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  1. Exploit the flanks doesn't work how you wanted because it likely doesn't do what you think it does. What the shout really does is; Exploit The Flanks – It gives the fullback/wingbacks and wingers more attacking and focuses the play down both flanks. It also tells them to run from deep and cross the ball more often. If you use central midfielders then it’ll tell them to hold up the ball. If you want the wingback to be the playmaker then ask the keeper to distribute the ball to him so he gets it early enough? Don't use a real playmaking role next to him as they'll attract the ball instead of him. For natural playmaking out of him, you just need to ensure that the roles you use that are likely to distribute the ball, are all able to get it to him if they choose its the correct option. In the picture above that options would be the DLP and would be forced. A more natural approach would be to have no playmaker and then allow the players to pass to him. You also use 2 BPD's who naturally hit the ball long and look for line breaking passes more regular to the midfield/attacking players. So again you're bypassing the player you want to be involved in play naturally. Currently as things stand, all of this means that the IWB will be the fall back option rather than a primary one. I think you're focusing on what the player is doing when the real issue is what everyone else is doing. Look how they currently distribute the ball due to their roles etc.
  2. The AI does use them and newgens can come as libero but they're quite rare.
  3. No-one is saying that on the forum at all. Ignore what you think you have seen on the forum and just concentrate on what the game says and you're on the right tracks. Don't over complicate things like most do around these parts. Especially when you're struggling to get your head around it. Structured - The players mentality will be vastly different based on the role/duty/position a player plays. Fluid - Players mentalities throughout the team will be similar/same so this brings players closer together. They'll also see the base role you set, get more creative freedom. That's the gist of it and there is no reason to go anymore indepth than that unless you really feel the need to.
  4. That's exactly how it works yes. It uses the best coaches rating.
  5. Do you know when this was changed? Because if a player didn't get a match rating it didn't count as him playing a game up until last year. And I didn't see it mentioned as being changed anywhere.
  6. Cleon

    U18 Coaches

    Think you need specific dedicated u18 staff to pass certain youth level criteria for certain categories iirc.
  7. Exploit The Flanks – It makes the fullback/wingbacks and wingers more attacking and focuses the play down both flanks. It also tells them to run from deep and cross the ball more often. If you use central midfielders then it’ll tell them to hold up the ball. You should use this if you find the middle over crowded or if you have good wide players who can cross. Play Wider – Instructs the wide players to play/stay wider when attacking.
  8. Only 1 of the midfield is aggressive, the CMA. The DLP plays quite deep and hangs back and the CMS is somewhere in between. They've all got space because they all do different things and are not occupying the same space due to them all starting from different places and how they use space differs. I've wrote about the libero. However why would you want one on support, what's the point in this system with these roles? There is zero benefit. There is more downside to using a support one than there is upside in this current system. The libero stuff I've wrote is actually using this tactic funnily enough, you can find it here;
  9. Not true, he's actually very aggressive and will have bodies infront of the ball, he's playing on control. No way is his build up slow, especially with the roles he has. Even though he's used 'slower tempo' it's still faster than what it would be on a less aggressive mentality. It's just a slightly slower version of 'controls' tempo. He has runners, possible too many of them all in none dangerous areas. The issue is he has no-one taking advantage of them. Without even looking at your other issues yet, this is because two of your front 3 are dropping deep or hanging back. You have a playmaker behind the 2 strikers yet one of the strikers drops deep and away from goal initially. This means that realistically your playmaker is creating mainly for the AF. Do you need 2 of your players dropping deep? Seems a bit of a waste to me if you persist with a playmaker. At the very least, look at a more pro active support role for the DLF and maybe consider a CF support instead. Your players are naturally high up the pitch due to using control mentality. So they'll be positioned higher and maybe too high for the midfield. Or they'll not be able to make any runs due to being advanced. I wrote about this a bit ago and while it's about a different formation, the point still stands and it goes for all shapes not just the 4231 deep I wrote about. Have a read of it here; https://teaandbusquets.com/4-2-3-1-standard-vs-attacking-mentality What's the main reason for using this shape and the ideas behind it? I'm asking because a big part of this shape is the wide play and the crossing it offers. That's actually one of the strengths of the tactic and one of its core principles. So if crossing and dribbling isn't what you was wanting, then maybe a different shape is more practical? After all, the wingbacks/full backs are the only wide players so they're encouraged to cross and dribble more than in most other formations. I still think some of the issues are due to you being aggressive and using control. Well what do you actually want from the tactic and what style? Possession isn't really a style nor a strategy as that's easy to achieve. But more so, what do you want to do with the ball when you're seeing a lot of it and how do you want that distributed? Answer this and it will basically give you the ideas for what you need to do. I also wrote this and while it's a fw years old now, the principles and ideology are all still very relevant today and work.
  10. More direct passes increases passing length. More risky passes changes the type of 'pass' the player attempts. More risky passes = more through balls. These can be any length, any forward/wide direction and are passes into space rather than a persons feet, so they can run onto it.
  11. They're nothing like each other at all, the DLP is much more static and focused on recycling the ball in deep areas. Have a read of this to fully understand what a Segundo Volante does;
  12. It seems like I'm wide because I'm playing on the narrowest width pitch possible, so I'm closer to the touchline naturally. Plus the winger role, wingbacks and IF (to some extent) are all roles that start out very close to the touchline. They are wide staying/starting roles. Although there is only 1 screenshot that is wide, when the ball is the centre. All the other examples you mentioned are wide because play is out wide or players are taking up wider positions to come inside or have causes support out wide. Again this is because of what the role does, it's expected. If I used a different role, the behaviour would be different. So still not really sure what you're on about. It's like you are forgetting/ignoring what the role is supposed to do when on about width. If your players don't move properly and it doesn't seem fluid, it's down to the roles you are using, the TI's and PI's and how it all works together. If you want players narrower you can its not an issue. If you want better movement then concentrate on how it all works together and how the roles along with the duties you've selected all fit together to give you the style/end product you are creating.
  13. I don't have disjointed play, I'm not ultra wide and I have plenty of co-operation, so not sure what you're on about. And the AM being a deep creator is the intention, I even spoke about it in the series. Surprised you didn't pick up on that if you'd read the articles? I also don't cross that often from wingbacks either. Sure they do cross but its not the wingbacks getting the assists, it's the striker/am and IF for me. If your wingback is getting all the assists then you have a player issue, you lack co-operation and so on, not me as I'm not playing the way you describe.
  14. You can distribute to 'position' and select who.