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  1. Will have saves for a couple of teams but I will start with favourite IFK Gothenburg, Sweden.
  2. Some text are still incredibly hard to read because of white text on a very light background. The brightness even hurt my eyes when playing in the evening/night. Example from team Malmö FF:
  3. IIRC they will only build a new stadium if the old one is atleast 25 years old. Need confirmation if this is true still. Perhaps expansion is possible no matter of stadium age. Depends if the stadium is expandable tho I think. Can be checked in the editor.
  4. No man has ever seen god. But now atleast Jesus has been spotted!!
  5. I feel with a calm personality as manager sometimes "pump fist" gives some extra players motivated. I like to do it for big matches.
  6. I'm a calm manager who only pump my fist occasionally. What gestures do you use and when, in what situation?
  7. Ah, that rings a bell. I get determination and work rate up faster by disciplining bad performances 6,5 or lower. Is that the way you do it?
  8. I see. So it's quite hard then to get big matches and consistency stat up more than a notch?
  9. How do you improve consistency in FM2021? Can't see that mentoring helps. Like 50%+ of the youngster has below average consistency..
  10. I'm doing 25 leagues from 18 countries with a large DB. 64k players. The goal with the setup is: Playing a Swedish club. Good game speed. Finding mostly EU-newgens and I dont want to scroll through 10000 south americans in the scouting centre. Loading my favourite EU country leagues, enough of them to have bids on my players and active transfer market. Loading no non-EU leagues as leagues are what slows down the game the most, and non-EU clubs rarely bids on my players. Loading only low divisions from my country to get more home-grown staff and newgens. Loading only 2nd divisions from neighbouring countries. I prefer loading leagues from more countries instead of second divisions from the same few countries. Loading custom database and check international players from my country. That adds 20 international players. Feel free to give input on to thoughts!
  11. I want more faces and real stuff so you don't have to download facepacks and real logos. I know it's about copyrights but still.
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