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    Worked for WHUFC for 4 years and then worked at FFC for 2 years as Assistant Club Secretary.

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  1. I iownyou - great write up and I may give it a go. I am just about to start pre season in my 5th season with Mallorca so a perfect time to try I guess. I have finished the last 3 seasons in the Europa League positions but just can't break the top four. Maybe your tactic will do the business...
  2. Sorry - I'm still not sure how to specifically choose my LIBERO to mark the ST. Someone point me in right direction step by step cheers
  3. Quick question - how do you choose a certain player to mark an opposition player? I normally just click on the bit in the circle i highlighted but that just says about generally marking tightly, not a specific player.
  4. Well... Month of January has been and gone. P8 W7 D0 L1. My loss at Valencia included a straight red for the WBR after 14 minutes and even though I battled bravely, I eventually succumbed. I reached Europa league last year with Mallorca and will do again this year. I just find it too hard to get into the holy grail (i.e. the Champions League). Tactic working well so far. Thank you. BTW, do you do the staff briefings yourself, or leave it to the AM?
  5. OK I will give this a go. When you say DL takes corners, you mean the WBs yes? Just for clarity you may wish to change that.
  6. After the TFF debacle, I'm suspicious now of any tactic on here. It's never entered my head until now. Sad times.
  7. Hey knap - thanks to one of your many tactics I have proved the doubters wrong and kept Mallorca up in the first season, hanging around midtable despite being tipped for finishing 20th.
  8. Does this mean that FM2021 will include Merseyside Blue and West Midlands Claret?!
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