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  1. Hi @Andrew James No, unfortunately the autosaves are from after he left. I think this can be reproduced with ease. In the same season, Bielsa left Leeds when they were in the hunt for promotion to join a PL side (Everton) in the relegation zone. Everton still ended up getting relegated and Leeds got promoted under a different manager. Mowbray's transfer is obviously much more unrealistic as it happened after the season ended.
  2. Mowbray left promoted Blackburn at the end of the season to join relegated Cardiff. Unfortunately it seems that the game doesn't take future promotions/relegations into account and relies solely on the current league/reputation which hadn't been updated yet.
  3. Gold = judged/known Black = possible/uncertain Silver = either nothing or below 'gold' standard 4 gold stars out of 5 should be read 4/5 (not 4 gold stars and 1 silver star) Below 1/2 gold star, players get rated by silver stars so 1/2 gold star is better than 5 silver stars.
  4. Yes but that's exactly my question. Most roles' pressing is already maxed out by having team pressing set to 'more urgent' (with the exception of defenders) so 'extremely urgent' team pressing seems to be superfluous for all roles bar defenders. I'm aware of the UI issues (e.g. roles showing as 'less urgent' on TI extremely urgent) but I'm talking about a different matter here.
  5. If you set team pressing at 'standard', most individual roles can be set to maximum 'more urgent', the exception being the BWM and PF which are already locked at maximum. If you set team pressing at 'more urgent', most individuals roles are already locked at maximum, with the exception of CB/FBs which can be set to maximum 'more urgent' (i.e. more urgent than more urgent). Does this mean that team pressing at 'extremely urgent' only affects CBs/FBs?
  6. Interesting, thanks. So if we consider a player (say a BBM) in the following setups: Setup 1: TI 'more urgent' pressing Setup 2: TI 'standard' pressing & PI 'more urgent' pressing Should the player press with the same urgency?
  7. When you make first team players available for reserves, do they automatically skip training on that day/the following day or do you have to manually rest them?
  8. Does the team instruction affect all the players in the same way irrespective of their role? I always assumed that defensive players automatically press less.
  9. I see, thanks. Is there a list somewhere of these "under the hood" tendencies?
  10. Are roles essentially a summation of mentality and instructions or are there additional/hidden tendencies? For instance, does a CM-S with roam from position ticked on behave in the same way as a BBM or does the latter have additional tendencies?
  11. On extremely urgent team pressing ALL individual roles press 'less urgently' except for the BWM and PF. That's why it's so misleading. It would be better to make all roles 'standard' and the BWM/PF 'more urgent'.
  12. The way I understood it is that individual pressing is relative to team pressing. The only roles which can achieve the maximum urgency of pressing (i.e. are shown as 'standard' when the team pressing is 'extremely urgent') are the BWM and PF. All the other roles press less urgently relative to extremely urgent pressing. Therefore an individual standard/high press on normal team pressing is not necessarily more urgent than an individual less urgent press on urgent team pressing. And I guess this is shown by the green bar. This applies to every instruction except for player mentality which is absolute.
  13. I tend to alternate between positive (home/easy matches) and balanced (away/tough matches) and change the mentality throughout the match depending on how things are going. Do you use the same mentality in home/away matches? Yes, attacking (higher risk) mentalities further increase things like tempo and passing directness. That's also why I don't like going more attacking than positive. I don't like using playmakers because they act as a ball magnet and make things predictable and/or they can get marked out of the game. I would prefer the whole team to be involved in attacking if possible. To that effect, I probably shouldn't be using a DLP-D but at the same time I'd want this player to try more direct/risky passes from time to time so I'm not sure which role would be best for this position (maybe DM with more risky passes?).
  14. I started a game in November 2018 (by choosing the Brazilian preseason) to be able to take over an English club in distress. I'm now in April 2019 and got no Brexit events. Is Brexit disabled if you start from a late date?
  15. Yeah, good to see they managed to keep it up for all those years. Do they still have the same manager?
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