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  1. I'd simply replace the Regista with a SV. I wrote about the SV but it was for a different formation, but it explains how it functions and how to get the best out of it. It can be found here; https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/segundo-volante
  2. It's confusing too sometimes writing stuff down about combinations and trying to find the right wording. Are you doing video versions of this btw? I think it would look pretty cool in a video format. As you can hammer home the differences then and maybe even do a side by side comparison
  3. For actual playmaker passing bias, that's the same regardless but you can bypass the role. Bypassing the Regista is different from passing bias. In the comment you posted and I quoted, you were confusing the two. You can bypass any role/setting in the right set up. I.e use wingers but play through the middle and use a role that draws the ball away from the wings and you'll bypass crossing.
  4. This isn’t true. The Regista is also a playmaker. They’d both have equal passing bias towards them. Neither is more or less important than the other.
  5. Not every player in the lower leagues has high aggression. The way you're talking, you're making out its all that exists.
  6. Not true. I also play in tier 14 on a side save I have with Boscastle and I use one just fine. He's not been sent off or picked up any more bookings than anyone else. It's likely something you are doing/using that causes it. I see you posting often saying you can't use this or that at lower levels but you can. Player ability is only relevant/comparable to the league you are in, so you can find capable players at all levels for every single role.
  7. Breaking down into stages/groups/time zones etc can be applied to most things on FM I find, especially tactically and from an analytic standpoint. It's much easier breaking things down into smaller things to get a better understanding, especially if you are struggling with a certain aspect.
  8. It depends really. But I like to use them when I want a bit of bite in the midfield or a player to disrupt the opposition's attacks.
  9. On older versions of the game, he was a bit of a liability in certain formations and was far too aggressive with his closing down. He was a headless chicken at times and strayed too far away from his original position, he'd get dragged all over the midfield. This is why SI gave the role a rework last year and this year and now the issues that used to exist for the role prior, no longer do.
  10. Loving this thread and I've refrained from posting because I wanted to see how it played out. However, the start of the last post made me smile It's a part of FM I see people struggle with so badly on a daily basis. Yet it's simple but often gets overlooked. The bold bit is kind of a 'penny dropped moment' and once you knew this, you knew how to fix/adapt it and stopped second-guessing yourself. Things seem to have become a lot clearer for you now I can't wait for the next post
  11. Everyone doesn't. In the tactical thread that I did recently, I showed 3 different ways of creating a tactic and none of them was about what suits your players. A playstyle can be something you work towards, it doesn't have to be something you decide from the off. I think too many people get hung up on what a squad/isn't capable of at the start. You don't have to pay attention to it at all. You can set up a tactical style that doesn't perhaps suit the current set of players you have. It all comes down to you and what you want. If you don't understand tactical styles, to begin with, then you're not really going to be able to select one and understand why it works and what it entails. You need to experiment or start with the shape first. Then when you've sorted the shape out, have a think about what roles you need to use to get the best out of the system you've selected. And then the style will come naturally and then you have the option to perhaps change it or enhance it with the TI's available. Controlling spaces etc will come later. But this isn't going to be helpful to you at all when you're struggling with the basic components. Stuff like controlling space/pressing traps and so on are complex and will just confuse you even further. Also, ignore anyone who says you can't play expressive/expansive football in lower leagues either. Or that you can't create any style of play you want. You're not limited with what you can do at those levels on FM at all. It's one of the biggest myths people have ever created on this forum.
  12. Positions matter more for passing traits on. But just for personality changes, then the impact on the mentoring unit the player has is far more important than positions played.
  13. And so was mine. The BPD doesn't hit the ball as direct as he used to. The role had significant work done on it this year under the hood so it naturally plays out from the back and isn't looking for Hollywood style passes out from the back.
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