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  1. Best game I've ever played. Without problems? No. Good outweighs the bad? Most definitely
  2. Fancy trying Stalybridge for me? I've had 6 attempts and never got anywhere, I wonder if they're crap or its just me!
  3. Huge squads, absolutely massive. The Brazil system is also incorrect on FM for licence reasons but there is a great download that corrects that here: https://community.sigames.com/topic/457750-fm19-mrt90s-brazilian-real-football-pyramid/ or https://community.sigames.com/topic/470517-fm19-brasil-mundi-up-additional-leagues/
  4. Thanks for the input guys, lots of food for thought there especially keeping around low ability high determination players. i'd never thought of that but I guess it drives the average up. My main problem in the past has been getting rid of the original players way too quickly hoping that match experience given to my youth will help them but i've ended up weakening my team way too much. Last question, how have people found the new mentoring system and what, if any, effect has it had on this challenge?
  5. Really enjoying this thread guys, was just wondering what your top tips/do's and don'ts/observations for this style of play I suppose the obvious one would be to get "develop youth" as a board philosophy but i'm sure you guys have many more
  6. This deserves its own thread, awesome stuff, next level You should do a career thread outlining all of this, i'd love to see this applied at a really low level like Conference North/South Also your English is perfect
  7. This. Nothing harder than this, I doubt if anyone has even got close
  8. I found FM18 the hardest, the UI was frustrating which ruined the experience a bit for me, I still managed to play 600+ hour though of course
  9. https://community.sigames.com/topic/448269-ireland-official-league-specific-issues/
  10. I'd suggest the same as a few others, play FM Touch first, it'll get you nice and hooked to start with and when you move over to the full version it'll be like the icing on the cake. Start as your favourite team too, it's easier if you have familiarity with the players. Don't be too disheartened if you're unsuccessful at first, it'll make the better times you have all the more sweet It's super addictive though so you have been warned! Every year I spend ages shopping around for the best price for the game so I can save a pound or two, which is hilarious considering the thousands i've spent on laptops/tablets/building computers almost exclusively for this game
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