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  1. Interesting formation, how well did you get on in your first season playing this setup? I like that you have a DM covering the side that the CWB is on but he's on support so he's not too defensive meaning he will still link up with Pogba, no issues playing this? Been struggling to pick a system that works and figuring out the match engine, traditionally i've always had a DLP (D) & AP (S) together in a 2 and it's worked in the past, but i realise that both of those roles are quite static, so i want to try and move away from that, but having 2 supporting CM's with no one covering might leave me exposed, i like your tactic as you sort of have the best of both worlds...a DM covering for an adventurous full back but not completely defensive, meaning he will still contribute to attacks? I know you posted this a while ago but just interested to see just how well you did with it.
  2. When my assistant takes control of training he naturally picks a schedule that best fits my tactic, and for the most part it does but i rarely see any defensive work, only time defence gets worked on is during international breaks it seems. Should i not be working on defending every week? even if most matches i play attacking/positive?
  3. I'm sure some of these have been asked for but here goes. 1. I often see that a specific focus is being worked on in preparation for a match, like attacking movement etc. (like previous games) despite not being anywhere in the training calendar, does match preview cover this? and how is it decided what we work on if it isn't specifically stated? 2. I see that many guides say to make sure you have a match preview as it handles the pre-match tactical briefing but in my experience on older games the tactical briefing i useless, in relation to my question above would removing it and replacing it with a specific focus for the next match not be better? 3. What happens if i train all week for my primary tactic then decide to use a different tactic on the day of the game? Has all that training been a waste of time? Do i need to decide a week in advance if i'm going to try a different approach and train accordingly? 4. If you have 2 games in a week and obviously less time to train for the second match after the first, is there a rule of thumb regarding the most important aspects to train prior to the match, i.e should something specific be focused on like ball retention (assuming that's what my tactic needs) or would an overall approach be better to work on a little of everything, sorry that was a little vague but i had an EFL cup match on Tuesday and a Premier League game on Friday, Wednesday was used for recovery, leaving Thursday to train with 1 slot taken up by Match Preview, so figuring the best thing to train with such a small amount of time was tricky. Thanks.
  4. Is it possible to edit whether text on a certain screen uses the long name or short name convention? As seen in this screen shot the 'UEFA Champions League' is cut off and would fit if it was just 'Champions League' Thanks.
  5. Tried it with yours and it still didn't work, i have also added the manager picture mod to the same folder and that works fine. I would have thought there would be an extra step to remove the transparancy from the player instructions panel, rather than it just working by pasting the original panel because wouldn't the mod still apply the transparency to the panel? Really i'd like the whole tactics screen a solid colour as i feel like a background picture on that screen isn't as beneficial.
  6. I'm probably doing something wrong but i extracted the panels using the resource archiver from the game folder and found the 'tactics player instructions panel overview' and placed it where you said, deleted the cache and reloaded the skin and it didn't work, i'm probably missing a step.
  7. Would you be able to tell me how to make individual panels solid again? Like the player instructions panel seen on the left of this screenshot? As you can see the transparancy makes it hard to read. Thanks.
  8. Yup just tried it again, instead went back and asked for 50mill and they accepted, absolute steal. I do like Lingard but his technical attributes aren't enough for me, been selling him and signing Fekir for the AMC postition which means Mata becomes second choice for that position meaning he can help out more on the right along with (i think) Chiesa from Florentina, who's decent enough to start with but will end up being a world beater hopefully. Not officially started my save yet, waiting until full release but these are the signings i've made so far in an effort to test and work out who i want to buy.
  9. I just offered him out for 50m, Arsenal came in with a 22m offer and instalments, i then countered 45m and they accepted, better than the 33m i was getting!
  10. Looks great, thanks! Edit: Actually just noticed the same issue another person was having above and that's the title bar now being visible through the panels and blocking some of the background, no way to reduce the size of it? Thanks.
  11. Nice! Only lost 4 games all season? Pretty good. So overlapping worked for you then. I guess it depends where you have your runners coming from as to which one you'd pick, in my case i want to encourage runners from out wide because i don't want to abandon width completely and if i'm playing centre mids who hold they're position then runs will be rare from midfield. I usually go with a attacking mentality when i'm at home to any side outside of the top 6 (roughly) probably balanced or positive for other games against trickier sides. So did you still have the instructions set to focus down the middle? and did you still see plenty of wing play? Like i said above, i'm toying with the idea to do a regular tika-taka just to find that balance between keeping the ball and having that extra width. Also i'm thinking that having Matic in a defensive deep lying role might be needed less in this formation, as i have the cover from my 3 centre backs, 4 defensive duties seems a little high to me. Maybe in trickier games i'd use him in that role and in other games have him on support or play someone like Herrera as B2B.
  12. Thanks for the reply, based off your first answer i'm thinking maybe i should switch from verticle tika-taka to just the standard one, although the tactic is primarly a narrow tactic with the lack of wingers i dont want to restrict my team to only playing through the middle and want to make use of the attacking threat i have out wide where possible and i've always liked playing a wide system with plenty of wide runners in the past. Might be confused on your second answer, doesn't overlap deal with runners out wide and underlap deals with runners in the central positions? If i want to wait of the runs of my wing backs wouldn't i user overlap?
  13. I managed to sell Darmian for £15million to Newcastle on one save, maybe you were just unlucky, Rojo i can get £10m for, the others i've also found tricky but i did sell Lingard for £32m to Arsenal. Felt like he was missing that little bit of technical quality to not cash in on him. Sold him and used the money towards Fekir so now i have Fekir and Mata for the AMC role with Mata able to fill in at RW when Fekir starts in the centre.
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