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  1. I stand corrected, I acknowledge that the issue isn't black and white, far from it. Millwall have a bad reputation but do a lot of great community work for instance and have won family club of the year. Looking into this has been a real eyeopener
  2. My suggestion would be Clapton Community FC at level 11 in England using Messi's Database This article explains why better than I ever could
  3. Someone should make a skin that reverses all attributes just to mess with us
  4. I don't think that's what the OP has implied to be fair. Thing is by definition a "right wing" run club is less likely to be involved in activities that distributes their money collectively and and are less likely (maybe to a lesser extent) to be involved environmental issues. I'm also struggling to thing of a club with an extreme "far left" violent supporter base. Of course I could be wrong. The reality really is that I very much doubt that a club could hope to be successful at the highest level and be supporter owned, my own club Swansea made it to the Premier league being 21
  5. I find this already happens a fair bit if you start with no badges or experience and have some really temperamental players
  6. Another thing to look out for is anything that goes in the "Editor Data" folder, like things you get from the steam workshop as they can potentially cause issues
  7. Maybe try and find an even older version I've had to do this in the past
  8. Guess you could, i've never used the editor so i'm not sure. Would it create players if you deleted everyone?
  9. I take your point and I think you're going to hate my next one but I involve myself in everything, the training, the press conferences, interaction with players etc but someone who does none of this can delegate the lot and still win multiple league titles. Isn't that what FM Classic/Touch was created for? This isn't me telling other people how to play at all but the game must have framework that has to be adhered to or what's the point? Look, I used to agree with a lot of what you have said but I think i'm just sick of how easy it is to be good at this game whilst making the mini
  10. Yeah sadly the only real way to get that "fake player feel" is to holiday for 20 seasons until they've all retired Not sure how it would look but how feasible is it to holiday for 20 seasons with just a small league like Iceland loaded then add in all the leagues you want?
  11. For me it's immersion and realism. To be honest i'd like to see more of a penalty for not doing them. I can't think of any managers who have refused to do press conferences every time ever keep their job
  12. Have you tried rolling back the driver to the previous version?
  13. I've got a 760 and it runs on high/very high for me so I don't think the cards age is a factor
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