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  1. This is damning. All stats seriously undermined when you see something like this. A huge problem and something that should be acknowledged for patch 3.
  2. The issue re key tackles is not a QME V FME discussion if there are differences that just involve the league with the human player surely? Seeing 0 key tackles when there are key tackles in other FME leagues is an issue surely?
  3. If that’s world class, what’s ‘very good’? And what’s ‘good’? And what’s ‘average’? And what’s ‘poor’? I think you’ve set the bar far too low for ‘world class’. What about players that do get 8 averages, what are they?
  4. This is still an issue. If my striker scores 2 goals he never gets an 8 or higher. Hat trick - gets a 9. What is required to get a 10?
  5. Good to see. I’ll keep my eyes open for something in my game. All a bit vanilla with regards to scores.
  6. AI v AI are you seeing any results where both teams are scoring high? Post the new update. If so, great. But I’m seeing nothing across all my leagues.
  7. Are you seeing anything other than the standard results? I’d expect to see the odd crazy game across 20 leagues. This is on full simulation too.
  8. I’m in December and have not seen one 4-3 match across every league I have loaded. No 4-2 or 5-3 results either. It seems semi crazy or high scoring games for both teams don’t exist in my game. Anyone else seeing similar? Possibly linked to AI not attacking?
  9. 1. Lineup pre match - You can’t click players on the team sheet before the game. Fine in early seasons when you know the players but when the game is full of regens it renders the screen not that helpful when looking at the opposition lineup. 2. Players on loan squad numbers - it doesn’t show their new teams number when you click on their profile. Shows it as blank even though it’s there in the tactics view. 3. Opposition instructions pre match - Shows icons but no tool tip so you can’t see what it is when you hover 3 little QOL improvements that would make the game a better ex
  10. I’m seeing far too many people winning the league with Arsenal in season 1. Bit off.
  11. I would love to just be able to see this screen when a match ends. Why can’t we simply see the two sides next to each other, with ratings, goals and man of the match? This is simple and effective. It’s nuts that this screen doesn’t exist in the game.
  12. If you’re winning the league with Chelsea without challenge, it’s potentially an issue.
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