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  1. There are patterns in the early seasons that are pretty consistent - regardless of saves. I guess that’s to be expected. Liverpool start running away with things in season 2, Norwich get promoted and do well, City start to struggle. Same old teams at the bottom.
  2. Calendar year. Look at how many he scored over the games each season.
  3. Thank you, wasn’t a skin issue, didn’t realise it was just down to hiring and firing staff. There should really be an explanation of what each role does and how it can help you.
  4. Sorry I mean in real life. There’s something off in the engine for that to be happening.
  5. Probably points to some sort of issue with the ME and attacking play as those numbers are completely unprecedented.
  6. He doesn’t show up in the delegation list so maybe a bug?
  7. Is there anything in the game that tells me the benefits of signing a technical director? Also, are there any tasks that can be assigned to him? I’ve signed one but can’t seem to delegate anything to him. What will he do?
  8. Ratings for strikers are too low - if you look at the top performers in the league you play there are hardly any strikers and the ones that do score a lot do not have an appropriate rating. I’m sure it’ll be addressed for fm22 but it’s frustrating.
  9. Didn’t know about this. Thanks
  10. Would there be any interest in a companion app in the app stores that links to the in game database? Would be great to browse players when you can’t play. Could be other features such as linking to your save game to mess with tactics etc. Thoughts?
  11. What about trying to get world player of the year or the like? Isn’t that affected?
  12. Have seen Mowbray mentioned a few times now with regards to the next England manager. Possibly has a slightly too high reputation.
  13. Well yeah, you can but this is meant to be quick shouts from the touch line. It’s supposed to replicate a manager literally shouting onto the pitch. One of the things a manager does from the pitch is dictate player positions and telling them where they should be. This should be part of shouts as a quick way to change shape, either getting back or getting forward. I do also agree there should be morale based shouts but it should be a little of both and be really clear in terms of potential effects on the team. Good and bad, depending on the situation.
  14. Shouts needs a complete revamp. There should be a mixture of shouts - some that can help with ‘morale’ (albeit slightly) but also shouts that change the position of players and adjust this automatically and accordingly in the tactics - as long as it’s clear what they do. I should be able to shout ‘get forward more’ and this should change the teams approach and system. That’s what happens in real life and shouts haven’t been implemented right yet. It seems they are all ‘morale’ related this year and it’s not right.
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