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  1. Saka Stamina needs an upgrade. He's played in every single game since September (which is basically every 3 days). Been run into the the ground, but still looks sharp and fresh for 90 minutes. I suggest 15 or 16 (don't remove since this is a constructive post)
  2. Apologies. It completely slipped my mind that it is indeed the weekend and I do really appreciate you, and the teams hard work. My main issues: Lacazette being presented as a speedster, clinical Poacher. 16 acceleration 16 pace. He simply is not that quick: Tested 9th fastest in speed tests two seasons ago, behind Ozil and Ramsey and he's not even as quick as he was back then: https://talksport.com/football/414831/arsenals-first-team-players-ranked-pace-pierre-emerick-aubameyang-official-speed-test-results/ I've watched him for Arsenal for 3 or 4 years now. I haven't se
  3. Greenwood was so impressive by scoring goals all against bottom half sides and is so impressive right now being dropped from the England squad and can’t start for a team 14th in the league. Even washed up Juan mata is starting more than he is Saka being nowhere near as impressive is based on what exactly? Saka has shown far more versatility and more facets to his game than Greenwood has. Ability to play on the left and rw, lb/lwb and even cm. Most assists in the Europa league since last season. Apart from his fearsome shot there’s nothing to suggest he’s going to be an absolute world be
  4. So you only go off stats to judge a player now? Is the eye test not enough to conclude that partey is not 13 for passing. Because on fm he is hardly any better than elneny.That Lacazette is not fast and does not deserve 16 pace and 16 acceleration.
  5. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to this message. As I’m sure you understand as customers we want to feel like our opinions are being valued and actually having some influence on the game. I’m not suggesting to have universal agreement about a player, but the way certain players attributes have been distributed (Partey and Lacazette in particular) do misjudge the profiles of players they are. They play very different on fm (Lacazette is a prolific speedster, poacher on the game and Partey is a jack of all trades master of nothing) as they do in real life which is my main
  6. Gabriel has been a top 3 cb itl this season. The game at the moment does not reflect this Hopefully he’ll get a january upgrade because he is literally far better than all of our other defenders.
  7. Also funny how Greenwood is vastly superior to Saka on this game (despite the later having much better performances against bigger sides) But can’t complain about too many things at once !
  8. Without. But he’s even slower on the ball. Like I’ve never seen him sprint past anyone and I’m not exaggerating. He’s genuinely fairly slow Thank you. Now you have shown me you completely misunderstand partey’s profile and role within atletco’s team. Laughable that partey has 13 passing but Xhaka has what 18/19? Come on now.
  9. Fair enough, but I just want to know how the researcher is justifying those stats. Like what evidence is he using to come to that conclusion because it is quite baffling to be honest
  10. Well I’ll just have to deal with vastly wrong stats then because of the previous researcher. I mean 13 passing and 13 technique makes me question seriously what player he was watching.
  11. Is it? His stats haven’t changed at all from fm 20 and players like doucoure, mctominay (who he played of the park literally 2 weeks ago) are legitimately better than him in game and have better attributes
  12. I provided facts that Lacazette was 9th fastest player for Arsenal 2 seasons ago behind Ramsey and Ozil. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. 16 pace and 16 acceleration is outside the realms of opinion tbh. It’s pretty absurd conclusion to make. It makes faster than heung min son. For example.
  13. I understand that the team can’t respond to every suggestion, but it seriously feels like some of us are being completely ignored even when we give opinions backed by data
  14. I’m rating Lacazette of scoring 10 league goals last season and never scoring more than 14 a single season. In spite of this he is still rated one of the best strikers in league attribute wise. Mid table players like Chris Wood, Antonio, Danny Ings etc... actually offer more than he does irl (ask most arsenal fans) yet are absurdly worse than him in game Also him getting subbed off at 70th minute by 4 managers in a row would suggest that he has fairly poor stamina. 16 pace and 16 acceleration are quite frankly absurd stats. Would really love to see how they came to the conclusion that he
  15. I don’t get the point here. Ronaldo can barely dribble anymore.
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