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  1. This whole thing is a nonsense isn’t it? Is there any chance a young striker would take some advice from an older defender in real life and it would lead to him ‘staying back’ I’m not sure if that happens in the game but it absolutely should not.
  2. Because it’s completely unrealistic? I, like many others, attribute importance to squad numbers and it irritates me when they are all randomly changed when I leave.
  3. I hate it when I leave a club and all their shirt numbers are auto changed when a new manager takes over.
  4. Bad example. Have you ever seen a team in the first season of FM that is expecting to be relegated win the league? I’d go as far to say you could have 10 million saves and wouldn’t see it happen once.
  5. Your regens face looks really similar to all of mine!
  6. Yeah where does FM get its intel from and why is it at odds with an article where someone has real world experience with this?
  7. It’s usually as a result of you being successful and expecting to win more games, you’ll come up against more teams being cautious and defensive against you. When this happens you get the odd match where what you do doesn’t work anymore. A few of these on the spin and morale suffers and before you know it you’re in a rut. The AI will line up against you based on your relative strength to them. They won’t ‘learn’ how to nullify your tactic.
  8. Would be good if the goalkeeper got MoM more often when the game finishes 0-0. Or when you’re a small side and grind out a 1-0. Keeper ratings still feel like they need a tweak.
  9. By the way, it is realistic. There are not squad numbers for leagues below the conference. Sure, players may prefer certain numbers but the matches are played using 1-11 numbering.
  10. Are there not ‘play styles’ and biases for the various leagues? I thought I read somewhere that, for example, Serie A teams will play differently to Premier League sides? Wonder it this impacts their success in Europe?
  11. Sometimes it is. The sweeper position was, rightly, deleted as it was archaic. Whilst I don't think press interviews should be removed entirely, I'd be in favour of reducing them or making them 'opt in' on the screen if you want to say something rather than it prompting you to have to say something. Most people I see on here don't like the frequency of them so I'd like to think something will change over the next few years.
  12. Tbf it’s not our fault the greatest manager game of all time was created in England by English people Maybe other European powerhouses should bring something to the table and the prejudice may disappear
  13. I don’t mind the English clubs being overrated. As has been said, SI is an English company so they’re within their rights to be biased on the side of English teams for a variety of reasons.
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