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  1. If you're having trouble with players stacking before looking at any team instruction, I'd start with the roles you use. As team instructions won't really make the players behave like you said, that's more down to the roles you're using and the lack of synergy between them. You need players to attack/arrive in the box at all different times not at the same time. This then creates movement because the opposition will have to readjust their own defensive behaviour and make a decision whether to mark/follow them. This opens up space. Making the opposition make a decision like this makes it so muc
  2. Considering I was Crewe in the screenshots and had been since League One playing the exact same way, no it wouldn't be fair to say it was geared towards a top team. I might be a top team now but I wasn't. I'd not changed anything in regards to tactical settings, role changes or anything. The only thing that had changed was player quality I obviously brought in. Nothing else You're struggling because you plugged a tactic in that was created for a specific side and don't have the players needed in the positions for it to function properly. You also did this change while your season is o
  3. Because that's not what I want. And I pretty much know how roles/tactics work, I wrote the guide/books on them
  4. He just has the normal PI's that come with the role. I didn't add anything. And why not use pass into space with this mentality? It's basically just through balls. So no idea why you think they can't take possession of the ball. A quick look at the tactic and you can see I have runners from every single area on the pitch.
  5. You're thinking about my tactic all wrong. I am not trying to make it so I am not attacked by the AI. No matter what you do, the AI will always attack you in some shape or form so I tend to not worry about them. It doesn't matter if they do attack me down the side I overload, I welcome that. If they attack me this leaves space for me to exploit when we get the ball back. It's all about risk vs reward. Even though you think my overload side is vulnerable, the players who do the overloads still track back and defend. I also have a DM and defenders who can deal with the threat. Just because you a
  6. I haven't touched anything. The roles aren't basic either, they all do a specific job just like all the other roles. You should only be changing stuff if the role and none of the others don't give you the type of thing you demand from the player. If people are adding instructions without any real though process behind it, then I agree they are complicating things for the sake of it. Every decision should have a reason behind it imo.
  7. Not on the save. But its not important in the slightest.
  8. I wasn't really exposed as its an aggressive tactic focused on defending from the front and pinning the opposition into their own half. The Mez and attacking fullback on the same side was so I could overwhelm the opposition on that side and have them worry about me and my attacks. Rather than me worrying about them and what might/might not happen.
  9. No worries, the top appealed to me as it's a bit like how I've set up on FM21. Not the shape, I use a standard 352 but the principles. Looks like we both set out for something similar, so felt I was in a good place to offer actual advice. Also watching matches and making notes is 100% the way to go. As how something looks on paper very rarely plays out that way because attributes, teams you face, team you are, instructions etc all have an impact on behaviour. So can be difficult for anyone to offer actual advice if you don't have stuff to talk about from games that you have actually seen. If t
  10. This is that article btw if you want it will full images https://docs.google.com/document/d/12MLuV4T-0ljqhFSVvgq0wLiMIEjGxgskJqQfLTYEkSw/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Your shape is actually fine and you don't have to compensate for things like is suggested, that is just one way of achieving something. However your role distribution could be questionable. You can be defensive and solid with an aggressive approach i.e use of roles and duties. What is important imo is that the team plays as one. This means if your team attacks you don't want to leave yourself exposed by being too defensive/passing in other areas. Sure, you will want some kind of cover but you shape as a team is the most important thing. You're overlooking one major point here and I'm n
  12. While the thread might be old, the principles are the same regardless of whether you play FM05 or FM55. Football/gaming principles will never change. It doesn't matter if the ME improves, gets worse or whatever, as its talking about the principles of defensive football and they'll always be the same on the game no matter how different it becomes visually. Principles/philosophies never grow old in football and will always be relevant. The same can said for FM.
  13. While the match engine changes the basics will always be the same whether its CM03/04 or FM56 you are playing. Principles/basics etc are ever present. The way I wrote, all my articles apply to all versions
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