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  1. This is one of the reasons I don't touch them yeah. Plus I do okay with them as default. I'd rather focus on what the tactic does instead of set pieces. There's nothing wrong with combining them both but for me, if I stumbled across something that worked too well, it would ruin the entire game.
  2. I always leave set pieces default and never touch them.
  3. Thanks. Makes it all worth while if I know people like the stuff I write
  4. I already have left-sided players, so don't need to retrain him really. I train him for CWBA in the DR positions
  5. Sure when I’m home tomorrow. Traore is the IWB. He gets a lot of assists because of linking up with the IF and CM when he drives in field. He creates space with his running and drags people out of position.
  6. 87 if I reach the Copa Lib final and the Brazilian Cup final.
  7. My striker scores around 25 goals in 40 games every season. But my striker isn't my main source of goals, it's the IF's, Mez and the CM who are the scorers for me. If you want the striker to score, then he needs supply and support to help him get the goals. I wrote this which will likely help you further and is really in-depth; https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/what-makes-a-goalscorer Not really complete wingback to inverted wingback as the roles don't really link up like that. And if that did happen it would likely be to the IF's instead.
  8. Side backs? The IF's? If you're on about the IF's then I still have width on the left side of the pitch with the wingback who provides the width. I also have runners from central too and the Mez also plays wide at times as shown in the examples in the post I added yesterday. I don't see one style of play constant, we have a real mix of different ways to attack. The side can be patient and probing or they can be aggressive and direct and all this happens naturally due to the roles and settings used. Sometimes there might be wing to wing play as shown in the examples I posted about the IF's in the 6th article. It's a real mix of different styles we play.
  10. If you say so. Why not go and create your own thread then? Show us all the complex ideas and condense it a few short sentences that show/explain how the work. Can’t wait to see your stuff.
  11. I’ll try just two pure defensive midfield roles when I get home later. Either way, I have a lot of PKM’s and saved games from my 12 seasons so I can gladly pass the info on with all the data I still have. But it’s 100% not an issue in this set up with the HB and anchor. Strangely enough, on FM18 they behave very different though.
  12. Nope it plays the exact same way regardless, whether you use one or two DM’s. It plays different than it does on Fm18. You can check yourself. I even just loaded the game before and looked. They behave very different on both games. Also majority of all roles had changes and tweaks under the the hood for FM19. They basically all had some kind of changes. Ive been using the role 12 seasons in this system, you haven’t. I know how the game works as well, I’m not some thicko like you’re making out. You’re just full of sweeping statements. And grats on linking the description, if you bothered to even read the thread you’d see it was already posted by me. I know how the role is designed, I was one of two people who gave detailed analysis of the bugs the role had. What I’m seeing regular is the IWB playing the exact same way, regardless of the number of DM’s I know what I’m seeing. Now if you’re going to reply and just post the same again, can I suggest you don’t waste your time, as it’ll be wasted on me.
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