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  1. +1 Kram S. Love the solid defense as a base for good attacking on the wings. Also love playing two strikers compared to 451 which turned out abit unsharp on top in some games. Gonna post a screenshot after first season.
  2. A question, is the PPM "cut inside from the wing" something to train for the wingers or are they fine without it?
  3. I see, so thats the difference. Sounds good, I will try the Lpool P105!
  4. @knap do I understand it correctly that you posted results for Volante424 with both Liverpool and ManU, same tactic? Quite a difference in goals for and ag between Lpool and ManU: "Tested with Lpool in FMT no OIs Training AM !FM19.2VOLANTE424ANCHORKnapP105.fmf Tested with MU no OIs Training AM" !FM19.2VOLANTE424ANCHORKnapP101.fmf
  5. 145 for and 26 ag is beautiful! Love 442 for immersion aswell. How do you handle difficult away games or for SUS? Change to balanced or cautious perhaps? Thanks @knap
  6. @knapwhat's your best tactic atm for a subtop team?
  7. Thanks @knap I just love this Beowulf442 for immersion. Something I have noticed after restarting multiple times, is how important Match cohesion is. When starting a new game, match cohesion is usually very poor or poor at best. In my experience, most unexpected losses and draws comes in the early season before match cohesion is worked up. The fastest way to work it up seems to be about playing the best eleven as much as possible, until match cohesion is Good or better. Filling the Rest slots in the training schedule with Teamwork, Team bonding and Community outreach seems to help aswell. Media prediction 7th:
  8. Wow. 36-2-0! Gonna try this Beowulf442 out in my next game. Gotta love 4-4-2 for the immersion! Thanks Knap! As someone else stated, we love you
  9. Great to hear, I wanted to ask you the same question @knap. 442 feels real and good. Any team with proper players should be able to win CL with Midsomer 442 right? Looked good with your Liverpool test for 34-3-1. Midsomer 442 of yours is pure beauty in the realistic look of the formation and for immersion . 442 is also nice because it utilizes most kind of different playing positions that players are set for in most squads. When I played 3-4-3 I had no use for any AML/AMR players and sold them.. Do the midfield wingers or MC need good tackling skill? I mean most wingers or AM:s in the game doesent have good tackling..
  10. I've noticed too that CB:s score alot. High jumping reach on them seems now even more important.
  11. Sounds resonable and realistic! That 33-5-0 with MANU and Midsomer 4-4-2 is impressive, makes me wanna try that tactic out!
  12. Very interesting! Love your testing och screenshots. Many many thanks!
  13. Dreambuilder

    FM 19 Argus 352 Knap

    MC or AMC for the Mezzala role?
  14. Thanks Knap, having great success with your P101 ATM :-) I just love this setup with the 3 DC, 2 wingbacks, 2 MC and 3 strikers! What did you change or add in this PressP103?
  15. Dreambuilder

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Yep! Best in test and works good in 18.3.4.