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  1. Love your tactics @knap 1st season with your !!!!!19.3.4BEOWULF442WAFKnapP103ECCC.fmf I just love the realistic feeling with 442 wing backs, wingers and advanced forwards. Thanks for that one.
  2. I disagree. I think it's pretty fine now. Every now and then someone gets 4-6 weeks injury and very often 2-3 in the same position at the same time. You need to rotate more, use 2 saved squad picks and rotate them each match like I do.
  3. Suggestion: I would like to be able to use the space bar hotkey more to go forward in the game. As for now it can only be used for a few dialogue boxes.
  4. What starting year do you choose for your new games? 2018 or 2019? Do your young talents have more time, and higher probability of development by starting one year earlier? (As they start with same stats but younger age..) Starting in 2018 feels a bit gamey tho and unhistorical now as we are in 2019 IRL..
  5. We all enjoyed the mars FM update after the winter transfer window. But when is the next official database update? No more before FM20? No summer update? Thanks.
  6. Suggestion: When you can praise players for good weekly training, I wish there were praise buttons for all three, not just the top one. Thanks.
  7. Yay! I went for the p105 Salah just because Advanced forwards (and poachers) feels close to the natural striker role. There was no screen of league table with GD so I'm very excited to see it performing so well, great! Thanks!
  8. Not there yet, was just wondering in general if there actually is a second season effect of if it's just an urban myth I thought you should know having done alot of testing over several seasons perhaps
  9. Allright, here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/p995lm07ak7evn8/IFK_G%C3%B6teborg_-_Ekkono_method.fm/file Used Beowulf424 p112, just finished first season, expected 7th
  10. I got a save with 1 friendly to cancel and 3 matches left of the first season if that is ok? How do I send it?
  11. @knap is there a second season effect making all tactics less good 2nd season?
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