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  1. @Kinginthenorth Did you end up getting something you liked with Everton?
  2. @engamohd you state early that you want your wing backs to be uber-attacking. Would having the goalkeeper distribute to full backs not contradict this? Having distribute to full backs drags them back instead of leaving them high up the field to receive kick outs. Also, you already have 3 players in the centrebacks to receive the ball, why do you need two more?
  3. Sorry Kyle, I’ve past that part of the game now and don’t have a save, sorry
  4. Posted a save here a few days ago: that will I’ll show you. Could also start a new game to see the issue. Let me know if you need a new save or something else
  5. This only happens for one competition I have seen. When playing in the A-League if I click 'Hyundai A-League (Regular Season)' in the title bar (or go to the competition screen from anywhere) it takes me to the table even though I have Profiel selected in my options. If I play in any other competition (EPL, Ligue 1 etc) it takes me to the Profile screen. If I select Profile after going to the table it comes up no worries. Hopefully an easy fix for you guys.
  6. I got this message in my inbox. Clearly Bielsa doesn't offer anything so the subject doesn't really suit the content
  7. I'm trying to off a player (Jamaldin Khodjaniyazov) a contract as a free agent. He wants more than I can offer. When I try and raise the wage budget with the slider on the contracting screen it actually lowers the amount I can offer him. Really weird one this. Save at: Last Save - Western United.fm I also have a video to show you to: Football Manager 2020 2020-10-07 22-10-27.mp4 I feel it may be related to this but I'm not sure:
  8. Save uploaded: Last Save - Western United.fm This has persisted for a while now but I think it is worth raising again. I am attempting to re-sign one of my players on a designated player contract (Panagiotis Kone or Alessandro Diamanti - doesn't matter which one). The problem is that I am only able to offer a maximum of £186k per annum. Both players are on £345k and £400k respectively. I have about £600k available in the wage budget and as they are designated players the salary cap shouldn't be taken into consideration. With the situation set above there are a few issue
  9. As requested @Francis Mooney. Only the three transfers (I sent all the loans to South Melbourne after picking them up as a feeder club). Still, if I am unable to sign any players then the other clubs should be following the same rules. Build is 20.4.4-1442341
  10. Summary: AI Clubs buying players when "No Transfers in First Window" set Description of Issue: For some reason the AI clubs are able to sign players on free transfer in the first window while I am not able to. My understanding is this has something to do with disabling the first transfer window. Steps to Reproduce: Keep playing the save. Clubs will bid for players. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Last Save - Western United.fm
  11. Good old Tifo has released a video on Everton's midfield so that may be a good starting point for some tips. If I was to try and replicate Everton right now (I think it'll adjust before the season is out) I'd be looking at something like this: (Ignore the players; they are just who I have left from the original Everton side). Differences from you are as follows: GK - Pickford - none. DR - Coleman - FB-At. Gives defensive solidarity while also allowing Coleman to still get forward as he did against Crystal Palace last night. Don't think a FB won't get forward - he
  12. Thanks! Hopefully it's not just me
  13. I can but it's illustrated pretty much in the last 30 sec of the video I uploaded - the mouse doesn't grab the edge of the column even though the double-arrow is shown. Took me 30 sec to grab the exact right part of the column to resize it.
  14. I always load all Asian leagues due to the Asian Champions League rules
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