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  1. What about determination and hidden stats like professionalism? How can they be improved without tutoring?
  2. I'm trying to play a game in classic mode for the first time but I cannot figure out how training and tactical familiarity work. I prepared just one tactic throughout preseason. General focus was tactics on very high intensity. Tactic familiarity stayed on awkward. I went on holiday and after six months familiarity is still at around 1/3. Also, match training focus keeps changing to Def. Set Pieces on its own. Rest before/after match keep getting re-ticked on their own. Am I missing something?
  3. At which point does being successful translate into exploiting the ME though? Ok, so you tinker with your tactics until you hit a sweet spot. How would you know you've not accidentally stumbled upon a formulation that exploited the ME?
  4. Is there a way to increase the professionalism for players past the age of 22 (who therefore cannot be tutored)? I'm looking to sign Daniel Sturridge (he's 23) but his media handling style points towards low professionalism.
  5. Fair enough. I had the impression that reports by world class scouts with perfect stats more or less reflected the "programmed" reality. What I find strange is that scouts seem to always give the same ratings and suggest the same players. I think in reality different scouts would present conflicting reports and varying judgements on the same player.
  6. The players are 17 and 19 respectively. Nevertheless, given the choice: a 19 y.o. with a PA of 165 and a 17 y.o. with 130, I would definitely go for the former. His hidden and mental attributes are also much superior.
  7. I scouted two right backs. The first right back was judged to have a potential ability of 3.5 stars and the second 2.5 stars. This seemed quite odd given the visible attributes so I took a peak in FMRTE and found out the first one had a PA of 130 whereas the second had 165. I got the same results with multiple scouts - some of them having continental or world-class reputation and 20 JPP. This is quite a let-down given that I tend to filter player findings by potential. Am I to conclude that scouting is not to be trusted or is there something I'm missing?
  8. With 12.2.2, the database still shows as 12.2.0. You can verify the version in the game preferences.
  9. Scouting Question

    Sometimes scouted players with a PA of 2.5 stars end up having 3.5 or 4 stars when I sign them to the club. I'm wondering why this is the case. My scouts and AssMan generally have +15 JPP.
  10. Can we get a definite answer? Clubs in Belgium and Holland are useful to avoid work permits and there are players that are on loan there in the first season (e.g. Guidetti). e.g. as Man City, do I have to make the Dutch league playable so as not to waste one year from Guidetti's career?
  11. Thanks for the reply. So basically affiliated clubs from leagues like Holland or Belgium are useless if those leagues are not playable.
  12. Can I get an answer? I tried searching for one but all I got were a bunch of indefinite and contradictory answers and nothing for the 2012 version of FM anyway.
  13. I'm about to start a long-term one-club game in England. I usually have all the major leagues (Spain, Italy, Germany and France) as playable but in this case is it safe to change them to view-only or would these leagues and their major clubs gradually decline in terms of transfers, squad depth, regen production, etc.? Also, are players on loan at clubs in view-only leagues able to improve their stats?
  14. I have decided to work on a data update till the fix is up... So far I have started touching salaries using sources such as this and this. If you have other sources for other leagues, please let me know about them. The FM salaries all seem proportionate but considerably lower than reality (probably due to currency exchange and/or increased tax rates which forced clubs to increase gross salaries to maintain equal net salaries). In a few other cases, there are some obvious discrepancies, like Guardiola being on €25k per week when it should be close to €140k... The result is that it will probably be more difficult for clubs to keep up with their payroll and I think that's realistic in the current environment. I intend to make all January transfers as future transfers. I also intend to do something so that established players are no longer left to rot in the reserves (Balotelli, Wellbeck). This can be done by boosting their CA/CR (though that will inevitably mean some other player will take their place in the reserves) or adjusting the position of one of their direct first-team competitors. CA/PA changes will be considered provided strong cases are made though I prefer not to see CA/PA so maybe I could outsource this work to someone who doesn't mind? Other suggestions are welcome.
  15. Is it possible to roll-back to the previous update till the fix is released?