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  1. My game randomly crashed, even though it's been running well FM 2020 v20.4.3.1441365 (2020.09.25 21.34.54).dmp
  2. i've tried but i dont think you can which sucks. if only we could
  3. Anybody still wanting to know how to do it?
  4. There's no .dmp files there. I believe i fixed the issue though. I just verified integrity of game files and it seemed i was missing a few
  5. I'm in the middle of a game and football manager crashes every single time around the 70th minute mark. So i cant play. no error code comes up, the game just closes while steam stays open
  6. I'd like it if there was a way you could save responsibilities, so you don't have to keep changing the responsibilites every single time. If there was a way to load preset responsibity into the game it'd be easier
  7. At the moment being an international manager is a bit boring. I'd like there to be more depth to make it just a bit funner
  8. For personal assistant, I'm not too sure yet. I'll kep trying to find out
  9. Application Support > Steam > Steam Apps> Football Manager 2020 > Data> Database > db > 2010 > edt> support_staff.edt Open the support staff document with notepad or text edit or anything like that It should come up with that below (v) Copy one of them and change the name of the club, name and their job, and gender to what you want them to be and save it. Unfortunately it only works with new saves created after you do all that. If you want to change photos of the staff I'd recommend https://www.mediafire.com/file/jmvm5hfzglsxy7o/Regen_UID_
  10. I finally figured it out. If you guys need help
  11. Europa League and FA Cup have the wrong expectations. For the FA cup it says "Reach UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals (Minimum)
  12. Its around the 88th Minute Brisbane Roar Offside 88th Min JackieChan.pkm
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