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  1. The way they look is also a problem. All the eyes appear to be the same making it feel there is little difference in the overall look from one to the other. Wonder if this is being tweaked further in the upcoming patch? It's an odd one as they looked great last year.
  2. Ha. Of course they never. Amd that's the problem.
  3. How do you know it's dragging the ball wide of him? how do you know this isn't the player dragging the ball wide of him rather than properly rounding him?
  4. Apart from the match engine ten years where goalkeepers could be sent off? Let's not pretend the ME doesn't require lots of work (probably in future versions now) to allow it to represent real world football adequately.
  5. Is there a different 3rd party doing the face gen for regens this year?
  6. I don't even think this is the case anymore. Match engine has now been tuned to the point where it cannot happen. Unless you have an example in fm17? Last time I saw this was about fm13 I think.
  7. Which begs the question, do you actually get a more realistic game world if you turn the full sim off? this game ffs. Sigh.
  8. Trust me there's still reason to put one on the bench. I was using my reserve keeper in a CL quarter final as my regular was injured and thought there's no way I'll get another keeper injury. Wrong. Reserve keeper went off injured in the game and I lost 6-1 with my defender having to play 40 odd minutes in goal.
  9. It's because the animation purely doesn't exist. See also players attempting to lob the keeper from outside the box and red cards for keepers. They just can't happen.
  10. It has very little impact on loading. And for me and many others it adds a lot more immersion and gives the players more character. Not everyone plays the games as a spreadsheet. We like to see some character and colour.
  11. I have asked the question on whether SI's relationship with the 3rd party that did the facegen has come to an end and they've used someone else/did it in house. It's surely the only explanation? Last years were great. This years literally all look the same with subtle differences. Really odd and something SI have gone completely quiet on.
  12. Out of interest, is it a new system this year? I thought previously that a 3rd party partner's technology was used. Has this now gone in house at SI? I appreciate the change here as it helps a bit but it does seem unusual that the system used last year looked so much better.
  13. it looks like face shape has been addressed but the eyes still appear to be the same.