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  1. ‘Large part in two monumental title wins’. Wouldn’t really say he played a large part in their first title win. Certainly his 11g/a does not warrant 16 finishing and 17 off the ball.
  2. He’s literally like Messi in games but with just 2 or 3 lower stats in most areas. Their physicals are the same
  3. To answer your question simply: The club legend thing doesn’t work. Messi isn’t even a Barcelona Legend
  4. It’s to suggest that he shouldn’t have stats like 16 finishing, 17 off the ball, 20 work rate, 14 pace etc. Atm in game he is presented as a slightly worse version of Messi (an is better within 2 years in game) In real life he’s nowhere near that. He has a pa of 180. A pa between 170 and 175 would probably be more reflective.
  5. What are your opinions on this? For me personally Bernardo silva is overrated (wins the ballon d'or at least once or is top 3 on my saves) and heung min son is underrated ( he barely plays like even a good premier division winger in game). Interested to know your thoughts
  6. Anyone going to talk about how ridiculously overrated Bernardo silva is on fm?
  7. Adding onto op’s post. If I have a attacking mentality the set passing to slightly shorter, what is that in comparison to say if I had a positive mentality with standard passing?
  8. Hardly any good attacking regen full backs and I have also noticed there are very few regens that can play as a goals scoring midfielder.
  9. Good thread My issue is: Defensive possession heavy sides don’t exist in real life (or at least not in the manner portrayed in this game). So people rightfully complain that the ai plays in such a manner
  10. Playing Gasperini tactic would not be successful in fm imo. He plays with a high pressing+ tight marking irl, which is clearly not suitable on football manager and is easily exploitable. To be fair it is quite exploitable irl as well.
  11. I also use an iwb behind an iw and a mezzala attack to great effect currently. Find that it really helps overload defences and create chances for my other if and my striker
  12. Thanks for all the helP. What adjustments would you suggest vs big teams away? I do fairly decently in generalities against them, but they are very tough
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