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  1. No worries it wasn't discussed on this thread, Hadn't thought of that really. Makes me even more certain that the original database is the way to go for realism sake. On my website I have league overviews with media predictions etc that obviously change with updated squads so its a good thing from my point of view as it would be a lot of work to update all 52 nations
  2. Myself and @Junkhead had this very conversation recently and I think you're right. You could I suppose start in January by loading Brazil but all of the leagues and results would be different
  3. Exactly that. The range you decide to use becomes a difficultly level of sorts too. I've mentioned elsewhere but I have my ranges like this in England tier 6 (after a lot of tinkering) 1-5 - He's bad at this 6-13 - not an area of concern 14-20 - He's top drawer at this
  4. Ah right, that makes sense. Just had a little Google too, seems like a really unfair system tbh, how on earth do they come up with 6 years? edit - this explains it well https://www.espn.co.uk/football/mexican-liga-bbva-mx/story/4087987/whats-behind-liga-mxs-decision-to-suspend-promotion-and-relegation crazy that though people owning 2 or more clubs
  5. Tyburns right, its liberating. Just like the hearts for fitness. Like I said earlier I'd genuinely play 94% over 92% which is mad My vision for it is to give the players more personality so they aren't just a load of numbers. As others have said though it would be nice to have a more comprehensive coach report and obviously the 3D representation being better would really help It's worth mentioning as well for those who don't know, the "no attribute" skins that people are talking about here in most cases do have some kind of visual representation of the attributes, they are ju
  6. Yep. Not modelled perfectly in FM but an interesting challenge none the less
  7. We're not suggesting that they are done away with just that we move towards a more realistic system. If you'd told me 15 years ago that we'd do away with the sliders and we'd have roles I'd have thought you were mad, likewise for 3D. I thought that would never happen.
  8. So true People do not like change at all. Fitness percentages being a prime example and I was one of the ones who hated it but I feel free now. I would genuinely pick a player who was 93% fit over 92% and now its so much more straight forward. One thing I would like to see is there be some jeapardy in this. Players lie constantly in real life about their fitness to get game time and I think that should be represented somehow
  9. Imagine the meltdown on this forum if they removed all attributes permanently Would be glorious to see
  10. like others have said though make sure you wait 5 minutes after you've closed the game to be sure it uploads to the cloud
  11. I like this, a more comprehensive coach report would be great. Keep the attributes as an option though for people who like their FM easy
  12. Swansea University and Cardiff Met are always amateur as far as I'm aware Palin Indian Arrows can only sign Indians
  13. Chertanovo - cant sign anyone Albirex in Singapore - can only sign Japanese players Merthyr & Newport - Welsh regens Corinthian Casuals - always amateur
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