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  1. Right footers tend to have stronger weaker foots than left footed players
  2. My player leaving my team on a free because I refuse to give him 200k a week (when he’s on 70) currently only to leave to Celta Vigo who are offering him a lower wage than what he is currently paid. So realistic fm.
  3. It is. Left footers can’t make certain passing angles that right footers can
  4. Okay i'm attempting to implement a system that likelly won't work, but is essentially a replication of arteta's arsenal. I just got appointed as England manager The aim is to press in a 442. Hence the assymetric defensive shape. Build up in a 3 at the back. The full back sits narrow to hopefully form a back 3, whilst the right cb is instructed to stay wider in the build up. Mezzala overloads on the left with the inside forward whilst Kane drops deep. The am operates in the left half space, while the mezzala operates in the right. The inverted winger on the right stays wid
  5. I know in real life playing two left footers at cb is not a good idea but I don’t think it makes a difference in game
  6. Took my smith Rowe until 25 to get a few caps and then he got dropped for the 2026 World Cup squad
  7. Players are demanding stupid wages and squad roles for their actual ability. max aarons demanding important player at my cl winning side with a 240k a week contract when he’s on 75k is ridiculous
  8. In 2012 he didn’t have the potential to do it because his pa was nowhere near 190 to allow him to achieve it.
  9. Away games are farcical again. There’s no logic to why ai teams just play 50x better and you can’t do a single thing
  10. I’m thankful that it doesn’t work tbh. Would be ridiculous if it did
  11. Here is the file to my save https://www.filemail.com/d/uetfahrzvvtataa There are no newgen scouts on my entire save
  12. What’s up with countering the ai when they go on very attacking or use som other ridiculous attacking tactic? Playing against 424 or 4231 and the ai decides to gegenpress and using an advanced playmaker and deep lying playmaker in pivot with attacking full backs and you literally cannot counter. Players lose all control and eventually you concede
  13. inside forward attack and a pressing forward attack is not the best combination. I nwould change one of those into a support role change your lb to a wb. Two full backs is a bit too passive.
  14. yes i know but there is no newgen scouts on my save. I scrolled through th free agents and employed and there are none
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