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  1. Yay! I went for the p105 Salah just because Advanced forwards (and poachers) feels close to the natural striker role. There was no screen of league table with GD so I'm very excited to see it performing so well, great! Thanks!
  2. Not there yet, was just wondering in general if there actually is a second season effect of if it's just an urban myth I thought you should know having done alot of testing over several seasons perhaps
  3. Allright, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p995lm07ak7evn8/IFK_G%C3%B6teborg_-_Ekkono_method.fm/file Used Beowulf424 p112, just finished first season, expected 7th https://www.mediafire.com/file/p995lm07ak7evn8/IFK_G%F6teborg_-_Ekkono_method.fm/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/p995lm07ak7evn8/IFK_G%F6teborg_-_Ekkono_method.fm/file
  4. I got a save with 1 friendly to cancel and 3 matches left of the first season if that is ok? How do I send it?
  5. @knap is there a second season effect making all tactics less good 2nd season?
  6. Cool, looks like a poacher is more offensive and should score more, was that something you noticed? Total goals scored seems pretty close about 150 between new p110 and p112.
  7. I see the difference between your newest !FM19.2.2BEOWULF424PPKnapP1110.fmf and p112 is poachers instead of pressing forwards? Perhaps poachers fit less skilled sub top strikers better?
  8. !FM19.2.1TIMEKnap424P110.fmf whats the difference vs Beowulf 424, no player instructions? I see BWM instead of DLP and CD's instead of BPD. Thanks @knap
  9. Thats absolutely insane, and the goal difference! Such a shame to sell of all your strikers tho QQ.. No wonder Lukaku is unhappy in your screenshot haha..
  10. !FM19.2.1TIMEKnap442P110.fmf Would have been a clean season if I havent lost the last game of the season vs worst rivals and after selling my best central defenders lol. Wasn't able to replace them good enough in time..
  11. It's alot harder to find good coaches for U19 squad. If my senior coaches are alot better, won't my new 16-17 year olds train and develop alot better in the senior squad? I mean won't my promising youngsters be wasted in the U19 with crappier coaches than the senior squad? I'm just afraid of wasting young promising talents in the youth squad with not so good coaches, for less good development. Thanks in advance!
  12. Missing !FM19.2.1TIMEKnap442P110 in the list. Love the tactic tho! 442 love and immersion <3
  13. Thanks @knap! Would you recommend assigning "handle opposition instructions" to AM or not? =)
  14. Gonna try !FM19.2.1TIMEKnap442P110. The WM's tho, what kind of player are optimal to scout for on those positions, ML/R or AML/R? Is it advisable for them to have good defensive skills like tackling or just attacking skills?
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