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  1. Bit more of a thought on this - it may be a version of 'Director of Football' lite that people have been asking for. Not quite the whole hog of Director of Football (e.g. you wouldn't be appointing managers as an example) but a bit of a closer step.
  2. I play another sports management game on occasion (Cricket Captain). One of the features is that I can take charge of only the match type I wish to - I can choose to take control of First Class, T20 or One day matches (or any combination of the three). Football Manager currently has a similar feature of the Assistant taking control of friendlies. Currently I am playing as Red Bull Salzburg. I have would of liked the ability for the assistant to take charge of league and cup matches and I only control Champions League matches. I'm sure some users would like their assistant to take charge of cup
  3. I've got this kid at Red Bull Salzburg right now. I'm not sure what to train him as. Currently I have him training as an anchorman but I feel I may be wasting him there. What are your opinions? Tactic as per below:
  4. Did you just use a straight replication or adjust it to suit your players?
  5. A quick update on having the correct player. As I mentioned earlier I lost Moise Kean to Real Madrid for £90m. I planned on reinvesting this to buy another pressure forward. Unfortunately I was unable to do this. What it meant was I had to play this guy: While he was ok he just wasn't up to it when chasing a title. Hence, my title chase fell apart and I ended up finishing fourth. I made Kean's replacement a priority. I had plenty of cash so could more or less get anyone I liked. I ended up deciding on someone local: While Kean is still the better playe
  6. Not happy with Pickford? I assume you missed out on Donnarumma. Are Sheffield relegated? If so have a look at Ramsdale. Other than that go for the usual suspects (Onana, Strakosha, Horn etc). Edit: One other worth a look may be Álvaro Fernández at Huesca - he is world class in my current game.
  7. Ratings aren't everything but I have Demir operating pretty well rating-wise: Very different formation though.
  8. Kean is brilliant. I prefer him to Calvert-Lewin personally. Calvert-Lewin also left me so I sort of had no choice. Branthwaite I didn't like his tackling. Could never get it up to what I like for centrebacks. I figured his height would make it a bit tougher again for players choosing to cross. If you look at his attributes he actually fits the roll pretty well: I've only recently switched him over to anchorman training. Before that I had him on either centreback ro ball-playing defender training (I can't remember which).
  9. My next immediate issue is replacing Moise Kean. He had a £90m release clause and Real Madrid met it. I'm a bit annoyed as he'd agreed to extend his contract at the end of the season. £90m is a pretty good fee though so I should be able to find someone good.
  10. More or less I don't. I accepted the weakness of the tactic and ensured my attacking patterns were effective. The anchorman is also a key. By forcing the opponent inside most of their goals are coming from the central area (obviously) and this is pretty much what I am after - I'm controlling their attack as well as my own. The one goal from their area I tend to write off. The single goal on it's own inside the box may cause a concern but overall seeing their main scoring zone is right in front I am happy - all my players operate here so it's the best place for me to defend. I only ha
  11. Depends on the player really. For example, I am using Dwight McNeil as a LB. He currently looks like this: My backup is Juan Miranda: Comparing the two the look like this: I tend to prefer McNeil but Miranda is just as effective. McNeil I wanted getting forward more as I felt he was more effective forward and less so when defend. To allow McNeil to get forward his Plays One-Twos gives him another tool to allow him to do that. He is very left footed hence moving the ball there before dribbling (same as Miranda), and I like his dribbling more than Miranda's so I as
  12. It was the main reason I put this up. I do see a lot of people saying not to use IWB's in narrow tactics and I do agree in general but it also depends on what you want. I knew I didn't want crosses being whipped in from both sides. I guess the main takeaway is to read the descriptions and have a good look at the hardcoded PI's. That's pure luck. My general framework is to win regardless of how it looks. The three attacking players all operate in different areas I find. The average position with the ball on the left is a game I won 4-0 with Demir scoring two in the SS,
  13. I am by no means a tactical genius. There may (or will) be a lot here people don't agree with. That's fine and we are allowed to have different opinions. With that said; let's get into it! I'm currently managing a pretty good Everton side. I have assembled some really good players but one of my key players (Dominic Calvert-Lewin) decided he no longer wanted to be at the club so my use of him as a WTM could no longer happen. I had no replacement and WTM's are hard to find. I had a good look at my squad, a think about what I wanted to do and decided a diamond was the way to go. I cam
  14. One more question - did you consider dribble less or hold shape with your older players? Potentially to have them shifting out of position less thus not relying on acceleration/pace to get back to where they need to be?
  15. Cool - thanks for that. I didn't say he was ineffective, just that I didn't see him as a striker. Glad to hear he is working for you. It does explain the shape better - thanks! This was in direct relation to you asking whether I agreed with your analysis. I don't think you explained the reasoning behind your tactical shape and I stated my reasons for a potential different shape for older players and asked why you chose your shape. Each question I have asked has been in relation to your current game, not so much the older players - it's your tactic as a whole I am intere
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