "NCB" defender on the right is a no-nonsense CB? I'm curious about that suggestion - is it because a no-nonsense defender's likelier to just get the ball forward rather than try to make shorter or more difficult passes?
  13. These are good questions WelshMourinho. I thought that getting wider behind wingers and fullbacks pushed up would be a good idea, too. We're playing in the Canadian Premier League, so you won't know any of the players! But his two likeliest CBs have pace of 15, acceleration 11 and pace 12, acceleration 11. The forward I'm likely to play as an advanced forward has pace and OTB of 14 each, with acceleration of 16.
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