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  1. I think one of the bigger problems is the match engine and i totally get its very, very complex. But then I get frustrated when I see regression. A few things that frustrate me and actually lead to me not playing this years version for the first time since 1993: 1. Too many crossed goals 2. Overpowered full backs 3. Too many similar goals being scored 4. Rare MoM for goalkeepers 5. A feeling that position dictates match ratings more than the ability of the player 6. Impossible to see a goalkeeper get sent off. No goalkeeper collision detection in the code 7. Still too many one on ones missed (though it's improved) 8. Games that feature a large scoreline for the winning team always seems to see an early goal by that side. Rather than what you see at times in real life when teams can struggle to get the initial breakthrough. None of this is new to SI and at various times they've said they are working on improving parts of the above but this years ME just seemed to frustrate me more in terms of the visibility of all this. Another factor was the decision to not change the ME at patch 3 and historically that has always meant for a much more settled game. Again, I'm sure there were valid reasons.
  2. Why bother with debate then? The game clearly isn't 99% perfect and SI agree with this. It's constant evolution. It does frustrate me when people genuinely feel there are levels of perfection in systems that still need a lot of rework. Frustratingly, and in my opinion, this years has been the most disappointing in years in terms of the residual issues left after patch 3. Saying it's nearly perfect doesn't help anyone as there's work to do to make it better. I want 17 to be a huge leap forward - not a game where 1% is worked on as that won't cut it for me. Edit: and I've been on these forums long enough to not argue with people like you that offer zero value other than continually praising an already very successful game. You're the most bias poster I've observed here in 15 years.
  3. Yeah and I'm disagreeing with the statement that 99% of the game is great. It isn't, unfortunately.
  4. Erm, did you even read my post? Note the part about the match engine being an underlying cause of the point he refers to :/
  5. People need to stop saying this. It is nowhere near perfect and there are parts of the game that need constant work/overhauls. Large parts of the match engine not working as they should and your point is a very visual representation of a wider ME issue. I've been playing since CM2 and I think it may be that people's expectations are higher now - but let's not presume it's nearly perfect. Sorry.
  6. Couldn't you have it as a PPM? Most players are one or the other - for those that use two, just do it as a PPM. It shouldn't drastically improve the quality of the player. Messi is left footed and Ronaldo is right footed. Sure both a fairly comfortable with their left but the fact they're not truly two footed doesn't really affect their ability.
  7. Am sure there's some here who remember the dark blue forum with the old emoticons? Now that was a forum. Happy memories.
  8. Resolved

    Deleting posts now I'm not having a dig, it's just a very complex situation and one that requires a complete overhaul to sort out.
  9. You won't have fun until goals from crosses are toned down imo
  10. Match engine: Still far too many goals from crosses. Full backs on attack duty are far too overpowered picking up man of the match in most games. Basically wide play is not balanced well enough.
  11. It works on the player overview but not on the player attributes screen.
  12. I've seen this in FM for some time now - when a team wins 4 or 5 nil there is nearly always a goal scored in the first 10 minutes or so. Even 3-0 scorelines generally see goals at the most around 20 minutes. Readers of this thread; have a look at results in your game. Especially 4-0 and 5-0 and other dominant score line games. There are always early goals, it seems, though I'd love to see examples where there aren't. This doesn't seem to be reflective of real life when teams often take more time to break smaller teams down - the floodgates opening after as the team starts to tire. So is there a problem in the engine where the dominant team scores early?
  13. Created in England by English people. Where are all the management games made by other countries?
  14. Has always been there from the very first FM. Looks like it's missing this year whereas other items like which foot they kick with and height/weight are mentioned twice. Will the morale indicator return? There's enough space for it.
  15. One of the most fiddly things about playing a match is having to quickly hit the 'team talk' drop down and then having to select the required shout. Is there any way that hot keys can be assigned to them so that it's more of an instant button press?