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  1. I take the game's recommended position with a grain of salt. Also, it depends on what you want your winger to do. I had a tactic with Oliver Burke on the right wing but had him set as a wide midfielder (crossing still a recommended attribute) but had him playing narrower so he would come inside the opposing full back and pass/shoot rather than outside and cross. All depends on on what you are asking really. On a slightly different note but along the same lines; I have used Davie Selke as a trequartista before. The role really does not suit him but it did something I wanted - it attracts the ball to the player. I trained Davie to play short simple passes (maybe a few more ppm's to suit what I wanted) and it worked perfectly. The highlighted attributes are for a guide, then it's up to you to set PI's, TI's and player ppm's to suit exactly what you want.
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for posting this. It is a really well thought out tactic and really well explained.
  3. Whilst I don't disagree completely (I think it should be a simple on/off option) I do have some more questions on what you raised: Has there really been that many dissadents to this change? I haven't seen many here. As you have only made this post here I assume there is a forum elsewhere that has these plenty of people not enjoying the game. How exactly will one option raise customer satisfaction rates overall? I feel this is a throwaway comment intended to give the argument more weight but I just don't understand how one option could have such a significant impact to the game overall. With 100+ leagues in the game currently this option applies to <7% of leagues in the game. One of the reasons the editor is added is for people exactly like you who do not agree with how the game is released and want to change something. Just because there is an option that you don't like doesn't mean it should be removed when a perfectly good way to edit is available. Along the same lines as my previous comment; I find it extremely hard to believe that profits will drop with the addition of one option. I don't believe for one second that the intoduction of choosing attribute colours/currencies/camera angles etc increased profits on their own. It is a collective effort for the game as an overall product that keeps the ratings (and thus purchases) high, not the addition or subtraction of individual options. I don't think anyone is hiding behind an argument of realism. SI have been very clear that they want to be as realistic as possible thus do not add anything to the game (league expansions for example) before it has been ratified by the league under discussion. There is an argument that the impact of Brexit isn't known within British soccer yet thus it shouldn't be in the game (pretty much why I feel it should be an on/off option). Whilst I do agree that if there was an inherrant issue with the game it should be fixed. Patches and hotfixes do this frequently. Currently there is no issue. There hasn't been an error and there should be no apology. Again, I see no proof that there has been a massive backlash on this feature. If there had been I'm sure it would have been addressed much earlier than now.
  4. Fair enough I guess. Just a thought on an alternative way to display a player's value
  5. Hopefully an easy one. I'd like to be able to right-click on the left hand tabs then have a dropdown so I can navigate directly to a particular page. For example, right click on the magnifying glass then be able to select if I go directly to the Scout Assignments/Scouted Players/Shortlists/etc rather than going to Player Search with a left click.
  6. Not sure how viable this one is but I got the idea after listening to AFL commentators talk about player values. As we know for a transfer to happen between MLS clubs a trade is involved. Currently, the player value is shown in a $ value (or whatever currency you are using). For MLS however, this may not (or maybe it is?) be the most useful information. As you would be aware you can check a draft pick's value on the league transfer screen. I feel it would be very useful if on the player screen the value was shown as something like: My example has used a Tottenham player (and colour so it stands out, White would be fine here) but this would only be valid for players that you must trade for. Simple sentences such as "2 first round picks", "1 Second Round Pick + $50k TAM" etc to give an idea on player value. As the player value is not what the club's asking price at the moment I feel that giving a player value in draft picks would work much the same way. Probably one for @Aljarov @Jason the Yank or @SeoulYank to really give the tick of approval to before pushing forward.
  7. Yeah, I would do the same with the closing down too. I see the reason for the higher line. Taking inspiration from what you have said I have adjusted to the BBM, fluid/standard, normal tempo, work ball into box and retain possession. It seems a hell of a lot more stable now. I fugured that with quick passing from smartish players the pace with the ball will evolve without the higher tempo shout. The assistant kept telling me to retain possession and that worked. Not often I listen to the assistant but for some reason (possibly because you had the same shout) I did this time. I like how it looks now. BBM is really a good call for the type of players I have. Thanks for that.
  8. I see what you are saying - don't rely on one playmaker when all three can be passing threats. As better passing players come in they simply slip into the current system. With fluid, close down more and push up higher are you caught out by balls over the top? It seems the way I would attack
  9. Thanks. Another set of eyes does help. 4-2-1-3 is what I was initially aiming for with the recruitment. I see Schniderlin and McCarthy as the defensive-minded midfielders, Oliver and Paredes as the playmakers and Barkley as the attacker in the midfield 3. I see the full backs as an attacking threat rather than a defending powerhouse. With the wingers as inside forwards they do need to protect space to a point. This is certainly an area where the whole thing can fall down but with the right midfield support they should be ok. As both wings will have inside forwards I am wondering the best option for Lukaku. He isn't a strong passer and his vision is not great so support doesn't seem right. He doesn't have the work rate required to be a defensive forward (althugh his positioning is quite good). He is an attacker. Targetman isn't really that well liked here but it is an option. I am going with attacking deep lying forward first as the creation for other players is a secondary to fashioning chances for himself. I'm going with something like this: I've told the GK to distribute quickly to try and use the good passing within the midfield (15-18 for the 4 main players, 13 for McCarthy). Vision has the same range for attributes. Work rate is 14-18 but decisions are only 10-14. Hopefully if I can get the ball to midfield quickly they don't need to make a hard decision on the next pass. I've gone with a supporting IF on the left to hopefully provide an outlet for the CMa to attack with a bit more freedom and cover. I have asked the left CM to close down much more and the right to close down more. My theory is I can afford the left to be pulled out of position a bit more than the right. I have gone with a DLP to start with (I tossed up between deep-lying and advanced). I chose deep-lying ot give a bit more cover to the IF. Something I don't like is that the DMd is told by default to close down more. I could (and probably eventually will) use an anchorman instead here. Full backs are attack. I'm hoping to use their natural attacking flair as well as get them to have some sort of defensive responsibility. TI's I haven't really decided yet. Push up will be one. It does make sense too as having a DM will naturally spread the players vertically anyway. I'm thinking counter/flexible is probably the best starting point too. Maybe a bit higher on tempo too.
  10. I have a pretty solid team at the moment but I can't decide on the best shape for my team. In the past I've never been able to get a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 working successfully. I've had a bit of luck with 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 but my 4-4-2 that worked in another save doesn't fit my current side and I haven't been able to get a 3-5-2 working in FM17 yet. After watching @Rashidi Bust The Net Torino Diaries for FM16 and part of FM17 (I'm up to season 2) as well as a few of his other videos I feel I have shape and mentality down pat but not TI's and PI's for a particular shape and roles. My squad is as follows: From what I have I see 3 midfield playmakers (, Schniderlin, Oliver and Parades), an attacking midfielder (Barkley), and a defensive midfielder (McCarthy). This leads me to feel a midfield 3 would work best as certain players can cover for others. In defence I have a couple of ball-playing defenders as well as some very competent defenders. Full backs are on the attacking side but Holgare is a lot more defensive the Stojanovic so when he covers for him that side will become more defensive in nature due to player attributes. In attack I only have 1 genuine winger in Deulofeu and no player that could be an inside forward. Luckily most can cover as strikers so it does allow me to either have Lukaku on his own or pair him with someone. After looking at the tactic I felt some sort of 4-3-3/4-2-3-1 was the best option. I originally plumped for this: Really, I need to swap Barkley onto the right and swap full back roles to use Holgate a bit more but really, I thought it was a solid base. Problem is, it wasn't. I also couldn't pick the faults. I like how structured stretches the team vertically on the field and usually I wouldn't go defensive but after watching the Torino Diaries it seemed a good prospect. In saying that, I am usually on counter so it shouldn't matter too much. I like structured play and am not too concerned about possession numbers. My theory is if you limit the shots to long only that I don't care how much ball they have. I actually started the above tactic as Very Fluid/Control but it was like Swiss Cheese. After switching it solidified but the lack of a playmaker in a structured/defensive tactic I think is holding me back. Maybe I could switch this to a 4-1-2-3 with a playmaker (APs most likely I think). I also like wingbacks due to the support they give wide. I have Gaya coming in January so really want to use him to his maximum potential. Secondly, after reading @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! series I tried both the Brazil and his latest 3-5-2 (I know they aren't plug and play, I did adjust them). The 3-5-2 seems a good transition for me to move to. Deulofeu is already training to backup Barkley as an attacking midfielder. I watched a few YouTube clips on Antonio Conte at Juventus and the big thing I picked up is the CM's closed down hard to help the full back so set this on my CM's as well. I like how it works but as a whole it seems for such a defensive shape the opposition get too many balls into the 18 yard box for my liking. I also feel the midfield is isolated from the forwards (DLFs and AF). I ended up looking like this: I guess from here my question is, how do I know the correct path to go down and what would be a smart way to use the players I have? At the moment I feel like I am guessing a bit when I feel I should know the next step to take. When I am playing what should I be looking for with these particular shapes (I watch for balls over the top with the 4-3-3 and wide attacks with the 3-5-2). Do I just need to watch more of the Torino Diaries until it all clicks?
  11. When pressing spacebar to cycle through the news items it skips every second scouting report. The scouting reports are the only news items skipped and when they are skipped over they change from unread to read.
  12. I'm winning Bundesliga's with this. With Everton I would make Barkley the regista and partner Lukaku with Valencia. The rest of the side really sorts itself out
  13. Not sure how reputable the source is but this article gives a good insight into Melbourne Victory's finances
  14. 2020 and I have £51m as an overall balance but am seen to have "riches" compared to Manchester United. I don't see it as a bug, just a quirk of the news system