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  1. Sometimes youth players come through that are just too good for the level you're at. Take the 50% clause and try and forget he existed, it's for the best.
  2. I like it. It sounds insanely hard but that's what these challenges are all about
  3. Very constructive, what a well thought out and measured response. Good for you
  4. I stand by my assessment, the striker's gone early. Much like the Lord he moves in mysterious ways 😉
  5. Okay here's my take on this. If i'm Gomes in this scenario there's no way i'm passing to Keane. Hes the wrong side of the defender and from Gomes perspective there is no way for him to know that the number 5 is playing him onside so the pass out wide is the better option in my opinion
  6. I currently have 4 windows devices that I use to play FM and am thinking of acquiring a NAS for storage and was wondering if i can have my FM data folder (skins, graphics, save games) syncing between the 4 as currently everytime I import graphics I have to do it physically 4 times. Hope someone can help
  7. Personally I would wait, Miles mentioned in the first twitch stream that online saves may have issues. I'll be waiting till then and it gives me and my friend I play online with a bit of time to work on tactics and stuff and get used to new features
  8. Think you've done something wrong added players should look like this for Italy Legnano start the game with over 30 players so unless they've released a shed load I think you've missed something Mind you 14 players is a luxury in some countries on the game!
  9. Bit of a minefield really, it'll be trial and error, usually once you work out the reset date try saving a month before, that works with most leagues (not all)
  10. Some are in the opening post, you can use last years thread as a rough guide. what country were you thinking of?
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