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  1. They're 3D models now though. For better or worse they are completely different now
  2. Very good idea, not sure how it works in real life but it is infuriating You should put it in the suggestions area of the forum
  3. It's never completed in my mind, that's the beauty of it My idea of complete though i suppose is has the journey been fun? on FM20 it's been great fun for me personally, even though i've played nearly 1500 hours i'm yet to get a league title or a promotion. Got manager of the year once though which was nice
  4. there's no minimum in fact the less leagues you run the more small is preferable personally I always run a small database Have you thought about trying a different type of save? Maybe one where selling isn't as much of an issue like the lower leagues?
  5. Thanks for this, good little performer. On benchmark A it's on par with an i7 9700k. Impressive. I'm conflicted as to where to put this on the charts, I've put my own Inel NUC mini PC in the laptop catagory as it has a laptop "U" processor but this "B" suffix processor is to all intents and purposes a desktop chip (and performs as such) so i'll put it there.
  6. I remember editing the commentary on my friends copy of the game, changing loads of stuff that I couldn't possibly repeat on a family forum
  7. @Smurf Just thought you might be interested in the benchmarking scores for the two similarly priced AMD and Intel current Gen systems. It's pretty darn close now and AMD have definetely closed the single thread performance gap. Obviously direct comparison between the two below is made a little harder by the fact that the Ryzen laptop is a bit more portable and that the Intel comes with a dedicated graphics card but is a more traditional size & weight but its interesting none the less Methodology is in the spoiler Link to the benchmarking thread is here if anyone wants to take a look
  8. Great value, was that the one with the student discount?
  9. The only thing I will say is that the processors they use are not at all great for FM (6 year old server CPU's), you'll be able to run the 3D in full no bother but if you like to run a lot of leagues this is not really the platform to do it on What's your main reason for choosing Stadia if you don't mind me asking?
  10. I've no experience myself but its an intriguing idea, albeit a bit pricey compared to Stadia etc From what I've read though there shouldn't be any problem at all with your own files although you would first have to upload them to a cloud storage solution and then download onto the remote shadow PC. For those who don't know what Shadow is, essentially you are renting an extremely powerful PC remotely, that you put your own games on (or anything really)
  11. Best place to ask is here Just to add though you will get more for your money with a desktop PC, what is your budget? Asuming its under £200 You can get good deals at IT Zoo on ex business models like this https://itzoo.co.uk/collections/pc-base-units/products/hp-elitedesk-800-g1-tower-computer-i7-4770-16gb-500gb-windows-11 You could easily run a dozen nations on that no bother at all You'd struggle to get a laptop at that price and second hand laptops would have dubious battery life
  12. Do you need a third party virus solution anymore? I haven't had one for years and have never had any problems. In fact, as may be the issue here, I found it actually used to cause more problems
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