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  1. Pineda has shoots from distance and arrives late into opposition box. My issue is I simply cannot tell why my tactic isn;t working even when watching on full. I make tweaks based on what i see i.e. misplaced passes, but it doesn't seem to make a difference
  2. Well i have no idea what type of football suits my players. Nothing works. And in fact I just got sacked. Not sure if there's any point going back a few games or if i should just accept my failure. Anywho my rb was vagnoman, who isn;t quite as good as mbabu Anyway this was my tactic. As you can see the results are shocking:
  3. I meant higher as in higher than slightly lower, which is standard. when they are aggressively closed down by the opposition they boot the ball especially against better opposition. Side note: I have sold mbabu as he was ruining my dressing room. Also brought in kounde who has great passing and vision for a cb (14 in each)
  4. Thank you for the responsive. I originally had the dm on defend and I have currently switched it to that. I was using it on support based on cleon’s ideas and thread. I had the dm in support but used the hold position and close down less PI normally gabbiadini is playing but he is being rested. Does it really matter that much that the inside forward is coming in onto their weaker foot. I thought it would just add a different dynamic. I have previously tried the split block pressing and will try again. LOE higher and standard defensive line would lower my vertical compactness if i’m right. I understand that it is necessary if I am using the split press, but will my midfield be easier to bypass? i have already made the switch to higher tempo. Another issue I have is my players seem to boot the ball during pressing. When this happens I change my passing to mixed, and remove roll it out but it doesn’t seem to make a difference
  5. I've spent hours upon hours reading different guides, trying to implement the ideas they provide. The only success I have had it basically directly copying Rashidi's high pressing, Guardiola inspired tactic which allowed me to win two champions league's in 3 years with Arsenal, but only after i had by far the best team in the world. The latest is Cleon's art of possession thread, in which I used as inspiration to create my own tactic. I achieve the possession aspect of the thread, but that's about it. The football is poor and the results are even worse and i'm on the verge of being sacked. The tactic and results are as follows: Issues I have noticed: Goals conceded from direct counter attacks Goals from over the top long through balls. Can't seem to fix it no matter what out out of possession TI's I use or duties in the defense. Profligate/poor finishing. Players miss easy chances Too many long shots at times Support and attack duty full backs often no where to be seen resulting in goals conceded from crosses. Regularly poor mistakes from defenders/ midfielders that lead to chances and goals. At the end of the day - too many goals conceded and not enough scored
  6. First of all your out of possession tactics are too extreme. You use the maximum setting for all and are likely to be done by balls over the top ( although offside trap may help). Why those instructions in transition? Why are you restricting the keeper with the way he can distribute the ball? Remove the take short kicks and allow your keeper to distribute to the full backs as well as the centre back. You have a possession tactic with an extremely high line and then you have pass into space selected. In what space are they passing into? There is none. It's an unecessary instruction. You also have run at defence. For what reason? The 4231 is a very top heavy formation. It is much easier to set it up with 2 dms rather than cms, according to Cleon's 4231 thread. I would suggest you have a read: https://community.sigames.com/topic/414887-the-4231-explained/
  7. Well I ended up winning the game da cup and the champions league, but fell short in the league after a horrendous end to the season in the league. Think i’m done with the save now. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Okay made some chances Mentality positive SK (D) WB (S) CD (st) CD(D) WB (s) W (S) BBm (S) CM (d) IW (S) AM (A) Cf (S) Low crosses Slightly higher tempo Hit early crosses Be more expressive Play out of defence Overlap left In Transition Regroup Counter Distribute quickly Out of possession: LOE More urgent Get stuck in Player instructions Close down more on the am and st. IW - get further forward AM also to try riskier passes and roam from position
  9. I would like to play a fluid set up. I was thinking of switching to the following set up: Mentality cautious Sk (D) Wb(A) CD(st) CD(d) WB (s) W (S) BBM (s) CM (D) IW (A) AM (s) AF (A) Team instructions: Low crosses Slightly higher tempo Hit early crosses Be more expressive In Transition Regroup Counter Distribute quickly Out of possession: LOE More urgent Get stuck in Player instructions Close down more on the am and st. AM also to try riskier passes. What do you think of this set up?
  10. My tactic is an attempt to create a counter attacking 4411 based on the principles in Cleon's art of counter attacking thread. I do notice the counter attacks, having spent most of my matches on comprehensive mode and some of my goals do come from that. However a lot of my goals seem to be penalties and I'm lucky if i score more than one goal a match. For the most part it is working, but it is incredibly annoying why my side cannot seem to create any clear cut chances in possession. The only players that seem to play well are my wing backs and occassionally my striker, but when i'm watching the match i cannot see anything inherently wrong with my tactic. It seems to be working as it should but i just can't score or create good chances. Here is a picture of the tactic below. Originally i had havertz as a wide playmaker, but made him a winger in the hope of providing with> i thought the wide playmaker and the inverted winger would make my team too narrow - it made no difference whatsoever . As you can see by the league table, i'm superb defensively. Having only conceded 6 goals in 21 matches, but have only scored 27 goals in 20 matches. Far from the minimum two goals per game target i would normally set with my team that should be dominant. My results aren't bad in general, but i'm not seeing the exciting counter football that I want. Only just scraping each game by 1-0 or 2-0 at best. Help appreciated because I am stuck
  11. I have a regen striker with 16+ in all physical stats except jumping reach, he has great finishing, dribbling, first touch, but only has 10 passing. Feel like deep lying forward isn’t the best way to use him, but don’t really have the greatest personnel for a 442
  12. How do you set up an advanced forward as a lone striker in this formation?
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