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  1. Used to be 3 but in FM21 it turned into 4 in the second season
  2. if I had to guess what the issue is then I would say you need to take the files out of the folders, the editor data folder doesn't like having folders inside it iirc
  3. That's not pedantic, pedantic would be me telling you that there are 35 versions
  4. Try this - Delete everything once again, make sure you empty the trash too - Download - Open - to install (don't install, yet). - When it tells you to drag Steam to Apps - or to double click to Install (DO NOT INSTALL, OR DRAG INTO APPS, YET.) - Instead, drag the icon on to the desktop, then press to install from the icon you dragged on desktop or try this -When it asks you to move to bin or cancel, move to bin -Go back to launchpad and open steam again, let it do the update. -Go back to launchpad again and open steam
  5. Just working through the leagues for the overviews now doing the team maps and a few other bits that I can do before full release and there's quite a few new systems going on, Greece has a new North/South second tier and I'm sure there will be a lot more. Adding tier 7&8 for England or Cyprus officially would be great. Doubt any leagues will be added but they did sneak Wales in under the radar so you never know
  6. It's pretty good but if you need to do stuff then just click the mouse a few times and the timer will stop. It's slightly buggy and will sometimes have a mind of its own but I couldn't do without it at this point
  7. Completely agree. It's one of the oldest LLM arguments. I've been playing this way for nearly two decades now so I don't really know what player search does anymore but I don't feel like I'm missing out. I've got scouts, there are news articles in-game, I play against players I like the look of etc There are multiple ways to come across players.
  8. I think a lot of aspects should feel a lot different depending on what level your club is at. At the moment there isn't that much of a desernable difference between the low end and the top level. Even on the pitch the quality of players for me seems too high. I want to see journeyman Johnny shank it into the stands
  9. Was wondering if anyone has done just one single save throughout FM21 or earlier versions? I'm going to be doing the same thing in FM22. This won't be the first time I've done this but I'm keen to hear how you guys got on if you did.
  10. Solid request, makes perfect sense. Can't see anyone being able to argue against it really
  11. ***********Spreadsheet Updated*************** 90 systems now tested which is phenomenal ! Big thanks to all. With FM22 not far off are we happy to keep the tests as they are or does anyone have any suggestions?
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