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  1. Positions matter more for passing traits on. But just for personality changes, then the impact on the mentoring unit the player has is far more important than positions played.
  2. And so was mine. The BPD doesn't hit the ball as direct as he used to. The role had significant work done on it this year under the hood so it naturally plays out from the back and isn't looking for Hollywood style passes out from the back.
  3. The first team can drag him down unless they're model citizens too. It all depends on the team's overall personality type, which you can check on your club page. It's not a side effect of him being on the youth side, it's a side effect of the clubs personality and the same thing can happen in the first team. Team personality, Social group/club hierarchy etc all play a part and can directly impact the personality of any player.]
  4. This can be a bad thing, you might want to read this as it explains why. @Mrlee.1986 If you have a promising youth player and you put him in the first squad but make him available for youth games, then his entire training programme becomes unsynched with the games he's actually playing. As youth games are played on different days, so he'd miss first-team training days on these days and depending on how you've set training up, these could be really important days. On top of this, youth teams tend to have higher workloads for training and this is reflected in the youth schedules because of playing fewer games. So you can be more demanding on players in the youth squads. Ideally, you should only be promoting players to the first team if you have plans on using them. If you aren't using them in the first team then it's likely not more beneficial than them being in the relevant squad.
  5. Segundo Volante on attack is probably the most aggressive role on the whole of FM, it's very intense. A regista isn't that aggressive in comparison no.
  6. The media prediction doesn't really matter if you have a solid set up and good players.
  7. 1 - Yes frequently, this is why I check to see if its a good match or not. 2 - Not really, the game selects one of the team leaders/captains
  8. I thought I explained this in the article above? Not everyone needs to be mentored. If you want players to develop then they really need to be in the relevant squads. If you have someone who is the first team at a young age then you should be giving them game time. If not then they're better off in the youths where they'll get the game time needed and will have a higher training workload. The youth teams can handle a higher workload for training due to playing fewer games and this is reflected in the youth schedules. Also, nothing matters more than one thing, it's all cumulative and everything plays a part.
  9. The game tells you the attributes needed for a role, so that is always the best starting point. If you want to play more complex as I do, then experiment with a different skillset in the position and see how those attributes offer a different take on the role. I wrote about this last year. I used a creative player as an attacking forward, you can read about it here; https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/forged-steel-meet-david-brooks I genuinely can't give you a direct answer because if I could see attributes, I'd likely try and recruit two different kinds of players. I'd have the player who plays the role how you expect then someone else the totally opposite but who put a specific spin on the role. The player I'm using as the CMA now, he has playmaking traits I guess. So his attributes would likely be more playmaker if I was to try and guess what his attributes were. But that's based on nothing other than he has playmaking traits.
  10. The role was actually fine for me, I could have gladly left it and been successful in my own right. But changing the role allowed me to unlock the attacking potential of the other players and as a result, we became a better side overall. It's not that the RPM didn't do what I want, it's more I saw a better way of doing things which actually gave me more variety. As for the RPM and Halfbacks question, they all linked well together and allowed me to build from the back patiently. They didn't get in the RPM's way as such, no.
  11. Thanks I play without attributes so I don't actually look for any 'attributes' for any position. This whole exercise has been done to remind people of what the roles do rather than focusing on the attribute side of things.
  12. I love this goal, it shows a patient side to the W-M and shows how we use the whole pitch while probing the opposition without rushing.
  13. Sorry only just seen this. Everything matters if you want it to but not one thing alone is the deciding factor. It's the accumulation of everything that is the most important. You can't really isolate stuff anymore, as everything is intertwined and works together. In your example, how you manage this comes down to you and what you'd like. You could tackle this, later on, his current personality of balanced isn't bad, there are better personality types but balanced is bang middle of the road so it's not a total disaster.
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