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  1. There is also one more big change to this year’s game that many people will have already noticed and that is the ability to set an individual intensity level for a role focus or individual attribute focus. Instead, this is reflected under “Individual Training Workload”(can be seen on both Training > Individual and Development > Training). This will update as you add/remove further areas of training, eg. an additional focus or a PPM. Taken from
  2. Likely but it might take quite some time. As its so low to begin with, it's always going to be an uphill battle unlike other attributes when they are low. NF is much more important because its his recovery time between matches, how quickly they gain and maintain match fitness and condition during a game. It's also impacts his physical decline when older, the lower it is the more quickly he'll deteriorate and lose his physical attributes. And most importantly also how jaded/tired he can get from training.
  3. Interesting thread, and your invincibles differs drastically to my take on it in terms of mentality we used I saw them as sitting back and not being overly aggressive until they'd won the ball back which tends to happen in their own half. While you are more pro active in the final third straight away and playing high up the pitch. Another brilliant write up
  4. An hard worker in training is down to one attribute alone and that is professionalism.
  5. This might help you, I wrote this for Squawka a few months back;
  6. My departure was more aimed at me not wanting to help people as often. Plus I no longer write about the game or play it so seemed pointless for
  7. The whole point of using a back 5 or back 3 is so the spare man can deal with these situations. If not then there's no real point in using a back 3 or 5 as you're restricting yourself and wasting players by having them sitting around doing nothing. You can see this in your screenshots. 5 players all marking who? 1 opposition striker. That's 4 wasted players straight away. Then when Rodrigues does get the ball, you have 8 players behind the ball marking 3 people yet noone of them actually make an attempt to win the ball. Having numbers back is great but only if there being useful and not sitting around doing nothing like in all the screenshots above. What's the point in having these players in defensive situations is no-one is taking responsibility and attempting to win the ball? You either need to use a different mentality, one that isn't so limiting and is more proactive. By that I mean your shape is naturally defensive, so you don't need to be defensive mentality wise either you can afford to be more forward thinking without sacrificing anything really. As defensive mentality makes closing down even lesser than normal etc and you don't really need to be this passive do you? Or mess around with roles/duties so players actually offer you a variety of different things rather than all of the back 5 basically doing the same thing. Personally I'd use the roles and duty distribution better and try and find the right balance for what you are creating.
  8. Why would you expect 5 to cover something that he is instructed not to do? I mean, he's a normal defender on defensive team mentality which means he has low closing down. So realistically he isn't going to cover that amount of space due to how you've instructed him to play. If you want him to cover that space then you need his set to a stopper. And again, Blind leaves his side due to the others and especially your midfield not doing anything to deal with the initial threat. It's a domino effect. Blind wouldn't do this if someone else did the job. And having hold position doesn't mean much, as that's how far he strays from his start position in attacking phases mainly. When he hasn't got the ball, closing down takes over.
  9. He doesn't track down Rodrigues? The ball is played and initially he moves forward, I'm guessing just to cover the space like he will due to no-one occupying it. It actually looks like he is supporting the number 7 player and giving him protection. (and playing fluid doesn't really help this type of situation either) The initial screenshot aside he isn't tracking anyone, and actually drops back but stays central as that's where the danger is and he's already engaged in play albeit from a little distance away.. For me you're focusing on the wrong players. The real question should be, why aren't the number 7, 16 and 28 attempting to get the ball back a lot earlier? These make the Blind situation seem worse than it is but Blind isn't at fault, it's what happens in front of him that's the issue.
  10. RTH quit a few weeks back and I did the same last week.
  11. Is it actual possession though or is it a case of the 4231 being more aggressive and winning the ball back quicker? This would make it seem like you have better possession because possession = time and not passes. Hence why a 4231 is better for higher pressing games.
  12. No. Remember that on FM possession is calculated with time on the ball and not the amount of passes.
  13. It used to be; Adaptibility Controversy Ambition Determination Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament Consistency Aggression Important Matches Injury Prone Natural Fitness Penalties Corners Free-kicks Long throws
  14. None of the hidden attributes cost CA no. Determination is also a free attribute and doesn't cost CA.
  15. You'd been on the radar for a while as one to watch and thoroughly deserve to be mod when we put you forward. Just ban everyone and remember you are always right