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  1. Interesting what you say about the DLP. I thought having him on the same side would mean the RWB would be in a position to receive the next pass. What you said makes a lot of sense though
  2. IWB doesn't cut in if there is no-one in front of him
  3. I've been running with this for a while now: It was an idea I had while I had an AC Milan game going. I wanted to make the RWB play as a pseudo-playmaker (I suspect England stole my idea with Trippier). At AC Milan I used Giacomo Bonaventura as the RWB and then later Federico Chiesa and when the ball went down the right it worked perfectly. The problem is, when I try and use explight flank it doesn't do exactly what I'm after. Clar ball to flanks will defeat the purpose I feel (I haven't tried that yet but will now). My theory was to have the IWB as he should push forward like a wingback as there is noone in front of him but also as he has roaming as an option he will move into intelligent spaces like a winger usually would. Is there a way I can get play to organically funnel down the right rather than the left? Thanks
  4. That's a start but not really what I am after. I opened this thread anyway - https://community.sigames.com/topic/439730-better-help-file/
  5. A thread in the tactics board gave me this idea. I think it is generally agreed that a lot of the current in-game explanations are mediocre to poor. The best helpfile I have seen is the Civilization series civilopedia. The Civ V version is even online. As an example, the entry for War Elephant shows the game info, strategy and historical notes as well as a lot of other information vital to the game. The difference is that this screen shows a lot more than can be seen while actually playing the game. Due to real estate all this information would not be possible to see. Now imagine if when you clicked the ? in the top, righthand side of the screen you got the FMpedia. You could click on the entry for Ball Winning Midfielder and see not only the text we have now but graphics of where they operate and possibly a historical text on how/where they have been used in the past. Shape and mentality could be explained in further depth. As an example, team shape is currently explained in 257 words on the FM online help. No graphics or anything, just 257 words for everything on team shape. I'd argue it is simply not enough for such an important part of the game. Civ uses 143 words for one game concept - the hanse. It even uses some graphics to indicate yields that can be gained. I think for a complex game like FM this should be the way forward (whether ingame or online) as it would make the game a whole lot easier to understand
  6. This thread has given me an idea I’m bout to add to the suggestions. I feel there is a real lack of ingame info. A helpfile like Civilization’s Civlopedia would be far more helpful than the current system
  7. You seem to be getting good results with lots of goals scored. Who is scoring the goals for you? Do you have PI's helping get the desired results?
  8. nick1408

    [Asia] (Official) Specific Issues

    It was announced in July 2017 that Qatar will be playing in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers as it doubles as the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers - https://www.reuters.com/article/soccer-asia-qatar/soccer-afc-allows-2022-world-cup-hosts-qatar-to-play-in-qualifiers-idUSL3N1KH1SK so essentially any Asian nation should follow this convention
  9. nick1408

    [Asia] (Official) Specific Issues

    Just an update to this - Australia are entered into the Asian Nations Cup again in 2027 on the Stuttgart save
  10. nick1408

    [Asia] (Official) Specific Issues

    Hopefully this is the best place to report this. I have discovered in my current game that Australia are not entered into the Asian Nations Cup or the qualifiers after the 2019 competition. I have wondered for a long time why Australia's FIFA ranking sank so quickly. I always thought it was due to not playing qualifiers for the World Cup as the 2022 competition is often played in Australia in my games. Turns out it's because the World Cup and qualifiers are the only matches Australia actually play to boost their FIFA ranking. Here are some games to look at: Australia Asian Cup.fm Stuttgart (Melbourne Victory 18.3).fm Everton 18.3.fm Schalke 04.fm I've also uploaded Houston.fm as for some reason Australia was entered into the Asian Nations Cup in this game. I have a feeling it's due to the 2022 World Cup being hosted in Canada rather than Australia as the listed four were. Also notable in this game was that Australia only dipped to 75th in the FIFA rankings due to their poor 2018 World Cup.
  11. nick1408

    [Australia] (Official) League Specific Issues

    5 visa players overall but one has to be Asian, hence the second line
  12. Where do you hear these things? I've never heard it
  13. Didn't think of that - thanks!
  14. What does the coaching "Tends to: Pay fees upfront" mean/do? is it cosmetic only?
  15. nick1408

    Denmark VS Australia (1pm KO)

    I would have brought Cahill on