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  1. Are you confident that by watching the ME you could tell whether he has 5 or 10? I don’t think it’s at this level yet as there are too many other variables and/or animation issues. In real life you’d get a much better feel by watching the player so I see the attributes as a way of plugging the gap.
  2. It doesn’t make the game much more challenging having it on does it? Surely it just means things take longer as you have to do more scouting? I don’t really have the time or patience to wait longer whilst I scout the player so I can’t see any reason why I’d use it.
  3. Is Kriss a different mod to Kris Dorey who was here in the early 2000s?
  4. I don’t think they need to concentrate on ‘features’. It’s an outdated term in my opinion and leads to people questioning how many are being added. They should change the language to how they are generally improving the game - it’s far less emotive that way. Maybe they can then talk about the ME earlier as it’ll be based on general, iterative improvements rather than being in the shadow of traditional ‘feature’ chat. We don’t want features, we just want a great game that’s as good and immersive as possible.
  5. Can’t see this changing this version as it requires collision detection which sounds like a major change to the engine - which I’m sure would have been announced as a headline feature.
  6. Sure but Man City’s GK coach won’t be telling Pep what team he should put out. I guess FM won’t distinguish big clubs from small so you’ll see this unrealistic scenario happening. And it can easily be avoided.
  7. This screenshot worries me a bit. Why would the goalkeeping coach suggest to the manager what team he thinks they should put out? Has this ever happened in the history of football?
  8. Well the ME needs proper collision detection for a start.
  9. Because people buy it? :/ I’m happy to buy if I think the evolution is sufficient enough in various areas of the game. Plus the updated squads, competitions etc.
  10. We’re getting to the point where the game doesn’t need major new ‘features’. Nearly everything is there now and you don’t want to give the player too much to do. As long as things are just on a constant evolution and refined now - looking at you match engine - then I’ll be happy. Keep the core game similar and get the matches as close to real football as possible.
  11. Can I just say REGEN FACES ! Finally they look like they are at an outstanding level. This alone will make me buy the game.
  12. It needs to be better explained how some attributes affect others. If I have a striker with finishing of 20 and composure of 1 it’s not immediately obvious that he’s not as good at ‘finishing’ as first assumed.
  13. Would be nice if the goalkeeper could actually be sent off by taking out a player. Still the most glaring ME omission as it’s something that happens in real life which is impossible to see in FM.
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