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  1. I've managed to get the teams to come in at the right period now and have fixtures assigned but the league rules don't count to the new teams (designated players, minimum salaries etc.) How do I force a club to take on the rules of the new league? I can register players and the league rules are all there but if I go to sign a plyer for example I can offer contracts less than £24500, I cannot offer designated player contracts and currently my DP is being counted within the salary cap. Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf
  2. I am trying to add two teams (Western United & Macarthur FC) to the A-League in 2019/20 and 2020/21 respectively. I tried copying what the MLS had setup for FC Cincinnati but can't quite get it right. I am having some issue with fixturing. in the file attached (Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf) fixtures are generated for 2018/19 but not 2019/20 (I didn't check any further than that). In the other attached file (Western United & Macarthur Bulls test.fmf) fixtures are not generated until 2020/21 season. When I originally started editing I kept getting an error " the number of dates set in stage 0 of the competition is 0 but should equal 33" so added dates even though the original A-League did not have dates added. Thisi s pretty much the only difference between the two databases - the former has dates added and the latter doesn't. Am I having trouble adding the new teams due to the unique rules of the A-League or is it my inexperience in editing causing me issues? Thanks guys. Western United & Macarthur Bulls test.fmf Western United & Macarthur Bulls.fmf
  3. Australian contracting issue.zip Issue I've reported this before in a different guise but I think it may be linked. I've uploaded a zip with four saves at different intervals. Essentially, I am trying to get a job at an A-League club (either Melbourne Victory or Adelaide United). As a well credentialed Australian manager I thought this would be a no-brainer. My reputation is 3 stars and I have a national A licence (studying for a continental C licence). I also have 6 cup wins and a league win in competitions higher than the A-League. Now, I lost out to Kevin Muscat at Melbourne Victory (a previous Victory manager until 2020) who has a lesser reputation but higher licence. I then added another manager to Victory and retired to clear the manager slot. I re-applied and then lost out to Chris Grossman who again has a lesser reputation but better licence. The only thing these two have in common are they are both based within Australia. I continued on and missed out on the Adelaide United job as well. I didn't continue playing to see who took the job as by that stage I was pretty annoyed at the game. As far as I was concerned an Australian manager coming off a recent Premier League win asking to come back to Australia should have been wanted by every club in the land. To be told all times that the board agreed with my interview but felt I wasn't the best fit just seemed wrong to me. I tried the above all while in contract at New England and by resigning prior to applying for the jobs. How this relates to other issues I have previously reported that when playing in the A-League other clubs never hire managers from outside Australia. This seems wrong considering managers such as Jim Magilton, Markus Babbel, et al have come to Australia to coach. In fact, 24 of the A-League's 52 different managers have had nationality other than Australian (granted, some such as Miron Bleiberg were recruited from within Australia). It looks as if the game is dismissing manager applicants out-of-hand for A-League clubs regardless of credentials, experience and nationality.Now, I have had issues in the past trying to get jobs, regardless of past experence/success (I have never been able to get either the England or Germany job - I always assumed it was my Australian nationality). As far as I am concerned, A-League clubs should be jumping over themselves to hire me. I even had Victory as a favoured club (this may or may not have helped/hindered both applications). I am not sure how to fix this and cannot offer any solutions other than fixing existing issues with the A-League. I am hoping with this extra save it may help to uncover two issues at once and rid the game of this bug forever.
  4. I came here looking for the same. It seems like no-one has done a decent analysis on them yet. All I could find is: https://footballbh.net/2019/03/11/getafe-huesca-la-liga-tactical-analysis/ https://footballbh.net/2019/03/29/nemanja-maksimovic-getafe-tactical-analysis-statistics/ https://www.laliga.es/en/news/why-underdogs-getafe-are-the-team-nobody-wants-to-play-against Is anyone trying to replicate Getafe?
  5. Why choose wingbacks on automatic and not support? Do they not revert to support when the mentality is set to balanced?
  6. Maybe the BWM needs to be a CMs with playmaker PI’s to provide some support in the CM strata. Wouldnt the AM provide run into the box? Should i I consider one (or both) AP’s to have the roaming instruction (I can’t remember if it’s hard coded)? To provide runners into the box box should I reconsider the CM’s and AM and go for a DM and More attacking CM’s instead? I don’t think this is a good option for the striker I have as I think he needs support. I did start him as a TMa but found he performed better as a support player. I think maybe a shadow striker may help in this particular instance. I thinnk i want want to play possession based soccer with the players I have. I went lower LOE simply to keep the gap between defence and midfield smaller. It was something pointed out by @Rashidi in a recent video and makes sense. I get that lower tempo may make more sense. I guess I was thinking that with a higher tempo I would not give teams a chance to regroup (I.e. counter-attack). I think I may be able to achieve the same thing with lower tempo but counter press.
  7. So, I have managed to acquire some real talent for the middle of the park. That isn't to say the rest of the team isn't quality, it just means the players I have got didn't fit the 4-1-4-1 I was playing. As such I've had to adjust my tactic to suit the players. The problem is, I'm not at a bit of a loss. At the start of the 2020/21 season I had Rabiot, Tonali, Fekir and Tousart to fit into a midfield. No issues - a a 4-4-2 narrow diamond or 4-3-1-2 should suit plus I have a Portuguese striker coming on that switching to a two striker system would suit. Well, I couldn't get it working so switched to a 3-5-2 with Tonali as a libero. This worked really well until I got Lemar in January 2021. Now I have decided to try a more possession-based system: I've told the two AP's to stay wider and the CMd to take more risks. Reasons are as follows: Advanced Playmakers - My thinking is having two guys that are high and wide (relatively) that attract the ball will leave space in the middle for the striker and AMC to attack. AP's also cut inside so will offer secondary options for scoring when not on the ball. Central Midfielder (defend) - Tonali is really good at defending the middle and also has great vision, passing, decisions and composure. He is given the licence to have a playmaker's passing range without attracting the ball. I didn't want the CMd to be attracting the ball as I felt it would take away from the wide possession play I am after. The problem is, It feels a little disjointed. I can't put my finger on it. Tousart does get forward whenever possible (thanks @Rashidi for your videos and tips, especially the FM University one recently) so I feel once that trait is gone it may make the tactic ebb and flow a bit easier. I also went for FB's instead of WB's as I felt I didn't want the full backs high when supporting as the AM strata and CM strata are plenty high enough that I didn't need even more players clogging up the space. I did smash Manchester City 4-1 but one swallow doesn't make a summer. I am not thinking this is the finished product yet. With the players I have (what is pictured is more or less my starting XI) is there something I should consider or is my idea of wide possession a bit far-fetched for what I have?
  8. Yeah, agreed. Just was shocked to see it I pretty much only use Steam now. I guess with online competition retailers need to charge more for when they do actually get someone to overpay due to lack of research
  9. Good old JB HiFi still screwing customers....
  10. Just leave him as a player. Don't worry about the Cambodia part of the contract.
  11. Yeah, agree with you. I haven’t played A-League in 19.3 yet so hadn’t noticed it. Just took a wild guess as to where he would be. Since he is the the star of a a league that is officially licensed it is an odd one
  12. Pretty much. I love the Tifo series. It breaks it down for someone to understand that doesn't come from a soccer background. 7th probably isn't too bad with the squad. I've just started a Frankfurt save to specifically try this out. What struck me is how poor the players actually are. As an example, Falette has anticipation of 13, concentration of 12 and positioning of 11. Abraham, 13, 13 & 12 for the same stats. Russ is better at 12, 14, 13 but lacks the physicals of the other two. The next issue is age. 7 players over 30 and all are in and around the first XI. There will need to be some serious squad turnover to make Frankfurt into a title challenger.
  13. I've used Chiesa and Giacomo Bonaventura at AC Milan. I went back to see how I had them setup (my initial idea was to try and get the RWB to be a playmaker) so reinstalled FM18 to check. Essentially all I ended up doing was putting a IWBa there with more direct passes and the GK specifically distributing to him. It worked a treat and even worked with Almamy Traore, a player now at Frankfurt and coincidentally, my favourite RB in the game. I tried to recreate Frankfurt last year without success. I guess I had the formation wrong. This is a far better setup and better recreation of what Frankfurt are doing. How did you finish the season with Frankfurt? curious as to how this all came together. Hopefully more of this to come. I've really liked your tactical breakdowns recently.
  14. Great write up. I’d like to comment on the tactic first as I’ve setup 3-5-2’s similar to this. I had slight differences such as a false nine rather than a deep lying forward but I set it up with Stuttgart rather than Frankfurt. It really is a great shape to play with and is flexible enough to play different types of players in different roles. As an example I used AMR’s in the WB role with the specific idea to use much better passing and vision to create different routes to goal. Great example of a 3-5-2 and hopefully you end up sharing the PI’s as well. On the players; I’ve always been reluctant to use a player like Jovic (and to a lesser extent Cenc Tosun). I find when physicals (either pace or strength or jumping) aren’t great I have a hard time getting these players involved. If you look at Jovic he can certainly score but it isn’t with a turn of pace, it isn’t with exceptional strength and it isn’t because he can jump higher than the other defenders. He can’t create like other players (decisions, vision and passing not incredible). I think the important thing here is to show the support a great player like Jovic needs in order to thrive and with it he can make a good side into a great side.
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