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  1. Yes but a lot of times i use all three slots plus i don't want to go back and fourth between screens if i want to try multiple tactics.
  2. If i have tactics set up for my current season but i want to plan for a new tactic next season i don't want to switch out my current tactics to do that, i want to be able to monitor and adjust my squad planner on the fly without effecting my current tactics.
  3. Any ideas? Is it random, is the one i agreed to sign first the one that goes through?
  4. So i'm Man Utd, i've signed 4/6 under-21 foreign players this season with a plans for a 5th before the window shuts. In January i have 2 coming in, obviously that takes me over my limit. Question, how does the game decide which of the two players gets cancelled? One of them is really good, the other i could do without.
  5. Does anyone know how to remove the technical section of attributes from a goalkeepers profile?
  6. How do i remove Goalkeeper/Outfield Rating from a players profile?
  7. So there's a few bugs i've noticed, not sure if it's something i'm doing wrong. The personalised icon overlaps the rest of the player information. Premier League is showing as blue in the league standings but white on the competitions page. Also every team that is white (i.e Fulham, Leeds, Spurs) are all blue and not white.
  8. In this years FM, the section you have selected on the sidebar shows a thin rectangle to the right, rather than the left in previous versions. It's also blue, rather than a more subtle variant of the sidebars colour. I find this to look out of place and messy, is there any way to change this?
  9. Thanks for the work on this. Would you be able to tell me how to remove the graphics on the sidebar? It doesn't look that good in icon only view imo.
  10. I agree that it's disappointing, but the game doesn't live or die by this problem. At some point all that'll be left is regens meaning their more likely to use younger players, certainly younger compared to real life pros that they hang on to until their mid 30s. As long as the teams remain competitive then does it really matter which players they use?
  11. So something that has always bugged me is how the game implements staff limits, for a number of years now Man Utd have around 30 odd scouts, but the limit set by the club is around half that, meaning if i sack anyone i can't replace them, likewise in this years game they are allowed 1 assistant manager but IRL they have 2 (Steve McClaren & Mitchell van der Gaag) so they are over the limit in game, now if one of them is a glorified coach that ETH works closer with then call either one that in the game, or give me a 2 assistant limit, either way it's wrong. I know it's typically not normal to have two assistants, so it's not like i need that limit, but it just looks a bit silly when the board say i can 1 but they've clearly allowed 2, it's small details like this that can be immersion breaking, why not just set the limit to the minimum amount of current staff, it costs nothing just to be accurate. Unless there's some other reason i'm overlooking.
  12. Feel like most of the goals i score are from set pieces (could be my tactic) and the near post corner bug is still exploitable.
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