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  1. I agree this is an insultingly low offer. There are supposed to be a few crazy low bids from save to save but this is a little ridiculous. Bear in mind your scouts could be overvaluing the player too. But even in this case i'd expect a low bid to come in at around 15-20m so this probably needs some tuning. Thanks for the save.
  2. Yeah there might be something funny going on here with being unable to restart mentoring after the first tick of gains are made. Ill make sure to check this out. Injuries pausing mentoring are certainly by design, Rich felt that while players are undergoing rehabilitation and so they wont be around the squad, and will be cut off from their mentor/mentee. I agree that it's both on pitch and off the pitch, but often players are taken away to do their injury recovery outside of training.
  3. i'll take a look at this for you - the first issue seems like its a bug, as we have had bugs in the past where the mentoring has continued while the player is on loan which doesnt make sense. The second issue seems like it could be specific to your save - could you upload this for me so i can take a look? here's how: That text should only show when a player has been mentored to their maximum potential or the players you have at your disposal arent good enough to mentor the player anymore, so i'll check for that.
  4. Thanks @Frikki for the quick upload, ill check out your save and log this with the devs.
  5. We're taking another look at this internally, we have put a fix in for this, but it seems it may not have worked in all cases.
  6. Hi @Frikki could you send us a save for this so we can check it out, here's how to send it: drop us a message on here when you've sent it, cheers
  7. Interesting! definitely one we'll need a save for, you can upload it by following this quide: and i'll mention it to the devs.
  8. So there are underlying variations in player stats that could cause this, but i agree that there should be more ways to get different prices for the players. At the moment its calculated by scouting evaluations which dont change too much, but is dependent on their skill as a scout. I agree that it is a little too rigid on FMM, and we'll look into ways of making it feel more realistic.
  9. Thanks @TLD, we're aware of this issue, my understanding is that fixing these isssues requires alot of shake up in the simulated transfer market to fix, which is going to take alot of Dev and QA time to get right. Its on our list and ill raise the bug to be of higher importance to make sure it gets some dev attention.
  10. Thanks @StephenCronin , i think we could communicate the development of players better. We can take a look at the save if you dont find any of the indicators mentioned in the above post, but generally those should be the reasons why you dont see development.
  11. I'll log this to be considered for the list of features for future versions, its likely this would be best suited as part of a transfers overhaul, which is all dependent on feature scheduling. I like the idea of expanding the options available for managing unwanted squadmembers.
  12. I'll check this is logged in our system, i imagine this would have to be something covered in a transfers overhaul, so it would depend on the scheduling for features etc.
  13. As with your other post we'll take a look at the device for you and see what we can do.
  14. Thanks for this, we'll take a look at our similar devices and get back to you.
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