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  1. Not surprising that people are justifying it with ‘lack of passing options lol’. Even when you have 6 or 7 or even 8 options in the build up in a 4231 deep or 5 athl the back + 2 midfielders + the goalkeeper cbs still boot the ball because they completely lack composure any time they are even remotely pressed.
  2. I’d rather have a quasi centre back role at full back. One that forms a back 3 but still defends as a full back.
  3. I’ve certainly spent money on 23/24 year olds on the basis that my scouts deem them to have potential, only for them to never improve despite good performances and good personalities. for example I’ve bought 23 year old Marcus edwards, had him for 3 1/2 seasons and the only thing that’s noticeably changed is his determination (which only happened because I warned him about poor performances). He just simply did not improve despite playing him almost week in week out. He’s also still almost 20points off his pa according to the editor at the age of 26. He will never reach his potential in my save no matter what
  4. If a player hasn't almost reached their ca by 23 forget about it on this game. They simply don't improve much, if at all. Forget having your own sadio mane, lewandowski, immobile, jamie vardy, mohammed salah. Even if you play them almost every game, with good form, good facilites and good personalty, after 23/24 they barely improve.
  5. Wonder if si will fix conceding from a throw in almost every single game
  6. Nice that si added a wide centre back role, but a narrow full back role is also needed. One that allows the full back to become a centre back in possession so you can make your back 4 shift into a back 3. Arteta, Pep and other positional coaches all do this, and it can’t be properly replicated within the current roles in the game.
  7. I want my winger to stay high and wide, but still cut inside. Am i better off using an inverted winger with stay wider pi? or using a winger, but having a left footed player, playin gon the right for example?
  8. Thank you, I’ll look to implement the idea about the loe and d line I’m fairly sure the iwb a acts as Wb a because their are two dms
  9. Yeah ward prowse doesn’t play that role. it’s tonali and diallo both of whom have good defensive attributes. Would using those line of engagements not mean I’m less compact and my midfield could be easily exposed if my press is beaten?
  10. I use stay wide on the if-a already. I was considering using W-a but I don’t have any right footed wingers that I can use for that position. gouiri really doesn’t have the passing vision or decision making to be an advanced playermaker. on my save. I’ll try taking off counterpress though Personally when I watch the game the if-a gets enough support from the SV and dlf-s. I might change the fb to Wb-d just to get the occasional option though
  11. Well the alternative is to play a normal 442 ( i was conceding too many goals as well) or a 442 dm (but then i won't be able to press and win the ball high up the pitch. So essentially this formation is my only choice.
  12. My tactic. Its essentially a high-pressing 424 (or basically 4231 with dlf acting as no.10 in possesion). In possession it forms a 325 of sorts: Results: I've actually kept quite a few clean sheets but it seems like my opponents are just super clinical with the chances they get and score, whilst my players miss a lot of chances. My opponents consistenly overperform xg against me: Whilst my team barely overperforms I've also conceded 19 prem goals in 13 matches although a lot of that was due to me using the system on positive with a high line of engagement where teams just seemed to rip through me. On the other hand, I have scored 33 in 13 matches, so attacking wise we score a lot of goals.
  13. 4231 is not a good formation to play less conservatively with Its top heavy. You'd be better of using a 4411 or something for away games
  14. Yes and that’s what I’m doing currently, but the 3rd full back doesn’t act as a cb in possession like I am looking for. Especially when I am looking to build up play from the back the defensive full back is not narrow enough to form a back 3. Only sometimes when the attack is already very developed are they narrow
  15. Which striker will operate most like a number 10 when I have the ball. Dlf (s), f(9) or T(A)
  16. I’m using a 424 dm formation (with ml/mr) Can I still press high with this and if so what line of engagement and defensive line would be best? or am I better off just switching to aml/mr to achieve this.
  17. It’s based on average position and he does go up when I watch his movement, but still not sure it’s high enough to replicate a 325 shape. think I found the work around by adding overlap right to the wing back on attack and having the winger on an attack duty as well
  18. It’s for the latter. Issue with the overlap ti is that it affects the mentality of the player in front which isn’t ideal but I guess I’ll have to deal with it
  19. He doesn’t have those traits. I don’t understand why at all. I’m considering moving him to wbr strata just to fix it
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