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  1. When can we expect first feature announcements?
  2. Please read again. I love micro management, thats exactly the reason why i play FM and thats exactly the reason why i dont like FM 20 at all.
  3. Dont know if this is off-topic, but doesnt this bother you at all? Or is that not your experience with 20? Because i would really love to like 20 but i just dont see the point in doing all the micro management.
  4. Had a couple of months for some extensive testing and now have to agree that FM 17 just is the best. Just played a match with 17 and it was just incredible and i literally jumped out of my chair multiple times because i was so involved in this match. The reason is simple: FM 17 just feels like watching a real football match in which i see what i told my players to do. Everything i do is reflected in the ME. Attributes are actually meaningful. In contrast 19 and 20 feel really random, it doesnt matter what im doing because in the end the match will be decided by some set piece or long shots anyway, so whats the point? And way too often goals come from headers from small players with heading 8 or something and so on. Any by the way its just not true that 17 is just for people who like some attacking style. Im playing a defensive tactic and i am currently 2nd in the league with 24 goals scored and 9 conceded after 18 games, my team works great and plays exactly how i told them to play, defensive shape looks great. Anyway i dont want to moan about 19 or 20, i just want to thank Si Games for FM 17 because 3 years later im still having so much fun with it!
  5. Love that! Again i dont want Roboter Manager. These are exactly the things that make football special and they SHOULD happen!
  6. I just took a look at your story from FM17. Your team had won the Champions League and had reputation "world class", you stated yourself that teams like Barcelona or Bayern still played quite attacking style against you giving you space. Just in the league you had this problem. So i dont see anything wrong with that (for example against Barcelona in La Liga every team other than Real will probabaly park the bus). So for me still thats a good thing. Anyway, this thread is about variety of goals.
  7. Tbh i wouldnt call that a problem but the exact opposite, quite realistic and the best thing that can happen for long term games. :-)
  8. Im having no problem scoring 1 on 1. Scoring way more from that than 30 yard screamers. There are just WAY too many of this 1 on 1 situations in the game. This leads to the impression they would never be scored. PLEASE SI do not just improve finishing and we get goals galore. There just have to be much more boring situations in midfield like in real life.
  9. Seeing no reason for a new save. Game is fine for me and also they are continously improving the match engine. They just have to label some version the release version but this could also be Beta 3 or the first Beta could have been the release and now we get Patch Number 2, it doesnt matter, just a name. I play the latest version thats it. This determination thing doesnt bother me.
  10. In this thread alone there are endless videos and screenshots from other goal types.
  11. Again, very realistic for me. Weird own goals happen all the time in real life. I dont want to see Roboter Manager 2020.
  12. Still no fan of that version but with regard to the variety of goals i would say FM17.
  13. Is scoring some own goal now a bug? I don't know what you are talking about? The first game is completely normal and in the second ManU left too much space in the first half and Arsenal missed 4 or 5 very good chances. Not 20 or 25. Second half ManU recovered. And now? I've seen games like that like a million times in football, what's wrong with that?
  14. I love them too. My problem (only a few games played) is that there are many really fun to watch and even beautiful played attacks, but at the end the percentage of goals coming from set pieces is just way too high. May i ask how many of your goals (scored and conceded) are coming from set pieces?
  15. I know its off topic and im not a fan of 17 myself but saying the defense was awful and defender stone statues is just nonsense, otherwise endless screenshots like that would not have been possible https://mrkeysirensie.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/fm17-reading-fc-part-xxxx-clean-sheets-galore/#jp-carousel-15885 https://mrkeysirensie.wordpress.com/2017/08/24/fm17-reading-fc-part-xxxx-clean-sheets-galore/#jp-carousel-15883 But im with you, early signs of 20 are very promising.
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