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  1. I’d love them to create a completely new experience. Take away attributes completely. Incorporate a brand new system for players where traits are more powerful to add some colour. If it’s a new, fresh system - different to what we have in the men’s version - it would be great to play as an alternative.
  2. Jet lag? Is this presented to the player at all as data?
  3. I think it needs simplifying somehow, at the moment I have to try to balance what the duties are and it seems like more of a puzzle than anything else.
  4. But why do these then affect if the team is fluid or flexible? I can have lots of attack duties and cannot be very fluid? It’s all very messy.
  5. It’s supposed to be a simulation. This - in my opinion - is a needless level of complexity. Put it in the instructions.
  6. Does a manager work in this way? I’m not sure they do. It seems overly complex and would be done by explaining in the players instructions. Not an ambiguous ‘support’ or ‘attack’ duty.
  7. I’m asking for it to be truer to life. I don’t think, for example, setting an inside forward as a support or attack is realistic. Whatever these options do should be a player instruction within that role or the difference between two different roles - ie and inside forward and an inverted winger.
  8. Should this not be dictated by the role? I find them over complicated and unrealistic - I’m not sure if tactics are constructed this way in real life. It would be more realistic to remove this and set it by role and player instructions, in terms of how you want them to operate on the pitch. Would make it more straight forward when building tactics.
  9. As a long term player of FM I stopped playing around 2016 due to work and not liking versions between 2016 and 2019. However, I’ve played a few saves of FM21 - including my latest across 3 different teams over 12 seasons - and I think the game really is excellent and a lot of fun to play. It’s kept me engaged for the first time in years and the addictiveness has returned. Having said this I feel I’m now qualified to call out the things that absolutely need sorting out in the next version as well as some nice to haves. Playing over this time allows you to see the issues, trends and th
  10. Get rid of the decimal place for individual match ratings. Would be far less ambiguous and more impactful to see.
  11. Balotelli was down to his personality, drive, determination and antics rather than raw ability. This is why ‘potential’ needs to be tied in with all of those things in FM. There doesn’t seem to be strong enough links right now to the PA number and personality traits/hidden attributes.
  12. ‘You failed to bring in a player to help me settle, I request a transfer’ I mean, come on...
  13. You are right - less knowledge. But there should maybe be more made of young player adaptability. It’s not a strong enough penalty in the game imo. I’m also not saying they will be absolute stars, but they won’t flop either.
  14. But these hidden attributes should be tied into potential. You shouldn’t get a player that is potentially world class if he is unambitious - the stats should work together. An unambitious player won’t have that potential by the fact of being unambitious. It’s where FM can do a better job of tying some things together that are intrinsically linked rather than seeing stats in isolation.
  15. Just scout until full knowledge and you know. I have yet to buy any player that is 5 star potential that turns out to be a flop. It just doesn’t happen. Sure they might not make it to world class but they’ll perform eventually. That wouldn’t be the case in real life. In fact, how many young foreign players do you see in the Championship, let alone South American youngsters coming to a brand new culture?
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