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  1. I searched but couldn't find this. In my game It's Australia B, not Australia in the Copa America. In reality the full Socceroos are playing, not a B side.
  2. New newgen's only - the revelation their grandmother etc was born in another country, allowing them to represent a national team, or become a non-foreign national team player. This would only apply to newgens within a certain CA band who would realistically represent the country or play in the top leagues as appropriate. I am thinking here of the recent players who have been mooted for Australia (Martin Boyle, Harry Souttar and others), some of which seemed to have come out of nowhere.
  3. A small digital clock, maybe in the top corner somwhere, showing IRL time. Would be useful when in full-screen mode to see what time it is and how long the session has gone for. I do not like alt-tabbing out just to see Windows toolbar. My laptop doesn't take too kindly from swapping into and out of such games.
  4. The ability to create an award, and apply it to selected competitions. So if I had a Golden Boot winner, I create one, apply it to all the leagues in my pyramid, but it auto-renames the award for each league. This will save a lot of repetition.
  5. Is there a factor thrown in so there is an increasing likelihood an outlier may win the league/cup or qualify for the continental competition as the year goes by, maybe reset once they do, rather than the same names regularly qualify?
  6. Hi, I create my own Top Domestic League, with a League Cup and FFA Cup. I set the Final of the League Cup - set as an Other Cup - on a Sunday in March. Every year it gets moved to a Wednesday. My Domestic League has Check for Clashes With All. How can I stop this happening.
  7. Selll. You may never know when such a payday will come in again.
  8. Can I say I love the In-game editor. As someone who created their own db files it allows me to make note of issues and fix on the fly during tests without having to go back, edit the data and start the game again. But my favourite thing is moving uncontracted players to clubs. If the same uncontracted 31-year old Panamanian international is offered to me by an agent several times, and no club is interested in the player, I just move the player to a club in another league. The player gets a game and I don't get bugged by the agent again. I'm quite fond of moving internationals of smaller nations. Rather than have them rot uncontracted until the game retires them, I move them to a club where they can get a game. This way the small nation doesn't lose one of the few international players they have.
  9. Has the ability to right click on a score (in the League results page or your club's results page) and select Player Stats been removed? Since the new patch right-click on a score does nothing. I have to left click, go to the Match Screen and then click on Stats. Is this a deliberate change, a bug or does my skin need refreshing? (I'm only using the default skin.) Other right clicking works.
  10. My favourites are Armed Forces and Security Forces. Because you get a news headlines like "Security Forces Defeated"
  11. In real life people retire from their jobs for many reasons for any time, even mid-contract. Just imagine their partner is sick, or they have won the lottery, and any possible reason in between.
  12. I opened my FM13 file in FM13 successfully. But this was a Continental Competition file only - it only had rules and no player/club changes. All I had to do was to change the date of the cup rounds and it worked. Out of choice I re-created my nation file from scratch.
  13. I still don't like the Search Feature. I searched for QAS and I got almost 200 results. This is even though I team I was looking for was QAS. I got another 200 for looking for NSW. Can there be a tick box to make the smart searching optional, or to at least to search for the exact term?
  14. I've created an Australian league in FM14. It matches the date timetable of the UK league. It worked fine in previous versions. I load up the game in FM14 and the game starts on the 18th of August. This is the start date for Australia in an unedited game. However in my edited game this is three weeks into the season. Is there a way to change the country start date? I know a workaround is to start the game with the English Prem League also loaded and choose the English start date, and then remove the league. But is there a way to start my Aus database on the day I want it to start? thanks
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