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  1. Do not believe some guys who will tell you to go for FM17. The me was bad because of this https://community.sigames.com/topic/405714-possible-me-issue-giant-half-spaces-in-a-highly-structured-defensive-4-4-2/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/389441-wide-player-defensive-positioning-discussion/page/2/ Additionally FM 17 misses many new features of FM 18 and especially FM 19 like the new training and new scouting. I could never go back. And you will never see the perfect me, there were always and will always be some things to improve. But- as you can see in this poll- https://community.sigames.com/topic/466719-favorite-fm-game-and-age-poll/ FM19 is just the best. Or just wait for FM 20.
  2. Just saw this poll and wow thats some proof how good FM 19 actually is. People tend to be critical about the latest version and still its by far the winner of this vote. Look at the poll one year ago. FM 18 came in only in third place. Just 12% voted for it. Now FM 19 is the clear winner with 27%. Well deserved.
  3. FM 17 was the edition with wingers always staying wide leading to tactics through the middle being completely overpowered. And other issues. Its always funny how people glorify the past. Im sure in 3 years many people who now complain about FM 19 will say "im playing fm 19, that version was so much fun!"
  4. So you actually didnt play it but still use every thread to tell anyone how bad it was? How do you know then?
  5. This is the thread about FM 20 features. Not thread number 20000 in which people should complain about fm 19. Its really frustrating how many people obviously cant read.
  6. Off-topic, but FM 17 was the worst in the history of FM. Issues all over the place. Its funny how people forget.
  7. I dont think you can make any conclusion about a tactic by playing ONE single match with it. Maybe the next 3 matches the team would be destroyed playing controlled possession or tiki taka and you would see the complete opposite.
  8. Same here. It was different before the latest me update last week, but as many others have stated the game got definitely harder with the update. For me we are back to normal now, some find it hard some find it easy (especially the people who are playing fm for years obviously).
  9. I think there was virtually no match over 3 days of stream in which Leverkusen had less than 20 shots per match, even against the best german teams. Is this supposed to be realistic in any way?
  10. Of course they do, 90% of all goals are coming that way. Goal variety was so much better in 17 (more long shots, free kicks and so on).
  11. I agree. Not only shooting to the corner flag but way too many shots in general.
  12. FM12 wins every poll for years now, i dont take this very seriously to be honest. More concerning is that FM18 is not better in this poll than FM17 because normally the newest version always gets more votes than everything else (besides 12). The true winner of this poll is FM17. Rightfully so.
  13. Actually its very easy. ME was broken for me with these weird goals from crosses.
  14. Regens faces completely irrelevant, wingers defensive duties a very minor issue. Overall nothing even close to game-breaking. FM 17 is challenging and rewarding as it should be.
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