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  1. No idea. When its ready like always I guess. My daughter is in hospital so FM is the last thing on my mind. I get that you want updates but no point keep posting ask when it'll be etc, it doesn't make it go faster.
  2. Indeed. But it's not the end of the world, I'd rather have staff who shares my tendencies than high attributes. Ideally I'd like both but there is no way of telling on this save. So tendencies are the most important for me.
  3. I'm just focusing on sessions that enhance the style of football I am playing. His personality doesn't give you any indication about his attributes or what he is good at. I'm just selecting people with decent personalities and who have tendencies that best match how I'm playing. That's all I can do when hiring staff as I can't see the attributes. I have very little else to go on
  4. There's training I need to create, individual training, the tactics, set up scouting, look for staff by placing adverts, read the reports of every player I have and familiarise myself with them. I also then need to create notes in game so I can refer to them and add to them over time. I'll need to arrange friendlies,d I will be uploading them. That's before I even hit continue or think about progressing a day.
  5. The training presets are for the pre set tactical styles that already exist in the game. If you create a custom tactic, the game doesn't create a custom training schedule to match. You have to do this yourself. So all the presets you see are for existing preset tactics. Whatever tactic you use and have selected is what will be used. It's now up to you to either use one of the preset schedules that you think best replicates what you are wanting and tweak it. Or leave it to the assistant and allow him to do training for you. Or you create the schedules you think are best for your style you've created from scratch by adding sessions you think helps.
  6. @herne79 I don't have many candidates to play the Mez role due to playing with fake players and starting a year in front, rather than the 2017 season. So this is the player who will be playing the role mainly due to his report saying he has good work rate, speed, versatility and is technical. The flip side of this are his cons. He lacks the ability to beat players, is poor off the ball and lacks anticipation. It'll be interesting when I analyse the tactic and how it plays to see how well/poor he is in the role. I think his technical ability and work rate should make up for a lot of his deficiencies imo.
  7. Nope it makes perfect sense, there is no mistake And no there won't be no new posts for a few days. I was only able to make a start last night, after Paysandu finally got relegated. But then I have to actually play the game to be able to write the next bits up. I don't think you fully comprehend how time consuming it is to write an article and play the game to get the material in order to write, all in the space of 12 hours. I spend more than that sorting my squad out and setting the game up
  8. This is easy, there are always faults with the ME. I just focus on what I'm doing and the stuff that does work rather than focusing on the negative stuff. There's no point being frustrated with the faults, that's a bit pointless and doesn't really help. It's one of the reasons I don't really mention them. I think I can still focus on the things I want to show, after all, I just want to focus on visuals and show people what to look for and explain how things work. I can also touch upon certain bugs/issues is I come across them in what I am talking about too. I can point out that the behaviour should be different etc.
  9. I'm using fake names and have attributes hidden. So showing you the player won't reveal anything. But when I start the save tonight, I'll show you the pros/cons of the player I'm using and all the other visible bits of his profile that we can see excluding attributes
  10. It never was important to have it on highly structured. It was highly structured for what I was creating, that was the best fit for me at the time. On FM19 there is no team shape, the team fluidity is now just a description nothing more. So it wouldn't make sense to try and match it up. What's important is the roles you choose and how they link up.
  11. You can have possession with any side. Possession on its own is pointless though. The important piece of it all is how you use the possession and stop it from being only possession. You can use any team and utilise possession in attacking areas. The key is likely to decide what kind of possession you want and how you're going to attack with that possession.
  12. I've known for months that I was going to manage them. But since I've publicly declared I am managing them, they've not been beaten so I'm not hopeful at all
  13. Genuinely couldn't remember, I wrote this 3 years ago None the less, the point still stands. It's all relative to how you're playing and a high line still isn't as high as the mentalities above what you are using. The important bit is the DM, he is the one sitting back and offering protection.
  14. This is the league table as it stands It's pretty tight as you can see. Hopefully they go down though so I can finally start. I'm all set and ready to start. Meet my manager Chá 'Feijãozinho' Biscoitos