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  1. This article suggests he is likely to end up in NPL https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/nothing-less-than-abuse-a-league-player-quits-citing-social-media-trolls-20201103-p56b2w.html
  2. World Cup. And even though we know the FFA want to play the 2022 season as a calendar year comp, they haven't officially announced it and probably can't until a broadcasting partner is secured.
  3. Hi Daryl. I look after NPL Queensland. If you have any data which needs updating message it through it me and I'll get it into the game, though due to deadlines maybe not before the January update.
  4. New newgen's only - the revelation their grandmother etc was born in another country, allowing them to represent a national team, or become a non-foreign national team player. This would only apply to newgens within a certain CA band who would realistically represent the country or play in the top leagues as appropriate. I am thinking here of the recent players who have been mooted for Australia (Martin Boyle, Harry Souttar and others), some of which seemed to have come out of nowhere.
  5. A small digital clock, maybe in the top corner somwhere, showing IRL time. Would be useful when in full-screen mode to see what time it is and how long the session has gone for. I do not like alt-tabbing out just to see Windows toolbar. My laptop doesn't take too kindly from swapping into and out of such games.
  6. The ability to create an award, and apply it to selected competitions. So if I had a Golden Boot winner, I create one, apply it to all the leagues in my pyramid, but it auto-renames the award for each league. This will save a lot of repetition.
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