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  1. How do you set up an advanced forward as a lone striker in this formation?
  2. Just wondering is there anyway to use an advanced forward in this formation. Got a really good regen that cant pass the ball but has amazing pace, dribbling and shooting
  3. I have a set up on fm 18 of this. I’ll screenshot it and send later , but I got over 100 league points with it as Arsenal
  4. Havertz and joao felix were great mezzala’s for me. The best would be as the person above said SMS or Milinkovic-Savic.
  5. The issue is I have tried to adapt, but I still get battered. I try to be more cautious and conservative and yet I still lose. Really don’t see why I have to do that anyway when I see people on the forum dominating using attacking mentality away from home against big champions league teams and winning comfortably
  6. No matter what tactic I use or adjustments my team arsenal always lose against big teams away from home. Here I see people manage to beat these big teams comfortably away from home and I go into them praying for a draw. Really don’t understand how to win against them as my tactic literally dominates in every other situation except those.
  7. yh i had that. Didn't make a difference
  8. What formation. Am in a 4231 is broken. Doesn't play nearly enough forward balls throuhg the lines
  9. AM is broken in the match engine. You can't make him play well no matter what
  10. 13 million. I'm in March now and he's my best defender already and world class despite only being 18.
  11. He's already verging on world class at 17 and joining me in january. I just can't get over how incredible he is
  12. But when i'm literally getting smashed with a tactic is simple and logical, what do you do?
  13. I give up now. This game is no longer fun for me anymore. I use tactics that should make logical sense using roles and duties and advice on this forum and still don’t get results and get dominated when it makes no sense. I watch each match on comprehensive and my team just gets dominated. I constantly changing my tactics to counter opposition and none of them of them seem to work. It’s just tiring m. Why do you have to be an elite tactician just to do well in this game. Why can’t I just set up a basic tactic and get some results?
  14. I decided to sign him anyway. I checked after and turns out his ca is 132 and has a pa of 197
  15. Do you mind sharing your tactic. I cannot make my amc effective whatsoever
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