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  1. Have you considered the actual Youth Academy Challenge on this forum? Obviously with that you wouldn't be able to sign anyone at all but its a great challenge. Teams like Palermo are eligible as are a lot of other fallen giants
  2. I would google the model of your laptop. I did this with mine because it was overheating and they had a video of how to take it apart step-by-step. It was caked with dust inside and i thought i'd looked after it pretty well. After i cleaned the dust and debris out it was like a new machine and no longer sounds like a light aircraft taking off Another thing i will say is that a desktop will tend to be better for a network game as it is likely that it will wired directly into the router (more reliable) and not over wifi that said you could just plug a network cable straight into your laptop once you've sorted the overheating issue Also now I come to think of it, make sure you don't have any other programs running as that will cause strain. I tend to reinstall windows once a year to get that "brand new computer" feel Not any more than it would normally playing the game. definitely, i've got my main gaming PC in the loft and I leave FM running on it a lot and just dial into it from other less capable windows tablets and laptops that I have. They can be any spec too, pretty much any computer can dial in as the main PC does the legwork. I does cause me some lag though which would be no good for online gaming although others may have better networks and get better results
  3. great suggestion, i was actually looking at the north western states last night. I looked at Roraima state but they seem to only have 4 teams and i'm not sure how qualification to Serie D works
  4. Slightly off topic but I really do fancy a journeyman save around Brazil but i find the sheer amount of states and different type of challenge quite overwhelming. Any suggestions where to start? I would prefer to be at a club in Serie D or even one that is only in a state championship. I loaded it up last night and spent pretty much the whole evening just looking around at the different states, it's all pretty fascinating. I did do a lengthy save with CSA a decade or so ago and was really surprised to find them in Serie A as i'd been battling to keep them in Serie C for the majority of the time *edit* @Tonao , great work by the way, fantastic stuff, the effort you put in for the community is exceptional
  5. An awful lot of people I knew didn't twig that FM was the natural successor to CM, I tried to tell them but they wouldn't listen. The amount of hours they must have wasted playing the other game which i'm informed was absolute tripe.
  6. Bit dodgy that though, imagine a relegation decider against your parent club and you're the goalkeeper
  7. In my experience Dan's databases are spot on however you could download and test it, just leave iT on holiday over night and have a look through in the morning
  8. Plenty of deodorant too, washing will seriously impact game time. A new suit for any cup finals is also a must, you'll need to command authority when you give that motivational team talk on the big day Also, for the love of god, put the auto-save feature on
  9. Lots of tipping in there which kind of goes against the ethos but at least it lays out the other guidelines fairly well
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