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  1. Everything tends to be a little bit too accurate in the right system doesn’t it? If you stuck Phil Jones in Raphinha’s position it would be an interesting experiment. I’d say he’d set up a similar amount.
  2. ‘Strong goalkeeper’? When has a goalkeeper ever been described as that in a news article? These descriptions need a good refresh.
  3. Shouldn’t some defenders just do this based on what type of defender they are? Harry Maguire will always look to do this naturally. Same with VVD.
  4. I just wished little things were fixed rather than little things added. Extra text on news items - I mean come on. How about fixing little things like the AI continually changing players squad numbers every season? It doesn’t need lots adding right now, it needs lots fixing.
  5. Yeah, sorry guys, won’t be buying this years. Loved last years and the improvements made - especially in the ME - but some open goals haven’t been addressed this year as well as not being braver on changing up some components. It’s just not enough to make me want to buy it with the same problems lingering. I mean, the match UI
  6. They already select this. It’s what they do as a games studio. Just having attributes means that part is gameified. Watching matches on highlights means it’s gameified. More of that decision making should come to the fore when looking at things like staff meetings and press conferences.
  7. This really needs addressing. It’s not a graphics question, it’s a fundamental ‘what can happen in the engine’ question and that needs to be as reflective to real life as possible. This would be a nice step in the right direction. Without it, it pretty much renders sub goalkeepers useless which is a big shame.
  8. Yay, everyone loves more meetings! Can’t help but feel SI haven’t really read the room on this one. Being continually told who should be taking penalties is not going to be fun.
  9. Does that mean Klopp is playing on easy mode in real life? Should he move to the lower leagues for the ultimate challenge?
  10. It’s not the graphics it’s actual match events. Does it not bother you that it’s impossible for a goalkeeper to be sent off in the engine? It’s the actual real life events that are not possible that’s the main issue and that will require a new engine (collision etc).
  11. Don’t have decimals for each match performance. It’s far more easier to understand, better on the eye and more impactful to just give single digit ratings. No ambiguity then. Keep the decimals for averages over the season but for the match it’ll look much nicer if it’s 1-10. And use numbers below 4/5 more when mistakes have been made/red cards etc.
  12. How about another player? Like Soucek at the weekend.
  13. Is the game able to simulate rebounds back to the player? Or any player for that matter. I’ve not seen it in FM21, 20 odd seasons in.
  14. Re morale I don’t like how the levels presented are too complex. I think it should be simplified as a maximum of, say, 5 levels - even if there is a scale behind that. The morale system is overly complex in how it’s presented.
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