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  1. Type: Desktop Model: Custom built by me CPU Model: Ryzen 3900X CPU Base Frequency: 3.8 GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.6 GHz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 3200Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Super 6GB Graphics Level in 3D: Very High Storage Type: Samsung 970 Evo 2 TB SSD Benchmark A: 1m 46s Benchmark B: 7m 47s Benchmark C: 9m 05s Benchmark D: 16m 35s
  2. Would you consider changing the midfield roles as you move up to higher leagues? For example, box to box midfielder or mezzala instead of the generic central midfield roles?
  3. RDF Tactics, Great results with West Ham! Quick question - both of the tactics in your post above seem the same. I must be missing something. What is the difference between the regular and the other one against big teams away? Thanks.
  4. Is there any way to prevent the finished scouting news items from going to the inbox? There are so many of them and all I do is click through them anyway. Thanks.
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