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  1. It's a similar setup to what I was thinking with a diamond. Did you try any PI's? My feeling is I need to put the two CM's onto close down more at least to help cover the width of the pitch when the WB's attack. Maybe I'll add some passing PI's as well to the CM's but not sure about them yet
  2. Maybe. New side so will be interesting to see if they do end up pulling a crowd like that
  3. If it was Melbourne Victory I’d say yes. Not Melbourne City. Even so, the total crowd seems really high
  4. Personally, I'd like to see them setup like B sides are in Germany or Spain.
  5. I have a feeling it's only the FM screenshots I can't see. It's across all your articles (the FM19 ones about Roma and obviously the Manchester United ones). Good articles otherwise.
  6. Currently playing Western United. Fun to start at a club in their first year. Don't forget Macarthur United in the same league - they start in the following season and start with nothing so you get to build the squad from scratch
  7. I'm glad you said this. The above is what I'm seeing and I was wondering if I was missing something due to not being able to see a lot of the pictures.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's all the screenshots from FM that are missing both here and in the article linked. Also, your other posts about Roma are missing pictures too.
  9. Most (if not all) scholarship players are set to youth in game. Also, that can't be true for WSW as there is a minimum of 20 players that require registration for an A-League squad.
  10. If Muller is added to the WSW squad someone needs to go out. They have 23 full time players already. The IRP system isn't in the game so unless a younger player is downgraded to a youth contract Muller won't fit.
  11. Nah, not with the two DM's and the narrow defensive width. It tends to force the attack to go wide and hope they can hit a target in the middle of my 4-6 players defending centrally
  12. I have a bit of an 'issue' that I am not sure if it is worth fixing or not: PI's: both DM's: More direct passes, Shoot less often Both wings & striker: Close down more, Tackle harder Trequartista: Hold up ball. This is what I am operating with. Really good tactic to be honest. I've won two leagues (as I should with Benfica) and also a Champions League (very unexpected). I'm scoring heaps and conceding few. I really can't be too upset with it. The 'problem' I have is the striker just isn't scoring at the levels I would have thought. Luka Jovic (gone now - I couldn't get him to sign a new contract and Monaco paid the release clause) scored 15 in 49 matches for me. I would have been happy if it was 20-25 but 15 just seems too low. He scored 11 from 33 in the league. The upside is my winger scored 28 from 38 matches and the inside forward got 15 from 27 matches. The Trequartista's (I used two) scored 14 from 36(9) and 11 from 21(19). So, should I be trying to get the striker more involved or be happy with the output from elsewhere on the field? I have tried (albeit briefly) roles such as AF instead of poached and also tried to tell the striker to roam but it was all too brief to get a good picture of if it was doing enough to warrant a change to the base tactic.
  13. MLS should be a really good save in FM20. Two new expansion teams in 2020, Two more in 2021. SI has allowed the expansion teams to be added in the past so hopefully it's the same this time around. Speaking of expansion; The A-League also has two new teams (one in 2019/20, one in 2020/21) but not sure if the 2020/21 side will be added or not.
  14. I agree. I think I’ll need to slightly adjust the tactic to help his introduction. Counter attacking seems wrong as teams in the Portugal League sit back and defend vs me. Maybe I’ll just start with low/whipped crosses and tinker from there. *Edit* I went into the last game of the season away vs Porto needing a win to clinch the title. Went 0-2 down in the 54th minute. I changed the tactic in the following way: Very attacking mentality Shoot on site Striker changed to poacher (Jonas had been playing as a deep-lying forward and was leading the goalscoring charts until a 9 game dry spell but had announced his retirement prior to the game so I chose to play him) Defend wide (Porto were playing a 4-4-2 with wingers - I think) This allowed my trequartista, striker and segundo volante to all score. The last goal came in the 91st minute and won the title for me. In the future I think I will use defensive width wide for wing play and narrow for central play. I know it seems really obvious but with this setup having four players central it does allow me to defend as required in each game.
  15. Cool. Thanks for that. I have Luka Jovic coming back from loan shortly and wasn’t sure how he’d fit. That’s good to test. I wouldn’t have thought of it
  16. I ended up with this. The Treq hasn't been as involved as I like but results are good: I'm not really sure what to make of the treq's form but since the tactic is working overall I haven't really played with his role (the Barcelona games I had him swapping position with the striker). The only thing I have noticed is in the games where he rates higher he does seem to receive a lot of passes deeper than a bog-average game: Again, I haven't changed anything because the tactic seems to be working overall.
  17. I'm trying to get a 4-2-3-1 DM working but am not really sure how to set it up. I think I need a player like a VOL-Su to help bring the ball from defence to attack before the Treq takes over. I have lots of players that can pass well so I think a possession tactic is best used here. Am I on the right path or do I have something completely wrong?
  18. I'm not sure wingbacks behind wingers is nonsensical but I would be asking them both to overlap. I'd also think about using a TM-att since there are so many players crossing. I'd also think about pulling the two CM's back to the DM area (which I'm going to attempt myself). I just don't know what roles to use in those spots. I'm thinking a VOL-su and DM-su to give solid centre coverage and allow the opposition to attack the wings.
  19. Have you changed it since Monday? Should I watch it again?
  20. I came looking for this thread after seeing the Gamechanger video on @Rashidi's Youtube channel. I don't have too much to offer other than well done on a fairly simple writeup that's easy to follow
  21. Just trying to work out how to train this guy. I don't think I can get his winger stats high enough to be effective, passing and vision too low for playmaker, shooting stats too low for inside forward or striker. At a bit of a loss really
  22. A heads up - the link in the OP doesn't work anymore. I see the Tifo Football in your version of "Sensible Transfers". I have been watching this series with various clubs and tend to agree with yours. I am playing with Roma (although your tactic for me is nowhere near as successful as you were with it) and strengthened similar areas. I went for Predrag Rajkovic over David Raya (mainly due to price. I did scout Raya), Gianluca Mancini and Unai Nunez over De Ligt (again, price) and Sandro Tonali as I missed out on Rabiot to Manchester United. There is a lot of age in the squad but I am looking forward to getting Luca Pellegrini back to take over the left back spot.
  23. I thought the German third tier was both playable (I do have a mod) and that Bayern II was in it. I guess my question should be "Does having a B team in a playable league count as first team action for youth players?" Is developing youth different in Spain compared to England due to the different league structures?
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