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  1. Uber attacking doesn't have to equal high starting position on the pitch. In my own 352 the wingbacks come deep and then go high, they're involved in everything. Starting high up the pitch just means that in a lot of cases, the build up play passes them by.
  2. Okay so you've gone from saying the game doesn't provide any feedback at all, to admitting you get it a lot. You seem to have changed what you originally said throughout the thread, so excuse me if I'm a little bit confused. If you have a player suitable for a fancy trait as you put it, then it can be suggested. I've had it a fair few times in my saves. The feedback is the games way of giving the staff an opinion. It's just an opinion/suggestion. Like always, if that is reliable/relatable all depends on you and what you want to do with said advice. The advice might not fit what y
  3. It's not the same one all the time for me, its varied. Maybe invest in better/different staff if you're having the same suggestion all the time or put someone else on the task of giving you feedback to see if they give you a more varied one.
  4. You even get news items with 'training suggestions' for traits and they give a reason as to why they should learn/unlearn them.
  5. Are you playing FM20? As the staff suggest Traits to learn/unlearn constantly and always give you feedback why. They'll say something like 'Player X would be a good fit to learn shoots with power due to his strength' etc. Earlier in the thread you claimed there is no feedback, when there is. Maybe you just aren't looking for it or using it correctly. They also tell you if they think someone wont be able to learn a trait too. It sounds like you're missing the info when it's brought up. As 100% there is plenty of info available in game. Player development/traits/training is one of the areas of t
  6. I don't want to play a high/fast paced speed all the time. Sometimes I just want to run time down in the corners, take more touches than usual and just knock the ball around.
  7. Why focus on the rating above what he actually offers the team? Mezzala's are great but they have to fit and have a purpose in the side to bring the best out of them. I've used a Mez for 13 seasons on my Crewe save since League Two. But my system is set up to utilise his running from deep. He scores a lot and creates a lot. And currently this season he's again the heartbeat and driving force of our attacks. He doesn't take set pieces apart from the odd penalty if striker is out injured which you can see. The reason he is so involved is because the team as
  8. @davidbarros2 Enjoy Part One https://docs.google.com/document/d/15qVq9estRazDwY9T-gtEwj4l-eVmfkEJshu8e8i2-Z0/edit?usp=sharing Part Two https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kh_rPgDgxj0ckcayI67GL6z4wVY3NMJdK0mMls2ibJQ/edit?usp=sharing Part Three https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mxVcZNZxOqBMnUdJREPjzq2hIZby9ecTAHCSfhc8t9s/edit?usp=sharing Part Four https://docs.google.com/document/d/14VRtatKFLaK0AQ5gqtfpesd7s-Yw04k0BBka_9I1Yxc/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Why? You should atleast offer reasons why. Saying the bolded parts are the most problematic without offering the 'why' its kind of pointless and not helpful. All the TI's you bolded, it is possible they contribute. But on the other hand, all the TI's you didn't bold could be just as problematic. With the shape he is playing and how aggressive he is with the mentality in the tactic you quoted I'd have suggested that is likely a huge factor above all the bolded ones you added. I also don't agree with the roles you bolded, all those roles will defend naturally when possession is lost and he
  10. Then you'd be wrong. There was no poorly balanced roles and duties. What you have to remember is anything I create is created specifically for my players. You don't know what their attributes are, what I was wanting from the players and so on. Nothing has changed, I still play the exact same way. The old team shape setting wasn't able to cover for poorly designed tactics so what you said makes no sense anyway.
  11. Why would I feel stupid for something that was true as of posting this 7 years ago? Look at the stats, it all backed it up at the time. However, I would feel stupid if I was the person who was posting in 7 year old threads making out the Suarez we know now is the same one as 7 years ago. As it just shows you are clueless.
  12. Really? I think myself and many others have posted about it every single year since about FM05. There's always a discussion on it every year.
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