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  1. I was trying to get something like this going with Everton, albeit with a 4-1-2-3. That wasn't working so I had the thought to switch to a 4-4-1-1. I wouldn't have thought to use a 4-4-2 but it is pretty much what I was trying to achieve. @yellowforever I'd like to see your 4-4-1-1 for compassion. I imagine you use a AMa and DLFa in the front two.
  2. This s a really good piece. With the videos it shows the pitfalls of competing roles and complementing roles. The use of a targetman is a really good tip as well. A rarely used role that is shown to still have a place in the modern game.
  3. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/these-8-aussies-could-be-the-next-martin-boyle-516721/page0 JAMES PERCEVSKI should have Australian added to his natationalities
  4. I'm hoping ti can be slipped in for the summer patch
  5. I paid $9m as Marselle at the end of the 2018/19 season
  6. Is Jayden Bogle from Derby considered a hidden gem? He seems really good to me
  7. Hopefully this is easy - I wish to move the rewind/fast forward/previous highlight/next highlight/live buttons to the bar next to the quick sub button. How would I do that? I just think SI has put these buttons in a ridiculous spot. I want them to be in a more user friendly spot
  8. Took a while but just finished my first season. @nico_france post above will be my template for my season summary. SEASON 2018/2019 Second in the league. Had too many draws to seriously challenge, although I was only five points behind PSG for most of the season. Thauvin ended up on 19 goals from 33 matches to come in equal second on the golden boot. Mandanda had 17 clean sheets to win that award. TACTIC @nico_france tactic posted above. No tweaks but I think the defence needs a look at as I noticed they got hit over the top quite often. TRANSFERS OUTS I used the season to start my move for the future. Lots of spending and a few sales of players I thought could be better replaced. HUBOCAN - too old and wasn't used. Moved on. PELE - An able backup but I thought this spot could be better used on someont to take over from Mandanda. SARR - Not good enough to ever hold down the #1 right back spot. Moved on for a healthy fee. SERTIC - Another that was surplus to requirements. GUSTAVO - This one caused some issues in the dressing room. I thought a 32+ year old getting sold for £16.5m was too good to turn down. He was first team when he left but I needed to look forward, not backward. GERMAIN - Didn't play enough for my liking and doesn't really fit the tactic in my eyes. MITOGLOU - Was out of form and another 30+ year old. N'JIE - His loan includes a clause I hope is taken up. I don't see a spot for him anymore unfortunately. AMAVI - I didn't really want to sell him but I had faith in Rocchia being able to fill the void. The fee was enough to sway me. INS MORRIS - I don't think he will stay long with me but he was free. I will loan him out next season with a possibility to sell him. BROUGHTON - Looks the goods but only rated as a 3.5* potential player. A project player that if he works will be great but if he doesn't I will ship him off to England. TONALI - Really happy with this purchase. Will put pressure on Sanson for a CM role and will hopefully take over one day. MUMBA - Highly rated but I'm not sure if he will kick on. SOLANKE - After selling two strikers I needed a new targetman. My purchase options were limited so I went the loan route. Worked out well with 9 goals and 3 assists from 21 matches. DALOT - On a two year loan. Needed backup for Sakai while he was on Asian Cup duties. Sakai also came back injured so he got a fair few games. Did well enough. RAJKOVIC - not my first choice to come in as a backup but a good one nonetheless. He should develop into a #1 for me in the future. GRONLI - I see him as taking over from Payet in the next season or two. Might send him out on loan next season to develop. MARTINEZ - Thought £4.2m was cheap. Stats looked good so picked him up. He gives me options on the left wing and allows some flexibility if someone comes in with a big bid for a current left winger. Either him or Radonjic will get loaned out next season. Radonjic did end up taking Ocampos's place in the team at the end of the season. It will be a tightly fought race for the left wing role. ZAGADOU - Dortmund transfer-listed him. His heading is poor for a CB but he is young and French. The price was right. GAGLIARDINI - was transfer-listed and I hoped Inter would drop their price. They didn't but I wanted him as a rotation option with Strootman. I stumped up the money and am happy I did. He will be a star for me. OLSSEN - A Director of Football purchase. I approved it because I think I can profit from him. Will go on loan next season. PELLEGRINI - With only one left back I needed backup. PELLEGRINI surprised me and I may look to purchase him. COMPETITIONS LIgue 1 The objective this year was Champions League and I achieved that. I stayed the course with PSG most of the year but had a run of five matches with no wins that hurt. PSG were clearly the best side. Next season IO hope to knock them off the perch. French Cups Coupe de la Ligue I lost in the fourth round to Nimes. Was a bad loss but I was rotating a lot of players at this stage. Coupe de France I won in the final to St Etienne. Was a really good run but a lot of my best players were well overdue for a rest. Final score was 1-0 with Solanke scoring. EUROPA LEAGUE I was disappointed to get knocked out in the second knockout round but it was to Chelsea. I did top the group that included Arsenal though so not all bad. I have already made some purchases for next season. Hopefully I get a soft Champions League draw so I can advance without too much trouble.
  9. So it crashed again on 382.33. I've underclocked my card since then (it was at factory default) and no crashes since underclocking. I'll report back
  10. I dunno. Maybe something I changed sorted it out
  11. Nope, just dropped the folder in. I had edited a couple of the files to show different screens but I doubt that did it as I don’t really know what I’m doing with xml
  12. @michaeltmurrayuk I just put your 2018 version into FM19 and it remembers the formations/player ratings screen as user/AI rather than home/away as in the 2019 version. Is there a chance there is some code in the 2018 version that makes it work in FM19?
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