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  1. How on earth does the Peruvian league work? How do you go about qualifying for the champions playoffs? It's a minefield This confuses me too, if you win one of the opening and closing league systems then you would have to finish above 9th in the other to qualify for the playoffs? I just holidayed to the end of the first season to try and work it out and César Vallejo won the Apertura (opening) league and Sporting Crystal won the Clausura (closing) league but then the playoffs looked like this So basically i'm stumped and that's without even asking about
  2. This is where a good LLaMa type forum would come in, you'd see that a lot of others are doing just as bad and it would help a little I think.
  3. It works well if you are familiar with the area I think, I'd find it hard maybe in the north of Sweden and Norway where an hours drive gets you nowhere The idea of literally only starting out at clubs close to where i live is an intruguing one, never thought about that but I like it, i'm lucky I suppose as it would give me about 10 clubs to choose from
  4. You make a good point about it being slower down the line, what i've had to do is drop leagues the further in I get. I've got an i5 4670k from the same generation and I still find it fine but the results on here make me want to upgrade I have to say
  5. Sorry I misinterpreted your post , it was very late!
  6. I use the clean slate option, I just like to build it myself, so I know it's mine I suppose. I've never really thought about the advantage it might give you over the AI but it's not like I find the game easy anyway.
  7. Nobody here is stopping anyone doing anything, I’m not sure what you’re getting at? this is just a suggested way of playing that has been around for years, hardly revolutionary and not even that restrictive these days. this is about playing realistically within the confines of the game so if my scout comes to me with a player then maybe he has used whatever the in game version of football manager is to find him, maybe he used the CA and PA from that game because, as you say, that would be more realistic. To be honest though I’d rather he went to watch a few games because I’m old fas
  8. That's brilliant, I didn't think for one minute they would have actually implemented it, well done SI in that case. Thanks for the explanation
  9. The reputation thing is strange, obscure regional etc i'm guessing is the rating within their own country as there's also a star system from 1-5 like there is for most things in FM around 120 of the 1200 teams are rated 0.5 stars but some can be anything from obscure to local to national reputation
  10. In case anyone was thinking of taking up the challenge of LLM here is a list of the clubs deemed LLM (lowest playable league in a given nation) with the lowest reputation So from around 1200 odd teams only 5 are rated as "obscure" in terms of reputation CT All Stars - South African National First Division Tarazona - Spanish Second Division B - Group 2B Poblense - Spanish Second Division B - Group 5A IF Karlstad Akademi - Swedish Second Division Norra Götaland Trefelin BGC - Wales - Cymru South IF Karlstad Akademi are a feeder/reserve c
  11. Don't think it matters, up to you. There's realism and then there's the fact that we all have commitments. I would just avoid instant result buttons etc Personally I use comprehensive but it can change depending on mood
  12. Coming soon Ability to pick a team by Reputation Stadium Size Club Culture And more... No ETA yet but i'm working on it at the moment so watch this space
  13. nope to get into it deliberately you would have to take over a team that wasn't already relegated and then be relegated. You could only be that team. Or at least that's how it has worked on FM for as long as this has been a thing in Norway Romania and France iirc Worth testing the theory though, shouldn't take too long
  14. You can play in it but you would have to be relegated into it. You can never take a job there. You could holiday a year to play with Steaua Bucharest?
  15. That makes sense thanks for the answer. One other thing, is there promotion at all in this division? Wikipedia seems to suggest that it could be 6 years before that happens but i'm guessing that it won't happen in game
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