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  1. I've played Australia a fair bit. It's bloody hard as once the regens go to Europe they refuse to play for some reason.
  2. Anything less than positive I found a bit impotent. Almost too cautious. You'll notice I played with a higher defensive line here - positive and the higher defensive line doesn't make a tactic too dangerous to use.
  3. I'm not sure how pertinent this is. I created a tactic inspired by Dean Smith last year. I say inspired by because it is a 4-4-2. The 4-4-1-1 should be a natural variation. The point being is it is extremely similar to what @beverage1982 and @frukox are putting forward. Also, I had switched the McGinn and Luiz positions around to get some better balance in FM-terms: Ignore the players - a few are out of position. PI's were as follows (remember, this isn't a strict interpretation): FB-At - Cut inside with ball WB-Su - Dribble more W-At - Close down more, T
  4. 2025 I got notice of stadium completion in 2027
  5. I thought I'd post this as I've been playing with this tactic (albeit slightly adjusted). I've just knocked off France 3-2. Goals from the striker x 2 and one from a corner. I've flipped the tactic from @Flußkrebs above and also adjusted McGinn to a CM-Su with takes more risks, dribble more and close down more. Basically what we were chatting about above. What's interesting here is France played a 4-4-2 while I played the 4-2-3-1. We can compare the average positions which is the overall average positions. What does happen is there is a lot of space for McGinn to play passes i
  6. I actually set my team selection screen up as follows now: This is Scotland three days after an Euro24 match but the same thing goes with my club (Everton). Becoming Fatigued I need to rest them. If a player at Everton is becoming fatigued I actually get an inbox message telling me to rest the player for a week. Here, because Hickey and McKenna are both on a light match load I will probably play them once more before giving them a game off. McGinn who has a medium load and condition isn't quite full I will probably rest. McTominay is fine. While he has a medium match load the
  7. Hi @Flußkrebs - great thread. I enjoyed reading. I do have a couple of questions after reading: You've mentioned that a 4-4-2 is used in defence a few times yet put out a 4-2-3-1 defensive shape. Why is that? McGinn - like @benhoward12 I thought he needed to be a different role, although I would have gone with CM-Su with some PI's. CAR just seems too 'static' (not as likely to make forward runs). While he has 2 goals in your stats are they open play goals? With no assists from midfield at all I'd be inclined to be thinking you may need some more penetration and McGinn's pos
  8. Pretty sure I've done something wrong here but I have lost the text on the buttons on this screen only. Edit: Just realised I snipped detail out - this is the recruitment meeting screen.
  9. I tried to get him to switch allegiance to Australia but wasn't successful. Wish I did though.
  10. @engamohd With the Jansen signing do you plan to adjust the crossing from mixed to maybe low to counter his jumping and height?
  11. Does Cantwell have Tries Tricks? The movement there is really good through the channels. Showing what is possible with few instructions is immense here. Also, it really shows PPM's really well.
  12. I was scouting Mbeumo to find out the same thing. Being a left footer will change how he moves as well compared to a right footer (Cantwell) on the left wing. Cantwell would play more like a playmaker I would feel as he doesn't have the pace that Mbeumo has (albeit he isn't that much quicker).
  13. I have to say I didn't expect that answer - I honestly thought I'd spotted some PI's - guess I'll have to go back to learning how to spot those types of things. Your player movement really impressed me to be honest. It also does show what can be achieved without PI's.
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