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  1. Just watching the Liverpool game. Both those goals just scored are completely impossible to replicate in the engine. Until it’s able to simulate more goals from real life it will be seriously lacking, unfortunately.
  2. I just want to see goals that look like those scored in real life. If you watch real life matches the types of goals that are scored are almost impossible to replicate in the ME and those we see in the game are generally all similar. The variety just isn’t there at all. Hard thing to get right and probably needs a completely new engine but it’s way off at the moment in terms of variety.
  3. I have genuinely not seen one single one on one chance converted by me or the opposition in my season played so far. I know they exist as I’ve seen a few on here scored but every time I see a player through with just the keeper to beat I’m expecting a miss.
  4. If you do this, when you reload the save the column doesn’t save. You have to keep adding it.
  5. What is? The match engine is calculated before we see the highlights. I know this can change based on subs etc but there would be no other way to show the highlights. How the stats go up against each other is then black magic (to us mortals) under the hood.
  6. The first tile on the left resets back to ‘medical centre’ as soon as you leave the home screen. Will this be fixed as I’d like to set it as a league table?
  7. I think this is just down to how FM actually processes matches. In fact a lot of the frustrations are. You have to remember the match is pre calculated before you get to the engine. All of the maths is done and, more often than not, it will favour the better team. It’s not the big players that will ‘win’ the match, it’s the accumulation of all the stats up against the other sides stats. The graphical ME will then try to give you pictures in terms of how this has happened. I’m not sure completely how it does this part but the calculations have already been done - you can change things my making subs where it will recalculate again but all you are seeing is some kind of representation of the output of the maths in the background. This is why I’m sceptical if certain stats are actually as effective as we think they are under the hood. Penalty taking, for example, looks like a very dubious stat and one not always clearly represented in the graphics engine imo.
  8. Is it possible for keepers to get injured in the ME? I know they can’t be sent off but can they still get injured? If no it’s pointless playing with a sub keeper.
  9. Remember that meet-up back in 2002? Hope you are well.
  10. Are you confident that by watching the ME you could tell whether he has 5 or 10? I don’t think it’s at this level yet as there are too many other variables and/or animation issues. In real life you’d get a much better feel by watching the player so I see the attributes as a way of plugging the gap.
  11. It doesn’t make the game much more challenging having it on does it? Surely it just means things take longer as you have to do more scouting? I don’t really have the time or patience to wait longer whilst I scout the player so I can’t see any reason why I’d use it.
  12. Is Kriss a different mod to Kris Dorey who was here in the early 2000s?
  13. I don’t think they need to concentrate on ‘features’. It’s an outdated term in my opinion and leads to people questioning how many are being added. They should change the language to how they are generally improving the game - it’s far less emotive that way. Maybe they can then talk about the ME earlier as it’ll be based on general, iterative improvements rather than being in the shadow of traditional ‘feature’ chat. We don’t want features, we just want a great game that’s as good and immersive as possible.
  14. Can’t see this changing this version as it requires collision detection which sounds like a major change to the engine - which I’m sure would have been announced as a headline feature.
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