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    32 years old. Originally from Manchester, now living in East London/Essex.
    Worked for WHUFC for 4 years and then worked at FFC for 2 years as Assistant Club Secretary.

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    North-East London


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    The usual, football, music, reading, red wine etc.

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  1. It's Our Year! Again.....

    It's looking like Palace might make Europe!
  2. [WIP] E22 - England to Level 22

    Wow - so now my beloved Stalybridge Celtic have been relegated to the Northern Premier League - I can still play as them?!
  3. FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM18 Type of Game: Career - just 1 other player preferably Age: 38 Timezone: UK (london based) When can you play: Most weekends from Friday eve until Sunday. During the week I'm a bit tired from work but maybe the odd hour here and there! Steam Username: fulham2011
  4. This is the first year for a long time I've skipped. I do it with all my games now which are released every year, especially sport ones for PS4.
  5. Hi Burnam, Many thanks for taking the time to reply and link
  6. As someone still playing FM16 - I'm still looking for the ultimate tactic!
  7. Thanks Franky for the reply. I'm hoping not to bother with FM17 because in about 7-8 months time the new one will be out! It's pretty much just DLC for me now FM.
  8. Hey Franky - You might not see this as I see you are creating tactics for FM17 but if you could answer a couple of questions then great. The training focus for AMCR - Why would it be tackling when you say that it's all about attacking/creativity and no need to defend? Also - if you try and get a player a PPM but he constantly fails to achieve it (and/or coach thinks it's no good trying to train him on it) who's fault is that? The player? The coach? Or is there something in his attributes before signing I should be wary of? Thanks
  9. well I won the PL FA an League cup with Newcastle. THANK YOU! Don't be hiding any other tactics ok?!?!
  10. Hi Franky, thank you for these tactics.

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    2. CarlosEsDios


      Oh right! Ha! I can't come back to that one...

      Although I've just lost 4 on the run... grrr.

      Who do you support by the way?

      Ben in East London here

    3. Franky.


      Man United..... I can guess you support West Ham? :)

    4. CarlosEsDios
  11. Woking 451

    I'm thinking of trying this tactic with York in league 2. What do you think knap? Worth trying?
  12. Well i won the last 8 games in the PL season here and thus managed to finish 3rd with Everton! Champions League beckons! Thank you knap. As always.