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  1. Thanks Imo the tactic falls into every trap I spoke about throughout the series. I don't mean to sound rude, but it's like you didn't read the thread and just posted the question. By that, I mean, the things you mention were all spoke about in depth during the articles. The issues are; You have no-one really crossing, yet you want crosses. So why use 2 IF's who aren't crosses? The fullbacks won't really be that much of a threat from crossing and when they do, it'll be from deep positions. It doesn't help that the IF's are both attacking either. You have zero variety in the way you attack. Your ideas just don't match what you actually want. If you take your time and read the thread again and focus on the things what you are struggling with, you will see it's been addressed in the articles as to how a 4231 should function and work. All the info is already there
  2. It can be found here in its entirety; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FHIQMUWwHT1CQhdhaoYJyn4zyrkG-uK2Ua4Skla3asw/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Probably because you have a playmaker central I guess somewhere? As the wide players tend to get ignored more due to the passing bias towards the playmaker. If not then the set up/players are the issue. My support WB gets the most assists in my side because he's heavily involved by taking up deeper positions and running from deeper. If I put him on attack in this set up, this wouldn't happen and he'd detract from the IF.
  4. It should be fine but you'll be exposed at times. However, why an attack duty? You say you want to use his attacking ability but he also attacks on support. So my question is, what do you think an attack duty will add that a support duty doesn't? And what the overall benefit on playing him on attacking will be.
  5. Just send your save and I’ll play it for you 😂 In all seriousness though, check out the training thread I did and then make your own mind up. There is no right or wrong, it depends on what you want.
  6. It's discussing the basics of a 442, those won't ever change. How you use it and utilise it is down to you. If you wanted DM's then fine use them and use a SV. Just understand how it functions, what's the role does and where it leaves you exposed etc.
  7. I wrote about the 442 in depth and covered some of the stuff you speak out.
  8. This is one of the most enjoyable articles I've written. So much so, I have began writing another article based on this one that explores every single step of the tactical creation.
  9. You can do both. Train him in a role category that covers the attributes you want him to learn.
  10. Either using an in game editor or guessing based on the number of points they've seen a player improve. A bit like when I listed which attributes changed during the season, sometimes seeing around 10-15 increases across the board. Logic tells you that you've likely gained atleast a 10-15 CA increase based on which attributes actually changed.
  11. You still got the save? If so I'd be interested in taking a look at it.
  12. It's more to do with 'what role' suits the system best. The Raumdeuter probably suits the rest of the formation and is more involved. Because if your winger was constantly getting under a 6.5 rating then its quite clear that role doesn't work for you, as even on a bad day he's still be able to push 7's or higher frequently. The role position indicator though is fairly useless overall imo but then again, it's only an indicator not an hard fast rule of any kind.
  13. All the same with one exception. When you use the stay on feet TI, if you use a BWM it will have no impact on him.
  14. Okay, well 18 then. Either way makes no difference as I could utilise him straight away.
  15. You asked about my system in your reply though? The option exists to give you extra width if you feel you need it, just like with some roles you can add more closing down etc. Personally speaking I’d not use it unless I needed the wingback to stay as wide as possible at all times and hug the line. But off hand, I can’t think of a single instance where this would be beneficial for me. That doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t feel it might add something for them though. It all comes down to what you are wanting.